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Alec Eugene TaylorBaltimore, MD — It’s the classic story of a person who is supposed to uphold justice in society doing harm to something cute, innocent, and defenseless.

Alec Eugene Taylor, who has served for five years with the Baltimore police department, is accused of beating, choking, and killing a 7-month-old Jack Russell Terrier belonging to his girlfriend. And because he apparently wanted to break the record for worst text ever received, he allegedly snapped a photo of the deceased dog and sent it to her.

Taylor is charged with aggravated animal cruelty, abuse and neglect of an animal. For the felony aggravated cruelty charge, he faces a maximum of three years in prison. If he’s convicted, anyone who pulls his criminal records online will see that he’s an animal abuser for the rest of his life. Taylor turned himself in to the police on Wednesday. He has also been suspended without pay by the Baltimore Police Department.

According to authorities, the incident began when the dog defecated on the carpet. Taylor said he then beat the dog with a mop, choked it with his hands, and then put his body in a trash receptacle. Later his girlfriend asked him to retrieve the body so she could bury the dog in the park, which he did.

The body of the deceased animal was also examined by officers with the Animal Services Division.  They determined the cause of death to be blunt force trauma.

The Baltimore Police Department said in a statement, “Allegations of animal cruelty are taken seriously by the Baltimore Police Department. Over the course of the last year significant emphasis has been placed on developing and training investigators to handle animal abuse incidents in Baltimore.”

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  • Wildheart

    Kudos to the Baltimore Police Dept. for suspending this asswipe without pay!

  • thebossessecretary

    Another beautiful living being dies because it’s not “potty trained” in time.

  • Buffettgirl

    One less degenerate on the streets. JFC, what? Go big or go home? That poor puppy, all because the human piece of shit couldn’t handle a little shit on the carpet? Anger issues much?

  • Tyler Who?

    It’s Baltimore, what did you expect?

  • Sejanus

    Officer Scumbag

  • glitterpuss

    Yeah you’re tough shit cause you choked a puppy out. I’d cut off an important part of him and text him a photo as a memento.

  • Stormclouds

    At least Baltimore had the balls to suspend *without* pay…

  • Jessie

    I was wondering if you guys were gonna write this one up. It’s been all over the news here anyway. He’s a giant COCK SUCKER and we can only hope he gets plenty of time to suck ’em behind bars.

  • Defafan

    If this jackas* is capable of doing that, I can’t imagine what he does for the “public” when nobody is around. Please don’t just suspend this heartless fool, FIRE HIM. He is SICK.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    Shit on the carpet isnt exactly something I like but when you have a puppy its generally something you will have to deal with until the dog has been properly trained. I remember my dog took a shit in my kitchen right beside the door when he was smaller and of course it spread acrosss the kitchen floor like peanut butter and got stuck underneath the door etc when I came into the room the next morning. I was quite pissed off about it but the thought of choking and bludgeoning him never crossed my mind..dogs gotta shit!