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Caroline DunnamVALLEY GRANDE, AL – The couple who posted pictures on Facebook of their puppy hanging from the ceiling have been charged with animal cruelty.

Last November, 26-year-old Caroline Dunnam and 23-year-old Andrew Parrish posted a picture of a two-month-old puppy hanging from the ceiling by its neck with the caption: “My poor baby.” As you might expect, people were not too happy with the picture, but Dunnam said she didn’t give a shit what people thought about hanging a puppy by the neck with a rope.

She’s may be regretting it now, especially after the picture went viral and someone tipped off police to the Facebook post. The mixed-breed puppy was removed from the home and the couple have now been charged with animal cruelty.

“They decided that they were going to hang a dog from the ceiling by its neck. The poor dog was hanging from the ceiling with some kind of rope around its neck,” said District Attorney Michael Jackson. “What their motivation was, we don’t know at this point. It’s still under investigation. It was just very callous to have it posted on Facebook. I guess they thought it was a joke or something to hang a poor little dog.”

The puppy, called “Timmy” by the staff at Selma Animal Hospital, suffered minor injuries that included a broken tooth. Rebecca Wilson, an employee at the animal hospital, said the four month old puppy is slowly coming out of his shell. She also said she’s glad that the couple are going to be prosecuted.

“I think it’s a good example for them to prosecute the owners. I think people will think twice about what they’re doing before they do it if they know that this is going to happen to them,” said Wilson.

Prosecutors say Dunnam and Parrish surrendered to authorities on Jan. 10 at the Dallas County jail and are free on $500 bond each.

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  • Buffettgirl

    These two fucktards look dumber than the ceiling they hung that poor little puppy from. Glad they’re being prosecuted and glad that Scrappy-Doo (Timmy) is doing better. What kind of empty-souled fuck does this kind of shit?

  • newstarshipsmell
  • Nicole Wright

    Isn’t morbid curiosity what brings us all here? 😉

  • Kelly

    That DA seems half asleep or half retarded.

  • Vesper B

    I’d love to get these two piss-stains in a room with a rope and a hammer. People like these are the reason I couldn’t work at an animal shelter or with anything to do with animal welfare. It would be hard to keep my temper to myself.

    These sort of stories truly piss me off. Who would do this to a defenseless animal? How could they? I feel guilty scolding my dogs for barking too loudly.

  • thebossessecretary

    Brought to you by the people who think it’s funny to duct tape toddlers to walls.

  • Texas Ranger

    I knew it….Facebook is for the stupid.
    We have learned here on what NOT to post on Facebook
    1. Hanging Puppy
    2. Cussin “thug” baby
    3. The money you just stole from a house
    4. Selfie of yourself wearing the items you stole
    5. Selfies of yourself in the cop car after a DUI
    6. Too many to list.

  • Texas Ranger

    Your right. Stapling toddlers to the wall is funny….duct taping, not so much.

  • Lena60

    Omg! I love puppy’s, all animals really, and this makes me sick.Why the hell did these two asshats think hanging a pup was ok to do? Christ sakes on a stick. Grrrr, let me at em, LET ME AT EM!

  • Lena60

    Thanks hun ,your such a helper 😛

  • Defafan

    Dumb and Dumber. Please do not procreate.

  • glitterpuss

    At least there was a happy ending to the story cause I assumed it was killed. It should be illegal for you to raise children when you’re on record doing psycho shit like this.

  • itsknotme

    I love puppies. But, horses, …, well that’s another story:

  • moplette

    You know what they say about people who torture animals . We will see these two again.

  • Guest

    Here she is! Send her a message!

  • rll

    You beat me to it! Gonna send them a nice message!

  • newstarshipsmell

    I posted the links – since both of them are too stupid to privatize or suspend their accounts, in light of the shitstorm they’ve stirred up about themselves – because I thought people might want to see their respective accounts. It’s especially appropriate as Facebook plays a prominent role in the crime/story.

    Please do not mistake this for an invitation to harass them. This has been addressed on the site numerous times in the past. The moderators/staff would rather you not contact subjects online, but if you must, by all means do not come back here to post the results and/or brag about it. Your comments will probably be deleted and/or you’ll get some hammertime.

  • Jury

    I just got to say it. Will SOMEONE in Alabama please slap that smile off her face. The kind of slap i’m talking about should include, but not is not limited to a bone crushing disfigurement, hell, kick her face, and post it online for all to enjoy the before and after picture. Before/After, Before/smash/After..

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    We have 2 dogs & 1 cat, all rescued. Yes, it’s people like this that make it so I could never volunteer my time at a shelter. I’d probably end up breaking someone into little pieces.
    Ours rarely even get yelled at, much less hurt. Heaven help someone that does.

  • Just to be clear, we do not condone harassing the people featured here. If you got something you want to say about this article and what she has been charged with, do it here. 😛

  • Lena60

    Apparently there is no voice of reason in this household.

  • Teleute

    According to a comment left on her wall by a friend:
    “Grow up people …. Caroline Dunnam is not no animal abuser bitch so get a life and stop fucking with my friend!!”

    Not sure if we should take the double negative to mean that she IS an animal abuser, or that her friends are just completely fucking retarded. Oh, wait…

  • Teleute

    Note that the “letter” is addressed to Mobile Web Customer Service.

