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Kenneth Santillan, 13, Found Dead After Being Attacked By BullmastiffPATERSON, NJ — Here’s a nightmare of a story that brought back memories of a childhood incident I experienced. Kenneth Santillan, 13, was found dead after he and a friend were attacked by a bullmastiff as they walked home from school Friday afternoon.

Details are still a bit fuzzy, so I’m sure some of the details below will change, but Santilla and a friend were walking along a stretch of grass that lies between a creek and the back of homes in a Hillcrest neighborhood. One of these fenced-in backyards housed “Trigger”, a 115-pound bull mastiff.

Again, no details on what spurned the attack, but afterwards the boys ran off in separate directions. A neighbor reported that thee 13-year-old boy who was with Santillan ran to her with a bloody hand, claiming he and his friend had been attacked by the dog. She gave him some paper towels for his injury and he continued on his way.

Police were called out to the residence where they found dog’s owner, 50-year-old Paul Clarke, suffering from injuries after he was also attacked by Trigger, and resorted to stabbing the dog several times. Trigger was put down by animal control officers at the scene because he “was bleeding to death,” said  animal control officer John DeCando. Trigger’s body has been sent off so it can be tested for rabies.

Kenneth Santillan, 13, Found Dead After Being Attacked By Bullmastiff

Paul Clarke and Trigger

However, Santillan was nowhere to be found. After searching the area for a few hours, a resident found the teen half submerged in the nearby creek. The man who found Santillan told reporters he believed the boy froze to death, but an official cause of death has not been determined.

Neighbors had different opinions on Clarke and his dog. Some said that aside from barking, Trigger has never been aggressive. They say Trigger only got agitated when kids would taunt the dog, which they often did. Neighbors said kids would bark at Trigger or throw rocks at him, even going on Clarke’s property to mess with the dog.

Other neighbors said they were scared of the dog and that it had bitten a teen before. Police have reportedly been called out on multiple occasions due to complaints of the dog jumping over its fence and into neighbors’ yards. They also said they felt the dog was neglected, often left outside in freezing temperatures.

The family of the teen who survived the attack have hired a lawyer, while Santillan’s family have stated they are planning on taking legal action against Clarke. “He never hurt a soul,” the teen’s father said. “He did not deserve to die like this.”

No charges have been filed at this time, but police are continuing with their investigation.

At this time, no one knows if Santillan and his friend were messing with Trigger, but when I was a kid there was a German Shepard chained to a doghouse in the backyard we cut through on the way to and from school. We would often tease the dog because it couldn’t get at us.

That is, until the day the dog broke his chain.

I can honestly say that’s the fastest I have ever ran in my entire life. Five of us scattered like rats on a sinking ship, every man for himself. I ended up climbing inside a boat that had been parked in a driveway and didn’t make a break for it until the dog got bored with me and started fucking a lab next door.

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  • Laura_RT

    I knew a bull mastiff once… those things are huge. You couldn’t pay me to taunt one. The one I knew peed on my daughter’s car seat the day we first went to visit the friend that had him, from that day on when we went to visit she was ‘his’. The friend had to start putting him outside whenever we came to visit because if we raised our voices a little bit to scold her or even told her no, he’d go all protective, start growling at us. I kind of think that might have something to do with why she’s such an avid dog lover, lol.

  • Vincents_Sin

    I hope a story like this never hits my hometown. I can never fathom knowing the victim of some of the stories that hit this site. I hope for the best to the families affected.

  • Jessie

    I cannot fathom the horror of something that size coming after you and eating you to death.

  • Brittany

    I have worked in the veterinary field for almost 11 years… In all of that time.. I cant remember one single Mastiff that was NATURALLY aggressive… Not to say there isn’t any, But I am a FIRM believer that EVERYONE/ EVERYTHING has a right to protect itself. If the dog was being harassed and hit with rocks, I wouldn’t put it passed him to be pissed off, while this kid CERTAINLY didn’t deserve to DIE, if he was taunting the dog… Maybe this will teach some of these dumb ass kids… not to harass people/animals…. I also believe the owner did the right thing, unfortunately its HUMANS that make these animals into the monsters they become…. at any rate I hope the kids parents find peace…

  • Taster’sChoice

    We had a half lab / German Shepard growing up and she was the most loving dog ever but we had to keep a 50 lb test chain and padlock around her neck because she broke all her collars. This was back in the day when the garbage men came down your driveway to get the cans. She broke that chain on more than one occasion. I don’t know if she ever bit anyone but she sure could scare the hell out of someone.

