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Jennifer Marie VargasSan Antonio, TX – If you live in Texas and wondered how many years you’d spend in jail if you ripped open your kid’s scrotum then used super glue to close the wound – the answer is two years.

We first reported on 34-year-old Jennifer Vargas last year after she grabbed her 6-year-old son’s genitals and angrily jerked on them hard enough to rip open his coin purse. To stop his testicles from playing peek-a-boo, she went full Macgyver and used super glue to close the gaping wound.

When the boy’s father returned home and found the boy crying in his bed wearing a pair of underwear full of bloody paper towels, he rushed him to the hospital where doctors treated a nearly two-inch tear to his scrotum.

Vargas eventually admitted she was angry at the boy and “grabbed his scrotum and pulled as hard as she could.” She was arrested and charged with assault causing serious bodily injury. She was looking at 10 years in prison, but she pleaded guilty last Thursday and was only sentenced to two years in prison, with an additional five years of supervised release.

“I would like to say that I regret my actions, that I do love my children with all my heart,” Vargas said before the judge. “They are the most important thing to me.”

Her son has since recovered after spending three days in the hospital. He is now in the custody of his father, who has filed for divorce from Vargas. He also said he had some idea why Vargas may have injured his son, but declined to elaborate.

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  • CT

    Wow, what a tool. Of course you regret your actions — everyone does after they get caught.

  • Texas Ranger

    I know I always have regretted getting caught.

  • That last sentence is annoying cryptic; he knows why, what he won’t say? It also makes me wonder if this wasn’t the first time she abused her son (though obviously not to this extent).



  • Defafan

    At least the father made the wise choice of leaving this batsh*t crazy woman. Anyone who can hurt their own child in that manner definitely doesn’t deserve to be the child’s parent going forward. Glad the little boy didn’t bleed out or die from her sick torture.

  • shewentwhoa

    Seriously, only 2 years?

  • Peggy Storer

    Of all the body parts she could yank, she chose the kids scrotum!?? Sick bitch!! I’d like to see someone do the exact same thing to her. Yank on her until she was ripped up and bleeding. Poor kid.. thank God his dad has some sense.

  • Vesper B

    Judging from past history here on the DD, I’m willing to be the woman hurt the little boy either because the boy looked like his dad or perhaps mentioned that he wanted to go with his father. This would be true especially if the woman wasn’t getting along with the husband (and it looks like they were already having problems).

    That being said, two year in prison is nothing. I wanted to behead the MIL when she accidentally pulled off some stitches my kid had on his scrotum after a surgery.

  • King A sshole

    She looks really familiar, I use to go to San Antonio every other weekend when I was in high school, I bet I could find her, remind me when she gets out.
    Poor little guy, imagine what this is gonna do to his sex life, when he gets older.

  • itsknotme

    Two years isn’t enough. With the full ten, she’d have enough time to become license doctor in sexual reassignment surgery. But, I could be wrong, two years is probably enough to practice in Mexico

  • Buffettgirl

    If he spins the story just right it this story might end up with him being the King of Sympathy Sex… just trying to be optimistic for the little guy.

  • Buffettgirl

    You didn’t? Be proud, that was some MAJOR restraint!

  • Buffettgirl


  • Buffettgirl

    Not nearly enough time. Unless she is required to spend all of those two years volunteering to be surgery fodder for doctors in training, sans pain meds… if that were the case I’d be OK with just two years…

  • Vesper B

    Thanks! I was more concerned with getting the kid to urgent care. It was really stupid: my FIL couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal to get the kid to urgent care and the stupid cow of my MIL kept crying and apologizing.

    And they wonder why I don’t allow the kids to spend the night with them….hmmmm

  • Sejanus

    OK Crazy Glue her snatch shut…seriously.
    Hmm sounds like daddy may have some skellies in his closet which is why she tore up junior.

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    Why would he decline to elaborate? I bet the mom was pissed off because the dad fucked around on her and he doesn’t want to admit it.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Agreed. 10 would be too short even. Every guy at some point or another is kicked in them which is excruciating. Pulling on them as hard as you can, leading up to a 2″ gash? Let’s put a two inch gash on her juggler vein and put some paper towels and super glue on that and see how she fares.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Agreed; see comment above.

  • VenusDoom3

    Why the HELL was your MIL touching your son’s scrotum, stitches or not?! I wouldn’t let him spend the night either… yeesh. I feel your pain; I married into crazy, as well…

  • Vesper B

    The kid had an orchiopexy done. The stupid moo cow of the MIL decided to roughhouse with him three days post op. Venus, I will never forget the scream of pain my kid gave. The DH’s family is completely stupid: I will never allow my kids to spend the night and the funny thing is that they keep asking. After three years, you’d think they’d give up, but no! They’ll never get a clue!

