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Edwina NegronCity of Beacon, NJ – Police arrested 33-year-old Edwina Negron on Wednesday after they, and other witnesses, watched as she repeatedly threw her infant daughter onto the ground.

Police were called to the intersection of Verplanck Avenue and Willow Street after witnesses described watching Negron twice throwing her 8-month-old daughter to the ground. When police arrived on the scene, they observed a “highly intoxicated” Negron throwing the child onto the ground again and watched as the baby’s head hit the sidewalk.

Negron was taken into custody and her daughter was taken to the hospital to be treated for “non-life-threatening injuries,” said Detective Sgt. Lou Lucato of the Beacon Police Department. The girl is now in the custody of Dutchess County Child Protective Services.

Negron would later test positive for cocaine, opiates, methadone and marijuana. She was charged with second-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. She’s currently sobering up in the Dutchess County Jail on $100,000 bail or $250,00 bond.

We’ve had multiple stories involving mothers throwing their babies on the ground, but one that I always remember is the one caught on a Australian surveillance camera back in 2010. That story involved a mother getting upset withe her boyfriend got on a bus without her, and gave her baby the heave-ho. She claimed it was an accident, but it sure didn’t look like one.

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  • Buffettgirl

    What the ever-lovin’-FUCK??? This doesn’t compute… and I don’t want it to! I’d like to cunt-punt “Mommy” to Pluto…

  • ShelbySP

    Non life threatening? That baby must have been made of steel.

  • Vincents_Sin

    Don’t worry, I’m sure someone in the prison yard will enjoy bouncing her mug off a sidewalk or two.

  • LuvsHorror

    Its ok, parenting classes and she will have the kid back in no time.

  • Texas Ranger

    Not the last story I wanted to read before a glorious weekend…I’m gonna rewrite the story in my brain where there are puppies, Disney, funny elves and unlimited amounts of motherly love in New Jersey….Weekend here I come!

  • David Richter

    As a native New Jerseyan, I’d like to make a point that this is a story out of New York….I’d like to think us Jerseyans are not as savage as this, but alas we all know better.

    As for the story itself….I say again, this is why we need licensing for parenthood. Seriously.

  • David Richter

    Sad but probably true. Especially in New York

  • thebossessecretary

    I can’t tell you how much I want to beat the fuck out of her. I wish I could have caught her doing it. I would have ripped EVERY SINGLE HAIR – in handfuls – out of her head….just as an appetizer to the asskicking.

  • Bagheera

    “Negron would later test positive for cocaine, opiates, methadone and marijuana.” Damn, this girl did not leave her high to chance. If the cocaine didn’t do it the opiates and methadone would. Then to mellow out some pot to top it off. It’s a wonder she could hold the baby to begin with.

  • Bagheera

    Go get her. Just don’t get caught.

  • thebossessecretary

    You pick up the baby and run while I drag her ass into the alley.

  • Death2Jesus

    Police where called to the intersection? Intersections are busy places with cars and pedestrians and no one stopped her. They are just as guilty.

  • Renee Waugh


  • NYguy

    First thing that comes to my mind is that this baby was NOT thrown down! 8 mos old baby, hard concrete, and force of even a SLIGHT throw and this baby had “non life threatening” injuries? Sounds suspicious!!!! I’m willing to bet that she DROPPED the baby due to her inebriation and the cops and whatnot are exaggerating the circumstances to help the charges stick and to help ensure she doesn’t get the kid back! ANYBODY with half a brain knows the media exaggerates most things nowadays and PURPOSEFULLY use language to add to the “intensity” of a story! Hence why you will get slightly different versions of the same story! For this case I have seen thrown and slammed used in different articles! Slammed “intensifies” the picture, outlook, etc in comparison to thrown, dropped, etc. Besides, I live in lower NY and I know for a FACT that upstate NY cops can be very “formidable” (for lack of a nicer way to say it)! And she’s Puerto Rican in upstate NY and from out of state………not good!

