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Krista MeeksPLATTE COUNTY, MO – A 14-year-old freshman at Park Hill High School died after taking what he thought was acid. Ethan Rickman was found dead by Platte County Sheriff’s Office deputies and paramedics after they were called to a home just before 2:30 a.m. Friday.

Another 14-year-old boy in the home, identified as Z.S. in court documents, was treated after telling the police that he and Rickman had each ingested three hits of acid. A 16-year-old girl in the home told police she was with the two boys when they purchased the drugs from 17-year-old Krista Meeks (pictured).

Meeks was questioned by police and she admitted she’d sold the two boys what they thought was LSD, except that it wasn’t. She said it was actually “a research chemical drug that mimics the effects of LSD,” according to court documents.

She went on to say that even though she’s a heavy drug user, she refuses to take the drug “because the effects are so harsh and violent” and that she’d read articles in which people have died after taking the drug. So, naturally, she sold the drug to the two 14-year-olds. She allegedly did so because she owed money to 18-year-old Jamell D. Montgomery, and he told her that selling the two teens the “acid” would take care of her debt, police said.

Krista Meeks and Jamell Montgomery are in jail on $25,000 each, both hit with felony charges of distribution of imitation controlled substance. The article didn’t mention what synthetic drug the teens ingested, but the only other synthetic drug I know of the mimics LSD effects, is 25I-NBOMe (N-Bommb), a drug we have reported on before.

I feel bad for the dead kid and his family, but can you imagine the mind fuck Z.S. was going though that night? Tripping on synthetic LSD while people perform CPR on your buddy? I’ve had a bad trip or two, but Jesus, nothing that required me years of therapy.

I’m so glad that when I was 14, the only thing I worried about when buying acid was getting ripped off.


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