Man Fatally Shot Wife In Front Of Their Children At Indoor Play CenterMan Used Kik Messaging App To Share Child Porn Of His 1-Year-Old StepdaughterMan Accused Of Raping, Murdering His 9-Month-Old DaughterBoy Fatally Stabbed Himself As His Mother Beat Him With Extension CordWoman Smothered Daughter For Talking Back, Tossed Body In DumpsterMan Accused Of Severely Beating Toddler Because She Interrupted Video GameWoman Killed After 12-year-old Boy Jumps From Overpass In Suicide AttemptTeen Posted Selfies With Murdered Teacher Before Killing Self With Circular SawMan Beat 4-Month-Old Daughter To Death Because She Was CryingMan Murdered Woman Then Ate Her Brains With A Glass Of Her Blood

John BalyoGaylord, MI – Christian radio personality John Balyo has been accused of paying to have sex with children after a child pimp was busted by Homeland Security.

Earlier this month, 42-year-old Ronald Moser was arrested after drawing the attention of Homeland Security. Moser was posting child porn involving young boys and posted on an internet site, “looking for people in or around Michigan that r in to kids.”

After a raid on Moser’s home found him living with a 12-year-old boy and being in the possession of child porn, Moser would tell investigators that one of the people “in to kids” was Balyo – the morning host on the Christian radio station WCSG Radio. He told officials that Balyo was a client of his and paid to have sex with young boys.

Using this information, along with evidence found at the scene, Balyo’s home in Caledonia was raided by Michigan State Police, Battle Creek police, and Homeland Security Investigations’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

It has not been revealed what, if anything, was found in the home, but Baylo was arrested on Friday while working at a Christian music festival in Gaylord. He has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

WCSG general manager Chris Lemke asked for people to pray for anyone who has been hurt by these recent events. “We pray for John. We pray for his bride and new stepson,” he said. “Most importantly, please pray for the victims of the allegations.”

Baylor often sponsored children through Compassion International and even met his “compassion child” in Uganda. In a video of that meeting, Baylo is asked what was he going to do next now that he’s met his sponsored child.

“I tell you what, this is a whole lot better than Disney World,” Baylo answered. Yikes. That seemingly innocent comment sounds horrible in light of these recent allegations.

Baylor and unidentified date

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  • Buffettgirl

    Gaylord, MI? Really? Just to add that special DD twist this happened in GAYLORD, MI? It’s bad enough you’ve got the proverbial (ha!) “Christian” kiddie-diddler, but the location sent me over the edge into “you just can’t make this shit up” mode… smh… (goes off to sit in the corner, suck her thumb and hug her woobie…)

  • sativagrl

    tee hee. You beat me to the comment lol

  • Sara

    Yep. It had to be in a place called “Gaylord.” I didn’t have anything clever to say about it, so just decided to wait for someone better to come along and mention it. Thankfully, you didn’t disappoint! Though I am wondering if people like this dude think, “Hmm…I’m a total pervert at heart; I need an appropriately named town to live in. So, that’s no to places like Boston, New York, Hartford, Seattle…huh…Gaylord? Yes. Perfect.” It’s probably coincidence, but it would be funny if it were intentional.

  • Texas Ranger

    I’m confused…what the Hell does ICE have to do with a queer Pedo Bible-Thumper from Michigan?? I tell you what, GW really pulled the wool over our eyes on this Homeland Security Bullshit. How many fuckin FBI’s they got in Washington now?

  • King A sshole

    “This is a whole lot better than Disney World.” After reading the whole article, this is on the same level of stupidity as saying, “Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to Jackass.”

  • Inferus

    Jesus loves the little children…guess that song fucked this baby bugger right up.

  • ICE has been catching child predators for over a decade.

  • Buffettgirl

    Is that because so many of these deranges asshats go to overseas to places like Thailand and Costa Rica to engage in their depravities?

  • Texas Ranger

    Exactly, since Homeland Security was formed by GW. To me, ICE, catches smugglers, counterfeiters and illegal immigrants…not these jokers. I think everyone would be surprised how large an umbrella of jurisdiction Homeland Security has. That in my opinion can lead to abuses of power.

  • Vincents_Sin

    I know this area of Michigan all to well, and I’m very familiar with John Balyo’s radio show. In a way, I’m not surprised because the guy always seemed a bit off during his talks, but he had a fair following regardless. I’m rather glad I got out of that area when I did, because it was becoming the equivalent of a Detroit suburb.

    I don’t classify this story as such, but the last big news to come from around that area of Michigan was the hunters that went missing in Mio about 25 years ago. I’m sure some of you know about that story…

  • Buffettgirl

    Well, now I’m curious about the perv to kid ratio in towns like Intercourse (AL & PA!), Climax, CO, Cummings, GA, Sugartit, KY and Oral, South Dakota…

  • Vesper B

    Damn! You beat me to it too, Buffettgirl! Excellent work. 😀

  • Vesper B

    I would have loved to be at that music festival when the guy was arrested. Schadenfreude at its finest.

  • Sejanus

    Hey John, Hell called and they are setting up a special wing..just for you.
    In the meantime enjoy yer stay with the State and Feds at the Crowbar Hotel.
    Be sure to relax that sphincter though when the big boys come to Ball You Balyo.

    ..and not even gonna bother making fun of the name Gaylord….they have enough to deal with already.

  • MissTrix

    I don’t give a rat’s ass who is catching them so long as they are getting caught.

