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Maria del Carmen GarciaSpain – The woman who set fire to her 13-year-old daughter’s rapist has started her five-and-a-half year prison sentence for his murder.

In 1998, Maria del Carmen Garcia’s daughter was raped by Antonio Soriano. In 2005, Soriano was on a three day pass when he stopped in a bar for some coffee. On the way to the bar, he made a very bad decision as he walked past Garcia.

He reportedly shouted at Garcia: “How’s your daughter?”

Garcia ended up following Soriano into the bar and turning him into a screaming torch. According to the bar’s owner:

“Soriano was standing at the bar very close to me when the woman walked in. She didn’t acknowledge anyone but walked up to Soriano, who was drinking a coffee, put her hand on his shoulder and turned him round to face her.

“Then she pulled the bottle she was carrying from under her arm and began to tip it over him. At first I didn’t realise what was happening, but then I smelt the petrol. I jumped up and tried to grab her, but when she struck a match I got clear.”

Garcia would be apprehended later that day. As for Soriano, well that child rapist suffered burns to 60% of his body. He would die in a hospital 11 agonizing days later.

García was eventually sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison for killing Soriano, but had that sentence reduced to five-and-a-half years because of a temporary mental disorder she claimed was a direct result of her daughter being raped.

In 2006 she was granted a conditional release, but the High Court of Justice of Valencia ruled that the sentence would stand and ordered Garcia be placed in immediate custody to start serving her time. This was despite public outcry, appeals for a reprieve, requests to postpone her sentence and petitions to have Garcia pardoned.

Boy, 12, Stabbed Mother To Death, Seriously Injured Sister

Her lawyer has submitted a third request for the court to suspend its decision that will be heard on June 4. I’m not one for vigilante justice  – mainly because most of you are too dumb to be driving, much less doling out justice. But I’m hoping that third appeal is successful, and that Garcia is able to go home.

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  • Jessica Robinette


  • Texas Ranger

    I can drive quite well, thank you…also, my Vigilante ability is well above accepted standard specifications and I pride myself on a job well done as always.

  • As we know, I’m no fan of vigilante justice either, for the aforementioned reason. But this man was lawfully convicted and made the mistake of antagonizing the victim’s mother?

    Fuck you, dude. I don’t believe in hell, so I’m glad you burned here, first.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    I am not really one for vigilante justice, but I gotta say, She handled that situation far better than I could have. I imagine if I was in her place, there would be a story posted with headline, “Clown fuck crazy woman chews eyeballs out of man’s face, while ripping his prostate out through his urethra”.
    And even then I believe I am giving myself too much credit for staying composed.

  • darsa

    She should be able to go home. She did what SO many other moms dream of doing… what I would certainly want to do if something like that happened to my girl…

  • Buffettgirl

    I don’t see a problem, the fucker wouldn’t have had an additional 11 days of life, agonizing or not, if I’d been there, or it had been on of “my” kids that he’d raped and then had the balls to jeer at me over… Ever see a chick go all bat-shit-crazy, whirling dervish on a person… it’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. I think a medal of honor is called for. Not because she killed the man, but because she has withstood all the years of back and forth bullshit over her sentence! I’d have gone off on those fuckers too long before this!

  • Texas Ranger

    you new around here?

  • tkaz

    She’s been here longer than any of us.

  • Denise M.

    Now that’s justice! Glad she got a light sentence.

  • ShelbySP

    Well, I feel like it should be illegal to not set your daughter’s rapist on fire.

  • Texas Ranger

    So your saying shes old?

  • I’m 31. That could really go either way. 😛

  • tkaz

    You’re younger than me. And for some weird reason I knew that…it was in the vault!

  • Texas Ranger

    31? Just a pup….

  • Lostufo

    She deserves a medal! Fuck that shit of shit! I’m glad mom was the one who handed him what he earned instead of bubba! This time the family got the last say. Bless that girl and her mother.

  • starry1

    If that bastard hadn’t have run his mouth his dumbass would still be alive. Don’t they have a jury system in Spain, because I have a had time believing they could ever seat a jury that would have convicted in a case like this.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    He had 11 days of living Hell to think about the 11 seconds of stupidity that landed him in the shit.
    Fuck him, he brought it ALL upon himself, from start to extra-crispy end.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Apparently they (juries) aren’t used that much:

    Spain had no established tradition of using juries in trials, but the Constitution of 1978, legislates the right to a trial by jury, called “popular jury” as opposed to a “magistrates jury”. The provision is arguably somewhat vague: “Section 125 – Citizens may engage in popular action and take part in the administration of justice through the institution of the jury, in the manner and with respect to those criminal trials as may be determined by law, as well as in customary and traditional courts.”
    Jury trials have been very slowly introduced in Spain and have often produced less than desirable results. One of the first cases was that of Mikel Otegi who was tried in 1997 for the murder of two police officers. After a confused trial, five jury members of a total of nine voted to acquit and the judge ordered the accused set free. This verdict shocked the nation. Another alleged miscarriage of justice by jury trial was the Wanninkhof murder case.

