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Shamika ReavesCHARLOTTE, NC – Shamika Reaves and her boyfriend, Corey McCree, have been arrested after Reaves’ 3-year-old boy was found nearly beaten to death inside a Charlotte hotel room.

Police were called to the Charlotte Express Inn around 3:45 in the morning after Reaves’ boyfriend, McCree, called 911 asking for an ambulance. When police arrived at the scene, they found the boy unconscious and suffering from critical injuries.

The boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where doctors found he was suffering from severe head trauma and had been sexually assaulted. The boy’s grandmother told reporters that the couple had crushed the boy’s bones and mutilated his genitalia.

“The whole left side of his head is gone. When I look at his private area — his private area — Oh, God,” said Felisha Brown. I haven’t found a published report of this, but I heard a rumor on the radio that the boy’s penis had been chewed on.

Reaves was in tears during her first court appearance as the judge told her she was being charged with felony child abuse. McCree showed no emotion as he was told the same, and that he was also being charged with sexually assaulting the boy.

Brown’s family pleaded with the judge to deny them bond and later vowed to make life as difficult as possible for the couple.

“So if he does recover, pull through, it’s going to be challenging for him. So since you guys wanted to take the life out of him and make it challenging for him, I promise you I’ll never miss a court date, a parole date, no date for them. I’m going to make sure it’s a challenge for them too,” Brown said.

The judge didn’t grant Brown her request for no bond, but did set McCree’s bond at $250,000 and set Reaves’ bond for $100,000. Seeing as if they were previously living in a shithole, I doubt they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

Gwendolyn Lee said she took care of the boy for a year and a half while Reaves was away. She said that in March she reported to police that the boy may have been sexually assaulted, but social workers didn’t keep the boy away from his mother or her boyfriend.

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  • Morgenstern

    Please let the inmates get a hold of these two pieces of shit and make them suffer severely and slowly! My heart aches for this little boy.

  • CT

    You go Grandma. Make them pay.

  • DeweyCheatam

    How tragic that even after authorities were warned that this child was in danger he wasn’t removed from the “mother’s” care. smh

  • Denise M.

    Not to mention this asshat had prior sexual assault allegations against him.

  • Rachel Ann

    My mother would murder me if I ever ever ever ever ever let anything like this happen to Isaiah. Omg just thinking about what she would do to me is worse than going to jail. Fuck a court date they’d be setting a funeral date if there was anything left to bury after she were done.

  • Rachel Ann

    I’m gonna be fucking sick. Who the fuck did this boy’s penis that way? I can’t even say what they supposedly did or I’m gonna be fucking sick. This entire story is sick.
    God damn what a way to start the fucking day.

  • Texas Ranger

    Ok….from this moment on for the rest of the day I’m givin every human I run across the Evil-Stank Eye. You gotta hate a momma that does shit like this to their boy.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    How I’d LOVE to have 15 minutes with them both alone. I’ve never hit a woman in my life, but, here I’m more than willing to make an exception.

  • itsknotme

    “But, …, Judge, can you give us a break. … We did call 911.” :-)

  • Buffettgirl

    Mine too! I wouldn’t make it to court!

  • Taster’sChoice

    Reminds me of the CPS fail recently where the kid died covered in shit which could have also been avoided. I believe that story was featured here as well.

  • Buffettgirl

    FuckFuckFUCK! I can’t even wrap my head around this one… I’m so horrified that I’m still stuck on “but I heard a rumor on the radio that the boy’s penis had been chewed on.”… I don’t remember the rest of the story after that… I don’t want to remember. Can I have a do over please? PLEASE?

  • tkaz

    This is so just brought tears to my eyes. That poor baby! I hope he has the strength to heal and move up from this. My god.

  • tkaz

    You know…considering the type of site this is I can’t tell if Morbid did well or not. Can we have a pit bull story now, please?

  • DW

    “She said that in March she reported to police that the boy may have been sexually assaulted, but social workers didn’t keep the boy away from his mother or her boyfriend.”

    But lets investigate Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith over an innocent picture posted by their daughter to Instagram. Most of the social workers in this country are morons and need to be culpable in the abuse and death of children like this when their are obvious signs of neglect and abuse going on. Just…. FFFFFFFUCK!!!!!

  • Ruby Red

    pieces of shit! poor lil baby. I’m not even a mother and I cant comprehend how anyone can do that to their own children.

  • sativagrl

    Kid probably would have fared better in a room with a raging pit bull. What a couple psychos.

  • sativagrl

    I don’t have kids but it seems like CPS spends all its time investigating bullshit and ruining people’s lives who don’t deserve it while letting the real sicko freaks off the hook. What a garbage agency.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Yeah I’d say that’s a pretty close assessment based on my experience. The thing that really sucks about CPS is, you don’t have to have done anything wrong to have to deal with their wrath (kind of like getting sued actually.) All you really need is someone who is mad at you to call in false accusations about you that CPS is required to investigate.

