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Brenna WinterORLANDO, FL – Brenna Winter, 18, has been accused of trying to smother her baby inside an Orange County children’s hospital, but was stopped by nurses and the hospital’s advanced safety features.

Pateints at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orange County have their vital signs monitored by a paramedic in a clinical logistics center. Whenever a patient’s vitals show they are in distress, the paramedic has the ability to call into the room or turn on a live camera inside the room.

That’s what happened the other day when the alarm for Winter’s 3-month-old daughter, admitted to the hospital because she was vomiting blood, alerted that she’d stopped breathing.

The live camera showed Winter “standing next to the crib with her hands in the crib.” Nurses rushed into the room and were able to save the baby.

Several hours later, the alarm was activated again. A witness in the room said Winter was nursing the baby and was “holding the baby so tightly that her heart rate dropped.”

Police were called and interviewed Winter who eventually admitted she covered her baby’s mouth with her hand until the baby turned blue. Why would she do this? According to police, and to no surprise to the average DD reader, Winter said she did it for attention.

Brenna Winter was arrested and charged with attempted murder, battery by strangulation and aggravated child abuse.

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  • MrClayton

    Yah, attention….she will be a frequent flyer here at D’D.

  • starry1

    I find women with Munchausen kind of sad and pathetic. But if they’re hurting babies to get their attention fix, then they need to go to jail.

  • Kelly

    Fuck that cunt.

  • Jessie

    I don’t get it. Cross-eyed fugly cunt.

  • Lena60

    I would like to give Brenna attention…with a shovel.

  • Buffettgirl

    Or maybe just straight to hell? Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.00, just straight to hell on an express train…

  • Buffettgirl

    I was going to ponder on what might have been going through her mind but then I saw her picture… the hamster fell off of his wheel and died a long, long time ago now her mental elevator doesn’t leave the basement…

  • Texas Ranger

    At least she didn’t let it baste in it’s own juices like a ham after being left in a car.

  • Sejanus

    This girl is all kinds of mentally lacking..look at her face FFS.

  • Texas Ranger

    Kinda reminds me of Yogi’s buddy Boo-Boo. or Grouchy cat.

  • Desi_Foxx

    “Several hours later, the alarm was activated again. A witness in the room said Winter was nursing the baby and was “holding the baby so tightly that her heart rate dropped.”

    wait wait WHAT

    She was caught trying to smother her baby and then was allowed to go back inside the room unattended with the child AGAIN????

  • Defafan

    I hope she gets lots of attention in prison (particularly being kicked in the ovaries until she is barren).

  • Vincents_Sin

    Apparently somebody did…

  • 1DireWolf

    Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) is a relatively rare form of child abuse that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker.

    Also known as “medical child abuse,” MBPS was named after Baron von Munchausen, an 18th-century German dignitary known for making up stories about his travels and experiences in order to get attention. “By proxy” indicates that a parent or other adult is fabricating or exaggerating symptoms in a child, not in himself or herself.

    Munchausen by proxy syndrome is a mental illness and requires treatment.
    About MBPS

    In MBPS, an individual — usually a parent or caregiver— causes or fabricates symptoms in a child. The adult deliberately misleads others (particularly medical professionals), and may go as far as to actually cause symptoms in the child through poisoning, medication, or even suffocation. In most cases (85%), the mother is responsible for causing the illness or symptoms.

    Typically, the cause is a need for attention and sympathy from doctors, nurses, and other professionals. Some experts believe that it isn’t just the attention that’s gained from the “illness” of the child that drives this behavior, but also the satisfaction in deceiving individuals who they consider to be more important and powerful than themselves.

    Because the parent or caregiver appears to be so caring and attentive, often no one suspects any wrongdoing. Diagnosis is made extremely difficult due to the the ability of the parent or caregiver to manipulate doctors and induce symptoms in their child.

    Often, the perpetrator is familiar with the medical profession and knowledgeable about how to induce illness or impairment in the child. Medical personnel often overlook the possibility of MBPS because it goes against the belief that parents and caregivers would never deliberately hurt their child.

    Most victims of MBPS are preschoolers (although there have been cases in kids up to 16 years old), and there are equal numbers of boys and girls.

    This is all well and good, but don’t let her back into the room with the baby.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    I am always shocked at the parents featured on this website. Not that they do these awful things, but they found someone willing to participate in coitus with them. That girl is a certifiable FUD.

  • Digited

    Am I the only one wondering? If the baby was brought because it was vomiting blood, she tried to kill it once, and then was actually caught trying to kill it again, wouldn’t it be better to just let the poor kid die? I mean, at 4 months old, some serious damage has probably already been done. Not to mention the impending emotional damage to come in the future. Who knows, maybe her mom did that to her and that’s why she’s clearly missing a group of brain cells.

