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Byron SmithLittle Falls, MN – Back in 2012 we reported on 64-year-old Byron Smith, the man who shot two teenagers to death on Thanksgiving Day as they broke into his home.

He was convicted of their murder the other day and now the courts have released the tapes jurors heard that helped them send Smith to prison for the rest of his life.

For those of you who may have missed this story, Nicholas Schaeffel and Haile Kifer were both shot to death when they broke into the home of Byron Smith.

While Minnesota does allow for someone to use deadly force to prevent a felony from taking place in one’s home or dwelling, Byron was charged with a crime because of the things he did before shooting the teens.

Aside from moving his truck to make it look as if he wasn’t home, he setup a hiding spot in his basement and waited for the teens to show up. He even had a tarp ready that he used to wrap up their bullet-ridden bodies. After killing the pair, he waited a day before notifying anyone what had happened.

On top of that, the killings were recorded by Byron. If you listen to the entire audio, you’ll hear a lot of Byron’s ramblings that include why he decided to kill the teens. Basically, he didn’t feel police would do their jobs and the teens would be back out and burglarizing homes.

He felt the teens were vermin and he was doing his civic duty by removing them from the planet. There’s also the fact that he sarcastically apologizes to Haile after shooting her the first time. Then, as she screams “Oh my God!” he callously states “You’re dying!” before calling her a bitch. These facts, along with some others, is why I understand how the jury came to their conclusion.

But now you can judge for yourself as the recording heard by the jurors who convicted him have been released to the public. Be warned, the audio contains the murders of both teens. Nick’s death is at around the 3:00 mark and Haile’s death, the more disturbing of the two, starts at around 13:30 when she whispers Nick’s name before heading down into the basement.

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

I still stand by what I said in my original article; If you don’t want to get your ass shot to death by a homeowner, then don’t break into their home. But I have to admit, I have to agree with the jury. This was not self-defense. Whether you agree with what Byron did or not, or if you believe the teens got what they deserved, this was premeditated murder.

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  • Texas Ranger

    Nothing self defense in any of this. Murder, murder by an old nasty angry man. What the fuck did his old nasty ass have that was so fucking valuable. Hiding out in the basement like a little bitch waiting to ambush someone. I’d like to kick his balls up through his mouth.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    When I originally heard about this case, I was appalled that someone would be charged for shooting intruders, as I am armed and would definitely defend myself and my home if I needed to. However, after all the details were released, there was no doubt that this man did much worse than that. I can’t say I feel sorry for the teens either though, because they took the chance and they lost. Sad all around.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    There HAS to be a movie with a plot like this-“A group of teens out looking for kicks just picked the WRONG HOUSE TO FUCK WITH.” Any recos?

  • Evan

    explain to me where this guy went wrong. Was it the moving of the truck and the waiting? Was it the shots to finish them off (as opposed to just stopping them from robbing him)? Was it the waiting for a day before calling cops instead of calling 911 for an ambulance?
    I’m just wondering. I think this was murder….but i’m also glad when B&E’s end in the perp getting hurt.

  • letinstar

    definitely not self defense…and now he can be smug and trite in prison…still, this would be a conversation if these kids had just went down to the malt shop and had a soda…

  • Carrie Burton

    This is def sad. I can understand the aggravation of people breaking into your home & I agree that this was definitely premeditated. The fact that this young girl was dying and he stood over her and called her a bitch… that is CRAZY talk. How DARE you!!! You already shot and killed her friend and as she is taking her last breaths and seeing her last images you instill that she is a bitch into the mix. This man is where he needs to be. In jail for the REST of his life.

  • Dre Mosley

    Don’t agree with it, but I was recently burglarized and robbed of all my electronics; I sure as hell would love to get my hands on the bastards and chop their hands off.

  • Texas Ranger

    If your really asking…yes to all the above. He was not defending himself, he laid a trap. Did he have to shoot them? No. Could he have held them and called the cops? yes. Did he plan to shoot and kill someone, anyone? yes. Did it matter who? Not in the slightest.
    I am all for protecting life and property by any means necessary, but killing someone just because you legally “can”, not because you have no choice but to kill, is murder. pure and simple.

  • Texas Ranger

    I hate a damn thief as much as I hate a Pedo…..But would you hang a soundbar out the window on a string to lure them in your house so you can do the chopping? That is the difference on this guy.

