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Trent DubrocCALCASIEU PARISH, LA – Police in Louisiana have charged a man after he admitted fracturing a baby’s skull by throwing it against a wall across the room.

Child Protection notified police on Saturday that a 13-month-old baby had been brought to a local hospital. It was in distress, disoriented and not walking properly. It was quickly determined that the baby had suffered a skull fracture. The baby was placed on life support, but was pronounced dead on Monday.

Police interviewed family members that weekend, including 24-year-old Trent Dubroc, the boyfriend of the child’s mother. He eventually admitted to being the person responsible for the child’s injuries.

He told them he was frustrated with the infant when he picked it up out of its crib, then threw it against a wall. Afterwards, he returned the baby to its crib without telling anyone the baby was injured.

Dubroc was already in jail after being arrested on Saturday for failing to appear in court on video voyeurism charges. He’s now been charged with second-degree cruelty to a juvenile. Those charges will probably be upgraded now that the baby has died. He’s being held in the Calcasieu Correctional Center on $1.5 million bond.

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  • Vesper B

    Frustrated?? He was frakking frustrated?? That’s his excuse?

  • What a fucking loser.

  • Lena60

    Oh fuck!, another shit stain in life that needs to be bleached out.By bleached out, I mean a bullet to his brain.GRRR!

  • I’m a mother of three and I understand when a baby cries it gets under your skin, then you panic because you cant help her no matter what you do, but throwing the precious baby is not the answer. I’ll admit there have been times where I took a breather on the porch to get my sanity back. I think of the little lives lost this way and all the things the child will never experience, ever. Ever. Being an atheist makes it worse.

  • Fucking losers.

  • Robert S.

    We can make this real simple. He stands against a wall and a corrections officer strikes him in the head as hard as he can with a 10 pound sledge hammer. Then he is free to go. JUSTICE IS SERVED for the helpless infant.

  • Texas Ranger

    You know…I can understand frustration ( and alcohol or drugs) can make you do some fucked up shit….but ignoring it and acting like nothing was wrong with the baby….THAT makes him a worthless shit stain of a person….an absolute “Waste of Space.” I can only hope his girlfriend decides she has terrible taste in men and corrects it.

  • Oh id love for someone to do this to him. Over and over until he dies

  • Piece of shit.

  • why can’t we invent uncrushable skulls so shit like this doesn’t happen?

  • Evan

    dude needs his azzz beat in prison.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    *Bad words*

    End rant.

  • every day people hurt theirs or other people’s kids it’s just so heartbreaking…

  • I fucking hate living on this planet after reading this!

  • Throw his ass into the wall..a concrete one..headfirst..a couple hundred times..snuggling my son right now..I’d kill him..no court date

  • CT

    Kids are annoying, believe me I get, it but leave the room momentarily, call someone else – there are many options that don’t involved beating the living daylights out out of a child. You are a stupid, waste of a person when you can come up with hitting a defenseless baby as a solution when they frustrate you.

  • you need to be thrown against the wall too buddy!!

  • He’s to blame and so is the mother for allowing someone like this in her life without being selective.

  • I try hard not to think thoughts of returning violence for violence , as it has gotten me nowhere in this life , but pieces of dog shit like this make it impossible for me not to think about doing so . Die slow mother fucker …die slow

  • Jenny He did it for pure meaness! The boy had anger issues! It is sad to say I know him!

  • H has 2 precious boys. So glad his wife got out of that abusive marriage!

  • itsknotme

    IT’S PASTA DAMN’T!!! NOT CHILDREN. You throw pasta against the wall to see if it’s ready. Diaper checking/changing is an on-site job.

  • It kills me how you refer to a baby as an it. Not him or her, but it. Just gives me a little giggle for a second and then I go back to the thought of the baby being hurt or dead and that takes the giggle away.

  • Another reason for a child bearing license

  • Another reason for a child bearing license

  • Tainted Trixter

    Yet again proving that babies do not bounce.

  • TruTruTrue

    Same here. That’s the word that caught me.. What a dush!

  • Kittyskyfish

    At least prison will keep this oxygen thief from breeding.