  • Hey, this happened in Florida after all.

  • Texas Ranger

    I am positive alcohol…a lot of alcohol…was involved.

  • Texas Ranger

    Babies are remarkably resilient. It’s body could recover hopefully?

  • Stormclouds

    … ‘I need attention, I won’t do it like a normal person would, I’ll strangle my baby’… Munchausen all the way, of course, but seriously, how the hell does it cross some bitches mind to think, oh yes, I need to be noticed, I’ll try to kill my baby? 0.o

    I will NEVER understand americans…

  • Texas Ranger

    Umm….She’s a Floridian, That’s a whole different place.

  • Tenbux

    And hard enough that her eyes crossed, too!

  • sativagrl

    She was smothering it with love.

  • Erinn

    I’m curious about original cause of the baby being brought to the hospital, vomiting blood. What caused that? After reading this story, one might assume that it was caused by abuse and the mother was trying to, I suppose, finish the job. Though, in that case, if the initial injury was suspected to be child abuse, then why was the mother even let near the baby, and especially left alone with her?

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    I don’t think she was unattended. They were probably letting her feed the baby whilst trying to manage what they thought was just post partum depression…

  • sweekymom

    Use the shovel to scrape out her uterus.

  • Babs Bowen

    I know this girl from when I used to live in a mobile home park about 8 years ago,and your right her childhood was not the best,bascially her mother paid little a attention to her,she was a single mother and was trying to do school work and work while she raised Brenna,she was a very troubled child from the get go.She would come done to the bus stop in the morning and say her mother had no food in the house.I was trully supprised when I saw her facebook after she had the baby I thought she had changed,all the pictures of the baby ,she even had a facebook page for the baby she sure had me fooled.The girl is mentally unstable she needs help.

  • Leasha

    This baby will be dead before she reaches a year old :'(

    Because it’s TOTALLY logical to let this cunt around her infant after catching Winter trying to strangle her. I’m VERY surprised the nurses even cared to save the baby.. this IS Florida, after all. So a little fine, maybe a parenting class and Mom will have baby again to practice murder on, right?

  • Leasha

    This happened in Florida. That should clear it up.

  • Leasha

    Yeah, let’s just kill the baby because a young child is not worth nearly as much as an adult human. 4 months? Pffft, that’s nothing! It’ll grow up retarded anyway, just stop its breathing. Please don’t ever breed.

  • Angela G

    Pretty sure this is human thing, not just Americans. Then again, we are about as fucked up as a so-called “civilised” country can be.

  • Digited

    Who said anything about killing a baby (besides the breeder arrested)? In case you’re confused, I said that I WONDERED if it wouldn’t be better to let it die. Since you seem to be new to society, that’s not an unusual thing to do to the elderly or severely traumatized. I’m also not sure where you get that a child is worth more than an adult. I think you missed what I was aiming at conveying but that’s okay.
    …And, I’ll breed whenever, where ever, and however much I want, thank you very much.

  • Digited

    Hopefully. Who knows what she’s already done to the poor kid. Could be years before anyone really knows.

  • Ben Carson

    Sounds like this girl has some serious mental health issues. Hopefully she can still turn it around.

  • Ben Carson

    Jail is not going to fix her. She needs intense therapy

  • Ebonyheart

    Probably only because she didn’t own a car…

  • BubblesinGriffinGA

    Munchhausen’s by bitchface, anyone?

  • Jail probably will not fix her but I also hold no faith in therapy to fix her either

  • GemGirl7

    I say we make her yank out her own uterus with her bare hands. Childish Twat.

  • Desi_Foxx


  • LuvsHorror

    And blindness, lots of blindness.

  • lol. The very term “Munchausen syndrome by proxy” was coined by, depending on the source, a Kiwi doctor or a Brit doctor. 😛

  • JohnQknowitall

    Attention? Wasn’t that the reason for the baby in the first place? Honest to god people should be tested for IQ and psychotic tendenies before being allow to procreate.

  • shewentwhoa

    unfortunately, i’m starting to hate the state i’m from.

  • shewentwhoa

    ba-da uhm tisss…

  • AD Fkin Ate

    I thought it was 100 dollars when you pass Go… No wonder I always lose haha

  • Buffettgirl

    Who’da thunk it? 😉

  • captaingrumpy

    So well said.

  • Cat Mc

    what I would like to know is what disorder was that child in Nemours for? One of my granddaughters was in there for a neurological condition she was born with. That ain’t the standard children’s hospital in Orlando, Arnold Palmer is. Nemours is specialty.

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  • Stormclouds

    Yes, but most of the cases seem to come from America. Though that might just be because the population is so large.