  • 1DireWolf

    His biggest mistake was the fucking recording. I have no sympathy for the teens. They made the decision to break in and paid for it. That said, a shotgun shell filled with rock salt fired into the air and then at them as they were running away would most likely have solved his problem.

  • This guy is crazy as hell and is where he needs to be but on the other hand I really despise thieves, especially ones who think its ok to enter a persons home to take whatever they fucking please but I wouldnt say they deserved to die. Inflicting extreme pain on them somehow would have been quite enough

  • Up until now, the guy was a pretty stand up guy and a retired government worker who installed security systems in embassies all over the world. The valuables that were being stolen were things he purchased during his trips overseas and would send back to his home.I think one of the last robberies he lost $40,000 worth of shit.

  • I agree with you this guy is a nut case and is where he needs to be but what exactly do you call a girl that breaks into your home to steal your most valuable posessions? I cant think of a better word than bitch tbh.

  • Carrie Burton

    maybe they were just curious or maybe they were trying to steal, who knows… and yeah call her a bitch while she was still alive & unharmed, not while she was taking her last breaths… but the gunman was a coward anyways… this was real life not Call Of Duty.. he staked them out, hid like a fucking coward and shot 2 unarmed KIDS…. i can almost guarantee if he would’ve called them out they would’ve ran with their tails tucked between their legs.

  • glitterpuss

    There are enough people to feel way worse for imo. My gut feeling is why should we quibble over what happened to someone who essentially gave up their right to life by burglarizing someone’s home. So he did a sting at his own house to catch the thugs who had already victimized him. Yeah he shouldn’t have finished her off but like what he did or not he’s right in that they likely would have continued being delinquents, may have hurt or killed their next victims, and they also probably wouldn’t feel sympathy about robbing/maiming people like people are feeling for them. And yeah he’s really dumb for recording all that shit.

  • glitterpuss

    My thoughts exactly.

  • I doubt they were just curious, I would think they were very likely there to steal. They might have ran away if he had called them out but I am from the UK, the teenage burglars here would have been more likely to beat him and then rob him in that situation but this place is full of little shits. Yeh I completely agree the guy was definitely in the wrong and I agree this was murder I was just saying that calling her a bitch isnt the worst part of this story.

  • Also I dont play call of duty, the only game that goes on my once prized playstation is spiral the fucking dragon or some other kid stuff now lol.

  • Lol was there a reason given for him recording the murders he committed and providing all the evidence needed to convict him?

  • Valerie

    That was horrifying. I have had my house broken into and lost a lot of possessions. It was an awful experience and it took a long time for me to be able to leave my house without first loading the few3 valuables I had left into my car with me (it really, really scarred me). I remember the sick feeling I had when I pulled up to my house and saw my damaged door hanging open and the helpless feeling of walking in and seeing what I had left scattered and strewn about. They even emptied my clothes out of my dresser.

    I can say that anyone caught burglarizing a house that gets shot, deserves it. But this man went above and beyond. He created a trap and made sure to shoot past the point of neutralizing a threat. He planned to kill those kids, and that is wrong. Had he caught them mid spree and shot them, that would have been different.

  • glitterpuss

    I assume he thought for some crazy reason that it would help him. lol

  • Vincents_Sin

    It was rough, but I managed through the entirety of the audio. I’ve watched plenty of horror movies over the years, but nothing has ever put me into a state of shock like that tape did. I’m still a little shaky and was having a decent cold sweat from listening. I hope I don’t ever again have to listen to something like that if I can help it.

  • Texas Ranger

    Damn….I guess he could have bough a safe then huh?

  • Miss_Ann_thrope

    Thanks for this – prior to hearing the recording and other evidence, I had only believed this guy “double tapped” potentially armed intruders.

  • Valerie

    I need to add that I can kind of see how he snapped if he was constantly being robbed. It does not excuse what he did, but I can see how he might have mentally broke down. Having your home broken into and having your possessions stolen screws with how safe you feel in your own home. If these kids were doing it over and over again, they were poking the wrong bear.