  • Lena60

    Gawd! why did I watch that Australian video 🙁

  • Tenbux

    Judging from her face and head shape, sending babies sidewalk diving must be a family tradition.

  • Tenbux

    Hello, Edwina’s father!

  • NYguy

    Hello ignorant chooch!

  • Texas Ranger

    Dropped…thrown…what’s the fucking difference Marone!!! I agree..formidable NY cops got her all fucked up, staged the whole scenario, just to bust this ignorant bitch. I’m sure that’s the plan they came up with down at the precinct with Barney, Fish and Wojahowitz. SMFH.

  • I think her last address was New Jersey, so some articles started off “A New Jersey woman…” and I just assumed it took place in New Jersey. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Nick Trygg

    ” I’m willing to bet that she DROPPED the baby due to her inebriation and the cops and whatnot are exaggerating the circumstances to help the charges stick and to help ensure she doesn’t get the kid back! ”

    I was thinking the exact same thing, and I think you and me hit the nail on the head. I mean look at the mug shot, she doesnt look like she was intentionally throwing her baby. She looks like some one who just got their baby taken away from them.

  • Nick Trygg

    After watching the Video, Im on the fence, kinda. With out actually being their, i dont feel comfortable making a 100% kind of decision.

  • Leasha

    I LOVE how witnesses had time to watch her REPEATEDLY throw her baby to the ground but did nothing but call the police. *I* would have intervened to save the baby injuries, but I guess I’m a rarity in that sense. I fucking hate people who just stand by like idiots while this shit happens. Good on them for calling the police but don’t worry about stepping in, I’m sure the slam of the baby’s head onto fucking concrete is nothing to worry about.

  • Leasha

    She HURLED that kid onto the ground. Intentional for sure.

  • Flomox

    That’s why I could never be a cop… that mug shot would have shown that she fell down the stairs a few dozen times on the way to the precinct.

  • Miss Monday

    If I saw someone throwing a baby on the ground
    fuck my own life
    I’m killing that hoe

    short hair don’t care

  • Miss Monday


  • Miss Monday

    you and me baby we would have beheaded that cunt quicker than you can blinkkkkk

  • Miss Monday

    Okay the three of us. Road trip

  • sweekymom

    Indeed. It’s a wonder she could hold her urine. Hold her bowels. Hold herself up. Hold a conversation. Hold the contents of her stomach down.

    I’d have passed out and choked to death on my own vomit. How do these stupid skinny bitches get the tolerance levels of Paul Fuckin’ Bunyan?

  • sweekymom

    In small town South Cackelacky, (where yours truly lives) the first time anyone saw the baby hit the ground, it would have been all over with but the shouting. When the police arrived, they’d have found the baby safe and sound in the arms of someone’s maw-maw. Edwina, however, would have had repeated encounters with the sidewalk. Her mugshot would be a bloody mess.

  • Sejanus

    Sterilize her ASAP

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    In the Navy, we called it “falling UP the stairs.” As in: “She fell up the stairs three times…”

  • BearsBluff
  • BearsBluff

    Amen. Wadmalaw myself.

  • ultracreep

    Same here in small town Miss’sippi.

  • Bagheera

    Don’t forget the drinks and chips, but no Cheetos if we are using my car, I have cloth seats and that orange crap will not come off.

  • Gamedame

    I’m sorry I clicked on that link. Fuckin’ Hitler.
    But it did give me an idea. Convicted baby murderers and chomos should be used as experimental subjects in studies that need “volunteers” to be operated on/test new meds on/swap out organs on/whatever the fuck is needed to benefit children that have been injured or have a disease. And of course, like Hitler’s crew, there would be no need for anesthetics of any kind, other than those needed to keep the subject alive throughout the course of the study.
    How does one volunteer? Kill or molest a child and that’s it, you’re in line to volunteer.

