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Braelynn Rayne CoulterHIGH POINT, NC – Braelynn Rayne Coulter, 3, has died after her family’s pit bull attacked her. Braelynn was reportedly playing when the dog suddenly attacked her, then attacked her mother when she tried to save her.

On Monday, a man called 911 to tell them he was rushing a child to the hospital because he could not wait for an ambulance. He told them the child was attacked by a dog and they were having trouble keeping her breathing. “She’s dying,” the man said.

The child was 3-year-old Braelynn Coulter, and she would die at the hospital that evening after suffering severe injuries to her lower abdomen caused by the family’s pit bull.

Braelyn’s mother was also admitted to the hospital to treat injuries she suffered after the dog attacked her when she tried to stop the attack. The dog was taken to the Guilford County Animal Shelter where he will probably be euthanized after police complete their investigation.

A family friend said the dog has never shown any signs of aggression before, calling the attack a “freak thing.” But one neighbor said the dog attacked another dog in the neighborhood and that she didn’t allow her children out to play if the dog was outside.

Guilford County Animal Shelter Director Marsha Williams said the dog has shown some aggression while at the shelter, but added this could be because he is in pain and surrounded by strangers. Williams added that she does not think pit bulls are aggressive or have a natural tendency to eat screaming, little faces – but they do need a lot of socialization.

“They’re family dogs if you socialize them a lot, and I mean a lot. You need to keep them around people at all times. Take them in different environments. Exercise them and give them lots of exercise because they are high energy dogs,” she said while forgetting you don’t feed them after midnight and must make a weekly blood sacrifice to the Yellow King.

The family released the following statement: “Braelynn Rayne Coulter was a beautiful, lively three year old young lady. She was full of life. She was the light of her mama and gaga’s life and the loss leaves a hole in our hearts. She was smart and vivacious and absolutely loved Dora the Explorer. She enjoyed her time in nature and going to a park was the highlight of her day. She will be missed dearly! Heaven is a little prettier today with Braelynn there!”

If you’d like to help the family with Braelynn’s funeral expenses, you can do so over at this Go Fund Me page.

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  • HotReadingMama

    The Yellow King! Hive five.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Avoidable tragedies like this hurt my heart. Say what you want about pit bulls but I say they don’t belong around children period. And no I don’t care that you raised it from a puppy. I doubt that matters at all. Certainly doesn’t appear to anyway.

  • tkaz

    Sometimes I read on autopilot. And I ALMOST missed why I love to read Morbid’s pit bull stories.

  • patrickdh10

    With the widespread awareness that Pit Bulls frequently attack children, if you’re going to have one around your children you might as well keep loaded pistols lying around the house too because in both cases you are playing the odds and being just plain stupid. In my opinion.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Agreed. Sooner or later you’ll need those loaded pistols handy in a hurry to put a pooch in its proper place.

  • patrickdh10

    Yes, well that too.

  • Texas Ranger

    Having a Pit Bull around your kids….perfect way to get away with murder. I have no sympathy for the parents…they should know better, if not, they shouldn’t have a kid.

  • thebossessecretary

    For Christ’s sake, why don’t you just get an alligator as a pet. No one will come in your yard then, either.

  • missmiaclaire
  • Serendipity

    Hear hear. Pits are not family animals. People who think they are and trust them around their babies like they are get exactly what they deserve.

  • Jessie

    Pit bulls: Getting rid of stupid people’s kids for decades!!!

  • starry1

    “Freak attack”. Someone says that bullshit EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Kelly

    I think all dogs are capable of attacking for no reason, they are animals but not all dogs are capable of killing with a single bite like pit bulls. My stupid husband brought one home (his friends) and I was over it immediately. I have a 6 year old son and I could just *feel* that the dog could snap at any minute. The dog was a male and 8 months old. We found a rescue for it because I don’t care how damn sweet a pit is, I don’t want it in my house. At the same time, a friend of ours has a female gray pit and she is a sweet heart and obeys every thing they say without fail and they have a small child in the house, 2 1/2 years old and I wouldn’t every think she would attack them. Shit, now I am just rambling.

  • Georgia Meyer

    Yes, and there is always a neighbor that also says the dog has been aggressive in the past! Always. I have declined homes (that share a fence) due to the dog next door, not always just Pits either. Kids will be kids, and dogs will be dogs and together that could lead to some pretty terrible circumstances. However the herd of wiener dogs does not scare me.

  • Carrie Burton

    I live in NC, not far from High Point… such a sad, sad thing to hear of.. RIP Beautiful girl, Heaven is definitely brighter with you around I’m sure!

  • ultracreep

    Small children and large dogs just don’t mix in my world. I’m certain there are exceptions, and people have had dogs they could trust with wee ones, but I don’t. Many dogs have very strong prey drives and can see toddlers/babies more as food than as small humans. I love pit bulls, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t have any big breed around little kids.

  • Buffettgirl

    RIP Braelynn

  • I don’t think it is necessarily stupid to own a pit (or any large breed) if you have kids. I think the stupid frequently own pits, though, and therein lies the problem.

    There are an estimated 3 – 5 million pits in the U.S. If people couldn’t raise them with children in harmony, we’d have a lot more than the estimated 15 fatalities a year we have.

    The majority of those fatalities, in my opinion, can be directly related to the type of person who tends to own a pit. The Journal of Forensic Science found in 2009 that “Vicious dog owners reported significantly more criminal behaviors than other dog owners [and were ranked] higher in sensation seeking and primary psychopathy.” Source

    A number more can be contributed to lazy/ignorant but otherwise innocent owners, like these parents likely were. Big or powerful breeds can be just fine around children if raised properly. As noted in the article, pits, like most dogs, have special training considerations that are largely ignored by those who own them. That’s the real problem (beyond thugs wanting to own them, of course).