  • Defafan

    I guess I am a loner on this one… they picked the wrong house to burglarize repeatedly. If these kids were in their 20s and all methy looking, nobody would be crying like they are. They CHOSE to go onto somebody’s private property and steal on multiple occasions. They got what they deserved. Sucks, but they did. He went about it the wrong way, but cops really don’t do sh*t when your house is burglarized. I have had my house burglarized and it makes you feel really vulnerable and scared and I understand how that vulnerability could turn into anger/revenge. Sad for everyone, maybe this will keep one dumbsh*t kid from making the same mistake. I think the punishment is too harsh. Don’t bother commenting to me about how I am wrong. It is my opinion.

  • Valerie

    I agree. The feeling of being robbed sucks.

  • omnibot

    The original Last House on the Left, sort of. And if you want a classier alternative, try Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring.

  • Sean Berry

    If you read the wiki article on this guy he shot Haile at the top of the stairs, she fell down the stairs and was clearly not a threat. You can hear his sarcastically say “oh, I’m sorry” before he walks down the stairs and shoots her in the stomach about 4 times with a 22 calibler pistol. Then he executes her with a point blank shot right under her chin. Castle Law means you can stand your ground against an intruder until they are no longer a threat. In both cases neither of these kids were armed and neither were threats after the first shot.

  • Texas Ranger

    I don’t care how much I like my stuff, and how damn pissed I’d be if they robbed me again now….I’d want to kill them!!!….but I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t wait in ambush to kill two kids, or adults methy or not for some things. If they wanted to harm me or the family while robbing me?….blow their fuckin heads off and feed them to the catfish…but there is not a tangible thing they can take from me that I think is more valuable than a human life, no matter how badly they are misusing theirs. He laid an ambush…that’s the most cowardly thing a man can do…and he did it and enjoyed it. Screw him, he’s a coward.

  • kcjosh

    I don’t think its that he covets his shit more than a life. I think he covets being able to live in his house without the constant fear of when he’s going to be robbed again. This man has a right to protect himself and not be a victim. That being said you can’t just execute people when you feel like it and that’s why he deserves to be where he’s at. Let’s not get this twisted though, those “kids” don’t rob a house and this story never gets written….

  • Death2Jesus

    Fuck that. They deserved to die. They messed with the wrong man and got what was coming.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    There are literally MILLIONS of people I’d sooner watch burn than have my record/cd collection stolen. I don’t miss the 21 grams. 🙂

  • tkaz

    Thing is, no one would be the wiser if there was no recording. They’d just think it was self defense (possible question the extra shots) & he would’ve gotten off.
    Why record it??? Only crazy people do that. Or stupid ones.

  • Texas Ranger

    Yeah your right.

  • Kristina

    that would be so awesome!

  • Texas Ranger

    Your right…he can PROTECT himself…but he wasn’t. He was protecting his shit, no I’m wrong, He was KILLING to protect his shit. Protecting and Killing are not the same words….but a lot of folks confuse them. You do not always need to kill to protect. Kids never break in,…no story…. If cops would get off their ass and do something, this also wouldn’t have been a story…point the finger wherever you feel, but it should only be pointed at the murderer in jail now.

  • Kristina

    He is whack like Charlie Bronson…..They are vermin, pretty little vermin! SURPRISE!

  • Vincents_Sin

    Spyro, not Spiral… Sorry, but the gamer in me had a slight aneurysm reading that! XD

  • Texas Ranger

    You really think you can’t get your “Chipmunks do Christmas 1977” record replaced?

  • Heather_Habilatory

    He was in the god damn security industry and he couldn’t keep a bunch of moron teenagers out of his house?

    Typical of a government worker.

  • Texas Ranger

    I was thinking the same damn thing. What a loser putz.

  • kcjosh

    I guess we have to agree to disagree then. In the other articles I’ve read about this story he has been robbed multiple times. I’m sure at this point he is fearing for his safety.

    The extent that he took it to crossed the line of defending himself though and went to murderer. If he had called 911 as soon as he heard glass break and then shot them he probably wouldn’t have even been charged. I guess what I’m saying is you see two victims and one asshole and I just see three assholes.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Is there any proof that these two were the people who broke into his house before? Maybe word got out, and they were like, hey, easy target.

