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Stacey NikkelTEHACHAPI, CA – Police have charged 34-year-old Stacey Nikkel with child endangerment after her toddler was found in a in a field inside a tipped-over stroller – just days after winning custody of the child.

The 2-year-old girl had been in the custody of a couple who were trying to adopt her, but Nikkel took them court to regain custody. On June 9, a judge said that CPS dropped the ball, and awarded custody back to Nikkel.

This last Sunday, a person found the toddler in a vacant field stuck inside a tipped-over stroller wearing only a t-shirt, shorts and no shoes.. Investigators believe the child was alone in the stroller from about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night until found at about 9 a.m. the next morning.

“My heart just broke for her, because she was sitting here all alone,” said the woman who found the toddler. “She was very dirty, with tears, snots, hair covered in fox-tails.” 

Deputies later located and arrested Nikkel and charged her with child endangerment, child abandonment, and being under the influence of a controlled substance. She’s currently in the Central Receiving Jail on a $20,000 bond.

“This one’s kind of strange because we’re trying to figure it out ourselves,” said Sgt. Doug Wilson. “We’re still actively investigating this case, we’re still looking really for more answers to tie everything together.”

According to Kern County Superior Court records, Nikkel was charged in 2012 with willful cruelty to a child, but that case was dismissedHer daughter has been placed into protective custody. Here’s hoping the couple who lost custody of the girl will now have a better chance of getting her back.

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  • LuvsHorror

    She’ll take some mom classes and get her back again. Just until she kills her. Why give this child a better chance with the foster parents who love her?

  • Morgenstern

    I would very much like to rip this bitch’s uterus out with a rusted fork so she’ll never have children again. I would also like to knock the piss out of CPS for dropping the ball on this.

  • Peggy Storer

    I cannot imagine the fear this poor baby was feeling while sitting alone in the dark for almost 12 hours. The saddest part though, is the fact that she was probably safer all alone in the field than in the care of that monster!! How a mother could ever hurt her own child, or any child for that matter, is fucking beyond me..

  • King A sshole

    This is starting to become, “The Week of Dumb Bitches.”

  • Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak

    Why the hell did I read this while dealing with damn PMS?!? I’m in tears for this baby girl. I hope the couple gets to adopt her. Hugging my babies asap.

  • Defafan

    STACEY NIKKEL: Next time just get an abortion you piece of Sh*t Trash Gutter Sl*t! You obviously want drugs more than your child. Tie your f*cking tubes you useless bi*ch or you can just do the world a favor and blow your f*cking head off.

  • Buffettgirl

    Stupid fucking cunt…

  • itsknotme

    Aren’t girls supposed to come with Maternal Instinct and not Maternal Extinct?

  • Gamedame

    I truly hope and pray that you’re wrong…something needs to go right in this poor baby’s life.
    Stupid cunt doesn’t deserve to ever be in the same zip code with her child, ever again. Now why couldn’t that cop that slit the dog’s throat in Maryland instead put his damn knife skills to use on this bitch’s reproductive organs?

  • 1DireWolf

    If she had sexually molested the child, she would never get her back and wouldn’t allowed to be around children, since she ONLY left the child to die she will most likely get her back. The law is fucked up.

  • Texas Ranger

    I wouldn’t give a plugged-Nikkel for this stupid bitch. Shove a plug up her baby chute and cement it over. No more chances for her to fuck up another child.
    I know it’s weak, but how often do you get to use plugged-Nikkel in a comment?? Once in a lifetime I’m betting.

  • Death2Jesus

    Maybe someone should leave her in a cell with no food and water

  • Death2Jesus

    Not a jail cell but a cemented cellar underground with a small hole to breath piss, talk and shit out of. I wish I wrote the laws

  • Vesper B

    Because PARENTS! Didn’t you know, LuvsHorror, that the child’s rightful place is with his/her parents? Parents know what’s best for the kid, even if it means leaving the kid in the field for a day without shoes.

    My ex-next door neighbor’s 2 year old broke her hip in an “accident.” No matter how many times I’d call CPS on her ass, she never once lost custody of the kids, nor was she ever investigated (I know the latter because she’d tell my mom everything). I have little to no faith in CPS.

  • Jessie

    Hey hey hey. That’s MY response dude… but kudos for beating me to it :-p

  • Jessie

    Stacey, you’re a nasty stupid slut. Enjoy prison. I hear orange is the new black.

  • sativagrl

    I love that show lol!

