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Jeffrey BolgerBALTIMORE, MD – Baltimore police officer Jeffrey Bolger has been charged with felony animal cruelty after he slit the throat of a dog that had escaped from home, authorities said.

Nala, a 7-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei, went missing from her home on Saturday. Her owner, Sarah Gossard, had let the dog out of the house but didn’t notice the gate was open. After realizing Nala had gotten out, she spent the entire day looking for her.

Later that same day, a woman found Nala and was attempting to read the tags on the dog’s collar, which contained Sarah’s phone number, when Nala nipped at her hand. The woman was not seriously injured, but called police to report a stray dog.

When officers arrived, Nala was restrained using a dog pole around her neck. That’s when Bolger went full white knight and used a knife to slit the dog’s throat. According to witnesses, the 20 year veteran of the Baltimore police yelled, “I am going to fucking gut this thing,” before doing so.

As a result of her injuries, Nala would bleed to death. Sarah said she would learn from a neighbor that Nala had been put down, but didn’t learn the details of how she was put down until the news media told her yesterday.

“She went missing Saturday and after looking for her all day, I found out through a neighbor that she was put down,” she said.
“Police never contacted me until today. Only after did I find out more details. I learned from the news that she was stabbed in the throat. I want justice.”

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She says Nala was not a violent dog, but has no doubt she nipped at the woman trying to check her tags. “She was just scared that day and through all of those events — scared and lost, thirsty, hungry,” Sarah said.

The Baltimore Police Department isn’t taking Bolger’s actions lightly. The 49-year-old has been suspended without pay, arrested and charged with animal cruelty, aggravated animal cruelty and malfeasance in office.

“This is an outrageous and unacceptable breach of our protocol. The BPD does not condone and will not condone such actions,” said Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere, Baltimore City Police.

Nala and Sarah (Nala is on the right)

Nala and Sarah (Nala is on the right)

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  • Gamedame

    It’s guys like this that give cops a bad name. Big, bad, fucking man, so brave and strong that he saved the world by slitting the throat of a frightened and tired little thing that was already restrained. Wow. I’m so not impressed or awed by you, you fucking little wimp.

  • Vesper B

    I live in the boonies, so sheriff officers help in retrieving stray animals. You’re right: without a doubt, this guy gives officers a bad name. Every sheriff office who has come out to my neighborhood to help in the retrieval of a stray has been compassionate. Frak this asshole.

  • starry1

    This asshole has serious issues.

  • Buffettgirl

    Wow – big burly bad-ass killed a 30 pound doggy… I’m so impressed… #sarcasm

  • Vesper B

    Big tough guy, huh? Bet he’s real proud of himself after ridding the world of such a menace. People like this tough guy piss me off. My dog bit the hell out of my upper lip and finger. While it hurt like hell, I never once thought of killing the dog, nor did my husband. Screw this guy and props to the Baltimore PD for stepping up.

  • complication

    Nice photo caption

  • tkaz

    Sorry. I had a shar pei mix, she attacked our other two dogs & was totally aggressive.
    Nala may have nipped a person because she was scared, I get that …. but in my mind she’s not far from our pit bull stories we read. They’re a fighting breed after all.

    Bolger’s still a murdering ass though.

  • Death2Jesus

    Well I guess he won’t get the same punishment since he has no neck

  • Texas Ranger

    Frak him till gases and oily substances start coming out every orifice.

  • Texas Ranger

    I don’t know Morbid, I wouldn’t rate Sarah a dog… looks pretty fuckable to me.

  • sativagrl

    Jesus, what a creep. I wonder how many other animals and people he’s hurt for no justifiable reason.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    ‘Ya have to just love the big, bad-assed, bullies in blue. [/sarcasm]
    Semi-humans like him give the caring officers out there a tall hill to climb to win back the public trust.

  • Vesper B

    Bless you.

  • Jessie

    I guess, if you’re a chubby chaser.

  • Jessie

    It’s Baltimore. I am surprised the cops don’t do that with all the crack dealers and pimps they round up there every night.

  • Texas Ranger

    I ‘m thinking she’s short and athletic with the body to match. probably an ex cheerleader or softball player. bet her legs are strong as hell. Chubby? not getting that from what I see.

  • Jessie

    Softball? Maybe rugby Tex. I can pinch two rolls of back-fat from here :-p

  • Texas Ranger

    optical illusion caused by having a small waist.

  • I’m just surprised the cop’s actually being charged. Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon for restrained dogs to be killed by cops. Typically with a bullet, though. The knife angle is pretty savage.

  • Texas Ranger

    Using a knife, he doesn’t have to file a shot-fired report. This isn’t his first rodeo.

  • Iknowbetter

    My sister has owned several shar-pei’s. They are great dogs.

  • Buffettgirl

    You got the up tick because it was funny, but really? She could stand to lose a few but chubby? Nah, she’s just a tad soft is all. =D

  • Buffettgirl

    Winner! ;-P

  • flomox

    And Im supposed to lay down my gun and hope that someone like THIS doesn’t come to my aid? PFFT FU.