  • Texas Ranger

    I see three assholes…2 dead and one old crusty live one.
    He hid his truck to lure someone to break in…he wasn’t fearing for his safety, If that was the case, as soon as they came in he should have popped them. He didn’t hide, he waited in ambush. and he was wanting to kill someone because his “pride” was sullied by them breaking in over and over.
    I am positive had he pulled a gun on them and held the two until a cop decided to come by…non-story. Or shot them upon entering, again no-story. He hid in ambush, you do not hide in ambush if you fear for your safety, you hide in ambush to kill.

  • Buffettgirl

    This is the kind of guy my step-dick was, he would take something that would have been legal and he’d go too far with it, just like this asshole. “He stole from me? He’ll suffer a prolonged and agonizing death!” He could have just wounded them, called the cops and been a hero. He didn’t have to be a gigantic asshole. He just wanted to be…

  • Buffettgirl

    I’m going with utterly arrogant in this case.

  • Do these kids get any blame from any of you? I know it sucks how it went down but let’s not forget that their poor decision making was just as instrumental in regards to them losing their life.

    This man should no doubt be in prison and those kids did not deserve to die but the fact remains that they contributed to their own death and I can only hope that it deters others from making this same mistake.

  • Renee Waugh

    omg! what an evil man!! or demon i should say. they were just kids!

  • Renee Waugh

    im going to have nightmares!

  • Texas Ranger

    I blame them for breaking into a house they believed was empty. They were teenage thieves. I was a teenage punk too, I don’t feel I should have been executed for my stupidness, neither did they. They deserved to be punished by the justice system like any other American…not ambushed and murdered. There is a difference. Had he shot upon breaking in…justified…waiting in a basement with a rifle and pistol with a bag of Cheetos and a pepsi…murder.

  • Renee Waugh

    why couldnt he fire a warning shot.? im sure they would of ran.

  • There is no argument there. According to the story they broken into another home the day before. If you were a teenage punk that broke into homes just be glad you didn’t get caught, especially if you grew up in Texas. You’d be hunted like a deer and probably mounted on some old man’s wall.

  • Texas Ranger

    It’s a culmination of a lot of bad decisions that until you put them all together, all seemed harmless at the time, but ended in disaster.

    The ambushing and executions are what puts it over the top for me.

  • link07

    He also wouldn’t have shot a teenage girl then taunted her while she lay dying… ship his ass away…

  • DeweyCheatam

    I agree with you totally. Only mistake I think the guy made was speaking / admitting / recording the nature of his mindset. The jury didn’t like him, and we know why based on comments here, and so they convicted him. Legally speaking I don’t think they would have convicted if he’d been smart enough to keep his mouth shut and at least pretend he’d been afraid. Certainly it’s sad for the family of the kids, but fuck ’em. Little assholes should have been at a study group or some other productive activity. They CHOSE to take the chance, and unfortunately for them, the house won.

  • DeweyCheatam

    yeah, I think I’d throw in a significant amount of stupidity, too. : /

  • Texas Ranger

    Yes. they chose to break in. Yes, They should expect to be shot IF the owner felt threatened. Instead the owner waited for them with snacks and two guns to come down to the basement so he could execute them. That’s an ambush. They didn’t deserve that.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Well, I can’t go so far as to say I think they deserved it, I can agree with you on that. But the fact is, no matter what trap he laid, no matter what his bad intentions, if they had chosen not to break the law and go somewhere they had no business being, they’d be alive today and that old geezer would still be in the basement fondling himself. I just can’t be upset with him or think he deserves prison; I’m completely okay killing someone who has the unmitigated balls to come into your fucking house uninvited, for any reason, at any age.

  • Texas Ranger

    So what your saying is… if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass every time he jumped.?

  • DW

    The guy installed security systems at EMBASSIES for a living. He could have caught them in the act on audio and video instead of executing them. That’s what this was. An execution. it wasn’t justice, it wasn’t protecting himself or his possessions, it was an execution.

  • LuvsHorror

    And came back later. What he did is horrific, but they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  • DeweyCheatam

    lol …. well, I didn’t realize that’s what I was saying, but yeah, sounds about right!

  • DW

    Or he could have held them at gunpoint, waited for the cops to arrest them, and let the justice system take its course instead of taking it into his own hands. He lured them to his home by hiding his truck, with the intention of killing whoever came in, plain and simple. He executed two teenagers. Should they have been breaking into his home? Absolutely not. But youthful indiscretions should not be paid for with your life.