  • sativagrl

    Tipped over in a stroller in a field, really bitch? Still doesn’t top the baby wandering down the street with maggots and roaches in its diaper though.

  • Leasha

    I want to slit this cunt’s goddamn throat! Who the fuck does that?! Kill this sleazebucket before she kills her daughter.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Don’t forget the idiot judge. 🙂

  • DeweyCheatam

    I think she should be strapped into a wheelchair or something, and the wheelchair should be pushed out into the same field where she left the kid, and staked into the ground so that she has to stay put, and then leave her there for those same 12 hours.

  • edmac411
  • itsknotme

    No matter. She’ll simply breed again?!?!?!?!!?

  • AD Fkin Ate

    Everything just falls into place wonderfully doesn’t it? Say she did everything right that night, who knows what could of happened. She should be doing someone’s laundry for awhile, give her self purpose. Maybe she will understand what she is losing ehh bitch is prolly tweeked out on salts to care

  • Hell, that would be the case even if it had been a foster mother who did this instead of a biological one. But, y’know, Family Is Forever( © Hallmark ) and we should never separate a child from their “real” family. Oh, no no no…

  • Jessie

    12 hours isn’t long enough…

  • Nick Trygg

    “and being under the influence of a controlled substance”
    Really! Ya don’t say. I cant even phat-home what kind of drugs this “woman” was on. Oh wait yes I can, ill bet my left nut it was either Tweak or dope, but it is possible she went on a Xanax binge. She really does Not look like parent material, she just looks extremely material in general. I really hope CPS gets it’s shit straight and never ever lets this person back with in a thousand feet of the child. It can only get worse if she is let to retain custody of the poor kid. I can only imagine how scared and terrified the kid was. I remember getting lost for like 25 minutes in a big box store when I was a young one and for those 25-30 minutes I was scared SHITLESS. A whole day would not only scare the bajeebus out of me, but I would fucking HATE my parents. Gotta keep em separated.

  • Nick Trygg

    Well, to CPS’s credit, they are a state service, and most all state services are completely gutted and under funded thanks in part to the need to divert all resources to law enforcement. Kevlar and Beretta’s ain’t cheap!

  • Preach.

    Nobody wants to sing the praises of the CPS, which does save thousands of children annually. We only hear about the bad shit they do. And, yeah, there’s plenty of bad shit. But the winning combination of under-funding and under-training is gonna do that.

  • Might not be an idiot judge. I’ve seen parents who clean up, crossing all their “t”s and dotting all their “i”s for the entirety of court proceedings. But the second they’ve won (or lost), there’s no one to show off for anymore, and they fall right back off the bandwagon. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happened, here.

  • I know, I know… but it’s not that there’s no method behind the madness.

    Have you seen foster statistics? Those kids are four times more likely to be sexually abused. They have substantially higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide. And they have PTSD rates equal that of combat-exposed soldiers. A great deal of this is due to simply ripping a child from a familiar environment.

    It’s not easy, being a judge, to make the choice.

  • I’ve gotta ask… What’s “dope” in your neck of the woods? Because around here, it’s kind of an umbrella term, often used for tweak (or pot, or coke). I see you’ve differentiated. Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Evan

    this girl should get the Jeffrey Bolger treatment

  • Children absolutely require a stable environment, and being moved around from family to family can do nothing but harm to a developing psyche. However, I really wonder about this previous charge of hers, and if it would have had any influence on the final decision. Regardless, I’m sure the judge who made that ruling could never have imagined something like this would happen… especially so soon. Jesus.

    Why do people fight so hard to keep children that they don’t appear to really want? Oh, who am I kidding—I’m well aware that in many of these cases, the parent in question wants someone that they can control, someone who they think will (or better yet, has to) love them unconditionally, or may like the idea of being a parent rather than actually being one, among many other motivations that indicate no awareness that they have another human being’s life in their hands.

    I hope that poor child ends up in a good home with people who care for her.

  • BubblesinGriffinGA

    Stupid fucking bitch! Why take this poor baby away from a family that obviously wanted her if you were just doing it for spite? FUCK, why do women like this even exist?? Good God, I hope someone cauterizes her fucking baby-maker.

  • Sejanus

    OK she needs to be beaten senseless then strapped into a car and left in Harlem in only a T shirt overnight. Let her have a dose of terror.
    Put the child back to the folks who had her..and put this broad on the mental patient hand job circuit.