    Married into crazy. I Love IT!! Stealing that right away. 😀

  • Brent Williams

    “…I do love my children with all my heart.” Well Jennifer, you can say that, but it’s bullshit. People don’t rip the scrotum off of those they love.

  • what a stupid bitch! wish someone would yank her ovaries out! poor lil baby.

  • letinstar

    i wonder how this witch would feel if someone yanked her nipples off…super glue could probably work to put them back on…

  • Lena60

    This story still makes me cringe and I don’t have a scrotum. That poor little boy. Glad hubby divorced her crazy ass.

  • Ursula Pine

    man she looks like one of those criminal mugshots out of the 40s like her name should be ‘lefty’ with a little ‘taxi driver’ thrown in for good measure

  • VenusDoom3

    Oh my lord. I admire your restraint. I would’ve tried to tear her scrotum or a reasonable facsimile. My crazy but well meaning MIL once drove my son around safely strapped into his car seat, which was in no way secured to the seat or anything else. Luckily, they stopped to visit me at work. Thought I was going to give her a tracheotomy with my fingernails on the spot.

  • ultracreep

    Reading this makes me very happy I don’t have inlaws at all. My husband has no other family but us. Makes life sooo much easier.

  • Leasha

    Roughhoused with his genitals? *eyebrow raise*

  • D. Scott Whitaker

    This dumb cunt should not be allowed to have anymore kids. Hard to even imagine… what a mom…. stop crying before I rip your fucking nuts off you little brat…

  • Lol whats his opinion on his inlaws though?

  • Vesper B

    Good Lord, VenusDoom3! I see your point and I sympathise with you! I would’ve done something that would’ve gotten me on DD except that I was trying to get the kid in the car to get him to urgent care. And get this: the idiot didn’t even offer to pay for the visit!

    I have no clue what goes through the minds of our MILs sometimes. I do know, though (and I hope to Frigga this isn’t the case with the rest of your significant other’s family) is that stupid runs rampant throughout my husband’s family. His grandmother was insisting on giving my two month old a taste of pancakes. Yes, you read that correctly. She insisted on wanting to give the baby pancakes.

  • Vesper B

    That’s exactly what the PA at urgent care was wondering. Since he was just out of operation (a few days, actually) any sort of rough exercise would have done the same. The stupid moo cow I call my MIL decided it would be fun to swing him up in the air.

  • VenusDoom3

    No wonder you don’t leave the kids alone with them — shit! My in-laws aren’t dumb, just cuckoo. I guess that’s a step better…?

  • ultracreep

    Luckily, they get along well.

  • CD

    ITA. who even thinks about their kid’s nethers/bits? Much less makes an angry grab for them?

  • CD

    “I would like to say I regret my actions….” she said, but she doesnt say that she regrets her actions.

  • Peggy Storer

    Haha.. thats exactly what I’m saying!! Who even thinks of that?

  • t3chsupport
  • Nick Trygg

    “I would like to say that I regret my actions, that I do love my children with all my heart,” Vargas said before the judge. “They are the most important thing to me.”
    I dont believe it for a second, not one. That is just Evil on so many levels what she did.

  • afishcalledsid

    The SAME problem and the same question over and over and over again in these criminal situations; A MAN WOULD HAVE BEEN PENALIZED 1,000% WORSE FOR A SIMILAR CRIME. That will have to change.

    Someone should rip her genitals open with their bare hands and let the stupid slag learn her lesson the only way she can understand.

  • buttercup76

    I married into stupid as well. My kids went to my MIL/FIL for a month last summer, and those crazy idiots took them off all their medications. When they came back coughing, holding their ribs and complaining about their ribs hurting when they breathed they still did not have enough since to give them their asthma medication.. Telling me that running was the best thing to for them.. Yes running helps expand their lungs, but my son has severe asthmatic flare ups, and without the medication they are lucky that he was not hospitalized. They took them off their acid reflux medicines, and one of my kids has severe stomach problems and their stupid actions made it worse. .Never again. I would not even consider letting them go back… All I can say is You can’t change stupid but you can control where your are for the night.

  • buttercup76

    I am jealous.

  • Buffettgirl

    Jeez – they’re lucky something worse than possible hospitalization didn’t happen. Yeah, I’d keep the kiddos away from those two! Glad something awful didn’t happen!