    I’ll gladly use myself as an example. When I was 22, I got a 120lb Rott/German Shepherd mix from the local shelter. She was 9 months old. I raised her like you might expect someone in their early 20s to… she was sweet as pie but spoiled like crazy. I had never owned a dog before. And she was given lots of “people rights”; eating people food, sitting on the couch, etc.

    I was almost 28 when I had my daughter. The dog loved her… at first. As soon as my daughter became mobile, my dog would get annoyed if approached by the child. Not aggressive; she’d get up with a subtle rumble, walk a few feet and flop down somewhere else. She never nipped or snapped at my child, but her annoyance was received loud and clear. I immediately found a nice couple to take her, because I hadn’t raised her to be around children, and I wasn’t about to risk something happening.

    But my daughter is now 3, and we’re looking into getting another dog. While I am not specifically a pit fan, I can’t say that any breed is off the table under the right circumstances, because I’m older, more responsible, and can raise a dog properly sharing a space with a child. Except for small dogs. Fuck small dogs. One almost tore my upper lip off as a child. And they’re generally worthless and annoying anyway. 😛

  • newstarshipsmell

    I’ve never get a pit bull, but only because I think they look ugly.

  • Chinchillazilla

    I think they’re ADORABLE. Unfortunately, the idea of owning a land shark has never appealed to me.

  • ShelbySP

    It should! Those little fuckers are vicious.

  • Finnea

    Absolutely agree.

    Of course not every pit bull will maul during its lifetime (heck, surely some die of old age without even having growled or nipped), but there’ve been many cases where a previously angelic, well trained and well treated pit bull explodes into violence for no apparent reason… see for instance the heartbreaking case of Beau Rutledge in Georgia. The propensity to attack suddenly, viciously and without provocation is just in their bloodlines. They shouldn’t be trusted, and certainly not around children.

  • Serendipity

    On the contrary, the only dogs I’ve ever been seriously bitten by were small ones. One tore my lip open (I feel you Athena, I feel you big time) one sank it’s needle teeth into my leg passing me in the street (ON A LEASH), another came tearing across a room snarling and attacked me for saying it’s name (my aunt’s nasty little horror, I stopped visiting her until it died). There are other more superficial examples, but I distrust little dogs WAY more than I do big ones. Little ones don’t get trained and disciplined the way big ones do because people see them as harmless because they’re little — WRONG WRONG WRONG. Little dogs need at least as much if not MORE discipline than big ones. This is not to say I haven’t had good experiences with little dogs, but it IS to say I haven’t had bad experiences with big ones.

  • It’s well established that the most aggressive breeds are all small…

  • Finnea
  • Serendipity

    Thank god, I’ve found my people at last!

  • Ha! I had to “like” that page. LMAO.

  • What a beautiful smiling baby. Someone once comment on how much my babies smiled and said it was a sign that they were very loved. That little girl looks loved. Has there been any report on what was going on when the attack happened? Since my family started volunteering in rescue, I’ve wonder if there was a class or course on breaking up dog fights or just dealing with an attacking dog that adults and children could take. Think it could help so much. I remember as a kid being told never to approach a hurt dog, never run from a dog and NEVER bother a momma’s puppies. I still have scars from the ONE time I did the last two. Problem with pit bull types is that have been built to endure. So a LITTLE of that can make them pretty good with kids. Doesn’t bother them too much to get bumped into, have their tail stepped on or tripped over. But when people mistake that for the dog being okay with it, it’s nothing but heartbreak. The one thing that kills me is when someone will say “The child played with the dog every day!” So this whole myth of a dog “snapping” keeps going. It’s a dog and it had its limit. And since it can say “Hey, get this kid off of me” it did it it’s self. I guess when people see a little kid and dog together, they must think of Lassie or something, but that just isn’t how things work out in the real world. Poor baby. No child should ever be hurt by a pet. Think about it, there never has or never will be another pet that can live up to the pet you had as a kid. The dog I grew up with is legend in my family. Still to this day she is the dog we set the standard for all other dogs. Your childhood pet is like your personal superhero. Things like this is why my family volunteers. It’s one of my life goals to help stop animal attack on children. Every child deserves a their own superhero and every pet deserves the chance to be a child’s superhero.

  • That was a surprisingly touching wall of words. Especially that last sentence. Might have warmed my heart if I had one. 🙂

    Sadly, I did not grow up with a dog. There was this awesome dog named Buck, some huge sofa of a dog that would run away from its house to come play with us, but that’s as close as I ever got. Instead, I had to deal with a drooling cat. My god, did she drool…

  • There’s absolutely no evidence that the Rutledge dog was well trained. “Well trained” and “well treated” are not one in the same.

    Furthermore, research has determined that pits are no more aggressive than other breeds when all factors are accounted for.

  • Lena60

    That was very funny.

  • Lena60

    Athena? how can you say that? I have been posting on here for 4 years. ( Grrrrrr!)

  • Lena60

    So sad what a beautiful little girl….my heart breaks at this story.

  • ShelbySP

    Some of the most evil and vile creatures I have ever met have been little dogs. My sister got a malty-poo (She says it’s a malty poo, it’s dumb as a brick, there is no way it is any part poodle) and it is the most stupid and vicious creature I have ever met. Like, it will try to get you to play fetch then get territorial over the ball and bite you. It’s bitten everyone in the house at least once, but no one will force the girl who dumped it on us to give it back.