  • mean birch

    its a damn poor dog who don’t wag his own tail……

  • mean birch


  • What does “us” being too dumb to be driving, much less doling out justice, have to do with YOU doling out justice?
    You assume to much my friend, which makes you and me look like ASSHATS!

  • JR

    ” I’m not one for vigilante justice – mainly because most of you are too dumb to be driving, much less doling out justice.” WTF Morbid ?!!! I’m glad the guy got what he deserved, but man, what’s wrong with you insulting people ?!

  • patrickdh10

    What kind of justice they call it in Spain where chid rapists are running around to the bar on a 3 day pass. Not surprising though coming from the courts of Spain’s with their magical history of extermination and genocide,acquisition at any cost,rape,pillage and plunder the high seas with the backing of the crown,torture and murder with the blessing of the church, etc.. I wonder if those cretins of the court are trying to bring back the good old days because sentencing a mother to 5 1/2 years in one of their filthy prisons for defending her child and making sure he can never hurt her daughter again sure seems like 17th Century justice to me .

  • Some kids are born with a silver spoon,
    Others born with a needle & a world of doom,
    Little girl found duct taped & raped, & the killer escaped. God give me a break,
    I want to keep believing but it’s a struggle!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    lol @ people getting all butthurt over Morbid telling them they’re too dumb to drive. Oh, that just made my day.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Honestly, I’d sit my five years with pride. Not one damn complaint. Not one appeal. Hell, I’d have sat nine with no complaint or appeal.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    LOL he was in pain for 11 days before he died. Sure gave him not enough time to regret what he did and said.
    I don’t find anything wrong with this story except for the fact that she was sent to jail.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    He obviously didn’t see anything wrong with his actions. Burning him to death wasn’t enough, but it was a good start.

  • You don’t know SQUAT!? I’m retired PRISON FUZZ!? and can tell you here in the U.S.A. PEDOS, CHOMOS, and RAPOS are immediately separated from the gen pop at intake. Just like the Prez, they are secretly shuttled via underground transport at random times, and take alternate routes to what are called “treatment cottages”. There they get exclusive treatment, I won’t go into the details but yes…there they sit their years out in PRIDE, when I was a guard at one of these fancy cottage joints the prisoners would proudly boast to me “I’m a PROUD AMERICAN PEDO, or CHOMO!

    Where you’re mistaken in your comment is that in other countries PEDOS,and CHOMOS are immediately slashed with a straight razor across one of their cheeks for permanent identification. Then a group of BUBBA’S under the command of the SILVERBACK orders his gang to make sure and get all the uncircumcised BUBBAS to have anal sex with as many HOMOS as possible for a week. They must not bath or wash their PORKSWORDS during this time. The ancients called this the KOMODO DRAGON DEATH METHOD. The CHOMOS and PEDOS are then forced to perform oral sex, and TOSS the BUBBAS salads. They were then kept locked away with a different BUBBA every night. By the fortnight all the CHOMOS and PEDOS had died an agonizing death. I suppose they could still, up until their dying stenched breath could claim they were PROUD PEDOS, and/or CHOMOS but there is no “complaint, or appeal department” in other countries.

  • Twisted1

    I can’t blame the woman at all. He is lucky, as far as I am concerned he got off easy. However if anyone ever hurt my kids like that. I would get on here and discuss a hypothetical murder of a child rapist and how to get away with it. I think all of our twisted minds together may be able to commit the perfect murder.

  • ShelbySP

    The capitalized words really added to the literary appeal of this comment. I especially like the part about how they can’t wash their PORKSWORDS. Doesn’t that itch after a while? Especially if your peen still has its windbreaker attached.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    So um. What mood stabilizer were you taking before that you are out of? I might be able to call you in an emergency 3-day dose to get you through until the men in the white coats can pick you up. Cuz holy fuck, wall of rambling text that made zero fkn sense…

  • Craig Ellis

    Making that off-the-cuff remark was a real tipping point. IANAL, but what’s Spain’s take on fighting words?

  • Jessie

    Ahhhh cmon. She should at least serve a year. You can’t go around burning people to death. Christ, your daughter is still ALIVE. You killed him, so you sit in a cell for awhile. Done. Stop complaining about it and serve it already.

