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Samantha UngerFranklin Township, PA – Police have charged 22-year-old Samantha Unger after they say she admitted to poisoning her 3-year old son with Visine eye drops.

The boy had been admitted to the hospital several times suffering from a mysterious illness with life-threatening symptoms.

In March, the boy was flown by helicopter to Penn State Hershey Medical Center when it looked as if the symptoms were the result of being poisoned.

Tests were performed and doctors confirmed their suspicions when poisonous amounts of Tetrahydrozoline – the chemical commonly found in eye drops – were found in the boy’s urine.

State Police Investigators interviewed Unger, who confessed to putting Visine in her son’s water and juice bottles. She wasn’t sure exactly how much Visine she’d given her son, but said she’d used more than one bottle.

Small doses of Visine can cause you some issues, larger doses can cause rapid heart rate, convulsions, and even put you into a coma.

Unger also admitted that her 1-year-old got sick from the Visine after he drank from one of the tainted bottles she’d prepared for his older brother.

Samantha Unger was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children. Lt. Hess said Unger gave a motive for her actions, but he didn’t reveal what the motive was.

Adams County District Attorney Shawn Wagner said attempted murder charges were not filed against Unger because they did not have intent. Unger is currently free on bail while waiting on her preliminary hearing scheduled for July 24.

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  • Hookers4Jesus

    Nasty fat ass cow

  • Stormclouds

    … wtf? 0.o Eyedrops? Really? Again with the munchausen crap. Ladies, if you want attention that badly, do something meaningful…

  • Defafan

    Not sure why she did this, if it was to get attention, she got it. What a horrible human being. I wish she appreciated what a blessing children are. She makes me want to give her a lobotomy.

  • Texas Ranger

    Yeah! Some meaningful Pole dancing at the local Strip Club will get you some attention!

  • Vincents_Sin

    I’ve got my billy club ready! Who’s with me?

  • SillyCynic

    She looks like the dude from little britain…

    Go back and look at her picture before making that comment.

    I can’t undue mental images. Dick.

  • madshrew

    Thinking her motive was umm poisoning.

  • LuvsHorror

    I’m surprised you don’t need ID and to sign a form to buy visine.

  • Jessie

    I am really enjoying all these stories about ugly young girls who have babies too soon and then try to murder them in a desperate plea for attention. Thanks Morbid :-/

  • Jessie

    Couldn’t have said it better myself :-p

  • PA still considers intent in regard to murder charges? Fucking amazing. I didn’t think there were any left. Good on you, PA. Now, I just hope your penalties for the other two charges are sufficiently stiff…

  • mean birch

    but normally you would have tried.

    fat people are stupid
    fat people are gross
    lazy and useless
    disgusting and weak
    fat people are a strain on society,
    embarrassing to all but themselves
    and nasty to look at and smell.
    Fat people should all just go to hell.

  • Laurie Cooper

    Nice that you think all fat ppl need go to hell how bout just judging the mom not other ppl seriously grow up I think all ppl like you are what is wrong with society

  • mean birch

    Damn. Are you new here? And who the fuck cares what you think about ME. Or people like me, if you can find any.

    . Hey! I think you’re a fucking troll!

    . It was sarcasm, a dig to Jessie. I dont hate fat people, I wrote the incredible clever poem to Jessie. I was trying to impress her. So. Bugger off sweetcheeks.

  • Buffettgirl

    Actually, since you appear to be new here, mean birch wasn’t saying those things, mean birch was saying the type of the things that Jessie would say in the form of a clever little poem. Jessie isn’t fond of fat people. She’s got her reasons. We around here love her just the same (for the most part that is). If you want to hang out here, thicker skin might be a good idea. We can be snarky and a tad bitchy at times. Just FYI.

  • JohnQknowitall

    You’re being set up. Everyone else has to show ID.

  • mean birch

    You are so diplomatic. Thank you. I could take lessons….

  • plainbelliedsneetch

    The fact that the younger son apparently only got sick by accident makes me think the boys have different fathers and she specifically wanted attention from the 3 y.o.’s.
    Alternately, she’s pissed at that dad and is taking it out on the kid while getting attention.

  • Buffettgirl

    Holy useless fucking cunt Batman!

  • JohnQknowitall

    If the authorities find enough evidence later, why wouldn’t they be able to add that charge?

  • link07

    I have a son close to that age, the thought of anyone intentionally hurting him makes me incredibly angry. Don’t understand what could drive such a wicked person! Seriously no early trauma, or abuse is an excuse.

  • Texas Ranger

    Stormclouds said “Ladies” “If you want attention…..” referring to everyone else, not HER. You do know there is a wealth of boobies attached to hot chicks in this world right? That was the gist of my request. Dumass.

  • link07

    Tad bitchy is a severe understatement

  • Buffettgirl

    Well, she’s new… I was trying to ease her into life here at DD! 😉

  • Texas Ranger

    “I hope your penalties for the other two charges are sufficiently stiff” ….I swear I’ve heard that line in a porno somewhere…

  • Texas Ranger

    What’s a “ppl”? Is that a new “politically correct” word for Retard?

  • Buffettgirl

    I think I saw that one because that was my first thought too!