  • Finnea

    You’re right of course: “well trained” and “well treated” are not the same thing at all, and I should have worded that post more carefully.

    The Golden Rule of Pit Bull Ownership is “Never trust your pit bull not to fight.” It’s often argued that animal aggression and human aggression have nothing to do with each other, but whether pit bulls are more prone to aggression is not so much the issue: what matters most is the level of damage they are capable of inflicting when they lash out. If most dogs have a bad day you might need some stitches. If pit bulls have a bad day, you might be killed or maimed for life. They are powerful animals and have an incredible tolerance for pain once they go into attack mode. All large dogs can be dangerous when they’re aggressive, but pit bulls are more dangerous than most. At the very least, if a person wishes to own a pit bull they should be required to take dog training courses, and be (heavily) insured in case their dog attacks someone, or someone else’s pet. Maybe this should apply to all owners of large dogs, regardless of breed.

  • JohnQknowitall

    …severe injuries to her lower abdomen… translated “the dog ripped the girl’s intenstines out of her abdomen.”
    Great family pets… Now I know what to get my young nieces and nephews for their birthdays. Since they are not yet in school there is plenty of time for them to socialize their new best friends. I can just see the looks of joyful surprise on their parents’ faces.
    Perhaps this one will be available for adoption in 30 days, but then again I always see the cages in the adoption centers full of Pits for some unknown to me reason. 0_o

  • Michael Roe

    I feel sorry for them but I’ll always and forever trust my pit. That dog would be the first thing you better kill if you ever have the thought of sneaking in my house. She loves my children and always will this is media bull shit back 20 years ago it was another dog the media went after. Pitts are known as Nanny dogs. And when my pit fires of old age without randomly attacking my kids let see the news report that

  • mia vita

    The dog may be euthanized? Fuck that. Had that been my child, my husband would have euthanized him on the spot with a bullet in the head. But, we also would never own a pit bull because they do have the propensity to attack, even the socialized ones. Why take that chance?

  • Finnea

    It’s been euthanized for rabies testing according to this site: http://www.wxii12.com/news/local-news/piedmont/3yearold-killed-by-dog-in-high-point-police-say/24655020

    The family owned two pits at the time of the attack.

    “High Point police said the Coulters’ second dog remains with the family.” http://www.news-record.com/news/local_news/article_5e9c686a-9dd2-11e3-8efe-0017a43b2370.html?mode=story

  • Cats can make pretty awesome superheros too 🙂 My childhood pet was a cat the lived almost 16 years. Her urn sit in the middle of my display case. That grumpy old kitty is like a folk hero around here. Anytime my family gets together, we always end up swapping stories about her. When she died, her vet of almost 16 years, even sent me a card. I joked it was cause they knew they had just lost a regular customer. There was this one time when I called my Husband at work, he is a Fire Fighter/EMT, and screamed at him that he needed to bring an ambulance home cause her dumb ass had managed to hurt her self again. The vet would say that her xrays and injuries looked more consistent with a dog, than a cat…

    I believe that I am a living being on the planet earth and it’s my job to give a shit about ALL other living being on the planet earth. Whether or NOT if there is some higher power to judge me at the end. The world lost a loved young child and an animal will be punished for being an animal. And it’s because of the memory of these two living beings on the planet earth I will get up tomorrow and spend my day taking care of my family and working with the animals I foster in my home. So maybe one day they can be a superhero and bring happiness, not heartbreak.

    And maybe if everyone else did a little too (Maybe instead bitching/fighting/whining over a breed/type/hype/parent/dog) the whole world would be a lot less shitty some times 🙂

  • HAL 9000

    People who think they are and trust them around their babies like they are get exactly what they deserve.

    I don’t think that’s true. Mental trauma aside, Mom got off lucky, frankly. And the kid got cheated out of her whole life by a gruesome death beyond anyone’s comprehension much less a tiny towhead girl’s.

    Nobody here got what they ‘deserved.’ Especially the kid.

  • Serendipity

    I never said the kid deserved it, and frankly I don’t know what kind of idiot would. But momma had to watch her babe get eaten by the dog she decided was worth the risk of keeping, which smacks of justice to me, but that’s just me. I feel like having to watch your baby die — knowing all the while and for the rest of your life that it was your fault, your choices that directly led to her gruesome, bloody, painful, and slow demise — is the best possible punishment one could hope for in this kind of situation.

  • Nick

    Any dog is capable of attacking regardless of breed, though some seem to be more prone than others. The thing that must be remembered is this “is” the “Media” They get to choose what stories to cover and how to spin them. I personally believe the “Pit bull” attack is just a common theme to go with and they choose to focus on that breed more than others. Though in all my years and experience with any dog the only breed I truly trust around small children are labs as all my encounters with them they seem to have a natural instinct on how to act around them, I am speaking for the ones that are well mannered from good homes.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    I do not trust most dogs around kids. My girls dont get near my dog. I have a german shepherd / husky cross..He is massive and all muscle and he is very well tempered usually but he just doesnt know how to react around kids so he doesnt get to go near them. I adopted him about 6 months ago from my partners father as he is too sick to look after him now. I had been walking him for about a year before that so Zeus is my dog now and does what I say generally but if he snapped I wouldnt be able to stop him quick enough before the damage was done so I just dont take that risk. I love my dog but I love my kids a hell of a lot more. Pits are illegal where I live so we are kind of biased against them as the only pits you will see in my country are bred for fighting so we never get to see the nice ones unfortunately.

