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Autumn GlickCAPE CORAL, FL –  Autumn Glick is facing a felony charges after the 32-year-old allegedly got upset with an elderly customer at Lowe’s and assaulted him in the parking lot.

On March 20th, police were called to the store after a verbal confrontation between two customers turned violent. It reportedly started  after Glick accused an elderly man of cutting in line at the holding area in the store’s garden area.

Glick began verbally assaulted the man and followed him into the parking lot where she jumped into the bed of the man’s pickup truck and began tossing bags of mulch out of the bed he’d just purchased. Witnesses say she also slapped and kicked the man before leaving.

Several witnesses at the scene described the incident to police, and they were provided with clear cellphone video of the assault that helped them identify Glick as their suspect. When officers arrived at her home, she refused to come out and talk to them because she said she knew she would be arrested and she had no one to care for her children until her husband got home from work.

Police left, but returned to her home on Monday and arrested her on a felony charge of battery on a person over 65. Here’s a bit of that cell phone video:

I can’t remember running into a problem with a line cutter. However, I do have an issue with people edging me out of line at grocery stores. See, when I get to the checkout counter, I like to put my shit on the conveyor belt then move my cart around to the front of the counter so it can be easily loaded while I pay. I find it to be efficient.

Sarah Cieslikowski Killed Her Wheelchair-Bound Daughter Before Killing Herself

But it never fails that an occasional jackass will take that opportunity to move their cart all the way up, practically blocking me from the credit card machine. I know, first world problems. But still, it’s indicative of just how goddamn stupid or inconsiderate a person is if they don’t know how to behave in a line.

When I run this place, those people will be immediately taken out of the store and flogged — right beside the idiots who wait for all of their groceries to be rang up before digging in their purse for their card. In case you didn’t know, you can begin your credit card or debit transaction immediately after the first item has been rang up.

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