  • Jenny Peters

    When I was only about nine years old, we used to play in the woods at the back of our house and I was horrified to see a black and white cocker spaniel dog hanging, dead, from a tree with a rope noose.
    Now, almost sixty years later, I still remember every detail of that poor dog and the agonised expression that it died with

    Just a thought……………..was it a black dog?.

  • Lucy Van Pelt

    She looks like the kind of backwoods recheck bitch that would think this was a cute thing to do.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    WTF? What reasoning made this a good idea? These two ugly people need to be hung and laughed at. God, I hate stupid people!

  • Helena Philomena Liebekraft

    These stupid pieces of shit need to go to jail for a long time. Animal cruelty always gets a slap on the wrist, but studies show that those who will do this sort of thing to an animal will do it to a human. In any case, it deserves more than a slap on the wrist. I’d like to kick that grinning, self-absorbed twat in the teeth! Or hang her from the ceiling. Her piece of shit boyfriend too. Makes me sick.

  • Helena Philomena Liebekraft

    They ought to castrate him and give her a hysterectomy. Both done with a dull, rusty razor and no anesthetic.

  • Helena Philomena Liebekraft

    I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or hurl. The horrific abuse of the English language, combined with defending an animal abusing POS is just too much!

  • Jessie

    I think the punishment for animal cruelty is too light. I understand prisons are crowded; but I truly feel animal abuse is akin to child abuse. Purposefully hurting an innocent.

  • Jessie

    Lol at “yalls”

  • glitterpuss

    It was fun imagining what she sounds like

  • Vesper B

    Awww…she isn’t an animal abuser? Well, if hanging a dog from the ceiling doesn’t make one an abuser, then what does? Does wearing a fully body harness suddenly make everything better? I suppose a broken tooth and other injuries now qualify as “not harmed.” I’m wondering if the supposed 100 or more friends are standing up for Caroline. Personally, I’d dump their asses and sell their stories to the highest bidder. And, I’d use the money to pay for the vet bill incurred by the puppy.

    It’s sort of funny: shit-stains like Caroline and Andrew pull their little stunts and can’t bloody well take responsibility.

  • tkaz

    Maybe we caught them before they could think of procreating.

  • Vesper B

    I had a nephew kick one of my poodles once. I grabbed him by the ear and gave him the verbal lashing of a lifetime. He never did it again.

    I own six dogs,four of whom are rescues. I can’t imagine hanging one from the ceiling. In fact, our Cersei got her tags caught in a chair and when she jumped, she started to strangle herself. I’ll never forget the screams of terror. Poor dog: she freaked. I freaked. The DH freaked. Her brother freaked. 🙁 Luckily, I was able to hold her up while the DH cut the collar (we didn’t bother to remove it carefully). Cersei’s doing well, but now all of the dogs no longer wear their collars (enclosed yard) just to keep them safer.

  • BubblesinGriffinGA

    Animals are almost always innocent victims of sick-ass people, and they need to make the punishment for animal abuse a lot harsher, if you ask me. I would give anything to slap that smile off her shitty face, too.

  • masshole72

    Yes, Prosecute this fucktards to the fullest extent of the law, then their names should be added to an Animal Abuse Registry, so that they cannot go out and get another pet to abuse. period, end of story. I am so sick of reading stories about twits like this, abusing innocent animals!!! Waste of space and oxygen! Sickening.. I am just glad the little guy wasn’t killed as a result of their stupidity! Idiots.

  • masshole72

    Wow. Well that says it all, y’alls!!! LMAO.. what a bunch of morons, who will no doubt breed more 1/2 wits into this world.. just what we need… ((sigh))

  • Steve

    Just wait. This guy looks slack jawed and dumb enough to be celebrating a one year anniversary with this cruel hag, so I suspect we’ll have a similar story in the next year or so about them doing some stupid shit to their shared crotch fruit. His ‘I stand with Phil” like explains why he is still standing with her.

  • Lena60

    I don’t have collars on my dogs either. they are all house dogs and spoiled 🙂

  • Ann Stone

    That DA is beautiful.

  • JohnHousecat

    Hmm, okay (huge dog person here with a good few of my own). Let’s just say that the hick’s hick friend (the post below with the cap of the grammatically challenged message) is right and it was one of those Puppias/body harnesses. That’s not the same as hanging a dog by its neck. Collar danger is one of the reasons we only use harnesses on our small dogs, and harnesses are quite handy when breaking up a fight when my little asses get bitchy (just grab the back of the harness where the leash attaches and pull up n’ away, or pull back–can’t do that with a collar attachment due to throat damage potential); the pressure is never on the neck when they’re pulled/hanged like that. And we don’t use the webbed strap harnesses (too much chafing, we just use the Puppias/soft ones).

    But we’ve never hanged a pup in a Puppia from that height for that long…unless you count the time our chihuahua became a massive bitch and was uncontrollably vicious and we had to pull him up out of a fight with our rat terrier and he hung in his harness for a little less than 10 seconds (but still, never reached ceiling height, not even close).

    That’s still not to say that this bitch who got her ass arrested isn’t a bitch, though.

  • Khristine Williams

    this is bullshit but Michael vick entire career was lost,,,,,,hmm US injustice system

  • ken

    Caroline Dumbass.

  • swishmeister

    Did you notice one of her events on her Facebook profile was “Got a puppy”?
    These asshats should be sterilized so they can’t pass on the massive cruelty and stupidity via their genes.