  • farmerjayne4013

    Athena, I usually see you as the voice of reason, except on this subject. It does not matter if small breeds are more aggressive or not. That is the same as telling someone camping in Yellowstone that they don’t have to worry about bears because they are more likely to be bitten by a raccoon or a squirrel. So what?
    Also, it’s not really aggression when a pit attacks. I don’t think we have a word for it. Have you ever seen one attack? I have. A pit, when attacking is not angry as the word aggression suggests. They are the happiest creature on this earth when they are ripping and tearing, terrorizing and killing. They are fulfilling their hereditary destiny. It is what they were bred to do. It completes them.

    Oh, and the family has a second pit that they are keeping.

    And, a 4 year old was killed by attacking dogs yesterday. Her mid-section was ripped out. They are himming and hawing over the breed, but we all know it is some form of gripping dog.

  • farmerjayne4013

    Pit owners always say that their dogs are great. Then, it’s too late.

  • farmerjayne4013

    People drive me crazy. This is in the news because a child died. The family’s pit bull killed her. This is a news worthy indisputable fact. If it had been another breed that killed her, that would be in the news as well.
    This child was killed by her father’s choice of a pet. It was not like the dog ran up to her and tagged her and she fell dead. This was a sustained, horrifying, bloody attack that took the life of a vibrant, healthy child. I have seen a single pit bull take a full grown 1000+ lbs. cow with horns to the ground. There are many safer breeds to own. This was a choice. Anyone who would allow this type of dog around children is an idiot. I’m done.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    I thought for sure the name of this site would be changed to “The Rusty Cohle Appreciation Society” by now.

  • Jycorro

    I had a long hair weenie that could climb a chain link fence. Thank God the ex took that damn evil dog.

  • You should have started with that, darlin’. I agree wholeheartedly, and it sounds less… hysterical. You used some pretty loaded language in that first post, which is what caught my attention. Heh, but that’s why we use it, right? 😛

  • “They are the happiest creature on this earth when they are ripping and tearing, terrorizing and killing.”

    This is awfully melodramatic. But I digress. 😉

    Jayne, my point was not that small dogs are more dangerous. I just think small dogs are retarded, and like to poke fun at them at every opportunity. One of my best friends has a puppy Dachshund that I allow at my house. I’ve never petted the fucker. It’s like a cat, only more expensive and annoying. And I fuckin’ hate cats. But my kid loves chasing the thing around, so whatever.

    I appreciate that you often see me to be the voice of reason… but I don’t always have to be, do I? 😛

  • lol. You’re not a small dog, are you?

    I regard small dog owners kind of like religious people. I don’t hold it against you, I just don’t get it.

  • farmerjayne4013

    I know I sound melodramatic. And I appreciate you not giving the snarky response I imagined you would. I agree with you about small dogs. I hate the yappy little things.
    It’s just that we are talking about the death of a child. People look up to you. I know that’s a hard mantle to wear, and that sometimes you want to take it off.

    I live in an area that is rife with pit bulls. My statement was made on the basis of actual experience trying to humanely raise farm animals in a place where these monsters abound. After seeing what a single pit can do to a cow, I fear for myself and my children. It’s hard to imagine a more terrifying way to die. I live just blocks away from where Roy McSweeney was killed in 2012. He was a grown man. His arms were ripped from his body and his face was gone.
    You know how a Labrador Retriever acts when he chases a ball? That is how pits act when they attack. It feels good. It feels right. It feels like the thing they were born to do.
    I know that most gripping dogs never realize their full potential. Most are good pets until the day they die. But the potential for carnage is there. It is not a risk I am willing to take. And I feel strongly that a parent that puts their child at risk in this manner is playing with a bomb. It might not go off, but what if it does?

  • Jessie

    I regard all dog owners with that same sentiment.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    My friend and his wife had a poodle and it was a vicious little bastard. Has also bit everyone who lived in the house. Luckily they had no kids at the time but I just wouldnt have it about me regardless. Yeh it was small but its teeth were like needles and that shit hurts, I told him so many times to get rid of it but his wife wouldnt allow it. Then it bit the neighbours kid and had to be put down..A day to celebrate.

  • farmerjayne4013

    The nice ones are also bred for fighting. If they were not, they would not be pit bulls.

  • ShelbySP

    The only small dog I ever loved was a poodle. Her name was Evie and she was my grandparents’. She was the smartest, most well behaved, gentlest little dog ever. I did get attacked by a standard poodle as a kid though, so my opinions on poodles pretty much cancel each other out.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    That was a very smart answer, I must say. Ok then let me reword that..the only ones you will see in my country are USED for fighting.

  • Lostufo

    I totally agree! I personally am a cat person. We have 2, an old fat cat, and a mean as hell 10 month old we got from the shelter. He weighted only 2.1 lbs when we got him. He leaves makes on any flesh that he comes into contact with. If we get a dog it certainly will not be one of this hell hounds thrusting for blood!

  • Lostufo

    If you want a dog for home protection and that will be a loyal family member, get a rotty

  • Lostufo

    Damn! Thats beautiful! You know this is DD, we aren’t use to that sort of touching comment

  • Lostufo

    The super hero in our family was named Marmalade (can you guess what his color was) He began following my son when the kiddo was only 2 years old. That cat loved him, he had found his human! When my son would take his bubble bathes at night, marmalade would sit on the side on the tub, or on the closed toilet lid. When my kiddo got older and would leave for a couples days, marmalade would sit at his door and cry! for hours! OMG. We moved to a much bigger city a couple years ago and sadly he ran out the door and was killed. He was 12 years old and beautiful! We buried him in the side year. Its been all most a year now and we still talk about him and have his pix up.