  • Texas Ranger

    Me too, but I’d rather have a pedo hating bunch like the Hells Angels or Bandito’s finding and disposing of them rather than a customs officer.

  • Buffettgirl

    Why thank you ma’am… I do what I can. 😉

  • Jessie

    OMG that picture of him hugging the little African boy so tightly with that creepy fucking grin is making me want to puke… I wonder how old his “new stepson” is. I am sure that he is the reason for the “new bride” anyway.

  • mean birch

    shit! Having heard the name all my life, being raised in MI and all…I never once thought of it That WAY. Geez, I am lame.

    Side note: he has a new bride and a new step son. RED FLAG

  • mean birch

    Gaylord isn’t too far from Climax Mi. Every time we pass that damn exit my hubby says YA WANNA GET OFF HERE. it never gets old!

  • Buffettgirl

    Yeah – read that… creepy… just fuckin’ creepy!

  • Buffettgirl

    How could it? I know Steve would do the same goofy thing, look at me with squirrely eyes and it would be funny every time too… 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    Without giving away affiliations may I volunteer Sniper/Biker Boyfriend (and crew) for dismemberment/disposal duties? =D

  • Vesper B

    Holy Frigga! I just googled the story. Absolutely horrific!

  • Buffettgirl

    I do now… YIKES! 🙂

  • Yes. This particular case involved a much larger human trafficking case.

  • Defafan

    Another perv hiding in the guise of religion. Disgusting.

  • MrTwoPlums

    If I stare at that kid too long I swear I can hear him saying “Call the police”.
    And yeah, he married for love. Just not what she was expecting.

  • itsknotme

    Dam these cropped photos!!!! Where’s his other hand? If it’s not in the kids pocket taking his money, one would know for sure he is a pedo……

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Like you could actually get the Angels & Banditos to coordinate…

  • Misty3000 ????

    Look at the expression of the child though…

  • tkaz

    Now…how many Christian listeners are going to defend him…or burn him at the stake?

  • David Richter

    Bet you could if they knew they got to destroy kiddie diddlers together.

  • Brent Williams

    A christian? Banging little boys? That’s not at all ‘christ like.’ Surely this is an isolated incident…

  • Sara

    Sugartit?! Oh my! Love it! I’ve heard of Intercourse, PA, but didn’t know about the one in AL. Either way, it always makes me snicker. And it’s fun to try to get my grandma to say it. Now I have other naughty place names to have fun with.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I love that white American Christians worked so hard to have homosexuals punished with life sentences for having sex with other consenting adult homosexuals all the while conspiring to adopt children out of the goodness of their hearts. Praise God.

  • I’m sorry, but 3 spellings for the same last name!? Lol! Balyo, Baylo, or Baylor. Which is it??

  • letinstar

    oh look! another christian pedophile…that poor kid in the picture probably thinks disney world is this pig’s lap..fix it jesus…

  • Lena60

    Do you mind sharing that woobie with me?I brought my own thumb.

  • Lena60

    Thats probably why he married her, to have access to the stepson.

  • Buffettgirl

    Come on over. It’s a generous woobie! 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    It’s amazing how the lines get all kinds of fuzzy when the common cause is good enough eh? 😉

  • Gamedame

    Can someone tell me, WHY is castration for convicted pedophiles illegal? Seems like the perfect solution to me.

  • LuvsHorror

    He knows…

  • Heather_Habilatory

    “This is a whole lot better than Disney World” *vomits on the keyboard*

  • Lena60

    I am not familiar with that story. I will have to look it up.

  • It’s neither illegal in a handful of states, nor has it been found to be the perfect solution. Not that I mind it being an available option. I just don’t like the idea of mandating it. Too many wrongfully convicted in this nation.

  • Der Mac

    Wow. Hilarious Very insightful.

  • Der Mac

    Gee, ya think?

  • Buffettgirl


  • velvetjoneslives

    OK Buffetgirl, we’ve had our disagreements in the past, but I’ll give you a big thumbs up for this one. 🙂

  • Buffettgirl


  • Jan Jolley

    Because it doesn’t stop offenders from reoffending. They still manage to abuse children – they just get more creative 🙁

  • Nick Trygg

    “42-year-old Ronald Moser”
    I seriously read that as Ronald Monster. When the hell will people realize and see that modern organized religion is a loop hole for pedo’s and chimo’s. Its not easy to get your medical degree as a pediatrician, and its hard work running a day care. But religion? Shiiiiit, any lazy ass bastard can just put on the holier than thou hat and use the shit as an excuse to get Real “buddy buddy” with not only the neighborhood kids, but they can go on “missionary’s” and “teach” and “bless” kids all over the world; and the church of their choosing pays for air fare and every thing! Hell, think about it, if one were a pedophile, what is the quickest, yet “safest” way to fulfill your abhorrent desires? Id say posing as a “man of religion” who wants to “Spread the good word” is at the top of that list.

  • sativagrl


  • Gamedame

    For sexual abusers? Do you happen to know of any sites that contain this info?

  • Gamedame

    I agree, regarding wrongful conviction. But when these people are caught on video (usually their own), or there is other equally damning evidence that is just overwhelming…well, then… I’d be open to some dicing and slicing in cases like that.

  • t3chsupport

    He was arrested at a Christian music fest in…. Gaylord.

  • WarriorArtemis

    that was my 1st thought as well lol

  • Squinky

    That kid sure doesn’t seem to like him…