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    Why didn’t anyone stop her stupid fucking ass after the first time?? And throat punching isn’t sufficient. Lets haul her ass up a tall building and repeatedly drop her?? Ergh, I fucking hate people

  • BoyGirlBoyGiraffe

    …I’d get her pregnant again… just saying, she looks like shed be fun in the sack, and she has the ability to create bulletproof baby’s that bounce… her womb is a mystical sciency mystery

  • sweekymom

    Beautiful down there in the low country.

  • sweekymom

    It’s a righteous place. One of ‘Murrica’s undiscovered gems.

  • thebossessecretary

    If I EVER saw an individual beating an infant or a toddler, I really don’t think I could control myself. My husband claims that when I’m pissed off, somehow my small self becomes the Hulk, and I immediately pick up something like a hammer, and advance. He does a hysterical imitation of me turning into a ninja. I can’t help it. Hurting a baby makes me insane.

  • Defafan

    If I would have been there and saw that crazy b*tch throw her baby I would have curb stomped her! I hope she NEVER gets her child back. Undeserving drug wh*re.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    What the Ever Loving Fuck?!?!? Who fucking cares if she threw the baby or dropped it cuz she was drunk out of her mind? Take the baby away before next time, she ends up dead! Mom obviously has other priorities….

  • Karma

    I just can’t imagine how anyone could have so many drugs in their system that they would do something like that, and still be conscious. I would imagine that to be able to use your baby as a basketball would take a huge level of brain altering,

  • Darren Myt Collins

    Ho please.

  • Nanima

    Holy crap, what is it with these shithouse baby incubators?? I don’t give a fuck if you want to do drugs, that’s your fuck up, but don’t involve your innocent child in your magic trip to never never land!!

    Fuck I have two boys 11 and 7, and I won’t even go to the tavern 300 metres from my fucking house to have a single drink with my friends without making my hubby promise to call, text, smoke signal if even one of the boys stubs their big toe.

    Sick and tired of hearing about these poor excuses for parents neglecting their children, hurting them, ditching them so they can have a good time. Sorry bitches, but you made the decision to continue your pregnancies and keep these babies – you don’t get to act like you’re childless and have freedom to do this crap anymore.

    These “mothers” should be herded into a deep ditch and set alight, to spare their children from having them as role models. This one – – I will eagerly be going to watch get sentenced!!

  • lucy belle

    I agree, also the article states witnesses and police describe seeing her repeatedly throw her baby to the ground. Obviously someone would have intervened after the first throw right? At the end of this article there’s a video of a woman who did throw her baby to the ground and witnesses immediately grabbed the baby from that poor excuse of a mother. The drugs listed that were found in this womans body, methadone, opiates specifically could definitely have caused inebriation to point of her dropping her baby. It aint right! but the cops exaggerating the situation aint right either!

  • Geoffrey Wang

    Amazing. I went to high school with her.

  • Geoffrey Wang

    What does that mean?

  • moremelessyou

    You’re retarded.

  • moremelessyou


  • Geoffrey Wang

    I didn’t go to high school with her?

  • Geoffrey Wang

    Seems a bit harsh.

  • Buffettgirl

    If you mean what does “cunt-punt” mean, it means I want to kick her in her girl parts all the way to the planet/star Pluto…

  • moremelessyou

    You haven’t seen the outside of a mental institution since you were caught stomping kittens and posting it on youtube. WOW!

  • Geoffrey Wang

    you changed your picture from that close up of the black guys lips and nose. Flagged.

  • Geoffrey Wang

    That is what I meant. I never heard that expression before.

  • moremelessyou

    2canplay lil troll

  • moremelessyou

    Ever so clever lying troll, which end the mouth and which the *hole?

  • moremelessyou

    Sick site. It suits u.

  • Brian Weldon

    Nina would never hurt the baby no matter how fucked up she was!

  • Brian Weldon

    she’s a great mom! the cops were trying to pull the baby out of her arms and they dropped her!! and made up a story to make them look like heros