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Letina SmithKISSIMMEE, FL –  Police have arrested 41-year-old Letina Smith after she was accused of subjecting three children under the age of 10 to a punishment called “the electric chair” that included zaps from a pink stun gun.

The alleged practice came to light after one of the kids got into trouble at school and pleaded with her teacher not to call her home and tell she’d misbehaved in class. The girl explained that she and her two brothers lived with her aunt and she was afraid of being punished with Letina’s electric chair.

“(She) explained that the punishment was to get touched with a ‘taser,'” the arrest report stated. “The electric chair consists of the child who is in trouble holding themselves… with their back on the wall and their legs forming a chair. They have to stay there for an hour and if they speak or move Letina will come up to them with the electrical weapon, “taser,” and activate and touch them with it.”

Police interviewed all three children separately and were given similar stories involving Letina and her pink stun gun. One of the boys told them Letina put him in the “electric chair” just the other night.

“(He) advised that it hurt very much and he was very afraid of it,” the report stated, although the officer didn’t see any marks on the boy. “(He) advised that the electrical weapon was pink and made a loud clicking noise …and he can see the electricity touch the two points at the end.”

The boy’s brother said Letina shocked him with the stun gun after he fell asleep in her car. “Letina touched him with the electrical weapon while it was activated and shocked him in the arm which woke him up,” the arrest report stated. “(He) advised it hurt badly.”

When Letina was questioned by police, she admitted that she does use a punishment she calls the “electric chair” that involves the kids sitting with their backs against the wall with their knees bent. She also admitted to owning a pink stun gun that she would use during this punishment, but only as a scare tactic.

“Letina advised that she does not touch them with it however she will activate it and hold it within a few inches of them and threaten to touch them with it,” the report stated.

Police did not believe her and charged her with three counts of child abuse. Letina Smith was booked into the Osceola County Jail where she is being held on $3,000 bail.

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