  • newstarshipsmell

    This is the most hilariously complete misunderstanding/misinterpretation of someone else’s comment and completely misguided response to said comment that I have seen in a while. Bravo, @hawtmamma:disqus.

  • When it comes to ppl hurting or messing with my daughters my philosophy is “I can do to you what you do to them and I can make it hurt a lot more”..Even their future boyfriends will fall under that rule..

  • Rachel Ann

    Well obviously someone never heard of if you can’t say something nice don’t say shit. Good.

  • t3chsupp0rt

    QQ more.

  • Not to interrupt your rant… but you could pretty much use any country as an example of past atrocities.

  • Defafan

    The minute he walked by and ran his mouth after raping her baby girl is the minute he deserved what he got! He obviously had NO REMORSE and would have likely done it again. The Judge clearly made a bad decision letting this a**hole perv*rt on a 3 day pass, luckily the mother’s sentence was much harsher!

  • I remember when this case was first reported… that was nine years ago? Damn.

  • Lena60

    Morbid?I only lick windows part time….Gawd!

  • Sejanus

    This woman is AWESOME….I would have bought her a drink and helped her go into hiding.
    The system fails victims in every country it seems.
    A shame the rapist only suffered for 11 days before biting the big one.
    Give her time served and probation…she is no threat to anyone..unless they rape her girl then talk shit about it.

  • Ms. Steelman

    That woman should serve no time in prison. She was taking action any way a parent should. That man traumatized her daughter. He deserved to burn.

  • loser

    go kill yourself

  • Whatevn

    I hope his dick was in that 60% burnt.

    Part of me, wishes he lived just to have that mistake stare him in the face, for the best of his sad, life.

  • patrickdh10

    It wasn’t so much of a rant as it just made me mad this guy was able to be walking around free taunting the child’s mother when he should have been behind bars. And yes, the history of most so called civilized countries,even during an era noted for enlightenment is a depressing lesson in cruelty,greed and genocide.

  • It seems wrong to us, but seeing as how pretty much every other Western nation has a substantially lower crime rate than that of the U.S., I find myself hard pressed to judge.

    But maybe you’re not from here. In which case, your country would also likely have shockingly weak sentences in comparison to the prison nation that is the U.S. 😛

  • Taster’sChoice

    Burning alive has to be one of the most painful ways to go. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

  • Roger The Alien

    Jail? This woman deserves a medal.

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    You know what’s sad? In the US, she’d have a longer sentence.

  • VenusDoom3

    Just reading your comment, Athena, has made my day. Not what I expected.

  • pheret

    i hope they treat her well in prison!

  • wolfe

    Why give rapists a three day pass? Far as I am concerned not only should this woman be let out, she should be made a judge.

  • WarriorArtemis

    Sorry, I do not think she should serve any time. If that was my baby, I’d have done the same or worse.

  • nans11

    I agree, he deserved it and the mom should not be imprisoned.

  • ken

    i’m hoping they reinstate her original 9-year sentence.

  • ken

    wow! what a deep and incredibly insightful post! and original, to boot!!

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Still waiting for the part where this woman did anything wrong.

  • Tom Octopus

    5 years for revenge? She got off easy. This type of slap on the wrist crap is feeding the flames (pardon the pun) of vigilantism worldwide. And people who are too ill-informed to deal with issues in a rational and even handed manner are effectively being encouraged to behave like primordial ooze.

    This then feeds into a whole host of other problems, coupled with online social media, whereby “instant justice” is seen as being prefereable to balanced judgement.

    If you commit murder, the victim’s history should not be considered a mitigating factor at all. Otherwise Lady Justice seems to be peeking from behind her blindfold…

  • You comment on cooking sites and in rigid defense of pro-defendant legal theory?

    Could I be outshined?!

  • Tom Octopus

    Unlikely. Though I’m pretty stern when it comes to fairness. Or, at least, balance!

    (That’s why my cakes always come out right – Adherence to the recipe! :P)

  • You bake.

    Of course you bake. For fuck’s sake.

    In my mid-20s (I hate being able to say that), a random black man once told me I barbecued like his grandmother in Alabama. If I BBQ like an ancient black woman from the south, those old white dudes can keep their trophies… ‘Tis no higher honor in the BBQ world.

    But you bake. I’ve always admired the precision required.

  • Tom Octopus

    Funny thing is, I don’t have a sweet tooth. So I’d much prefer being able to BBQ! Here, a barbecue usually consists of burnt steak and raw sausages. The US and Australian methods of “low-and-slow” are catching on, thankfully.

    (This is a nice conversation amidst the site’s overarching themes of murder, child abuse and bestiality! :P)