  • Texas Ranger

    Well things would be different if things were different, that’s for sure.

  • DW

    So if a 5 year old wandered through your unlocked front door uninvited you’d blow them away?


  • JohnQknowitall

    I want to find the transcript of the recording. I don’t want to hear it.

  • kcjosh

    And I’ve said in both comments that what he did was an execution and he should be in jail for it. I’m just playing a devil’s advocate and I can understand how he could have felt that his safety was in danger. He has been robbed MULTIPLE times. He was tired of being a victim but went way overboard with his proactive actions.

  • DeweyCheatam

    All right, all right. I almost edited my comment to address that scenario, but decided that readers would be intelligent to know what I meant. Clearly, I was wrong.

  • DeweyCheatam

    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

  • Bladenukem

    Well I don’t think it was justified, it was borderline supervillain, but when you smash in someones window to their house, you have to expect a reaction. Sad to say if he had just called the cops from across the street they probably would’ve gotten more bullet holes than he ever could’ve given them, and he wouldn’t have to worry about showering with his back to the wall for the rest of his life.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Cold and callous as I am, and as okay as I am with what he did generally speaking, I’ve listened to the tape and have two more comments. First, I totally love his comment about “it’s all fun, thrilling, profitable, etc. until someone kills you.” lmao, holy shit. All parents everywhere should make this mandatory listening and make sure their kids know there are a bunch of crazy fuckers out there! Second, while I can see myself in his shoes up to and including the shootings, I don’t think even I could just so calmly go about my business after blowing holes in two teenagers. Even if I thought it justified, I think after the fact I would be gobsmacked by the enormity, the reality, of the situation, and I think I’d vomit, for starters. That is one cold dude.

  • Texas Ranger

    That is something I can agree with. the question I’d like to ask is “Was it really worth it all you old crusty dude?”

  • Hocfraus Est

    stupid guy… he should have shoot the boy in the kneecaps and then tie the girl so he could torture them for weeks… and then killed them and quietly bury them in the basement.

  • mean birch

    Because it was premeditated murder

  • Mike Hunt

    Still doesn’t change my mind.
    This guy is a hero. It’s a shame he was convicted.

  • mean birch

    A Murderer Killed robbers. Breaking the law has consequences but premeditated murders is taking it too far. Just like the kids made wrong choices…old man did too and they paid with their life and now he’ll pay too.

  • peanutbutternuts

    “I still stand by what I said in my original article; If you don’t want to get your ass shot to death by a homeowner, then don’t break into their home.”

    even if it was premeditated, i stand by this statement.

  • mitchfb

    Just another example of an old man getting pissed off at teenagers who don’t give a shit. It sucks that the little thieves died for sure but I’m willing to bet the rest of the block was a little more at peace when it first happened knowing thier homes weren’t going to get broken into. All in all that pissed off old man took it too far and deserves prison though.

  • glitterpuss

    No I get that, but if he’d popped them right away like Texas Ranger said, no one would take issue.. I just don’t feel bad for them because they’d done this more than once and had to know they had a chance of being killed when they did, whether it was in a justifiable/necessary way or not.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    He’s an adult. He should know better than to set a trap and lie in wait to MURDER someone.

    They were dumb, almost adults. Doing dumb shit. They didn’t have weapons. They thought he was gone. He baited them… then murdered them. And he deserves to live his days out in prison.

  • Nick

    As Texas Ranger said, I see three assholes as well. Though the fact remains the murders were “Conspired” Thus warranting 1st Degree Murder charges. Every player had a role, and regardless should understand there are consequences for their actions. Had I been in Byrons shoes I would have most likely hid the truck waited for the glass to break and fired a warning shot to intentionally whiz by and scare the shit out of the Kid. I dont think he would be back, but if he continued to pursue he wouldn’t get far with a bullet in the leg, a pair of hand cuffs ready and a quick dial to 911 waiting at the entrance with a gun pointed at the girls face letting her run would have been a much better decision and both kids would be alive and rethinking their actions.

  • Lol my bad..I usually leave the room as soon as it’s put on.

  • Laura_RT

    I didn’t have the heart to listen to this one this morning; it made me think of that guy that was audio recorded while being eaten by a bear and how much I had wished to un-hear his final moments.

