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Barry JerniganCHESTERFIELD, VA – Police say 35-year-old Barry Jernigan fatally shot his wife and two kids before killing himself Sunday evening.

Police were first alerted to the family’s home after Barry’s boss called to report that Barry had left him a message “that sounded threatening and possibly suicidal in nature.” Officers heard gunshots as they approached the home, but it was already too late.

Barry’s wife, 30-year-old Renotta Jernigan, and stepdaughter, 9-year-old Alexis Kellas, had both collapsed in the front yard after being shot. Neighbors who’d heard the gunfire were providing first aid to the victims, but Renotta would die on the scene while Alexis would die later at the hospital.

Inside the home, police would find 2-year-old Seth Jernigan had been shot to death as he lay in his crib. As for Barry, he was also found in the home, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. “At this point, the investigation indicates that Barry Jernigan shot his son, stepdaughter and wife before turning the gun on himself,” police said in a statement.

Neighbors say they all pitched in that night in an attempt to save the family. One neighbor, a nurse, pulled Seth from his crib and attempted to perform CPR on the floor before police and rescuers arrived. Another neighbor described seeing Barry dead in a hallway and performing CPR on Renotta.

No word on a motive, but some are commenting that Renotta wanted a divorce. Barry’s father is shocked at his son’s actions, stating he knew that his son had struggled financially for years, but had never conveyed he was in any kind of distress.

Alexis, Renotta, Seth

Alexis, Renotta, Seth

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  • Texas Ranger

    what a sorry shithead.

  • ShelbySP

    I’m thinking he wanted to leave and start a new life with that tree trunk…

  • NY_Mommy

    I totally just giggled at that. Now I feel evil.

  • Jessie

    Dear Barry: The world is a better place now that you’re dead. Did you really need to take your family with you? I’m an aethiest, but it’s stories like this that make me wish hell was real.

  • itsknotme

    “Dear God, we’d like to talk to you about the part in your doctrine that says “You can’t pick yours parents, well, maybe have you ever thought that you might be… wrong?,”” the children.

  • CT

    Forbidden love.

  • Buffettgirl

    That’s what I was thinking, he’s sure being an affectionate little tree hugger!

  • tkaz

    What the fuck Barry Jernigan? You’re doing Father’s Day wrong!
    I hate Father’s Day.

  • Lena60

    How sad all the way around.This guy obviously had issues, that went undetected.

  • Buffettgirl

    Dude just looks weak and whiny hugging that tree like it’s his mistress… creepy!

  • Mz. Aquafina

    Creepy is right plus he has a wonky eye!

  • Vesper B

    This seems to be a current theme today:

    Kosher meal. Window seat. Business class. Non stop flight to Hell.

    I can’t stop laughing. Thanks a lot, Shelby!

  • Vesper B

    Frak you, Barry, frak you! You aren’t happy your wife wants a divorce? Go drive off a cliff by yourself. Don’t submit families and friends to a lifetime of pain and grief because your miniscule brain can’t understand that a woman doesn’t want to be with you anymore. How incredibly selfish of Barry. I suppose if he couldn’t have his wife and kids, then no one else could.

    This story has infuriated me. I’m going to pump boobie milk and take a long walk. Peace!

  • t0ofIy

    shot his kid in the crib. god damn.

  • starry1

    That dude is pinging my gaydar.

  • LuvsHorror

    I too wish hell was real because I want a job there. Personal torturer for people like him.

  • Buffettgirl

    They’re lying about the kosher meal though… ;)

  • Vesper B



  • Death2Jesus

    Yeah that’s pretty fucked up. I wish he had of lived to face what he did

  • Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    Dude it was cause of athiesm that he did this in the first place. People with money problems consider money problems to be the worst thing in the world and many kill themselves because of it. If they believed in an afterlife they wouldn’t kill themselves.

  • Chinchillazilla


  • Jessie

    No. People kill themselves because they truly believe hell will be better than the life they have on Earth.

  • GemGirl7

    I’m so sick of these “parents” who feel the need to take their children with them when they decide to go out the cowardly way. All of, well the three innocent peoples deaths are horrible, but how could he look down at HIS OWN CHILD in his crib,then shoot him?! I hope that Hell does exist, and Demons are taking turns shoving alcohol soaked Q-tips up his penis hole.

  • Jessie

    Right? Even his name…

  • mean birch

    too funny.
    It must be his kinda wood.

  • mean birch

    cowardly bastard. selfish scumbag.
    tree hugging idiot.

  • mean birch


  • mean birch

    not q – tips. large, gnarly tree branches.

  • Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    Hell is not better and the afterlife is a lot more real than we think it is. Just ask the people who take DMT, they will tell you.

  • ShelbySP

    I was about to say, the devil don’t do kosher!

  • ShelbySP

    Hey, I gotta make sure I have plenty of people to talk to when I get there!

  • Buffettgirl

    THAT was just evil!… Oh yeah, I forgot where we were talking about… Carry on then… ;-)

    I’ll bet the DO have bacon and cheeseburgers, they’re just made of TOFU!