  • Jessie

    That was pretty good, but I think they are an embarrassment to themselves too… and next time try it in limerick format 😀

  • Erinn

    Anyone ever hear that rumor that a few drops of visine in a drink will cause diarrhea? One of my coworkers (before I started working there) tried to “prank” another coworker with that, believing that the rumors were true. My coworker was pregnant at the time and unfortunately miscarried. It might have been a coincidence, but even still…

    Sorry, random story. This article just reminded me of it. Also, it’s curious that she’d be making her 22 month old sick with it, but apparently regrets that her one year old accidentally drank some too. I’ve never gotten how munchausen can sometimes make the parent focus on just one child. I mean, they consciously choose one child to make sick and get them attention. How do they pick which child will be the victim?

  • Lena60

    Visine gets the red out, not the kid out dumb bitch.Some people just need an old fashioned lynching.

  • takurospirit

    It’s a running joke on here to just talk shit about fat people. This place is as bad as Reddit for sensitive fat people. So…if you’re really upset about your weight you should probably just not read the comments. There is a rare article that doesn’t have people talking shit about the overweight, obese, and morbidly obese (that last one is the best one for it produces the largest amount of vitriol).

    And of course, it’s pretty much a given a large percentage of these people are chunky. Even if they don’t think they are. You know the type. Fat dudes whining about fat chicks seemingly oblivious to the existence of their own FUPAs. Or fat people like me. I know I’m fat. I know why. I know it causes a portion of the population to fly into an irrational rage – I don’t care. If want some cheesecake I’m eating that bitch. That is to say, we’re cool with our plus sized jeans.

    Of course that has nothing to do with anything. Just saying.

  • Jessie

    I eat cheesecake all the time, but I also exercise all the time. I have never advocated dieting, only exercise. And you’re right about one thing, if you can’t handle me making fun of fat perps then don’t read the comments or don’t be fat! Start exercising to save yourself.

  • Gamedame

    She used “more than a bottle” of eyedrops — to me that says intent. As in she intended to kill that little boy. Sure, she’s going to say she did it for attention, but she still intended to kill him, IMO. It didn’t work the first time, so I guess she gave him more during the next attempt.
    Interesting that she didn’t want to harm the 1 year old.

  • Vincents_Sin

    11/10, would recommend poem for Nobel Prize in Literature.

  • Vincents_Sin

    I suggest iambic pentameter, give a nod to ol’ Shakespeare!

  • Vincents_Sin

    I think it was “Backdoor Sluts 9” >_> <_<

  • shewentwhoa

    Hey now, don’t insult the cows. 🙂

  • Peggy Storer

    How is there no intent for murder??!! The visine didn’t pour itself into the kids drink!! Normal people dont do these things for no reason, of course she knew what it was going to do. The article says he was at the hospital numerous times for a mystery illness with life threatening symptoms.. Well it wasn’t a mystery to Mom. She knew exactly what was causing it, and she was hoping to kill him. Sick bitch!!

  • Aussie Sabbath

    That’s why its easier to just have one baby daddy. You only have to remember one surname, and you won’t forget which kid belongs to which man.
    Or don’t have any kids if you’re going to poison them.

  • mean birch

    Ahh, feeling the love from so many ppl..oops retards?

  • MrTwoPlums

    Backdoor Sluts 9 makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughy Nurses 2!

  • Vincents_Sin

    I’m glad somebody got that reference!

  • Kelly

    In other words, if you take offense to any of the “regulars” here be prepared to be shit stormed by about 100 of them for hours on end because this is what they do. Don’t be too offended though, commenting here and blasting the “new” people is their equivalent to the cool kids table.

  • Kelly

    Was she trying to kill the poor kid or get attention? How do you even differentiate between the two?

  • hulagrl

    I have been checking out DD for some time now and finally have a phone to leave comments. I have to say, regardless of body type, race, financial status, etc…. any parent that would hurt their child in any way, shape or form make me sick.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Hey BG pass that L already.. Lol

  • AD Fkin Ate

    She is a bit on the heavy side but cows need love to just not this one she needs a cattle prod shoved up her cooch

  • lostufo

    LOL!!! I love it!

  • Buffettgirl

    I was only trying to diffuse the situation before it got out of hand as these things sometimes do. I wasn’t trying to be bitchy…

  • Ok I quite enjoy your comments but have to point out it was more like 4-5 that came back at you that time..

  • Kelly

    ._____. Because I meant literally.

  • Ok wonderful

  • Peggy Storer

    That’s a very good question Erinn.. As a mother, I can’t imagine choosing which kid to torture!
    Your story about the visine is crazy!! Did she get into legal trouble for what she did?

  • Peggy Storer

    I have no idea how a mother chooses which child to hurt.. I unfortunately know a skank (my nieces mother) and she has five daughters by five different fathers.. She loved and took decent care of them as infants, but as soon as they turned about 3, she stopped caring for them and would get pregnant again!! Maybe thats how this POS operates too. The one year old would have gotten it eventually!! Btw, my nieces mother no longer has custody of any of her girls!

  • Sejanus

    You know your life is over when you are 22 and yet look like yer 45, have nine kids and should live in a trailer.
    This is how poor people try to get free trips to Hershey.

  • Erinn

    No, there was no legal action taken. The women that ingested the visine didn’t even know about it until around a year later.

    As a woman with no children, I can’t imagine choosing either.