    Teenagers do stupid things. When I was a teenager, a group of friends and I “broke” into a house (door was unlocked) and stole exactly five cigarettes out of a pack that was on the kitchen counter, leaving three or four because we figured it would be shitty to arrive home thinking you were gonna get your nicotine fix only to discover you were all out. (We had actually discussed it.) We then wandered around a bit before leaving. I don’t think that had we had the misfortune of breaking into a house that had been previously burglarized and running into this guy that we would’ve deserved to die for our actions, but at the same time I don’t believe that had we scared someone into shooting us that they would’ve been wrong to do so.

    I get that being burglarized on multiple occassions would leave you feeling unsafe in your own home and might cause you to go overboard in trying to protect yourself. Basically what I’m saying is, is that I could go either way with this one and I’m glad I wasn’t on the jury…

  • DeweyCheatam

    It’s not really horrific, IMO. It’s most eerie due to how incredibly quiet it is most of the time, how drama free. It’s almost like it’s fake. I think you can’t get from the transcript the long pauses, the quietude, the tone of the guys’ voice. You hear almost nothing from either of the deceased teenagers; even upon being shot they don’t scream or wail or anything. They just go completely silent practically instantaneously.

  • Wicked Smilee

    This recording sounded like it was done specifically to become a submission posting to some group or club he belongs to…
    And it didn’t sound like his first time either. He could barely contain his enthusiasm. Betcha this “episode” pales in comparison to the violence he’s gotten away with… Hence his gleeful tone…
    Teens were probably going in there to screw,… Heartbreaking,….

  • Chinchillazilla

    Good news: the audio of the guy being eaten by the bear is fake. It kicks around the internet, but the actual audio has never been released. So you don’t have to unhear that guy’s final moments, because you never actually heard them! ;D

  • Sara

    I’ve had a strong opinion about this ever since I first heard of it. I’ve listened to the tape, and my opinion is only somewhat altered. I still have no sympathy for these two criminals. If they hadn’t broken into this man’s home, they’d still be alive. Maybe they didn’t “deserve” to die, but there’s a risk to any activity and if you continue said activity, you accept those risks. One of the risks of burglary is getting shot by a homeowner, especially in a state with castle laws.
    That being said, I now understand why the jury returned with their verdict of guilty. These killings were premeditated. There were other things he could have done to ensure he wouldn’t be a victim again. He could have installed a home security system and/or video cameras to get evidence of a crime. He could have given a warning shot. He could have shot the first one in the leg and then called 911. Hell, he could have called 911 as soon as both of them were dead! But waiting a day? Suspicious. And the tape. Oh my. That’s a man I wouldn’t want to cross in broad daylight with 100 people standing around, let alone in his basement! He’s quite paranoid; they tend to be extremely dangerous when they feel they’ve been crossed, as these two burglars found out the hard way.

  • Sara

    I didn’t find it that disturbing. You hear the window breaking in the first minute and around he 3 min mark, you hear the first kid’s footsteps, along with the gun going off. Then the old man whispers, “You’re dead!” Then 10 more minutes go by, the girl comes down, he shoots her, you hear her fall, as he ‘apologizes’ for her falling, you hear her cry “Oh my god!” He says, “You’re dying!” Shoots her again. There’s a pause and he says, “Bitch.” Then the next 15 minutes is his paranoid ranting.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Apparently you are not allowed to set a trap, lay in wait, shoot and in effect torture someone, wait 24 hours to call authorities after you injure/kill someone, but other than those things you might be okay.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I agree with you 100%. The whole thing was planned. It was murder. Waiting to alert authorities makes this soooo clear.

  • JohnQknowitall

    After he shot them why didn’t he call the police immediately?

  • owen

    old man and teenagers, or vulnerable senior citizen and drug starved villains

  • Tenbux

    Vulnerable senior citizens don’t methodically plan out an ambush and multiple killing in their basement. It’s not self defense when you make it look like you’re not home, hide with a gun, and then taunt someone as you kill them. That’s some straight up sociopathic killer stuff.

  • Bladenukem

    Well, he’s old, he’s retired from a full life and career, and, from the sounds of the tape, it looks like he had fun, I guess it was worth it for him.

  • Bladenukem

    But….but…you’re Texas Ranger.