  • Defafan

    AGREED. Well said.

  • Laura_RT

    My sister has a chihuahua that is a complete asshole… it loves her to death, but as far as that thing is concerned, everyone else can go to hell… snaps at anyone who gets near her including her bf and her kids… she’s crazy though so she thinks that’s cute, I’d have gotten rid of him a long time ago…

    I have a Pekingese though who’s just as sweet and docile as can be. You can’t even get him to play tug cause he’s like, oh you wanted that? My bad… Lol, he’s also toothless now but even before he was it took him ten minutes to make it through a saltine, so even if he had gone apeshit, the worst damage he could do was some minor scratches, not that he ever tried… my dream dog, lol, little poops and pees and no teeth.

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    Well said I must admit although I am still stewing slightly about you pointing out my wording error in my other post lol

  • “It might not go off, but what if it does?”

    This is the question that, as parents, we must all weigh in regard to anything risky. I, personally, am not inclined to take this risk. But, I wasn’t raised with some awesomely amazing, loving pit. Those who were may come to the conclusion that it is a risk worth taking. Those raised with a pool in the backyard might be inclined to own one. I wouldn’t. Too much liability.

    I’m neither always reasonable nor always snarky. 😛

  • You do realize Rotts are associated with the second highest number of fatalities, right?

  • Laura_RT

    I actually agree… if you’ve ever seen Cesar Milan deal with pits, you’d see that when in the right atmosphere, with the right people, they can be alright. But that’s rarely the case…

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    Lol my Ma has a Chihuahua that looks just like Ross Kemp (look him up, all Chihuahua’s actually look like him)..it has lived with a black lab since it was 8 weeks old so now thinks it is a black lab. Always tries to assert himself with the bigger dogs. Makes me laugh 🙂

  • Lostufo

    We had a rotty that lived inside. She loved my son! She would just wag her stump of a tail and watch him. She was stupid excited when he was born, a tiny human! She never bite, snapped or snarled at any of the family. One night she woke me up crying very loudly. Me, thinking she was some way hurt walked to her bed in the laundry room. She looked up with sad eyes and cried because my 7 lbs cat was in her bed! LOL I took the cat and she went back to bed…end of story. My Rotty was 126lbs and cried because a 7 lbs cat took her bed

  • Lostufo

    But she was protective. I locked myself outta the house once, as I was crawling like a dumb ass and pregnant through the kitchen window I heard a very low, warning growl. I thought of shit that big as dog is gonna eat me! I stuck my head in the window, she stopped, wagged her “tail” and went back to her bed (no cats this time)

  • Laura_RT

    Lol @ Ross Kemp had to google him, but he does have that chi look about him… I knew a little rat terrier once, would drag his rottweiler roomie around by the ears… never could tell if the rott thought he was little or if the terrier thought he was big, but it was fucking hilarious to watch…

  • Lena60

    My chihuahua does that with my big dogs.It is funny seeing him and the shepherd together.

  • Lena60

    I only have one small dog, the one in my avatar.He is a pretty good little guy.I have never liked yappy mean little dogs,but I don’t let mine get away with that nonesense. Unfortunately a lot of my neighbors with small dogs do.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    I’m wondering how the priest will spin it-“God called for young Braelynn to have a seat at his table, so A DOG CHEWED HER INSIDES OUT.”
    Fucking waste. Couldn’t imagine a more bleak wake than that one…chills me to contemplate the sheer magnitude of misery packed into one room…>shudder<.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Despite having medium and large dog mutts over my lifetime, most recently we got a Beagle / Dachsund mix we named Bagel. We could never get the damn thing potty trained even after a year of crate training. And when we let it out, it would jump, bite and scratch the old lady every single time. After 13 – 14 months we gave her away. So I agree – not a fan of small dogs and I, too hate a fucking cat. 🙂

  • farmerjayne4013

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I feel that pit bulls are too often portrayed as lovable wiggle-butts. While they can be that, it is really dangerous to ignore that they are bred to kill. I’m slightly rabid on the subject. I have known two people who were killed by these dogs, and have had my animals attacked several times. Other people’s choice of a pet make my life very scary. No offence meant.

  • patrickdh10

    I really hate it when,after a very preventable horribly gruesome death occurs to a child, someone writes with certainty ‘ Oh they are now happy in Heaven,or Heaven is now brighter’. Like saying ‘it’s all good let’s move on’. How the hell do they know? (No pun intended) Have they been there? And it’s not good. How about saying the Earth has lost a wonderful innocent because of stupid effing people. No chance to grow up, no chance to enjoy the one and only life bestowed upon them,everything the child was and ever will be taken away forever, and it makes me sick. That’s a certainty.

  • farmerjayne4013

    You’re right. Bad things happen to children all the time, even when we try to prevent them. There has to be an acceptable level of risk somewhere, because you can’t have your child live in a bubble. And everyone sees that level differently. Personally, I would rather not risk having my child be ripped to shreds by a dog. Two things bother me the most about the whole pit bull controversy:
    1. People who advocate for pit bulls really need to admit to the fact that they can be dangerous, and stop promoting them as good family pets.
    2. People who own pit bulls need to keep their fucking animals on their own property.

    I need to go hug my goats. This whole thing makes my blood pressure go up.

  • Texas Ranger

    I refuse to keep alligators as pets, mainly because they are waaayyyy to fuckin sneaky…. sneaky little bastards.