  • sativagrl

    I know people say this shit all the time but holy shit she’s 22

  • Sejanus

    I know right?
    It is like some weird time travel mugshot or something.

  • Peggy Storer

    My goodness.. I can’t imagine the guilt from causing someone to miscarry.

  • sativagrl

    Lemon Haze over here if you and BG can hit it like a champ 😛

  • Nice..trainwreck here at the min.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I envy the variety of your options. Obviously there are good hookups just about anywhere but I long for the day when I, too, can get the dank of my choosing at a competitive price. Sigh. Maybe one day! BTW I can hold my own. 😉

  • You can get the dank of your choosing at anytime, the cost is doubling your electricity bill 🙂

  • Taster’sChoice

    Yeah I’ve considered that. But in college I tried that and it went horribly awry. Maybe I will reconsider at some point. I wish there were a simple DIY kit. Something that works as opposed to a phototron or whatever. Open to suggestions. Lol

  • sativagrl

    I can’t even keep a bamboo plant alive so I’m not attempting any time soon lol! 😛

  • ultracreep

    Put that thing on a pole and it’ll look like a suckling pig on a spit.

  • ultracreep

    My club’s name is Tony, but I’m down.

  • sativagrl

    Her boyfriend Kermit couldn’t be reached for comment.

  • 1DireWolf

    “Samantha Unger was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children”
    This is such Bullshit! The charge should be attempted goddamn murder.

  • If you dont have a green thumb and the photoperiod variety arent for you I would say look into autoflower strains. You cant mess up the light cycle because they do not need one. You dont get as good of yield (1-2oz maybe) but they do take about half the time the larger photoperiods do. I started on autos but moved onto photos after about a year.

  • Just buy yourself the cannabis growers bible, read the relevant sections several times and you will be able to produce not only quality bud but really tasty hash and oil too.

  • Anon Ymous

    Dear Jessie,

    Hating fat people is like hating short people. Studies have shown genes determine height and weight. Also, lots of people exercise and are still fat. Lots of people are skinny and really unhealthy.

    Also, you’re really stupid, which is worse than being fat. Maybe you should stop projecting the hatred you would have for yourself if you were fat onto fat people.

    Who are these losers who are trying to impress you? That’s almost more pathetic than being you.


    Someone with more emotional intelligence than you can ever hope to have.

  • Dear Anon Ymous,

    You’re half full of shit, which is incredibly dangerous. While, in some uncommon cases, a person’s weight is out of their control, the vast majority of us have a great deal of control. It is more difficult for some than for others (my weight is clearly associated with genetics, so I just have to work harder, and I’m not terribly successful at the moment), but skinny or fat, weight can largely be corrected.

    As obesity has skyrocketed, there has been a movement to absolve the obese from personal responsibility. This is detrimental to both the individual and to society as a whole, as obesity-related diseases continue to take those we love and increase the cost of health care to this nation.

    Jessie’s caustic take on the situation got me exercising again. Emotional intelligence? You? I’m afraid not. To take Jessie’s comments so personally that you are motivated to comment on a two-month-old discussion? Go back to gabbing about the Kardashians, darling.

    Best Regards,

    Aw, shit. I don’t need to say anything about intelligence. The name’s Athena.

  • Jessie

    Damn it, you beat me to the comment and AGAIN said it better than I could. Did you get the p90x3??? I love you 😉

  • Jessie

    You might be more emotionally intelligent, but you don’t know SHIT with regards to the science behind obesity. First, I don’t believe I said I “hated” fat people. Only that I have a strong dislike for lazy people, which is usually what they are. Second, as Athena mentioned below, genetics only determine SOME of what happens to you in regards to fat accumulation. I spent ten years researching diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism. Only about 5% of the people who are obese have actual metabolic disorders that prevent them from losing the weight. These include leptin deficiencies, or other problems with circulating adipocytokines. The other 95% are just too lazy to work hard to keep fit. You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it. Stop making excuses. It’s like trying to convince me that smokers don’t have a choice in the fact that they pick up a cigarette and smoke it. Put down the extra box of cookies or chips and go exercise.

  • Anon Ymous

    Dear Athena,

    Your knowledge of the “obesity epidemic” is shit. Your personal experience losing weight and watching Dr. Oz has nothing to do with other people’s bodies. It’s amazing how it took Jessie’s caustic idiocy to motivate you to exercise, when all it requires is common sense. Maybe you should change your name?

    There has been no “movement” to absolve fat people of “personal responsibility,” in fact there has been a huge amount of pressure in the form of fat shaming put on ALL people to change their body shape to an unattainable ideal under the guise of health.

    Perhaps you are thinking of the Health At Every Size movement? Which promotes people to be healthy even if they are fat and even though society (and idiots like Jessie) tell them that fat equals unhealthy and being fat is a moral failure.

    I used to think like you and Jessie, but by doing actual research and being an open minded person, I see how naive it is to think people are 100% in control of their weight, or to think that you can tell how healthy someone is by looking at them (hint: it’s literally impossible). Maybe you should read the multitude of studies that show weight is as inheritable as height, or that demonstrate the statistical impossibility of making a naturally fat person permanently thin, or a naturally thin person permanently fat. Or google the study that shows fat shaming increases the likelihood of someone remaining or becoming obese.