  • Johnny Rebel

    I dont get what the issue is. This dude rid the earth of 2 pieces of garbage, that broke into his home. Other people will be safer now because of him, and you want him punished??? jesus christ…

  • Scorpio mom

    If you are in danger or fear for your life…not killing two kids (who do stupid things) because you wanted to clean up a mess. This guy is a psycho. They are clearly scary thugs packing heat themselves. Wow.this guy is what gives armed homeowners a bad wrap. Different situation and purpose all together, he just wanted to kill someone, they weren’t even human (as he said).

  • Lena60

    This guy is totally deranged* shivers*

  • Sejanus

    Migod….what sentence can even come close to satisfy this crime.
    An utter monster. A rambling creature spawned by who knows what.

    While the victims were jackoff criminals too, he was in a class all by himself.

  • kcjosh

    Because he is an asshole that in his twisted mind felt justified in what he was doing. I’ve never said once that what he did wasn’t wrong. I can just look at this from both sides and see that someone that probably lives in a constant fear from repeat burglaries would go to drastic measures to stop it. Honestly if he would have not recorded it and called authorities immediately he probably wouldn’t have been charged. Ultimately he decided he was judge, jury, and executioner and he will spend his life in prison (rightfully) for his actions.

  • Brittany

    I can never figure out why some ignorant people think that protecting their home and body means you HAVE to kill someone. No, you stop the threat, if they get killed then that’s how the cards were dealt. However you have to KNOW from the audio that the threat from these kids was IMMEDIATELY stopped at the FIRST shot. He continued shooting because he was a dickwad on a power trip. BTW I am all FOR firearms 🙂

  • DeweyCheatam

    Well, speaking as just one ignorant person, I’d like to correct your statement. We don’t think we HAVE to kill someone, there are just some of us who WANT to, and if some stupid criminal puts themselves in that position, then some of us will be happy to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Brittany

    Well Kudos to you, I’m glad you can recognize that you are one of those idiots.. ya know that is the first step. That’s nice… you WANT to kill people… You HONESTLY think that a person’s life is worth any of your junk? You have a right to STOP them NOT intentionally KILL them! YOU are the reason they are trying to ban guns… good job fuckface!

  • DeweyCheatam

    Why don’t you do some research about the number of people killed, including sitting in their own homes, by some psycho who’s whacked out on drugs, and then get back to me, ok? Don’t break into my house so that I might feel threatened, don’t try to car jack me, don’t assault me, etc., in other words, mind your own fucking business, and then I won’t want to kill you. It’s that fucking simple. You wanna live with your mother and do drugs all day, that’s not my problem. But when you start invading my space, well, I’m not your mother, and I’m gonna fuck you up.

  • patrickdh10

    The fact remains that these two young thieves broke into this unbalanced mans house and were shot in the act of committing a felony. They didn’t deserve to die for this yet by the same token as previously stated if you’re going to do this sort of thing then be prepared for the consequences. My home was burglarized and it’s a terrible feeling. Would I have shot the person(s) had I caught them in the act and I was armed, probably not, definitely not if they were kids. I would shoot only if I was in fear for the life of my family or myself. I would prefer to barricade and tell the thieves to get out the police are on the way. It’s not cowardliness, it’s about the fact I’m not so attached to material goods that can be readily replaced with insurance that I would want to spend the rest of my life with the taking of someones life on my conscience. I know a lot of people who say they would shoot anyone who breaks into their house if they had the chance, regardless of age. I just hope I’m never in the position to have to decide someones life or death.

  • Brittany

    Maybe YOU should do your research … I NEVER said that he shouldn’t have shot them dipwad, what I said was all he was supposed to do was STOP the threat… ulgh never mind, I’m not entertaining your ignorance…

  • DeweyCheatam

    No worries, I’m just enjoying this days-old debate. And if you’ve read what else I’ve written, you know that I don’t think these teenagers deserved to be killed. My main point is this: if people like these two dead ones don’t put themselves into these types of situations, then there is no debate about whether they should be shot, whether they should be killed versus wounded, whether the old guy was afraid or psycho, whether he was justified or not, etc. While this homeowner may, in the eyes of the law and many others, have done the wrong thing and is now suffering the consequences, nothing will ever, ever, ever raise Nick and Haile from the dead. IMO people would be well-served to think proactively, to consider the potential consequences of their actions. Sure, this guy is one in ten million, so the odds of encountering deadly force under similar circumstances is slim; but it only takes once. If you’re thinking of illegally going where you don’t belong, it would probably behoove you to stop for a split second and ponder whether it’s worth risking running into a guy like this. Because if you’re unlucky enough to do so, you’re unlikely to get a do-over.