    It’s amazing how a precious few seconds and really fucked up judgment can irrevocably alter someone’s life forever. This shit goes on every day. Idiots like this guy wake up to their normal lives, then something sets a few of them off – then they embrace their rage and do something that cannot be UNDONE. Seriously, who’s the fucking MAN now? You grunt and punch but you cannot THINK. Now you’re the one who’ll be taking a pounding in the ass for the next 20 years – over something that took happend in just a few precious seconds.

  • ; He’s only following ‘Psalm number 137’, part of it is heard in the rock-steady song ‘Rivers of Babylon’, minus the last line that is ‘Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks’. More proof religion causes violence.

  • GracieW

    I am absolutely speechless. I just can’t believe a single mama’s boyfriend killed her baby! I never saw that one coming.

  • Finnea

    That poor child must have suffered horribly 🙁

    “boyfriend of the child’s mother”
    I realize that there are plenty of biological parents who treat their children like shit, and plenty of step parents etc. who adore their step children, but honestly: women in particular have to be really damned careful about who they allow near their children. All too often it seems that when a new man enters the picture, it’s like when a new male lion takes over a harem: the “other” guy’s offspring might as well have targets painted on them.

    Hope this asshole gets the fucking book thrown at him.

  • That parish is going crazy. A pastor just got shot while preaching there. Strange story.

  • James Sumner Leese

    I sincerely hope he frustrates a lot of people in prison.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Is it just me, or is it that 9 out of 10 times it’s THE DAMN BOYFRIEND of a woman with a kid by another guy?

  • FrikkenFrak

    I know, right?

    Picture a world where we through everyone against the wall who frustrates us.

    No one would be left alive.

  • FrikkenFrak


  • PinkFreud

    I’ll gladly strap him to the front of my truck and drive him into a wall. Waste of space!

  • Jessica Stewart

    Sorry, Tex but I disagree, throwing a baby against a wall, makes you a bad person. Not telling anyone is just the cherry on the shit sundae. If you accidentally stepped on a kid or something, and tried to cover it, that’s a different story. I don’t have kids but I have sat holding a screaming, squirming, tired two year old for hours, to get him to calm down and go to sleep ’cause his mom n dad just couldn’t do it anymore. And never once did I consider throwing him against a wall.

  • True

    Why is it that about the only women that will NOT leave their precious children with the BF, are the women who read DD? Not enough people read this site. This pisses me off so bad, I just want to hurt this guy. At least de-nut him without anesthetic so it’s fun for the person doing it, and he can’t reproduce. I volunteer. Then the next day he gets a good punch in the crotch.

  • salepo

    I have left my kids with my boyfriend however we had been together a year before that happened. He won’t even raise his voice to them. That being said you have to be beyond careful who you leave your precious ones with. Boyfriends can be replaced,your kids can’t.

  • salepo

    I remember rocking half asleep for hours with my colicky grandson. I was exhausted but hurting him never once crossed my mind

  • Heisenberg’s Ghost

    By the looks of him he was raised versus a wall… no excuse though, lets put him down for 35 years grabbin ankle against a wall for starters… I’ll get back to you with the rest, I’m pretty frustrated right now .

  • Ivan Offlcockitch

    Maybe the rest of his life in gen pop with his crime printed on his orange t shirts may do the trick.

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    if you read DD enough you’ll learn that kids can be taken away by the authorities, but just replaced with more.

  • JustBrowsingLife

    Where was the mother? Is this another case of a mama using her dildo as a babysitter? Or was she home and kept quiet about her dildo abusing her child? Either way, she needs to be investigated.

  • some of the hardest articles to read are those that have child victims the same age as one of my kids. Fuck this fat fuck dip shit fuck wad.

  • GGMon

    Dear women. Especially moms in general:
    Stop picking up deadbeats, losers, and assholes.
    this cunt GGMon

  • sweet jesus, wth

  • Andrea Pizzuto

    I can understand being at the end of your rope with a crying child, but shit.. Put them in the crib and walk away for a minute. Listen to a song.. Anger issues (obviously) + a crying child.. Mothers need to see this site, once. Responsible care is a necessity, not a plus.

  • Delaney3030

    At least he still has his good looks.