  • Delaney3030

    Maybe he just thought you were sexy, morbid. Good thing he was distracted by that fit lab or you might have been in for quite the dog humpin’ once he figured out how to climb in there. The boat, not your booty.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    This is the end result of neigbourhood kids torchering this dog probably on a daily basis. Im thinking the dog finally had enough and unfortunately for this kid he happened to be there when it broke free. Kids will be kids always and I dont think you can ever completely stop something like this happening. Just gotta hope your kids have enough sense not to poke the bear in the to speak.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    The boat first anyway.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    Lol I recently had to fence half my garden off for my Husky / German Shepherd cross. He is just so big and strong id be scared of him getting out. I sure as hell wouldnt be able to stop him if he went on the rampage. He is more likely to lick someone to death though rather than bite but dont want to take that chance.

  • itsknotme

    Aren’t we supposed to have locks on Triggers?

  • Athena

    If this was combined with an owner who occasionally neglected the creature and a fence that the dog could easily circumvent, I don’t see how this was going to play out any other way.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    Agreed if the dog has got into other ppls yards before then the fencing should have been made higher and more secure..As you say a combination of things has led to this tragedy. Ppl not looking after their animals properly and other ppl harassing those animals can only lead to trouble.

  • Christy

    Morbid, I had a similar experience with a german shepherd around age 13, delivering newspapers. They will make you crap your pants!

  • Christy

    I call bullshit on that chain link fence. That is a big-assed dog.

  • Manda Malice

    This is like the prefect storm. First, you have someone that is not
    respecting their neighbors by letting their dog just sit outside and bark at
    them while their in their own yards. Sure, some people want their dog to bark at
    strangers, but what good is it if your dog already barks at everything? Bad
    relationship with his neighborhood makes for a dog with a bad relationship with
    the neighborhood too. The owner also was neglectful by not protecting his dog
    from the neighborhood asshole kids. First off, NO ONE should have to put up with
    ANYONE, kids or not, being little dickheads like that. Problem is, when you own
    certain types of dogs, you have to put up with certain types of assholes. And
    since being in Rescue I’ve seen there is two way to deal with it: Worry about
    keeping your pet well cared for and safe or worry about what those certain
    people. I wasted allot of time doing the second one at first. It gets you
    nowhere and causes more harm than good. Leaving his dog out to be terrorized by
    the neighborhood asshole kids was NOT good for ANYONE. Most of all, his dog. I’m
    sure he thought “Well, they’ll keep doing it and if he bites them, it’s their
    fault…” And now he is dead and a family has lost a child. But the one thing
    that really blows my mind is the fact that NO ONE bothered to teach their kids
    to not just have basic kindness to another living being on the planet Earth but
    that a dog will fucking BITE THEM if they tease and mess with it!?! Even if
    these boys had never once teased this dog, it was set on this path a long time
    ago because of that. Hell, did someone in the neighborhood ever bother to yell
    at the kids to knock it off? Mostly likely NOT because the owner had made sure
    that they didn’t like the dog by not having any basic respecting for people in
    his surroundings. But you gotta LOVE how EVERY news story say that the families
    made it CLEAR that they plan to sue….

  • tkaz

    How can they sue Clarke if the cause of death hasn’t been determined yet?

  • tkaz

    Oh, the parents of the surviving boy are suing …..

  • Lena60

    Even as a young child, i knew better then to tease a dog, or any animal really. Why take that chance.Oh and morbid, you got lucky.That dog could have had you for lunch.

  • Buffettgirl

    Yes – but you’re right, according to the story they don’t yet know if the dog attack killed the boy, or if he froze to death in the creek. Official cause of death is not known as of yet.

  • thebossessecretary

    Dog # 1 that I owned: an Aussie Shepherd that was tortured by the neighborhood kids through the chain link fence. They used to hit him with their skateboards. Result: the dog learned how to get over the fence, lie underneath the truck at the curb, and attack anyone on a skateboard. Result: we had to give the dog away.
    Dog #2 that I owned: a German Shepherd that I owned after Dog #1. Somebody finally left the gate open and she chased – and tackled at full speed – a skateboarder in the street. Result: had to make sure the gate was self-locking along with an in-depth discussion with the police over why the dog attacked.
    Dog #3 that I owned: another Aussie Shepherd that was intentionally and relentlessly harassed by my husband’s black best friend. Result: believe it or not, the dog absolutely hated black people and would try to attack them. I was accused many times of purposefully making this dumb animal “racist”. But the person who trained this dog to hate black people was BLACK.