  • Twisted1

    I just heard of a case today where the father has custody because the mom was neglectful. They are now fighting a court battle and he is deployed. The judge is ordering him back against federal law. Here is the link there is more detail. It’s just messed up.

  • Nick Trygg

    Dope means Smack, Horse, Tar, Sachmoe’s sleep, Heroin. I made the Sleep one up my self!

  • Twisted1

    I want drugs but I have children. Alas I will have to wait to get stoned until they move out. Oh well such is life.

  • Benighted

    How does this even happen?? How spaced out do you have to be to knock your kid’s stroller over, in a field, then just wander off? I guess I’ve just never tried the kind of drugs that can get you to that point.

  • thinkaboutit75

    H&ll yeah except she wont be covered in fox tails, it’ll probably be jizz

  • thinkaboutit75

    I vote for a vagina more kids for her

  • I doubt it was some kind of accident when she was watsed. Sounds like she just didnt give a fuck and took the child there because it was remote and hoped nobody would find her for a while.

  • Yah lots of people want to be parents..very few want to look after a child.

  • sweekymom

    Hell’s horses! Just drag her out to the field where the child was found, shoot her in the gut two or three times, and leave her to die beside the stroller. It’ll serve as an example to the others.

  • Carrie Burton

    I seriously want to bash this egg doner in the face. I couldn’t IMAGINE even attempting to do something so cruel to my daughter. i am her mother, i am her protector!!! this makes me sick… they should’ve left this kid with the adoptive parents whom i pray gets custody of her and provides her with the love and better life she so deserves!!! people like this should be snipped at an early age… they shouldn’t be ALLOWED to reproduce!!

  • Buffettgirl

    ***clap, Clap, CLAP** 😉

  • Wackadoo

    The baby should be permanently removed from her custody and she should then be sterilized. If I knew this sick bitch she wouldn’t have to worry about regaining custody because corpses cannot legally obtain custody.
    When does the vigilante group meet again?

  • Texas Ranger

    Last Monday of odd months unless it’s a 5th Monday on an even month, then it would be on Friday of the 3rd week. See ya there!

  • JohnQknowitall

    C’mon that is very unfair. Have you no compassion? She was probably celebrating her mom winnings or maybe trying to find the dad before Fathers Day. Jeez… a little slack please already?

  • JohnQknowitall

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what happens in at least 90% of the times when a child is returned to an irresponsible parent in error.

  • JohnQknowitall

    It takes love to produce an egg prior to a woman’s own birth and then to find a male who produced a sperm less than a week before copulation and promises love and/or drugs. Don’t you think if “he” gave them the gunk to make a child that God also wants them to raise it?

  • Steve

    Honestly, as high as she was, lets HOPE that it was her that left her out there. I can imagine even more fucked up scenarios where she sold the kid for drugs(hey, its been reported here MORE than once) and THAT person dumped them in a field. Lets be glad she survived being exposed for 12 hours, unable to get free or even upright. She could have been found by a wild animal and attacked or killed. This woman(I use that term only vaguely) needs to take a dirt nap

  • sativagrl

    I think they mostly fight for custody so they can use the kids as pawns against the other parent because that’s all their childish, selfish brain cares about.

  • Bravo! That’s the issue in a nutshell, yup-yup.

  • shewentwhoa

    CPS completely botched this one. Yes, their goal is to get the child back with the parents. But, some people are not fit to be parents period.

  • Leasha

    Exactly, which is why she should just be dead. I think lighting her on fire then dragging her behind a vehicle will suffice.

  • Tenbux

    Don’t take mah kids from meh I loves em so mu–OHHAY SHINY STUFF

  • LadyBullDogge

    As someone who works in an emergency shelter for children let me just say- Bingo.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I just wait til my husband is home then take my pain meds and lay in bed and watch the pretty colors on the wall until I pass out.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Sounds like the adoptive parents will probably get her now.

  • Let’s hope so.

  • joe

    Problem is this took place in California. This piece of garbage will regain custody of this child again. I just hope the child can survive another go-round (or several) involving more incompetence on the part of the “ill legal” system.

  • ??????? ??????

    All i can say is. Sterilize the stupid bitch.

  • BigMonkey

    Society needs to seriously consider euthanasia of profoundly shitty parents

  • Brew Pub

    At first I was like “What the hell , how did this nucking futs broad get her kid back?”. But then I was all like “Oh , CPS got involved….those people could f’ck up scrambled egg’s”.