  • His sorry ass will probably get off scott free just like Zimmerklan, the White prick. Fucking Amerikkkan “justice” for ya!!!

  • justin

    Totally understand this dude, I would do the same if I have listen the baby cries and screams for hours.

  • fratdawgg23

    Did the azz clown think if he put the kidlet back in the crib nobody would notice?!

    As a teenager, I dinged the bumper of my mom’s car and put it back in the garage without telling her. Of course she noticed it the next day and I was busted, LoL.

    Mothers notice everything. Especially a kidlet’s cracked skull!

  • fratdawgg23

    I admire your midieval mindset LoL

    If you de-nut him, will he feel the punch?

    WTF, punch ’em for good measure!

  • fratdawgg23

    *If* this is his old myspace, the pic is labeled ‘the perfect family’:


  • JohnQknowitall

    Floridian migration will be the end of civilization as we know it.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    He looks like a big dumb mean schoolyard bully.
    Proof that some bullies are still stuck in their schooldays.

  • Texas Ranger

    My point is that different factors can make someone do stupid shit. Its not right, I havent done it, but it happens. Ignoring it is what disgusts me. That makes him chickenshit in my book. Thats the tragedy. Accidents happen, but if hed been a man and rushed it to the hospital, told them what happened, maybe it would be alive today. THAT is what I was getting at, not that throwing babies is cool. See?

  • Jessie

    Oh justin, you just love to stir the pot, don’t you?

  • Jessie

    You really have to break things down for Jessica. She likes to read WAY into the comments from time to time.

  • salepo

    I meant those of us who are real parents see our kids as irreplaceable . Obviously the breeders on DD do not.

  • RedScarab

    Can we find out the gender of the child so we don’t have to keep referring to the child as an “it”?

  • Lena60

    And your parents let you live…shame.

  • masshole72

    I sincerely hope someone throws him against a wall and the quietly returns him back into his cell bunk to die a long, painful, and slow death.

  • Sue Askevold

    Another story of mother’s boyfriend being a gem!!! NOT….arsehole grrrr.
    When my son was a baby…3 wks onward he suffered from severe colic. Was hard for both of us, he’d only sleep for half hour at a time 24/7 and scream the rest. When I became so exhausted I would leave him in his room crying and I would go outside and cry, because I knew what I could have done. 37 years on I love him to bits of course. This waste of oxygen had none of these reasons and still killed this poor baby.

  • True

    If you’ve ever had any kind of surgery, it’s EXTREMELY sore the next day. THEN you punch him in the crotch. Guaranteed to make him scream like a little girl.

  • True

    You comforted him instead of hurting him. He was already in enough pain. Stupid people can’t imagine doing what you did. One would hope MOST of the people in the world would be like you, with the rest ending up here on DD.

  • Jessica Stewart

    I understand your POV. My feeling though, is about intentional, versus accidental. You can accidentally drop a baby, but you don’t accidentally throw a baby against a wall. Sure, intoxicants can make you do bad things, but unless you accidentally got drunk or were drugged, you chose to do that while caring for a child.

  • Kim

    Also a prime example of youth and inexperience. I don’t think most people are really mature enough to be having children before age 25. Lack the maturity and life experience to properly assess risks and consequences,combined with exhaustion from working full time to buy diapers/formula maybe going to school to better your life situation=picking bad baby sitters. I know I can tell a difference in my parenting and decision making skills with the child I had at age 19 vs . the other 2 at age 28 and 31. I lucked out and had some family support. Living at home wasn’t an option for me and hadn’t been since I was 16 so you work or you don’t eat and your kid doesn’t get diapers/formula. In my mind it was that simple. I didn’t see any other options. Way too proud to consider applying for public assistance and wasn’t conducting background checks on my baby sitters because at that age just never crossed my mind that things like that happened. Of course I had this child in 1993,no online school, Internet etc. but could’ve easily picked the wrong person but usually chose females since I had a daughter. Just made sense to me. But that’s not fool proof. Females babysitters have boyfriends/husbands so maybe they need to go to the store and leave. I didn’t have the proper mind set at age 19-23 to comprehend all this, was focused on getting to work on time,studying for a test/class. I remember being overwhelmed that child’s first day of K-5 and being completely amazed that these people will watch my child all day long for free?! I had struggled for so long and remember thinking I won’t know what to do with myself. Went back to school for a time, met my husband, had more kids…

  • JohnQknowitall

    Sounds like he may have watched a little too much of Breaking Bad.