  • Brittany

    well… Now I would Have to agree 🙂

  • t0ofIy

    Yeah, you’re exactly the type of guy who gives gun owners a bad name. Thanks.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Well for starters I’m not a dude, I’m a woman. But in fairness my screen name does tend to confuse. And I never advocated necessarily using a gun to kill intruders; that just happens to be what this guy did (and what most self-defense advocates advocate and expect). I’m perfectly okay, if it assuages your mind, with other options.

  • Brittany

    I agree with you for the most part, I think the part that made it into MURDER was the fact that his FULL intention was to catch these kids breaking in for the sole purpose of murdering them. Its a VERY slippery slope when it comes to how things play out before AND after the shooting. He took the time to move his truck, lay down a tarp, set up a tape recorder. You can even hear him covering Nick’s body (the rustling of the tarp) and then NOT contacting police right away, which I believe shows Intent and guilt. After the Fist shot that stopped the kids, that should have been the end of the shooting and he should have called the police. I don’t think that the stand your ground law or The Castle Doctrine was constructed as means of MURDER. Because there is a HUGE difference between MURDER and SELF DEFENSE. I think that’s where people get confused, your job defending yourself/property is by Immediately STOPPING the threat…. not necessarily “punishing” them. I carry every day, and I can HONESTLY say that if someone breaks into my home, I WILL use my weapon. Would I want to or TRY to kill this person? HELL NO. Its Sad for everyone Involved. I’m sure he was terrorized by people breaking into his home … or else how would he have known, and sometimes people lose their shit….

  • mouthOFquint

    wow she literally says what is happeing and he says your dying after she s been hit a number of times. terrifying

  • Nick Trygg

    I just got out of county and there were a lot of people actually defending this old redneck prick.

  • Missy B Love

    I kind of don’t feel sorry for these two teens. They had no business breaking into somebody’s house. If they wouldn’t have never broken in, they would still be alive. That’s what you get when you break into people’s houses. You don’t who house you breaking into. It could be a crazy dude like this guy who been waiting for a reason to kill anyway. I mean come on, so what if he did fire warning shots. The kids might lay low for a minute but more than likely they’d be right back on the street doing the same stuff. They did this to themselves. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Ms. Steelman

    This man took it too far. It’s like he was playing a hunting game, hunting the thieves. At first I saw nothing wrong with what he did. Although, if he’s recording it and setting things up before hand then NO. That’s not right. You see intruders, shoot then call police right after!

  • WarriorArtemis

    I’m sorry, premeditated or not… those damned kids would have avoided death had they asses not broken into peoples homes.

  • Steve

    What a psycho. Note his obsession with food, vomit, and diarrhea. This man has far more rot and darkness in him that those kids could have ever dreamed, poor souls.

  • Tom Octopus

    Premeditated murder. And he enjoyed it. Less harm and damage is caused by being robbed, than being shot. What more can be said?

    The teens were idiots. But Mr. Smith is and will remain, a convicted and imprisoned double murderer.


  • taysully12

    if it were two black kids with gold teeth in their mouth you guys would be like o he did the right thing but since the kids look like twilight characters he was wrong for what he did

  • Ian-rex

    so robbing trumps murder right. Jesus. Shoot them in the fucking kneecaps. taze them. Hit them with a bat. But shoot them to death? I think you have some issues YOU need to work out if you think in anyway these two young teens deservered to die.

  • Ian-rex

    safety? THEY WERENT ARMED!!!!

  • Ian-rex

    The absolute creepiest thing is that he stayed in his house probably losing his mind for a day afterwards. I heard this audio years ago and is still one of the most disturbing things Ive ever listened to in my entire life. This guy was fucking sick

  • Ian-rex

    I heard it years ago and I dont ever want to hear it again. The only thing that comes close to that is the 911 audio of the columbine shootings.