    Do some research into what has caused the “obesity epidemic,” before you blindly follow idiots because one time you started using a treadmill because a cool DreaminDemon commenter made you feel like a moral failure for not exercising and now you realize how much better you look in your jeans and how much more energy you have because you lost ten pounds.

    Here’s a small list of reasons beyond “not exercising” (something always attributed to fat people only) for people being fatter today than in the early 20th century: A corrupt FDA, a powerful Ag and corn lobby, HFCS damaging the liver and messing up the way internal organs communicate to control blood sugar, improper exposure to sex hormones during fetal development, “low fat” foods that contain extra sugar, fake butter with hydrogenated oils, antibiotics and growth hormones given to animals we eat, food scientists creating addicting and unhealthy artificial foods, a prevalence of fast food and dearth of healthy quick inexpensive options, doctors improperly using BMI to determine health, doctors changing BMI categories thereby “creating” more obese people overnight, an increase in fat shaming attitudes, an increase in dieting, an increase in eating disorders and disordered eating, the exaltation of “thin” as a morally correct state, people’s genes reacting differently to these factors and countless others. You see, it’s not so simple as “personal responsibility,” but if you want to make it that way for yourself, go right ahead.

    Fat people do not deserve to be shamed, even if they are the most unhealthy person to walk the earth. Why do most unhealthy behaviors get a pass, but someone who is fat and eats junk food doesn’t? Thin people who eat junk food aren’t shamed for it. It comes down to not liking the way someone looks, because we are projecting how we would feel if we looked that way onto fat people. If it were truly about health, people wouldn’t bother fat people any more than they bother thin people with a family history of heart disease, or their friends who smoke or binge drink.

    Why would I comment in a thread that’s two months old? I guess I could ask you the same thing. But my reason is because I think Jessie’s bashing of criminals on DreaminDemon because they are fat is stupid, misguided, nothing but projection and detrimental. I don’t buy that’s it’s helpful in any way shape or form, even if it helped get you to exercise. I see it as toxic, and part of a larger problem that only increases unhealthiness in the long term. So I’ll continue to challenge it when I see people try to portray this shitty behavior as “cute” or “helpful.” I guess it’s my curse for being an independent thinker, and not caring if the “cool kids” minions go after me for it.

  • Jessie

    HAHAHA! Whatever you need to say to keep fooling yourself. I have a question for you. Did you know that 25 million people in the United States suffer from a preventable, treatable, curable/reversible disorder known as type 2 diabetes? And there are another 10 million estimated to be unaccounted for? (That means they are too lazy to get to a doctor to figure out what’s wrong with them) If you want to sit in support of those kind of fucking numbers then you go right ahead. Don’t you try and say that my “bashing” of the fatties is detrimental to society when it is indeed the fatties themselves that need to be shaken and slapped back into reality. I have seen it all in my years of experience with them. And if someone told me that to cure my type 1 diabetes all I had to do was get off my ass and eat a little less- I’d fucking do it! Laziness is this county’s problem, woman. Not people like me. People like you. Yes, I am very blunt about an obviously sensitive issue. Acknowledge and piss off. My friends on this site only tolerate me, they don’t necessarily agree with my delivery. I don’t need anyone to defend what I’m saying.

  • Anon Ymous

    I’m sorry Jessie, I just don’t buy that you are any kind of authority on obesity. You are just another asshole who would hate themselves if they were fat. I guess you’ve tested 100% of fat people and have determined these 5% vs. 95% numbers? Your bullshit is nothing new, it may make you feel all badass to “tell it like it is” but you don’t have any science to back it up.

    I guess calling other people lazy makes you feel less lazy? Because you come across like someone who is incredibly mentally lazy. Maybe you should do some more research instead of depending on the CDC for all your info. Your research is seriously lacking.

    Oh, Athena mentioned genetics only determine SOME of what happens in fat accumulation? Well, I didn’t realize Athena said so. I’ll go with her instead of the myriad of studies that disprove that.

    You have no idea who is lazy just by looking at them, that is some serious bullshit. And guess what, even if someone is fat AND lazy, you are still not better than them. Maybe you should check your weird superiority complex, “I do exercise, I’m not lazy, I have moral superiority!” No me needs your piss poor advice of “put down the cookies,” that’s just some condescending stereotype bullshit that makes you feel better about yourself.

    If you want to fool yourself into thinking that the obesity epidemic is because people lost willpower and not because their genes interact differently than others when presented with different environmental factors, go right ahead, you will have a lot of company. But people who have more knowledge about the subject are going to call you out on it, so deal with it.

  • Anon Ymous

    You don’t hate fat people, but the “fatties” are the ones who need to be shaken and slapped back into reality? LOL, you are the one who needs to be slapped and shaken back into reality, get over yourself!

    Your not special, you don’t have any special knowledge, your just an asshole who doesn’t like fat people at least fucking own it.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Nobody likes hearing the truth. Ever. They may say they do, but they don’t. I’ve proven it over and over and over again. People’s ability to rationalize simply amazes me. And, I’ll bet she’s fat. :/

  • Jessie

    The fact that these people have certain genes that predispose them to be obese means that they have to work that much harder to keep fit. You see, I’ve watched what happens when you coddle and tip toe around the morbidly obese. They come back to the doctor the next year weighing 50 lbs more than the previous visit. I am sick of people being nice about it. It’s time to stop being nice. And yes, I do consider myself an expert, I did my master’s thesis on fat accumulation and genetics. I don’t know what you’re calling me out on. My facts are based on research done at nationally recognized institutions, not the CDC. Lol. And please don’t ever mention Dr. Oz on this site again or I will start a petition to ban you for life. What a fucking quack.

