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Shelley BezansonSarasota, FL — Authorities arrested 28-year-old Shelley Bezanson after learning the woman strangled her 7-year-old adopted Pit bull with her own chain so no one else could have her.

Diamond was apparently abandoned, left chained to a pole, outside the Sarasota County Humane Society in October of 2012. Bezanson, after jumping through all the necessary hoops, adopted Diamond in January of 2013. It was about then that Bezanson made a promise to the critter — the two would be together until the end. Apparently, Diamond’s end was in November.

Acting on an anonymous tip, officers were dispatched to the home of Bezanson’s mother on November 14. Bezanson was apparently heading to mom’s place to bury Diamond. Officials soon learned that Bezanson strangled Diamond to death with her own chain.

“It was prolonged, it was painful, it was torturous, and it was a horrible, horrible death for this dog to die,” said sheriff’s office spokesperson Wendy Rose.

At the time of her confession, Bezanson reportedly told police she was in the middle of a breakdown while she was choking the life out of the dog, and she had no idea that what she was doing was wrong. Authorities called bullshit on the story when she admitted to having turned the music up in her home so her neighbors couldn’t hear the struggle.

Bezanson told police she had to do it because the mobile home park where she was living didn’t allow large breed dogs and, well, there was that promise, ya know. Bezanson was well aware of the park’s policy before moving into the community. According to police, Bezanson had previously asked her vet to euthanize Diamond but the doc refused, stating it was unethical and necessary. No clue as to why she didn’t just relinquish the dog to the Humane Society.

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“She was an angel. She was a great dog. We thought we were sending her to a fantastic home,” says Kristi Dorman, Executive Director at the Humane Society of Sarasota County. “If she would have notified us, we would have brought the dog right back into our facility and taken great care of her.”

It took a minute for authorities to get their ducks in a row and build a case against Bezanzon, but she was finally arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Friday. Bond was set at $25,000.

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  • moplette

    Dumb bitch.

  • newstarshipsmell

    You’re doing the Lord’s work, Shelley.

  • Kittyskyfish

    I think Shelly’s killer behavior could have been averted if she’d been spayed.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Dear Jesus,

    Please reunite Shelley and Diamond ASAP. Amen.


  • Taxidermi

    If I can’t have you, NOBODY WILL mwahahahahahaha
    couldn’t resist ^^

  • JohnQknowitall


  • JohnQknowitall

    At least it wasn’t a kid this time….

  • Taxidermi


  • TaReon Williams

    she should get the death penalty.

  • link07

    For killing a dog? Jail, and a fine sure.

  • TaReon Williams

    i know my suggestion was extreme but she should’nt have done that to that dog.

  • link07

    We do much worse to other animals. I personally placed a perfectly healthy lobster in a pot of boiling salt water, then ate his ass after I dipped it in butter.

  • TaReon Williams


  • 1DireWolf

    Too bad she didn’t keep to the letter of her promise and kill herself too.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Or at the very least, a no-pets stipulation on her eventual probation.

  • Buffettgirl

    Mmmm, lobsties are tasty! Have you ever put seaweed/kelp in the pot as you boil it? My friends did that when I went to visit in Maine and it was DELICIOUS!

  • Buffettgirl

    What a complete fucking bitch! It won’t break my heart if she ends up dead, hanging from something…

  • Rachel Ann

    Please no one procreate with this crazy bitch!!! Don’t do it!!! This bitch gonna be back here again if they don’t spay her ass pronto!!!

  • ultracreep

    You’re so right. This time the dog, next time the kids or the boyfriend/husband.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Oh yeah and then hung naked by her foot from a tree branch in the town square for the peasants to see and throw rock and rotten fruits/vegetables as she rots and pieces of her fall to the ground as the air smells of her rotting flesh… yeah, that’s a fair sentence that is definitely constitutional. Pitchforks and torches to the right please. 0_o

  • Jessie

    Dumb FAT bitch.


    well maybe next time it’ll be her kid so then that will be ok too huh wtf

  • link07

    Children and pets are very different. As i mentioned last year I boiled an animal and ate it, even gave some to my wife. Even now im planning to chop the extremities off some fish, cut off their heads, and drop those bitches in oil. I get that what she did to the dog is wrong and she deserves a fine, possibly some jail but at the end of the day humans have more intrinsic worth than dogs. She probably would never hurt her kids.


    what makes you think that humans are worth more than animals. I guess that is what makes people do stupid shit a mind set like that.

  • link07

    No it doesn’t a billions of people eat meat, wear leather, and watch animals in the name of fun, and never hurt children, or do any stupid shit.

  • link07

    To demonstrate the point imagine 2 shopping carts rolling towards a cliff. In one there is the cutest puppy you’ve ever laid eyes on. In the other its an average baby. Which one do you save? Obviously the human. Btw that fish i fried up was delicious.