  • Jessie

    Soft, chubby, same thing. She’s cute. Just soft, that’s all.

  • AD Fkin Ate

    The only steak this guy is going to be cutting into is a big ol dick in his mouth hahaha.. Seriously I doubt they will even PC this guy, when you turn on blue, blue turns on you haha

  • AD Fkin Ate

    And I mean I’m not much on animals only because I can barely afford to feed me but Its still someone’s pet

  • Texas Ranger

    nothing wrong with a curve or two. I like my chicks to actually resemble a Female of the species. No chick bodybuilders need apply.

  • That’s ominous. Thanks, Tex. 🙂

  • If he even gets jail time (that would be surprise #2 in this story), he’ll be in administrative segregation, for sure.

  • AD Fkin Ate

    I think a position such as an administrator, would require you to wear a suit and a tie, and hes got no neck lol

  • Dilligaff-y

    Oh, big brave man, you!!

    :`( I hope Sarah gets justice for Nala.

  • Roid rage…check bad cop for roids…

  • I was an administrator not too long ago, and I certainly didn’t wear a suit and tie. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, it might have had something to do with boobs. No male boss would willingly request that I obstruct them.

  • mean birch

    So, this pussy killed the dog? Heartless bastard.

  • mean birch

    Jesus you’re horrible, I mean horribly funny…
    Pass the cheetos

  • BubblesinGriffinGA

    Wow, what a piece of shit this guy is. I mean, Seriously??? I’m glad they are charging him, hopefully this woman will get some justice for that poor dog.

  • Sejanus

    So this guy gets suspended but the cops who shoot to death a prisoner in hand cuffs down south get nothing.
    This dude looks like a fucking mental midget though.

  • Pimpino

    My first thought was that shar pei’s aren’t the friendliest of dog’s, frankly they scare me more than pitbulls. That maybe this officers actions were justified, bc it’s just a dog. But after reading how malevolent he was, I retract my thoughts and say screw that guy.

  • Debra

    I like the photo description…”Nala and Sarah. Nala is on the right.” No, you don’t say!

  • Jessie

    Ahhh cmon… You don’t like it when your chick can bench-press you??

  • link07

    Not chubby at all

  • link07

    Nothing worse than a stick figure imo

  • Jessie

    Please…. look at that sweater she is wearing. It’s an “I’m trying to cover up some extra pounds” sweater– all the way. We really need a full body profile to be sure. And yes, no one likes a stick figure. I can totally agree on that one.

  • Texas Ranger

    Not usually. That would mean she has no tits, leathery skin, and bumps in places I don’t care for chicks to have bumps in.

  • Texas Ranger

    Word. preach it.

  • Roids would melt the fat off this guy..he is just a lunatic, no roids involved.

  • Are cops even supposed to be carrying knives?

  • Delaney3030

    He has anger problems because he has never found a hat that would fit on his head. Deep seated issues with that, I’m sure.

  • Texas Ranger

    Why wouldn’t they? They have guns, tasers, and batons on their belt. Are knives too dangerous?

  • Thats not what I meant. I have never seen a cop carrying a knife. They do not carry them here so was actually just curious if this was his personal blade he was carrying or not. I retract the question if it is stupid.

  • Texas Ranger

    no it’s not a stupid question. Over here, carrying a knife in your pocket is as common as wearing underwear. If someone asks me if I have a knife…my answer is ” Do I have my pants on? ” Don’t even ask me how many Case pocket knives I own.

  • Fair enough, just had an image in my head of cops running around US like John Rambo for a minute there.

  • sweekymom

    Give me a knife and fifteen seconds. I’ll show the world where his carotid artery is.

  • sweekymom

    In some cases you’re not far off the mark. I’m dangerous as hell and I’m just a librarian.

  • Carrie Burton

    This makes me sick. I hope justice is served! This just goes to show how not all cops are ‘the nice guys’!!!!

  • Carrie Burton

    I hope justice is served! This just goes to show that not all cops are ‘the good guys’… makes me sick!!!

  • Texas Ranger

    That’s only In LA and Detroit. Rest of the country is fairly safe.

  • Idonno…plenty of fat, middle-age guys doin’ roids, sittin’ on the couch, thinkin’ they’re gonna grow muscles. Plus, if steroids melted fat-wouldn’t there be a whole lot less fat people waddling around???

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    Fucking humans.

  • Buffettgirl

    I just spit coffee on my screen… thanks! That was some seriously funny shit! And yes, I’ve got my knife clipped to the front left pocket of my jeans right now. 😉

  • Bill Miller

    Can we just go and do likewise to the sorry sack of shit?

  • Bill Miller

    Now you know, I’ve read a lot of stories about pit bulls, but I can’t think of one of them where the pit bull’s actions were described as ‘a nip’.

  • tkaz

    Heh. You know how a shark “tastes” something by biting a huge chunk out of it? Pit bulls are kind of like that. 😉

  • Vincents_Sin

    I just want to take a moment to thank Morbid for clarifying who Nala was in the photo. I was all sorts of confused throughout the story!