  • Buffettgirl

    Suck it bitch – you’re just a lying quack without a clue! 😉

  • Jessie

    Owning it.

  • Nathan Lovell

    Guys, her weight has nothing to do with her crime. Please stop.

  • Anon Ymous

    I’m sick of assholes such as yourself who think anyone in this world is being nice or coddling fat people. What a crock of bullshit. Have you consumed any media before? Have you read studies that show doctors treat obese patients worse and with less care than non-obese patients? Obviously, they are not being coddled, they are actually being denied proper medical care just because they are obese, and their symptoms for other non-obese related illnesses are overlooked because idiot doctors think if they just lost weight everything would resolve themselves.

    If you did your thesis on fat accumulation and genetics, than I can already tell where your bias lies. The majority of metabolic disorders have to do with an imbalance of hormones and dysfunctional thyroids. Of course the people with those disorders are to blame because they ate a bunch of fast food and should just get off their lazy asses and then problem solved. You wouldn’t care of course if they ate junk and didn’t exercise as long as they were thin, thin is healthy right?

    It’s unfortunate but not surprising you consider yourself an expert, but I can tell from our short conversation you know nothing but your own biases and stereotypes that you learned from reading Self magazine. Same bullshit, different asshole.

    Explain to me again why anyone has to work harder for you Jessie? Do you have a god complex or something? No one owes you shit, and what they owe themselves in none of your business. Anyone with health problems who is trying to be healthy will have to work at it, and that includes thin people as well. Fat is not the only indicator of being unhealthy, but because you can see fat and it grosses you out, you’ve zeroed in on it. All this shows is your own insecurity. Go exercise all you want, but no one needs your lame, banal “advice.”

    Glad you can finally own your hatred of fat people, because you were denying it a couple comments ago.

  • Anon Ymous

    Before I forget, Dr. Oz Dr. Oz Dr. Oz. You two are so alike, probably why you don’t like him.

  • Anon Ymous

    And if I’m fat that means….? Some stereotype you have of fat people? Who cares, your comment shows how stupid and ignorant you are. I don’t have to bet shit, I know your dumb. Especially since you are the one denying facts and truths because it’s so much more easier to feel superior to an entire section of the population. Guess what? It’s all in your head.

  • Anon Ymous

    It’s important for assholes to recognize they are assholes and for people who hate fat people to admit it. Maybe you’re growing? Now don’t get offended I’m not calling you the worst thing I could call you, which is fat.

  • Jessie

    Once again, you’ve misquoted me. I don’t hate them, they just take the human race down a notch. Thanks, I will continue to exercise and stay fit, that’s a great idea. Most of the metabolic disorders you’ve mentioned can be treated with moderate exercise. And they also wouldn’t be fat. Two birds, one stone. Instead people like to use genetics as an excuse and cop- out. Booooo to you and your lame ass point of view. I got news for ya, I’ve worked in three different clinics and I’m also a patient. These people are being coddled. And it makes me sad that we waste valuable research time and money on a preventable and largely reversible state! I’m not advocating serious diet or lifestyle changes, only 30 minutes of serious exercise a day to stay fit. If everyone did that, no one would be fat and type 2 diabetes would be obliterated. Period. I cant believe you’d argue for anything different! We all have incredibly similar DNA; you’re not special and neither is any other fatty for that matter. You have the same lazy gene, as a matter of fact. Trust me you could eat whatever you like, if you would just get off your ass more!

  • DeweyCheatam

    Yep, I’m a dumbass. Stinky ol’ doctorate and only making $175 / hour. Sure sucks to be me. By the way, I’m fat. At least 30 lbs overweight. And most of my friends are considered obese. Difference between me and you is, I take responsibility for my weight. I don’t piss and moan about my thyroid or my gene pool or my big bones, I know damn well I’m fat because I don’t exercise much anymore. Thank God my nutrition isn’t worse (not much of a sweet tooth) or I’d be enormous. I believe I can speak for Jessie too when I say that, when there is truly a medical issue / cause for someone’s obesity, we understand. What we hate isn’t the fat; what we hate is all the morons making excuses for being fat that are bullshit.

  • p90x…3?! Fuck, lady… I started walking more regularly. LMAO.

  • Anon Ymous

    I can’t believe that you think if everyone exercised no one would be fat. That’s the thought process of a ten year old. If everyone exercised there would still be fat people. You can be fat and healthy, you can be fat and exercise. And I haven’t quoted you at all, you said you were owning your hatred of fat people and now you’re backing out of that.