  • Buffettgirl

    A former roommate raises Bull Mastiffs. Of the five that he keeps, I’ve never seen one be anything but gentle. His biggest one is almost 200 pounds, the littlest one is, I think, just over 100 pounds. Her name is Mary because she was born on Christmas and wasn’t supposed to make it. His two daughters sleep in a pile of dogs when they go to Grandma’s house (where the breeding takes place). I can’t imagine them ever attacking anyone. That being said, they are HUGE dogs, they can cause damage just by being themselves, I wouldn’t want to see what could happen if they were pissed off!

  • thinkaboutit75

    The sad fact is parents aren’t teaching respect anymore..unfortunate but costly.

  • LuvsHorror

    We had a german shepherd on a chain and the kids would come in and throw rocks at her. I followed them home and called the police but their parents claimed their little angels were home the whole time.

  • Manda Malice

    Not all hope is lost! Most of the time I think hamsters have the right idea and I just should have eaten my kids at birth, but then they do something so polite and respectful to a stranger (of course) that it gives me hope. But just for a moment before I go back to wanting to kill them :)

  • LuvsHorror

    You can bet had one of the little shits got bit we’d have been the ones in trouble.

  • ultracreep

    My mother has a bull mastiff named Pete and he is so gentle and quiet. Sometimes she closes him off in the dining area with nothing but two pieces of cardboard across the doorway. He could easily hop it or knock it down, but since he was trained to stay there since he was a little pup, he stays until she lets him out, even if the smaller dog is taunting him on the other side!

  • thinkaboutit75

    LOL..I understand!!

  • Buffettgirl

    Tank – the big guy is like that. You just have to tell him to stay and no matter what, no matter where he is, he plops his butt down and stays. It was awesome when my friend’s girls were younger, he’d put the girls in a playpen in the yard, have Tank “stay” with them (outside of the playpen!) and he’d go chop wood or whatever needed doing at his Mom’s farm that day. And Mary, the one that wasn’t supposed to survive, as soon as she was healthy enough, she sleeps in one of his daughter’s beds every night. What’s funny about her is that she keeps track, and she goes from one to the other EVERY night! ;-)

  • Jessie

    Just get a cat.

  • Defafan

    Shocking, some dumb s*it letting his dog suffer outdoors (what is the point of owning a dog if it lives outdoors), neglected, taunted by neighbor kids, probably malnourished and untrained… attacking somebody? Shocking. I am guessing this dumb s*it never socialized his HUGE dog either… dumb people owning dangerous breeds are a community’s worst nightmare.

  • newstarshipsmell

    “Torchering,” huh? Is that like regular torture, but using a torch, specifically?

  • newstarshipsmell

    The family of the teen who survived the attack have hired a lawyer, while Santillan’s family have stated they are planning on taking legal action against Clarke.

    Neither kid’s family has actually filed a suit yet – one’s publicly stated the intent to do so, while the other has merely hired a lawyer.

    From my limited understanding of law, I’d assume that the suit would involve the defendant’s lawyer(s) grilling the surviving kid on what exactly led up to the incident, and if he were to admit any wrongdoing, e.g. harassing the dog beforehand, trespassing on private property, etc., then the jury would probably split the responsibility up between the kid(s) and the dog owner, and award a percentage of the damages claimed based upon that. In other words, they might end up getting a pittance that barely covers their legal expenses.

  • mean birch

    Oh thank you nsss. I wanted to go there so bad! Too funny. It torchered me to read that.

  • Delaney3030

    haha. Morbid must be quite the gaper.

  • Delaney3030

    maximum verbosity

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    Just regular torture with bad spelling.

  • Xannie

    Ah! :( I hate that a kid lost his life and I feel for the loved ones who grieve him, but I loathe people who fuck with animals.