  • VenusDoom3

    What the shit?!

  • Texas Ranger

    Damn… Everybody knows the DOG wears the stupid bandanna. Sheesh, bunch a knuckleheads round here.

  • Lol yeh fair enough steroids and sedentary lifestyle will make a fat no neck loser, didnt look at it from that angle.

  • sweekymom

    We live to serve! 😉

  • Vincents_Sin

    Takes one to know one, so welcome to the party!

  • LuvsHorror

    Bend over and spread ’em.

  • LOL Was going to ask you if that invitation included a nice dinner first, but I just realized what you were talking about…I think…but that wasn’t the kind of roids I was talking about. lol

  • shewentwhoa

    what a turd. someone should give him the same treatment.

  • Mikey John

    Get rid of police unions. Take away his pension.

  • HappyAsALark

    That’s not an accurate representation of Baltimore.

  • Jessie

    Yes it is. I lived in west Baltimore (scary shit near druid hill) for 4 years.

  • HappyAsALark

    I find Baltimore to be a great city. It gets a bad reputation by certain people because of tv shows and movies.

  • Jessie

    Don’t get me wrong, I love that town. It’s a lot like Philly though and the west side is rough. Friendly people for the most part. Beautiful skyline. Great bars, restaurants too.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Looks like this pig has spent more time in a donut shop than actually doing any real policing work. He didn’t have the guts to go after someone who would actually fight back, so he killed a restrained and defenceless animal. Someone should strip him of all weaponery and drop him into a bikie clubhouse while he’s still in uniform.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    He would have been better off as a rent- a-cop or a bouncer. He can beat up drunks and douchebags who actually deserve it.

  • Tim Bates

    A commonly played “game” called “rabbit polo”, was enacted by certain members of my Military Police unit in Butzbach, Germany. They would veer off the main roads, to farm lanes, open up the VW Vanagons sliding door, and whack rabbits with their clubs. Well one future Darwin award winner had an accident playing this game. In his own accident report he actually wrote: “While in pursuit of a rather large, hare, I lost control of the vehicle, and tore out the undercarriage of the MP vehicle.” This guy was considered a “model soldier”. Until that day. He was arrested too. Our Brigade commander drove up from Frankfurt to personally bust him from e-5 to e-1. He was charged with animal cruelty, diarrhea of the pen, and gross stupidity. Upon serving his 6 months in Ft. Leavenworth, he received his permanent bad-conduct discharge. There were rumours that he was a satanist, and he and another MP killed a litter of kittens too, in a satanic ritual. Creepy.

  • Michelle Dahmer

    If he had shot Nala he would have gotten away with it. I have been saying it for years, cops are out of control.

  • colliefreak

    Regardless of any breed prejudice anyone here has, this dog was on a catch pole. Nobody’s safety was at risk at that point. This officer is a sadistic, sick person. The dog, wearing a collar and identification, was clearly somebody’s pet, and now that person is grieving over a totally senseless act.

  • tkaz

    Are you new here? Not a lot of seriousness on the front page…everything’s a bit tongue in cheek.
    Breed prejudice or not, I’m fully aware of how an owner feels when they lose their family member. Please take notice that I’m not on the murderers side.

  • sativagrl

    Also a city with the most crab outbreaks, fun fact.

  • Jessie

    Hahaha I did not know that. I DID know it’s number one for syphilis though :-p

  • sativagrl

    Good morning Jessie lol..ew, I’m glad my vajay isn’t in Baltimore.

  • Jessie

    Oh, I can only imagine….

  • EmilyClocke

    I hate when people punish animals for acting out of fear. An animal can’t help when she’s scared, and she’s going to defend herself if she feels distressed, exactly like humans do.

  • mrskailuakona

    So tragic before reading the article I was hoping it was not deep enough to kill Nala. Poor dog didn’t deserve to be killed by a brutal, vicious hell bent bad cop who I pray goes straight to hell! Suspended? Trust me he was “arrested” yet it didn’t say he’s in J A I L where an PIG belongs if he commits a crime. Why is given the GET OUT OF JAIL CARD? Oh, I see the PIG factor won’t serve any jail time. FIRE this animal killer I mean PIG before the next time this bad cop takes a human’s life. Myself not blaming the woman who found Nala it was a nip not a vicious dog attack I would’ve just put her in the garage a laundry room then called the damn phone number not the damn police! Gloves? Happens all the time. Like others said they get away with it ‘cos why? They can! BASTARDS

  • Jason Wolf

    What a violent fucking idiot. Of course hes a cop…..

  • Robin Wise

    Poor little dog… she looks so cute with those wrinkles. My bus driver has two cute little Shar-Peis ^^
    Shar-Peis were bred with all those folds and wrinkles in there skin so if they got bitten in a fight, they wouldn’t get hurt.
    I’m glad to see that this guy isn’t getting away scot-free. Rotten lowlife scum.