  • Morbid

    Had any of us had a 13-year-old daughter taking a picture while in the bed with a 20-year-old man, CPS would have surely been involved – and the public would have demanded it.

  • sativagrl

    Exactly. So people who are victims of someone’s vengeance are the only ones who actually see a caseworker at their door.

  • sativagrl

    Damn apparently I’m not up on my celebrity news…

  • sativagrl

    In all fairness, a 20 year old guy really isn’t anymore mature than me at 13.

  • Vesper B

    It’s perfectly refreshing to see family member’s not stand up to shit stains who commit these horrible crimes. I hope this trend increases.

    Also, if it’s true that the little boy’s penis was chewed (WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT??) then it’s my sincere hope that the same happens to these two.

  • Sejanus

    Give em the chair.

  • Lena60

    That poor little boy.WTF! Half his head is missing?I hope somebody usues a cinder block or other heavy object to bash these two’s heads in GRRR!

  • Wicked Smilee

    Although it’s unclear who she’s related to, more often than not, “Gramma” taught this as acceptable behavior. There’s often a long chain of family dysfunction, passed down thru generations….

  • Nick Trygg

    What is it with “financial and socially disenfranchised” minorities and the culture of Beating their kin? Fuck being pc, this shit happens too much for being pc. It seems that its so prevalent that African American stand up comedians regularly make “jokes” about how there mother’s would beat them. Am I the only one who see’s this? And you can think Im racist all you want, I dont give a damn, I know Im not racist. I grew up in a very “culturally diverse” area, and I honestly had less white friends than any thing. I can clearly remember when I was in elementary school, hanging out at my friends house and he spilled something, he then turned to me and BEGGED me not to leave. On anther occasion I walked into my best friend being beat by his own mother for god knows what, and when she saw me she immediately stopped, she Knew what she was doing was wrong. I will never forget that shit as long as I have the capacity to think.

  • Gamedame

    Oh. My. Dear. God. There are no words in the English language to describe how disgusting, depraved and despicable these two are. I wonder if the so-called “mother” had any part in the sexual molestation, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if she did.
    Congrats to the grandmother for demanding justice for this poor little guy — although it seems ridiculous to congratulate a person for doing what a person is supposed to do, but it’s so rare to see in these cases that it seems warranted.
    I’m more than a little disappointed in the judge. I know the chances are beyond low that either of these two could raise more than 50 cents towards bail, but even so, bail was set far, far, too low. The facts of this case are so horrendous that bail shouldn’t even be an option.
    I pray that a miracle happens and that little guy makes a full recovery. It seems unlikely that a full recovery is possible, though, given the description of his injuries. If he is so bad that there’s no hope for a future life with any type of quality to it, then I pray that he dies quickly and peacefully. 3 years old and has already felt more pain than most people feel in a lifetime…it breaks my heart.

  • Christy

    She called the police in March.

  • Sara

    I concur! If I did anything to my son, my mother and father would be dragging me by both ears to the police station, telling them to give me the chair! I would never do anything to harm my sweet baby anyway, but if I were that kind of person, the fear of what my mom and dad would do to me would stop me cold.

  • letinstar

    beat the brakes off both of these creatures…and them boil them alive…they do not deserve to live peacefully in jail…that for little fella didn’t deserve this…

  • CT

    I don’t agree fully with your statement. Absolutely, many times this is most definitely the case, but drugs mixed with a woman with a weak self worth in the company of the wrong person, can spell disaster for those around them. But we are both making assumptions so it’s a crap shoot.

  • Jessie

    Shamika, tuck your fat nasty pouting lips back in, you got caught. Also, I think I can see a second chin forming there…. pig.

  • Buffettgirl

    RIght? I’m 43 and that woman STILL scares me! ;-)

  • mrskailuakona

    DEMONIC EVIL BOTS can’t even read the WHOLE cruel, vicious, inhumane TORTURE thank God he survived. He has a long road to recovery prayers that he will overcome all obstacles to be healthy again! I recently read one article with sexual abuse of a young male victim who needs a bag to use the bathroom so it’s too HARD for me to read past the chewing part of his lit’l penis. If only we had a shotgun! Damn, HATE that when that happens – no shotgun to shoot them as they walk in the courthouse. Take them out of this world to meet the D E V I L. May these two DEMONS rot in h-e-l-l but first let them SUFFER in PRISON for LIFE. Bitches!

  • Kylee Lawrence

    oh my goodness :( bless you baby boy <3

  • ultracreep

    White folks beat their kids too. My father and mother both had no compunctions about kicking you, slapping you, pulling you hair, throwing dishes at your head, belt beating, shoe beating, or just about anything else they could get their hands on. Most of the time it’s not really that you did anything wrong, you just irritated them. I remember my dad came home completely unexpectedly (he was a truck driver, we never knew when he was coming) and had brought dinner. He saw that I was eating a microwave dinner and proceeded to get pissed that I dare eat before he brought dinner and beat my ass all over the house with a vinyl baby doll. THEN, he made me eat again. Fun times.