    For instance, here I am disagreeing with you, and you cannot fathom I would disagree with you and not be fat. Only a fat person would disagree with a negative attitude towards fat people right? It’s actually none of your business what anyone’s health is like except for your own and maybe your significant other. Oh and I can eat whatever I like because I’m an adult and you’re not my mommy. I can also choose to sit on my ass or exercise as I like, and either way I am a person worthy of respect. It’s amazing how you can diagnose someone with a lazy gene without ever having met them or knowing what they do for a living. I truly feel sorry for any fat person you interact with, it must be awful to have to deal with someone who views themselves as morally superior to them because they are “healthier.” It’s actually quite a stupid idea, seeing as how there will be people your age who are fatter who will outlive you, some may even be “unhealthy” and still live longer than you. But you will go your whole life feeling like you’re better than them because you exercise and are “healthy.”

    I’ve never argued that people shouldn’t exercise, I’ve only said that some fat people do exercise and are still fat and they are still as valuable to this world as you or any gym rat. If all you cared about were people exercising than you wouldn’t single out fat people, because they are not the only ones not exercising. You have some weird complex about fat people, and I fear for the patients you’ve worked with if you have in fact worked in a clinic. People like you are the reason obese people receive subpar medical care.

  • Anon Ymous

    How do you have a doctorate when your reading comprehension sucks so bad? Have I pissed and moaned about my weight? I’ve explained reasons for an increase in obesity this century, and expressed an interest in stopping fat hatred, nothing less or more. If you are overweight because you don’t exercise that’s on you, but don’t project your insecurities onto other fat people. Take responsibility for yourself and stop complaining about whatever excuses you perceive others to be making.
    I’ve never met a fat person who tried to explain away their fat with the excuse of their genes. Genes play a significant role in determining someone’s weight just as they do in determining someone’s height, but most people don’t know that, or like you and Jessie they just don’t want to believe it despite the scientific studies supporting it.

    And you can keep lying to yourself that all you hate are “excuses” and not fat people, but then why are you so interested in your perception of fat people’s excuses and not others? There are a million things people make excuses for, much worse things than being fat. It appears since you are fat, you’re projecting how you feel about your own fat onto others. You probably tell yourself not to make excuses, and that you’re only fat because you don’t exercise, which may or may not be the case, but you’re misapplying self knowledge to others unnecessarily, probably because it makes you feel better thinking there are others who are worse off than you.
    I love it when people claim they are intelligent because they went to school longer than others, or because they make a lot of money, it looks so pathetic. But I don’t really care what you tell yourself, I’m judging you based on the opinion you’ve expressed here, which is lacking in any sign of intelligence.

  • I’m saddened that you are so articulate and believe the half-educated tripe you are spewing.

    You think people who smoke and binge drink get a pass? LMAO. Honey, I’m an overweight, smoking binge drinker. I get WAY more shit about my smoking, primarily. A little about my drinking. I get nothing but excuses made for me about my weight. I’m living it, sweetheart. And I’ve researched the ever-loving fuck out of it and, if you’ve read comments here for any given period, you’d know that that’s what I do. So, I’m sorry, but you’re not introducing me to any unfamiliar concepts.

    Did I say that 100% of people are in control of their weight? Nope. But I did say the vast majority are. And, Dr. Oz? That’s for old ladies. I’m a 31-year-old Design Engineering professional… A career that relies on the hardest of mathematical, physical facts.

    If anything, you made my case for me. Yes, there are all of those things that impact human weight. You found that information. I found that information. Anyone motivated can find that information. So, yeah, it’s generally as easy as “personal responsibility”. For fuck’s sake. “Informed consumption” mean anything to you? It is not just our right, but our responsibility as human beings, to look into these things. If you disagree, it is you that is part of the problem, not I.

    Don’t get me wrong… Jessie’s… isms… are something I’ve acclimated to over time. But, on a one-to-one comparison, I ultimately found your comment more offensive based on objective merit. Jessie and I are as friendly as people get under these circumstances, but she knows… she’s on her own with these comments. If I interject, it’s not generally on her behalf, because I give her as much shit as anyone else. I didn’t comment on a two-month-old thread. I commented on an hours old comment. Apples and oranges, deary.

    There is fat-shaming. There is also an over-correction occurring, as is evidenced by people like you who want to blame a fat person’s woes on anything BUT their own behavior.

    Oh, and for the record, I’ve lost not ten, but forty pounds in the last year. And I’ve got a ways to go. But unlike the multitudes of women in my life that are correcting their weight with surgery (I know three that have lost the weight surgically; one that lost it naturally), I’m doing it.

    So, how ’bout those Kardashians, honey? I happen to be Armenian, too, if you’ve got an opinion…

  • Anon Ymous

    I almost forgot to address your most hateful comment yet, that fat people take the human race down a notch. How does that even make sense? Are you ascribing other attributes to fat people that are not there? Or is it just because you believe all fat people are unhealthy that they take the human race down a notch? If we follow that logic then thin people who don’t exercise are A-OK in your book, but fat people who exercise or not are inferior human beings. If that isn’t an obvious hatred for people based on how they look than I don’t know what is. Or do you also think people who are unhealthy because they have high blood pressure or cholesterol but are thin also bring down the human race? Then why single out fat people? You’re no better than a misogynist or a racist, and you Jessie are single-handedly bringing down the human race enough for everyone.
    Is there any hope for you to gain any insight? Doesn’t look like it.

  • lolololololol…

    You haven’t met a single fat person who tried to explain their fat with the excuse of their genes.