  • We have Lola and Booga. Lola is a dog that chases coyotes (that really happen) and Chupacabras. Booga is a kitty that has tea parties with the monsters under the bed and is a cat police officer. My kids are weird. I hope y’all think about adopting another superhero one day. There are so many kitties that need homes. We have had a litter staying with us for a year and a half now. One of the fun parts of fostering is geting them use to kids. Sometimes it turns out that they love them. The big fat black cat Edgar (He has a little skinny brother named Allan) will let the kids put baby bonnets on him!

  • Michael Roe

    What about the millions of pits that live long lives and never attack anybody. Attacks shouldn’t be associated bY breed I’m telling you when my dog does without ever attacking my kids I will post it on this site. My granny had a pit that live top be 15 years old and never attack anyone. And after it died she got a Dotson and it bit my sister after a year so I don’t buy what the media is selling.born and raised around pits and never had a problem. That’s all I’m sayin. Humans are much more dangerous then any breed of dog.

  • Michael Roe

    My next dog is gonna be an English bull dog they are hilarious

  • DeadlockVictim

    Stick to chihuahuas and toy poodles. Never get a dog that you can’t stomp the uppity out of.

  • farmerjayne4013

    When your sister was bit by the Dachshund, how badly was she hurt? Did she need stitches? Were large sections of her flesh evulsed? Were bones broken, or did she lose a limb? Was her face crushed, her nose or ears ripped off, or her head scalped? Did she spend weeks or months in the hospital, have more than a dozen surgeries at a cost of nearly $1 million? Or was she killed? Athena has accused me of being melodramatic. But each of the things I mentioned are very common results of a pit bull attack. This is why this specific type of dog is dangerous. Yes, humans are dangerous, cars are dangerous, pools are dangerous. So what? Does that mean that it doesn’t matter? We try to keep our children away from people we think may harm them. We put them in car seats to keep them safe in case of an accident. We do what we can to keep them safe. There are safer pets to chose. Ones that do not have the potential or the tendency to rip people to shreds. And here’s the real kicker about pits: you really can’t tell which ones will attack..

  • Sejanus

    You never hear of family bunnies mauling kids to death.
    This story is all kinds of heartbreaking though.
    Pit bulls are terrifying canines.

  • Quasimodem1969

    I’m glad to see that the Lovecraftian references aren’t lost on just me.

  • farmerjayne4013

    There have been three more children killed by dogs since Braelin was killed:
    – A three year old girl was attacked by two loose dogs in her back yard. They are calling them a shepherd mix and a lab mix, but no pictures have been forth-coming. I have to wonder just what they are mixed with.
    – A 13 year old boy was killed by a bull mastiff that got out of its yard and attacked him as he walked down the street.
    – A 2 year old girl was killed by a bull mastiff that got out of its yard and attacked her as she was walking with family members down the street.
    Not to get into the pit bull name game, but bull mastiffs are of the same type of gripping dog as any of the pit varieties. They are just bigger.

  • Lisa M

    I haven’t seen this mentioned here, but it was reported that the mother and child just recently moved in with the boyfriend and his dogs (like a week or so before the attack?) The guy they were living with wasn’t married to the mom and isn’t the little girl’s father.

    My point being … Braelynn didn’t grow up around these dogs and was just recently introduced into THEIR household full time.

  • farmerjayne4013

    So… what, that makes it ok? Or are you saying… I can’t imagine what you are trying to say. That if you own a dog and bring in a child you can expect the child to be killed? Because that’s what normal dogs do, right?

  • Lisa M

    I’m saying that this wasn’t a case of a beloved family pet suddenly turning on a child. Even worse – it was someone moving a small child into a house with 2 dogs, into their territory, and not understanding how to make that transition apparently.

    I’m not even sure if that is ever a safe transition? We have two dogs who are used to us, very predictable and have never shown the slightest sign of aggression. But I’d be nervous as hell if we suddenly had a really small child in the house all the time because its a change in routine.

  • farmerjayne4013

    You really feel you need to worry about your dogs killing a child? Dude, you need to get a different dog.
    Yes, you should be cautious when introducing children into a dog’s environment. A normal dog may even bite a child if they’re not used to them. But honestly, if you have to worry about a child being killed by your choice of a pet, you’ve made the wrong choice.

  • Lisa M

    Where did I say I was worried my dog would kill a child???

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    None taken I actually agree with you completely.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Wow… too bad that is the only breed that will protect you family. Try to avoid any sudden moves and your kids might get to their teenage years safely.

  • JohnQknowitall

    There are hundreds of other dog breeds alternatives and to place another person regardless of age or relationship in physical jeopardy because “nobody can understand the compassion and bull shit of a Pit owner” is amoral and should be criminal. Note to the parents of this dead child: you are sadistic, stupid and selfish murderers.

  • farmerjayne4013

    “We have two dogs who are used to us, very predictable and have never
    shown the slightest sign of aggression. But I’d be nervous as hell if
    we suddenly had a really small child in the house all the time because
    its a change in routine.”

    Since you were drawing a parallel between your family and the family whose child was killed, it follows that you were worried your dogs would kill a child. But I guess you have normal dogs that wouldn’t go off like a time bomb because of a change in their normal home life.

    That is what I am trying to illustrate here. This dog did not just get irritated and snap at the little girl. This was an attack that was vicious beyond what most people could imagine. This is not a normal response that any pet worthy of a loving family should have. Trying to make excuses for what this dog did by comparing it to what other (non-gripping breed) dogs would do doesn’t work. These dogs, pit bulls and their ilk, cannot be counted on to respond to normal situations like other dogs would. Defending them only suggests that the victim was in the wrong.

