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Ryan BensonSeaside, OR — A couple of morons are facing charges after they allegedly tipped a waitress with an envelope filled with meth last week.

Ryan Bensen, 40, and Erica Manley, 37, were getting their drink on at the Twisted Fish in Seaside late Friday evening, and when it came time to make good on their bill, they apparently showed their waitress their appreciation by slipping her some go fast with the cash.

We seriously need an “Are you fucking stupid” tag here at the Demon.

After getting a good look at her “tip,” the waitress called police. Though the envelope has been sent to the lab to be analyzed, the responding officer pretty much knew what it was on sight. It’s Oregon, after all…

Benson and Manley were taken into custody at the scene. A quick search revealed more meth in Manley’s purse. After procuring a warrant to search the couple’s car, even more meth was discovered. And a search of the couple’s motel room revealed meth and the tools necessary to produce more meth.

Bensen was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and manufacture of methamphetamine. Manley was arrested for possession of meth, manufacture and delivery of meth.


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  • newstarshipsmell

    It does a body bad.

  • rob


  • Rachel Ann

    Just what the hell is that bad decision on her chest?
    And what the fuck were they thinking. Actually never mind. Given the fact that they didn’t beat feet I know exactly what they were thinking and considering the fact that he not only has no teeth and there’s a big ol nasty meth sore on his face they are stupid for thinking she would do anything but call the cops on their nasty asses.yuck

  • Taxidermi

    He looks like he’s practicing the correct face for prison.
    I’m surprised some meth heads shared their special stash though o.o

  • mean birch

    Correct face for prison!!! AAAAhaawwhaa. You win!

  • Jessie

    “It’s Oregon, after all”- HA!

  • letinstar

    i take it the meth envelope was not equal to a 20% tip…

  • Dre Mosley

    Meth, the official currency of Oregon!

  • sweekymom

    How does one divide it up with the busboys?

  • Texas Ranger

    looks to me like an unfinished tat of some laughing Hyenas….but I don’t know why the fuck you’d want one of those….right there….and unfinished…

  • Texas Ranger

    Busboys don’t share in meth tips, I think it’s an IRS rule or some shit.

  • Texas Ranger

    Yeah that tat does…and the meth ain’t doin them any favors either

  • thebossessecretary

    There was a time in my 20’s that if someone had left me some coke, it would have been the best tip ever.

  • Jessie

    In your 20’s? How about now? God it’s been awhile but I’d take some lines for a tip anyday :-p

  • thebossessecretary

    I’m so old now, I’d probably have an MI and flatline. “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

  • Buffettgirl

    Another shining Oregon moment! My boss and I laughed so hard yesterday when we saw this story breaking on the local news. Seaside has never been my favorite town on the coast, it’s always seemed a little skeevy to me, and this kind of shit would be the reason. It might be the closest beach town to Portland, but I’ll take the longer drive and hit Pacific City thanks!

  • Jycorro

    I read somewhere that a guy tried to use weed at a casino. I guess he ran out of cash.

  • Troy MacGyver

    Now come on people,”This is Oregon.” The waitress probably had meth mouth like 1/2 of Oregon.

  • Lena60

    he looks so out of it the waitress could have served him anything and I am sure he would have ate it.

  • 1DireWolf

    Erica Manley? She sure looks manley in that photo.

  • 1DireWolf

    Clint Eastwood for the win.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    *Got Meth-Mouth?

  • Andrea Pizzuto

    Can someone please “tip” me with a handle of Sailor Jerry? They must have been at least slightly off their asses. Come on, at some point did they consider that their waitress wasn’t a meth-head, and would have preferred a fiver?

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    OMFG!!! My cousin and her boyfriend are from Seaside. The 13th of Dec they traipsed their stupid asses to Ketchikan Alaska and promptly got busted for heroin and meth. The Ketchikan police press release said that they busted 4 people, Cousin and her boyfriend at “their” house there. and another 2 at motels. They were investigating some people from OR who were bringing meth and heroin to Ketchikan. SMFH

  • Kat

    and meth.

  • JLB

    well here they are the biggest dumbasses of them all