    Maybe it’s because their genes aren’t their excuse? LMFAO. As a fat person (granted, an extremely sexy fat person), I can tell you that even those of us with obvious genetic dispositions don’t blame those dispositions because there is usually a level of fitness that can negate that disposition… and we just aren’t meeting it!

    Your opinion has become religious in nature, and I can’t work with that. But your dogma miss, is NOT the solution.

  • She’s talking to a lawyer, a scientist, and an engineer.

    But, lord knows, we’re the ignorant ones. 😛

  • DeweyCheatam

    Seems to me your the one having problems with reading comprehension. I never said that you pissed and moaned about your weight. Sounds to me like your own guilty conscious is projecting onto me. But, whatever. And yes, obviously there are people making excuses for things far worse than obesity, but those aren’t the topic of the conversation here, now are they? You can find us talking shit about all sorts of those things all over this site. Sounds to me like more deflection on your part: “my fat ass isn’t a problem because there are Pedro’s / rapists / murderers / bank robbers / adulterers / etc.”

  • Anon Ymous

    A self hating fat person, I haven’t met one of those before. Keep generalizing fat people based on your own view of yourself, it will make you feel better.

    Religious? My dogma? You mean common sense?

  • Anon Ymous

    You jumped into a conversation that wasn’t concerning you because the topic obviously struck a nerve. No one addressed you so don’t pretend this was the topic at hand and you had no choice but to address it.

    Sorry, you’re right, I skimmed your comment because it’s just more of the same of what I read everywhere, iow a bunch of nonsense. I don’t view fat or exercise as moral issues, so even if I were a “fat ass,” I wouldn’t have a guilty conscience. That must be you projecting again. And avoiding the fact that it’s ridiculous to hate on a portion of humans because you hate yourself. But whatever it takes to make you feel superior, like touting your PhD and hourly wage.

  • Anon Ymous

    Yes, because I’ve never met an idiot lawyer, doctor or engineer. If you knew what I did for a living I guess you would have to concede that I’m right and you’re wrong.

  • Anon Ymous

    Actually, you said the difference between me and you is that you don’t piss and moan about your weight. So you didn’t say I piss and moan about my weight, you heavily implied it. But whatever it takes to make you feel smarter Mr. PhD.

  • DeweyCheatam

    So just by virtue of your occupation you can declare that you’re right and we’re wrong? Lol. Interesting. Please. Do tell.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Well, genius, I hate to tell you I’m not a “mister.” I’m a woman. And this isn’t like a cocktail party where one doesn’t interject themselves into someone else’s convo. Around here we can, and will, just jump right in with our opinions. Kind of like you did. 🙂 Besides, I’m bored waiting for new lives in Candy Crush and this ‘lil debate is filling the void.

  • DeweyCheatam

    In re-reading my previous post I can see how it could be interpreted as you did. What I meant by “the difference between me and you” was the third person you, i.e. other fat people, like me.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Boy you’re gonna hurt yourself jumping to all these conclusions. My doctorate is not a Ph.D. It’s a Juris Doctor.

  • Oh, I’ve met idiot versions of all three. But they are a rarity, and lord knows, you haven’t in this conversation. What might be most telling is that Jessie, Dewey and I regularly disagree, but have come together in concert in this discussion.

    I agree with Dewey. If your profession is so definitive, come out with it. What is it’s relation to statistical likelihood?

  • You have done nothing but downplay the role behavior plays in obesity. You, dear, wouldn’t know common fucking sense if it knocked you on your ass.

    Science AND personal experience support my opinion. It is why the First Lady’s primary campaign is to get children moving and eating better. Americans don’t do enough of either. Self loathing? No, personally responsible, as late is better than never. And, what do you know? Obesity rates are declining because… EDUCATION.

    Your accusation of us projecting is so hypocritical, it almost hurts my head.

  • Anon Ymous

    I think you’re downplaying the role that the environment plays in changing people’s behaviors. People don’t change drastically from century to century, they are basically the same. You have to take into account WHY behaviors change. Anything less is dishonest.

    I think you are just upset because your Queen Bee has declared you a hindrance to the human race. I’d be pissed off too if I was defending someone who declared their belief that I was dragging down the human population by virtue of how I look.

  • Anon Ymous

    It’s a ridiculous notion isn’t it? I’m glad my comment illustrated that, as that was my point. Maybe you should tell that to Athena.

  • Anon Ymous

    I believe that none of our professions are relevant to the conversation, you did obviously which is why you brought it up.

  • Anon Ymous

    I’m not blaming a fat person’s woes on anything, I don’t understand why the three of you think that having compassion for people who’s genes affect them differently when interacting with new environmental factors is making excuses? It’s a fact that cannot be denied. I also don’t know if you’ve ever heard a term called “body autonomy,” maybe it will make the concept of not actively trying to put down an entire piece of the human race more understandable to you.

    What you don’t seem to grasp is that by putting others down, like Jessie has been doing and you’ve been defending, you are lifting yourself up. Jessie literally thinks fat people are bringing down the human race, that includes you who have come to her defense. What do you think that means in terms of how Jessie sees herself? She sees herself as moving the human race forward into the future, bettering it by the simple act of exercising. Is she a more moral person because she exercises? No. Is she a better person for exercising? No. If you want to rate people’s actions as better for the human race or not, exercise would be one of millions of things, not the end all and be all as she has made it in her own mind in order to make herself feel better. Luckily for her, there is a plethora of misguided media trying to sell things by making exercise and fat a moral issue.