  • Defafan

    If “Pits” were eating husbands like they devour small children, I would invest in a few.

  • Lisa M

    I’m saying that the dog had already shown signs of being territorial by breaking through the fence and chasing the neighbor dog. So to then plop a toddler down in his territory is essentially bringing in a new pack member and just hoping it goes well. That is WAY different than a family pet that just loses its mind one day (and I’ve heard plenty of those stories too).

    I’m not saying the victim was in the wrong, I’m not saying the dog was in the wrong – I’m saying here are the facts of the situation and there were lots of things that could have been done differently. The point of discussing these stories is to figure out a way to prevent them from happening again in the future, right?

  • Edward Hickey

    the love of a pit bull is like the love of Travis the chimpanzee. 6 deaths by dogs in US so far this year 4 by pit bulls, 30 deaths in 2013 only 23 by pit bulls

  • FruitLoop

    Just a “freak thing”? Really?

  • farmerjayne4013

    It looks like nine dog bite deaths:










  • Finnea

    The law should recognize dogs (and any other pet animals) as an extension of the owner. If it can be proven that your pet has damaged property other than yours, it’s vandalism… bitten someone (at least someone NOT on your property), it’s assault… killed someone, it’s murder (or at least manslaughter).

    And it shouldn’t even matter whether the animal has shown aggression before: YOUR animal, YOUR responsibility. If someone can’t handle/afford that responsibility then they shouldn’t have the animal in the first place. Whenever a pit bull, mastiff, rottweiler, Akita etc. seriously injures or kills a person or animal, there are always those who cry “Ban the deed, not the breed” and “Ban stupid owners”. Well, for one thing, how exactly do you “ban the deed”? Animals have minds and wills of their own: no matter what you do or how careful you are, they might decide they have plans other than yours… and you might not be able to stop them from being carried out in time. Also, if anyone can explain how to go about banning stupid owners (BEFORE they can cause any problems) I’d be interested to hear that too…

  • I support criminal charges for damage to property or person, increased rental/home owners’ insurance (I carried a $500,000 policy when I had my dog), mandatory training courses for “bully breeds” (for lack of a better term) and a crack-down on unlicensed breeders. I’d even consider criminalizing “bully breed” ownership by felons, not unlike gun ownership. These steps, when enforced, would cut incidents significantly.

    I do not believe in banning breeds. Not only has it not really been workin’ out for Miami-Dade Co., but it’s contrary to the concept of freedom.

  • Confidential Name

    Those that believe pitbulls are a peaceful breed also believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. The results are the same, death and devastation.

  • Finnea

    In my opinion (and it’s one for which people have received death threats), pit bulls (APBT, AmStaff, etc.) should be spayed and neutered into extinction. Not rounded up and slaughtered—just peacefully allowed to die out.

    They were selectively bred to be used in bloodsports and their physical/character traits/temperament are still suited to it now. The breed standard describes “animal aggression”… hardly a surprise since the only reason pit bulls were created in the first place was to kill other animals. Just as a “good” retriever instinctively seeks to retrieve, a “good” pit bull instinctively itches for a fight (even if it’s at the dog park rather than in the pit). Since bull baiting and dog fighting are illegal, why should the animals created for this purpose continue to exist? Is the inherent risk to humans and other, gentler and more non-confrontational creatures worth it?

    However I do realize it’s unlikely that pit bulls and other fighting breed dogs will go away anytime soon. In the meantime heavily regulating these breeds (BSL), and localized bans are the next best thing. And I respectfully disagree about breed bans… they do seem to be effective at reducing serious injuries and death: http://injuryprevention.bmj.com/content/19/3/177.full

    Also, while I respect the argument about freedom, too many people seem to want not simply freedom to do as they please but also freedom from responsibility, and from any negative consequences of their (unwise) choices. In the case of pit owners, this is why there is a an epidemic of what’s referred to as “dine and dash”—i.e. the pit bull savagely attacks a person or other animal, and then the pit owner flees the scene with their dog as quickly as possible as if it were a hit and run. Maybe some of these people are simply shocked and afraid by what their animal has done, but that’s no excuse. Pit bulls should be required to wear muzzles in public to prevent most of the damage from these sudden attacks.

    Anyway, sorry for such a long post. We may not agree on everthing but I’m just glad we agree that pet owners *need* to be held accountable for the actions of their pets, and owners of the most dangerous pets need to be held to a higher standard.

  • t3chsupp0rt

    If you live with a large predator, there is always a chance that that large predator is going to try to destroy you or someone else. They’re predators first, domestic second. Anyone who doesn’t think their dog has this potential… well, they have an increased likelihood of end up in situations like these, quite unexpectedly. Or they have some little rat dog that couldn’t break skin even if it wanted to.

    And for some reason, it seems like the majority of people who go for the most energetic, strong, active, dominant dogs are the people who are the very least likely to socialize them in the ways they need to be considered safe for small children.

    Dogs don’t look at small children like they do human adults. They can be a different animal altogether to them.

  • Larry from Newburyport

    WHEN are people going to SMARTEN UP about these killing machines????? Its the breed!!! its not the owners……..they turn on people……Pats QB Tom Brady has one and I am afraid for his children……you heard it here first!!!!