  • queenpunkr

    Maybe it’s just me, or how that pic is angled but that looks like a pretty “small” (skinny for sure) bull mastiff…just saying. I think this story is a tragic end to a combination of events leading up to this animal finally having had enough of shitty treatment by humans. There’s my opinion.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Yeah, IMO that’s not a pure bull mastiff, that’s a pit mix.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Many years ago I had friends with a 250 lb. mastiff and 5 kids. The littlest kid wasn’t walking yet, just crawling around. He’d crawl over to where that giant dog was laying on the floor, and try to climb on top of him, or poke the dog in the eye, or pull his ears trying to stand up, etc. That dog did not move, did not growl, did absolutely nothing except roll his eyes over toward the Mom, with this beseeching look as if he were begging her to rescue him! However, even young and dumb as I was at that time, and a huge lover of big dogs, I remember thinking that shit was gonna go real bad real quick if that dog lost his temper.

  • Buffettgirl

    Personally, I don’t understand a dog that you can’t put a saddle on and ride! I haven’t ever seen a bull mastiff lose it’s mind, clearly that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but my guess is that this particular dog was tormented and ignored to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore. Poor Trigger… I feel horrible for the boy and his family, but my heart hurts for Trigger too.

  • Buffettgirl

    My eighteen year old niece called her mom the other day from college and asked her mom if she could take her ten year old brother to the movies this weekend…my sister is still glowing! ;-)

  • Kim Graves

    after being gone for so long i am forced to write here due to the location of this poor kids death, i played in that brook, i grew up at crosby and albion aves! this is not a huge brook it’s able to be swung across by a rope swing which we did for yrs…these yards are not long yards they are seriously less than 1/8th of an acre of land per’s almost impossible not to see into the entire yard from the front of the house even, how it took 8 hours to find this kid is beyond me and makes no sense, if the owner stabbed the dog then why wasn’t the ambulance on the scene right away..there are alot of questions not answered and anyone feeling worse for the dog..fuck them…

  • Twisted1

    Honestly I have seen so many parents over the years who just don’t care. I have always taught my kids that if you kill it you eat it. But over the years in military housing I have seen kids beat toads with bats. Throw rocks at birds, tease dogs, and all sorts of other things. Often while their parents watch. They just say boys will be boys.

  • Twisted1

    I know that feeling all too well. My youngest now has a “girlfriend”. He went out to dinner with her parents last week. After the father payed the check my son apologized for not bringing his wallet with him so he could pay the tip. Her parents could not wait to tell us about this. They got such a kick out of it. They could not believe a 14 yr old boy would even think to do that.

  • Leasha

    I’m willing to bet the kids were teasing the dog, or maybe they resembled some kids who *had* messed with him before. A big “outside” dog constantly fucked with by neighbors and possibly neglected by his owner.. shit, I’d fucking go off, too! But the kid dying, he only had his hand bitten. It’s pretty obvious a 13 year old wouldn’t just voluntarily jump into a creek & wait to drown from a dog bite, UNLESS the dog had some type of disease and he was disoriented or something. But ONE bloody dog attack hand and the kid ends up dead in a creek? Something is NOT right… Rest in paradise, Trigger & Kenneth (maybe.. providing he didn’t provoke the dog. If he did, he got what he deserved imo).

  • Leasha


  • Leasha


  • Lostufo

    Sounds like the little fucks were messing with the dog and the dog fought back.

  • nomorepolitix

    Holy balls! Did anyone else read this sentence, “A neighbor reported that the 12-year old boy who was with Santilland ran to her with a bloody hand…” and think of this (severed arm at 1:42)

  • farmerjayne4013

    Um … Just because a neighbor said that some kids teased the dog, does not mean that these kids were teasing the dog, or had ever teased it. Let’s please wait for more info before accusing the victim.
    Also, there has been another Mastiff death. A two year old was ripped from the arms of an 18 year old by a Mastiff that ran out of a neighbor’s garage as the kids were walking down the street. I really don’t think that the 2 year old was teasing the dog. Oh, wait, I forgot to capitalize certain words for emphasis. Darn.
    Because people are so sure that dogs such as this are sweet, loving pets all the time, idiots will underestimate their ability to maim and kill. Please do not continue to use your so-called professional experience to enable more assholes to keep these dogs when they have no idea of what they are dealing with. It kind of makes you a douche.

  • Brittany

    Awe punkin’ thats cute…But the only douche behavior that I see is the one who is trying to be a tough ass and call someone out on something they never even said. What I SAID was ( ill be sure to emphasize what im trying to say with caps in hopes that you can follow along this time) IF ( heres the definition incase you weren’t aware- [if]
    - conjunction 1. in case that 2. even though 3. whether)
    he WAS antagonizing the dog I wouldn’t put it passed him to be pissed off… please go back and read before you start to look like an uneducated moron… also, you lose quite a bit of credibility when you try to attack someone and call them a derogatory term because you are unable to speak in an educated well thought out non confrontational manner. Also, just because someone doesn’t share your views doesn’t make them a douche.