    Also, I’m not trying to minimize your weight loss, I just view it as entirely irrelevant to the conversation. You don’t need to be fat, or have lost weight, or exercise everyday to realize that treating others as inferior to yourself is detrimental to everyone including yourself. There was an actual study showing that fat shaming causes people to gain more weight or remain overweight while not having been fat shamed had the opposite effect. So if one truly cares about people being healthier, they should not fat shame. All I’m saying is stop picking on fat people to make yourself feel superior to a group, if they want to work on their health that’s a good thing, but it’s their business, and not anyone else’s.

    What would you like to talk about when it comes to the Kardashians? Or is that a put down because I consume pop culture? I pretty sure we all do or we wouldn’t be here :p

  • DeweyCheatam

    I saw an older woman walking this morning who, from the hips up, was maybe a size 4. Her legs, however, looked like they’d been transplanted from some other enormous person. She clearly had a medical issue. I had compassion. The salient point that you don’t seem to differentiate is this: where a fat person truly has a medical or genetic issue (and I don’t mean the ‘effect of environmental change from one century to the next’ blah blah), we can understand and be sympathetic. But in our opinions, the vast majority of fat people are fat due to their own choices and behavior, but they bullshit themselves and others around them with excuses. Plain and simple. Some of us may have stronger opinions about those folks, but that’s the basic concept that you either don’t get, or that you’re purposefully clouding with other info.

  • Nathan Lovell

    This conversation isn’t relevant to the article!

  • Jessie

    No one, and I mean no one, is fat who is exercising properly for their genetic makeup and frame. No one except the 5% of the obese population that has legitimate metabolic disorders. The other 95% aren’t doing it enough or properly. Period.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Except you said that if we knew your occupation, we’d have to concede that you’re right / smarter / the winner! lol So, if you wanna just end this debate, lay it on us.

  • Anon Ymous

    That could be a medical condition, or it could just be her genes, there is a specific body type like that.

    Even if “the vast majority” of fat people are fat because of their own behaviors (based of course on your anecdotal evidence), what does it matter to you? Is it important to make this distinction because then you know how you should be treating them or viewing them (as beneath you)? If that’s the case wouldn’t you also want to know if unhealthy thin people are responsible for their high cholesterol or high blood sugar so you can judge them accordingly? My whole point is that you guys don’t care about “health” you care about how the person looks from the outside. Fat is just an easy identifier of unhealthiess, even though it can be deceiving,
    I see things differently, obviously, than you three. I don’t look at fat people and make moral judgments about their character, wondering if they are responsible for their weight or if it’s genetic. I look at fat people the same as I would thin people, knowing that both can have unhealthy behaviors but it doesn’t affect their character as humans, that’s determined by how they treat others.

    If you need to look at others and judge them based on how they look, then the problem is with you not with them.

  • Anon Ymous

    This is idiotic non-logic, and if you truly believe it I see why you are so misguided. You can exercise and diet all you want, but if your hypothalamus keeps telling your body to release insulin, you could still be fat. The brain will always try to maintain the set point of your weight, you can fight it by over exercising and dieting, but you would be fighting a losing battle (not as you so naively put it “exercising properly for their genetic makeup and frame”).

  • Jessie

    See, now you’re the misguided one. The endocrine disorder you are describing is quite rare. No one’s hypothalamus is signaling increased insulin production in 95% of the fatties on the street. What’s signaling insulin production in these people is overeating combined with a lack of exercise. It really is that simple dear. Why do people insist on making genetic excuses?

  • Jessie

    Ps- Thin people who don’t exercise are also not ok in my book; as I’ve stated I don’t care for laziness. It’s just easier to spot lazy when it’s fat.

  • Jessie

    Holy shit I just read this— good for you dude!!!

  • Anon Ymous

    The endocrine disorder is an extreme example that illustrates how small changes in the brain could cause one person to be fatter than another. Brains are not made identical. Do you really think it’s impossible for one persons hypothalamus to be slightly more active than another’s?

    You can have one big meal that will cause a rise in blood sugar that could trigger a cycle of increased insulin production and increased appetite. This could easily happen in childhood when one has no control over what they are given to eat. The average American fast food meal could trigger this. Why does this happen to some people and not others? Since most people eat fast food as kids, or even a restaurant meal. Hmmm, common sense would say genetics! Seeing as how thin kids are not actively controlling their appetites.

    But we’ve been over this before, it makes you feel better about yourself to think the way you think, so no one could convince you otherwise. I’m still going to point out how you’re wrong tho.

  • Anon Ymous

    Fat is a really ineffective way of determining who is lazy. There are many people who exercise that you would still consider “fat.”

    It’s really sad that you need to “spot” who is lazy just to feel better about yourself. That’s an internal issue you should really address.

  • Jessie

    Nope, there aren’t many people who are fat that exercise regularly and appropriately. That’s a fact. I’ll bet you don’t know any! And actually it’s a very effective way of determining who is lazy. 95% effective really. And if you disagree that getting moderate exercise would solve or alleviate a lot of this world’s diseases then you’re truly retarded. You wanna give me shit for using that word too? It seems you might be missing a chromosome is what I’m getting at.