  • Larry from Newburyport


  • Paulita Gilberto

    I wouldn’t be afraid to own a pitbull, but if there were small children or feeble elderly in the house, it would be my responsibility to have as safe an environment as possible and not have any possibility of something like this happening. Here especially, you hear about this dog showing signs of aggression. No way thaet dog should have been around a child that little.

  • Maggie

    Few things I wont have after I have children. No pool (why funnel all that money into something I use maybe four months out of the year?) No large breed dogs.(cousin was attacked by a golden retriever.) and no guns that wont fit in my gun safe in the bedroom closet. I never understand why people put a gun safe in a living room, why show them off if they are only for home protection or hunting? Kids shouldn’t be tempted to poke at them in any way. Keep them in a safe away from everyone but yourself. (random tangent. I know.)

  • SinDelle Morte

    Pit bulls are not large dogs. They are TERRIERS. American Pit Bull TERRIER. These freaks of nature that are walking around at 80 and 100lbs are not pit bulls.

  • SinDelle Morte

    The reason for frequent pit bull attacks is because a.) they are often misidentified as pit bulls and b.) pit bulls are the most popular dog in our society. If you look through history, you will see that whatever breed is the most popular also generally coincides with the bite frequency.

  • SinDelle Morte

    ANY dog will bite. ANY dog will attack. ANY dog will fight. There are no less than 40 breeds of dog that have been used for fighting. You only hear more about pit bulls because they are without a doubt the most popular dog in our society. There are more of them, therefore there are more incidents involving them. If you look through history, you can see this plainly with other breeds as well, especially the Rottweiler and the German Shepherds.

  • SinDelle Morte

    I don’t believe Rottweilers should be family pets. I love them but they are working dogs and they are not happy unless they are working. There are a few others in this category too: the GSD, Huskies, Malamutes and some herding dogs. Also, as already pointed out, Rottweilers are responsible for the second highest number of fatal dog attacks on humans. As an aside, I have watched literally hundreds of dog fights (research I was doing for something) with all manner of breeds and I will tell you without hesitation that pound for pound, the breed that showed the most aggression, caused the most damage and was the most downright vicious is the Rottweiler. They are absolute juggernauts in the fighting ring. In fact, in peak condition they are unbeatable.

    In other countries, you don’t see many pit bulls in the fighting ring. They are too small; a game bred pit bull should only weigh about 45lbs. They are terriers. The dogs used for fighting in other countries are much larger: all breeds of mastiff, Rotties, Cane Corso, Presa Canario, Kangal Dogs (we call them Anatolian Shepherds), I even saw a few St. Bernards. I will say that besides Rottweilers, pit bulls are third in the fighting ring (behind the Kangal Dog). Not for aggression or viciousness but in the amount of damage inflicted. Pit bull fights are much bloodier than fights with larger dogs and the dogs in PB fights are often injured very badly.

    I’d also like to say that human beings are pieces of shit and anyone who thinks that is a “sport” needs their head examined.

  • patrickdh10

    Perhaps in attacks that aren’t followed up officially there may be mis-identification but in the case of severe injury or death the identification is 100% accurate which is required by law. There is no guessing. I also don’t agree with Pit Bulls being the most popular. German Shepherds and Labradors would be by far and you rarely see a random fatal attack on children from either of those two breeds, and perhaps never from a Labrador. My conclusion, a.)wrong. b.)wrong. Sorry.

  • SinDelle Morte

    Unless they do DNA, there can be no 100% and that is not required by law. Where did you hear that?? Also, I’m sorry but the most popular dog breeds stats are put out by the AKC and they do not recognize the APBT as a breed at all. And German Shepherds were considered one of the most dangerous dogs in the 70’s and 80’s. They held the top spot for most fatal dog attacks before Rottweilers became popular in the 90’s. I don’t know where you are getting any of this but a little bit of research would do you good.

  • DarthYan

    Dude, fuck off. You’re saying the same nonsense that was used on german sheppards 20 years ago

  • DarthYan

    Oh racist too?

  • DarthYan

    Dude, just…..go away.

  • JohnQknowitall

    So what they said about German Shepards 20 years ago implies that what I am saying now is wrong? Well what other breed this year (or last) has ripped the bowels out of a kid? So “dude” take your own advice and “fuck off.”

  • DarthYan

    give the statistics overall and that there have been pit bulls that have actually done the opposite of kill the idea that every pit bull is evil is stupid


    don’t take the word of dispshits like colleen lynn

  • JohnQknowitall
  • mrskailuakona

    Prayers for the family especially her mother who fought & lost the battle suffering injuries herself. Heaven just has gained another beautiful angel Braelynn. I don’t trust pit bulls the breed itself tho’ I do agree it’s how you raise them. Tied to the our old house in Hawaii after we moved from Florida the gang next door would unleash this beast who bit my dog 3x isn’t a CHARM. Chasing our cats & my ohana (family) we moved. Anything with legs this pit would be unleashed to go after even bit the HI Policeman who’s Asian too nice who gave the gang leader a stern lecture. On the mainland the cops would’ve shot this dog in the head. Moving away after POISON for our cats, death threats directed towards us because we’re Haoles (mainlanders) with tons of criminals & Sexual Predators I live in a gated subdivision with nice dogs. That said even if a person raises a pit bull as a puppy especially a male that’s unneutered I still wouldn’t trust one even is a family pet. TRAGIC

  • Hue Manatee

    Shame on you Marsha Williams! As if this child’s death was a teachable moment on the pit bull’s adaptability as a family pet. They ARE NOT family pets.

  • Squinky

    Her advice is to expose more people to the dangerous psychopathic breed, lol, stupid woman…