  • farmerjayne4013

    If you are going to claim to be a “professional” then you have a responsibility to educate people about the animals that you help them to take care of. If you are indeed a vet, then others may look up to you and listen to what you say. If you go around spouting off about how Mastiffs are not a NATURALLY aggressive dog, then someone who would be better suited to owning a Lab, might think that a gripping type dog would make a great family pet.
    Though “working in the veterinary field” doesn’t make you a professional. I guess you could just have been cleaning kennels. My bad.

  • Buffettgirl

    She didn’t do that… she said “…In all of that time.. I cant remember one single Mastiff that was NATURALLY aggressive… Not to say there isn’t any,…” I think you might want to take a second and just breathe. It’s up to people that are looking for a pet to educate themselves about the traits and habits of a certain breed or breeds. Someone that was going to go out and get a Lab more than likely isn’t going to switch to a Mastiff on the word of just one person. If they do, then they are kind of asking for the trouble that comes their way, aren’t they?

  • Brittany

    Okay, Im going to try to explain this AGAIN, I’m not sure if im going to have to just rewrite my post here in order for you to ACTUALLY READ it. Never once did I ever say “mastiffs arent a NATURALLY agressive breed.” What I DID say was “that I have never met a NATURALLY agressive mastiff. ” Also, if someone ONLY takes the opinion of someone on the Internet over actual research when selecting a pet, then they obviously shouldn’t even be a pet owner. I also NEVER said I was a vet… I said I was in the veterinary field, Iam a veterinary technician. For the record, a kennel technician is a VERY strenuous and at times difficult job.Also, what the shit is a “gripping” type dog?

  • Miss Monday

    I don’t really think it’s right to charge the owner, I mean I can see arguments like “well he should have supervised the dog” or whatever the fuck, but I mean it’s an animal, the owner was attacked too and was stabbing the dog, I can’t really say it’s the owners fault. it’s like a shitty situation and there’s no one to blame [at least for me]
    1. no evidence of kids fuckin with dog
    2. seems like friend had no idea his other friend was dying
    3. because animals
    4. owner didn’t sick [siq ? sik ? sick ?] the dog on the kid, maybe he could have leashed the dog or made the fence higher but i mean, you just never know and shit

    too bad.

  • Athena

    “…you just never know and shit”?

    Heh. :P

    Owners aren’t charged unless negligence can be established. It’s not unlike gun laws. If this 13-year-old victim accidentally killed himself with dude’s gun, the gun owner wouldn’t be charged if the kid broke into his house to get it, but will likely be charged if the kid got it because it was hanging out loaded on the table while the kid was visiting. The former situation, the owner has no control over. The latter situation is negligent.

    If the dog was seen circumventing the fence, it is the owner’s legal obligation to secure the dog so that it cannot escape the property, be it building a higher fence or keeping the dog secured indoors or in a kennel. Because he didn’t, and this dog escaped and did something bad, it is absolutely right to charge him, as his neglect directly resulted in the death of one teen and injury of another. Him trying to kill the dog afterward doesn’t score him any points legally. Sure, this man didn’t mean for a kid to die, but anyone who is lazy with their dangerous property (be it a dog, a gun or even a pool a kid could wander into too easily) deserves to be charged when the laziness results in an injury or fatality.

    Oh, and it’s “sic” or “sick”. “Sic” is most common.

  • Sejanus

    Nothing good in this horror.

  • Guest

    the kid ”CERTAINLY” didnt diserve to die. this kid didn’t diserve to die AT ALL.
    I don’t see why a 13 year old would tease a dog bigger than him that isn’t even tied up.
    period point blank

  • AllisonBMarie

    Most of the comments in this article make me think the title should be changed to
    ”Bullmastiff stabbed to death for killing random kid”
    so it would match better how everyone doesn’t really cares about the kid but instead worship the fuck out of the dog with no proof of the kids abusing him what-so ever.

  • AllisonBMarie

    Just go marry a dog already.