  • Angelfelina

    “Another neighbor described seeing Barry dead in a hallway and performing CPR on Renotta.” Damn, that’s one tough zombie – I thought they died when they got shot in the head lol

  • ShelbySP

    “imitation cheese food product”

  • JohnQknowitall

    I really wish I knew what pushed this guy. If nothing else it gives us clues on how to avoid tragedies like this one in our own communities. There is never a good reason for this type of action, but I find it hard to believe there were absolutely no signs (especially those overlooked before and now apparent in hindsight).

  • Heather_Habilatory

    haha yeah. I’m gonna trust what someone twacked out of their mind has to say.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    As an atheist, NO. you’re wrong on like 86 different levels. But it’s cool. Whatever fairytale you have to tell yourself to sleep at night, cupcake.

  • GemGirl7

    Even better!! We can use maple trees, that way his junk will be coated in syrup. Then we’ll toss thousands of fire ants on him.

  • ciecheesemeister

    What a horrible and tragic story. He wanted to punish the mother before killing her, so he killed the kids in front of her. I always wish these types would just do themselves and leave the innocent people behind, but it never works out that way.
    Wonder why she wanted a divorce. Not like he was a controlling POS and probably emotionally abusive if not physically as well.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Yeah it’s the old if I can’t have you nobody can. I say if life sucks so bad and you want out, then get out – but don’t take everyone else with you. Fucktard.

  • Taster’sChoice

    You know what happens when you die? It’s an awful lot like what you remember before you were born. Get it?

  • Defafan

    Stump to stump.

  • Dirk

    If they followed the advice of Jesus, they would give away all their possessions and leave their families.
    If only this guy had believed in an afterlife, he could have killed them all then repented in the chair and gone to heaven.

  • patrickdh10

    Hell isn’t hot enough for this cowardly murderer.

  • Buffettgirl

    Fucking judgmental cunt! ;-)

  • Buffettgirl

    Wait – isn’t this the God-guy? The one that shows up a couple of times a year all preachy and shit?

  • Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    Wow you think that Christians are supposed to give away all their possessions? You are poorly mistaken, that command was given to his disciples in the 1st century. Its something we of the 21st century can learn from though. Why would he have killed anyone if he believed in the afterlife, that’s the thing. Why would he have killed himself too.

  • Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    How do you know, just cause your body disappears doesn’t mean your spirit will too. That’s very ignorant of you and the atheists are wrong. I can get the appeal of wanting to not have to live forever, maybe God allows some people’s souls to become wiped out like a magnet to a hard drive.

  • Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    It actually keeps me from sleeping sometimes.

  • Taster’sChoice

    How do I know? Wtf? How do YOU know? So I disagree with you then I’m the ignorant one. So the guy who believes a book written by who knows who in what language that’s been translated over a thousand years is gospel. You my friend are the ignoramus. Glad we cleared that one up.

  • Nick Trygg

    That’s the picture of a man who’s dead inside, you can see it in the eyes.

  • Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    I don’t believe in a book I believe in a person, but why don’t you go down to South America and drink some ayahuasca and then tell me if spiritual realities do not exist.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Believe whatever trumped up nonsense you like, just don’t accuse people of being ignorant because they don’t believe the same fairy tale nonsense someone sold you. K?

  • Jessie


  • Buffettgirl

    Sorry, I just had to!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I sleep so much better now that I’ve discovered reason and logic. You should join us over here. We have cookies!

  • Andrea Pizzuto

    If only his last name was Duggar..

  • Leasha

    Really, the dad had no idea his son was a nutjob? Just LOOKING at the douche you can tell he’s got every screw loose up there. He gives me a pedophile vibe, too :/

  • Leasha

    Are you mentally handicapped?

  • Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    I used to be that way, not anymore.

  • Twisted1

    I know of plenty of so called Christians who have A: Murdered someone or lots of someone’s. And B: Tried and/or succeeded in killing themselves. I am a christian myself who does not believe in organized religion or shoving my beliefs down others throats. I have seen way too much hypocrisy in the church and choose to have my own personal relationship with god instead. That being said I do not put others down for their beliefs or lack there of. Because it is not my place to judge.

  • Dirk

    The Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount can be thrown out, because Jesus said them in the 1st century? Wow, you are a poorly mistaken Christian to imply that. Did Joel Osteen tell you something else?
    Jesus also said the end times were in the 1st century. Let me guess, the end times jumped twenty decades and they’re happening now?

  • DeadlockVictim

    I hate tree-huggers

  • happy

    I’ll serve his ass like a rabid chef
    If his girl steps up, I’ll stab her to death
    Word to his mother, A scrub from the gutter
    That’ll cut through his neck, hot knife to butter

  • JenkPac Shakur

    Just goes to show what great judges of character women are when it comes to who they decide to get into a relationship with.

  • Leasha

    No, you still are since you think atheism = murder. Why don’t you tell me why God picks and chooses who to help? Why does God let innocent children like these victims suffer and die? Why does he only save some and not all? Some “loving” deity you worship -_-

  • Vanessa Mata Burciaga

    This breaks my heart n give me chills its sad to see a family go down especially when its kids

  • Vanessa Mata Burciaga

    Breaks my heart when I hear kids dying or killed especially by the people who r suposta love an protect them

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