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Luis MorenoPhoenix, AZ — The jackass pictured to the left is 38-year-old Luis Moreno. This fuck is accused of starving his dog to death in some retarded attempt to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend.

Police say Moreno and his girlfriend adopted the pit bull, Wiggles, back in ’08. When the two split in ’12, Moreno kept the dog.

Shortly after the breakup, Moreno attempted to get his woman back. When she failed to come running, police say he began using the dog as bait.

“Wiggles is dead. I hope you’re happy b—-.” Moreno is alleged to have texted to the woman.

When the woman called and asked after the pup’s health, Moreno admitted the dog was still alive and presumably fine.

On another occasion, Moreno reportedly informed the woman Wiggles was sick and he couldn’t afford to pay for whatever treatment the dog needed. When the woman responded and offered to pitch in, Moreno asked her to dinner — she declined. Denied, he reportedly refused to accept her help, telling her the dog was fine.

He tried once more, this time sending the woman a photo of the emaciated pup. No word on what her response was, but I’m guessing it wasn’t in his favor. Again.

Moreno then decided to drop Wiggles off at the animal shelter, claiming the dog was a stray. Wiggles was so emaciated he had to be euthanized. A photo of Wiggles can be seen here, but it ain’t pretty, folks.

Moreno has been charged with animal cruelty. And because he was found to have an unknown amount of weed in his pocket at the time of his arrest, they threw on a charge of possession.

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  • ShelbySP

    Hey dipshit, you can feed your mogwai at sunrise dontcha know. Good thing he had some weed on him. I think weed+minority status is still good for 25 to life most places. Seriously though he’ll get more for that than what he did to that poor dog.

  • DW

    No animal deserves that. Except maybe the one named Luis Moreno.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Too bad the staff at the animal shelter didn’t give Luis’ testicles to Wiggles as a last Scooby snack.

  • Denise M.

    What a fucking prick!

  • Denise M.

    Good call.

  • Texas Ranger

    This had to be the worst plan ever…

  • Jessie

    You are dead right. And in Arizona they take pot AND minorities pretty seriously. Here’s hoping anyway.

  • Carrie Burton

    what a fucking pathetic BASTARD!! im not a dog person but WTF how can you just let something that you are supposed to love STARVE to death. horrible.

  • Buffettgirl

    This one is easy – plaster his cell with that picture of Wiggles and then let him slowly starve to death…

  • Lena60

    Stupid fucker. I can’t bring myself to look at the poor dog’s photo 🙁

  • ShelbySP

    Oh shit I didn’t even see it was in AZ. I hate Arpaio but you know, I think he’ll treat this guy like he deserves…

  • Gotta love any comment with “I hate Arpaio,” in it. <3

  • 1DireWolf

    Damn I wish I could have that man tied up in my basement. The one with the drain on the floor and the shelf where I keep my power tools. I would not let him starve, but I would feed him his own ground up legs and arms laced with ground glass. Seriously, the only thing that would keep this from being a reality is the fact that I don’t live close enough to make him my life’s work.

  • 1DireWolf

    I looked. Thus my comment.

  • ShelbySP

    I thought for sure you were coming to rain on my parade because it was followed by “but” lol. Hate Arpaio 4evs.

  • Lostufo

    Dear gord! That poor dog! Yes you are right, it aint pretty. so very sad to think what that animal suffered

  • BubblesinGriffinGA

    I can’t look at the photo, I just can’t. There is a special place in hell for people who are low-down enough to harm an animal. What a fucking piece of shit. How could you look at a dog everyday and just not feed him?

  • Leasha

    Those fuckers did NOT have to put the dog down. Dogs way worse have made it, weight does not determine whether or not an animal can be saved. It would have been a long road to recovery BUT WORTH IT. Why the fuck are there no charges against the ex gf, who SAW how neglected the dog was and received multiple threats BUT NEVER REPORTED IT?!! Let that bitch rot with this guy, NEITHER cared about the dog and the 2 jerks belong together! And fuck the AZHS who didn’t even try to save this pup. Way to fucking go. Just MORE proof of why Arizona is literally the dumbest state in the entire country -_-

  • Leasha

    Don’t forget his shithead girlfriend who never bothered to report the neglected dog she had clear proof of.

  • Leasha

    They probably tasted of desperation and syphilis.

  • Leasha

    In order for that to work, he’d have to CARE about Wiggles. We all know that wasn’t the case :'(

  • Sejanus

    That dog was saveable. I for one am no fan of pit bulls but holy shit…that dog never deserved that. Harming an animal is lower than a snakes belly. They need to starve this prick.

  • Hiearchy87

    Annnnnd Florida FTW!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist. Terrible story with a terrible outcome, but I’m pretty sure that Florida has a dedicated website to their stupidity. Oh yea it’s lol)

  • Rose LeMort

    What a piece of shit, taking out his anger on an innocent animal. The lowest of the low.

  • Rose LeMort

    True that.

  • Rose LeMort

    Yes. She could have called the ASPCA or such.

  • I got sick jokes for him, there not fun
    Fuck him in the ass with a shotgun

  • ShelbySP

    Marry me.

  • Twisted1

    Plaster his cell with pictures of his ex holding wiggles.

  • Twisted1

    I don’t know Florida has been quieter then normal on here as of late. I am starting to worry they may be giving up their crown.

  • EmilyClocke

    RIP Wiggles

  • Shit I never even been to the US and I know all about sheriff joe fucking twat but some ppl deserve it

  • Plaster his cell with pics of his ex taking miles of dick lol she seems to be all this asshole cared about.

  • My granda always said if a person can’t treat an animal properly they can’t treat a person properly and were not to be trusted. This I have always found to be completely true. Steeper sentencing for animal abuse is needed. It’s just one step away from hurting innocent ppl..

  • What they meant to say was it would cost too much to save the dog and was much easier to put it down. It’s a nicer way of saying they didnt care that much.

  • Sideways

  • captaingrumpy

    I love dogs more than I love other humans. This is why.

  • Too much

    Let’s starve him. Lets see what will happen!

  • Man Kane

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    kill the p.o.s. slit his throat and let him bleed out like the pig fuck he is.