  • AllisonBMarie

    ”Omg like idgaf if a 13 year old boy died for hitting a dog with a stick i mean he diserve it i don’t even know if he did it or not i just like assuming stuff because i’m into bestiality and i worship dogs <3''
    go away please

  • AllisonBMarie

    It doesn’t, i got attacked by a dog for no reason once.
    calling them little fucks is disturbing.

  • AllisonBMarie

    Were you or your kids really that stupid at 13?
    i know for a fact me and my brother weren’t.

  • pitman45

    Well Brittany, if you’re so concerned that these boys might have been teasing the Mastif, why did said Mastif attack his owner, causing injuries. Was the owner also teasing his own dog?

  • Brittany

    ** Please review original comment by poster ** Reading MUST be a dying art form….

  • pitman45

    You should re-read your own comment. Your thoughts are all over the place. You have atrocious grammar, there’s no need to SHOUT with ALL CAPS, that’s a sign of insecurity and name calling displays your inherent immaturity. Collect your thoughts and try again.

  • Finnea

    “Also, what the shit is a “gripping” type dog?”

    “Two kinds of dogs – two kinds of fights.

    To make things simple, “cur” dog will refer to any dog, of any breed, who fights “like a typical dog”, meaning lots of noise, growling and teeth – but not much else. In the animal kingdom fights are meant to be stressful, unpleasant and brief; a contest to establish dominance or repel an intruder. Fights are self limiting by Nature’s design, otherwise too many animals would be seriously injured and a species might well die out. As horrific as that dog fight out in the street sounds, chances are not much damage is being done and – importantly – if the dogs were left alone chances are very great they would sort themselves out in short order. One dog would stand over the other in dominance, and the loser would lie still in submission.

    Bull breeds have been altered over centuries by man to enhance certain aspects of both prey and fight drive. Dogs which wasted time strutting around in a threat display would be quickly killed by boar or bear or dog and thus threat displays were minimized. In other words the dog “got to work” with a minimum of fuss.

    As well, the bull breeds were bred to retain their grip no matter what their opponent did. The ability to understand and respond to submissive signals while fighting was diminished as well.”


  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    My kids are both under 4 so im not quite at that stage yet. When I was a kid I didnt harrass dangerous dogs no but I knew some kids who would throw rocks etc at them and do other dumb shit. There are kids like that all over the place and always will be. I will teach my kids to know better than that but not all parents give that much of a shit.

  • Tina U

    brittany made you look like “the douche” … just sayin’

  • Brittany

    Actually I didn’t call anyone any names, I also was’t shouting… merely accentuating the words that were important as to not confuse anyone….although, I suppose it doesnt mattter since people aren’t even reading. Let me ask you a question, does it ever get tiring spouting out about someone’s grammar and ignorantly complaining about what other people write? Here’s an idea, if you disagree with something someone says/writes, how about you say “I disagree because….” attacking people over the Internet will never get your point across. Also, Mastiff has 2 Fs not correcting just informing, I wouldnt want anyone looking stupid with misspellings when they are bullying and trying to make someone else feel inferior for having a grammar mistake.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Right on, right on, right on. :D Well, except that part about nobody reading, ’cause here I am! lol

  • Ajidamoon Mac

    I’ve raised four mastiffs now, from pup to death. There is a reason they are called the gentle giant. Either the dog was sick….or the kids had taunted him somehow. In the entire 100+ year of the CKC keeping track of pedigree dog attacks, there has been one mastiff attack….and the dog had rabies.

  • Miss Monday

    Welp I see your point, he probably should have taken the extra precautions but at the same time
    I feel like most people don’t, in my personal experience I don’t see people with aggressive dogs take extra precautions, maybe other places.
    So because of that, I don’t hold him responsible.
    I’m always aware a dog could attack me, but I’m not always expecting it to happen so i feel like it’s a crap shoot.

    I live in a huge violent city and I get nervous as fuck walking behind pitbulls because I don’t want to startle them, and people have pitbulls here for a reason, haha so i don’t know man I don’t fuck with dogs.

  • Miss Monday

    Well, that was weird, I meant I don’t see other people taking hard core precautions like keeping aggressive breeds in metal boxes or fenced pens, like where the top is fenced, and so atleast this dude HAD a fence, I mean I would feel like a hypocrite or something, I don’t know what I’m trying to say hahaha

  • Leasha

    Wow I haven’t read a “come back” like that since 3rd grade. Thanks for the nostalgia! Seriously, you’re not quite grasping this trolling thing. Go back to school for a couple years THEN give the interwebs another try.

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