  • DW

    I honestly doubt it. Not enough fame around here for CPS to attach their name to so they can look like they’re doing their jobs. Its pretty obvious a third party took the two images of them laying together. Child Protective Services can’t make a big show of going after an average family, but going after the Smiths gets their names in the headlines everywhere and makes them look like they’re doing their jobs. Meanwhile… children in actual danger are being ignored, beaten to death, raped and tortured. They won’t find anything here just like every time they’ve gone after high profile celebrities. I wonder how many CPS workers are on this case instead of taking actual cases where young children are in actual danger.

  • Valerie

    My mother in law would murder me if anything happened to Addison. She already got pissed off at e for taking her to the store with me when she was two weeks old because she was convinced that it would make her sick. She has a lot of odd beliefs though (for example, air hitting the babies belly will cause her to get a stomach ache), and she is convinced that I am a horrible mother for not following them (because I sometimes let the baby be in just a diaper, therefore exposing her tummy to air) lol. I will not ever forget the ass chewing she dished out to me when she found out hat I dared to go grocery shopping with my infant in tow.

  • Valerie

    Yep, my white biological father would beat the shit out of us just because he was in a bad mood (usually because he was coming down from some kind of drug).

  • David Richter

    I’d like to break their fucking souls….if either of those shit-stains had one, that is. Prayers to the little man. Anyone have an update on his condition?

  • wolfsden6lynn

    I’m glad the Grandma is pissed-off-mad about this, instead of making petty-ass excuses for her daughter…while blaming the boyfriend. There IS no excuse for this! NONE!
    That poor, poor little man. *heavy sigh* :(

  • Death by bacon

    I moved to where I live now from Charlotte and have been lurking on DD for quite some time. I have become quite jaded to how people treat people, but this is the first story that makes me want to drive back to Charlotte and go all Cherokee Indian/Irish on these peoples asses. I may need to call my friend with the CMPD and have him meet me at the jail for what I would like to do to these 2 sick fucks.

  • Cat Mc

    oh. my. fucking. god. we are only lent children for the formative years of their lives. we are guardians. how dare these bitches and bastards do this. and why? crying hard. this is one of the worst things I have ever read.

  • keepalow

    Awful people. His penis was chewed off by one of these monsters.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    And some people aren’t taught anything but are just mentally disturbed.

  • sativagrl

    Don’t think she was pouting, her lips are just disgusting and too large

  • Jessie

    I dunno, it looks a little pouty to me, even for a black chick :-p She needs to tuck that shit in before she trips on it!

  • Ian Davis

    And yet, in Pakistan the father stones his daughter for not marrying her cousin and decides to instead marry her love. Where is this father when you truly need him? I have a great couple you can stone for us…please.

  • Leasha


  • Robin Renea Tison

    I can not even comprehend this shit…

  • Nick Trygg

    Im sorry to hear that. It would seem the dumber one is, the more likely one is to lay hands on other people, because of the lack of the ability to properly express one’s self verbally. How many times have you been in a store and seen a mother with a squirmy kid and the mother is out rite screaming at the kid and INCHES away from damn near smacking the kid, for doing nothing more than acting like a kid. Only reason you dont see these people publicly assaulting their children is because they know Damn well its not only socially unacceptable, but just plain wrong, so they wait till there in the privacy of their homes. 9 times out of 10 that “parent” looks like a character from “People of Walmart”. Im not going to out rite say that education level equates to how violent one is, but how many of mine or your school hood bully’s were nerdy book worm types??

  • Tempest Nightingale LeTrope

    What a sorry pair of low-lifes. They should both be sterilized with a dull butter knife, then dipped in honey and lowered onto an ant hill.

  • rat4dinner

    call your congress men and local representatives and demand to have the death penalty brought back and all child molesters get put to death demand it or tell him or her you will see to them to be voted out

  • Robin Renea Tison

    i wish they could be tortured for days in prison then thrown to angry hungry pits to be chewed up..this is just unbelievable sick. what really pisses me off is so many innocent kids get harsh treatment that not even sick serial killers and rapist get, most of these sick monsters get locked up and protected..when little babies get slaughtered and tortured for just existing,

  • Robin Renea Tison

    They have Evil eyes that just look mean. The man looks kinda mid eastern.

  • Negishi Sissies

    As some one below has eluded – people treat others , including their own , the way that they have been treated , themselves,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what else do they know…………………….!!!!

  • made in brooklyn

    who the fuck does this shit to a poor defenseless baby. these two ghetto mother fuckers should have a blowtorch shoved up there ass see how they fuckin like it

  • Xipe Toltec

    How could they be offered bail? Kill them. Just kill them.

  • nans11

    If these two don’t get the death penalty, something is terrible wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rpgmomma8404

    Is there any updates on how the kid is doing?

  • jaklin badr
  • Karma

    My mother passed away 7 years ago, and I would STILL be afraid of what she would do to me! And my mother was the sweetest woman on earth!

  • abology

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  • Clay

    Is this the text of a morning prayer?