  • Pyncky

    Just like in the wild where lions will kill the cubs of a different father if given the chance, there seems to be that some men will hate the offspring of another man. I know that many men make great step dads, but then we have many stories of mom’s current penis hurting or molesting the child of her former penis.

    The lesson here is for mom’s to be aware and know that no child will suffer if she uses a dildo instead of some loser.

  • wildmanofwongo

    If it makes you any happier, the Huffinington Post says it was a boy.

  • Lily Blumensyko Strange

    Could we please use a catapult to throw this smug faced ass clown against a wall covered in spikes?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I think that a link to DD should be included in all of the literature that they hand out after childbirth and in parenting classes.

    Single parents, we can live without loser men and women who will abuse our kids. It’s called “putting your pride in your pocket and doing what you need to do to keep your kids safe and healthy.” Sometimes it means getting assistance from the government. Sometimes it means sharing space with trusted relatives. Sometimes it means making do with less so that your kids have more of what’s important–time with their parents. Sometimes it means doing without fancy shit to ensure that our kids have enough to eat and grow up in safe neighborhoods. Whatever you choose, you don’t have to settle for being with a loser who will hurt your kids to get by. And if you’re lonely, there are parent meetup groups and sex toys. You’ll survive…but more importantly, so will your children.

  • Buffettgirl

    He needs to die… sorry for being so blunt, I feel like crap on toast today and I don’t have the energy to sugar coat anything. He just needs to die, painfully, maybe by being raped with a sledgehammer repeatedly?

  • brandi

    If only your parents had thrown you against a wall, maybe it would’ve corrected whatever the fuck is wrong with your brain.

  • brandi

    Psssttt you need to come to the forums little lady!

  • Buffettgirl

    I would, but then I’d NEVER get any work done! I only access this from work. I get too busy once I get home to look at the ‘puter! I’m literally afraid I’d get sucked so deeply into the forums that I would get NO work done! 😉

  • justin

    LOL… You are da smartass!

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Maybe he meant it in the future tense, as in “This will be the perfect family, once I get rid of that brat from the previous dick”

  • Aussie Sabbath

    How was living at home “not an option” for you? Macca’s doesn’t pay that much at 16.

  • Leasha

    So…. the baby had no gender?

  • Jessie


  • Jessie

    I’m bet you’re done now! Exhaustion has to be setting in…and i didn’t down vote you btw.

  • BadWolf_Rose

    Jesus Frakking Christ. Just kill him, (painfully please) and be done with it.

  • Shanky Smith

    I hope he gets the shit Belt out of him in prison.and put in a jail cell with bubba the anal rapist for the rest of his life

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    The only thing louder than the kid’s crying must of been the deafening silence after it hit the wall. Yikes.

  • Blair Krueger

    He was just trying to see if it was done.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    That is me now!. I need to get a report done for tomorrow and I have been sat here in front of the computer for the last 2 hours and have I done a thing? Fuck no. Well, I’ve opened Word, so that must count towards something, right?

  • Buffettgirl

    Of course it does! ;-P

  • Again, it’s not a football, fucktard!

  • JGo555

    Wait, so the baby was in a SAFE PLACE where he could leave it there, close the door and NOT TOUCH IT & he went out of his way to hurt it?

    Yes. Kill it.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    *breaks out the plywood and hammers*

  • Heather_Habilatory

    “Good mothers notice everything.”

    Fixed that typo for you.

  • WidowedMomof3

    I have the most whiney, clingy, neediest, almost 3 year old on the planet. I’m not even joking. Not to mention she is a screamer. You know what I do when I simply cannot take anymore (because oh yes I get frusterated) I take her by her little hand and walk her to her room, I then tell her when she is done and wants to behave she can come out. I then shut the door and walk the fuck away. It’s really that simple. Even when all my kids were babies, if they were not hungry, dirty, sick or there was nothing wrong with them, and I just couldn’t take another moment of crying, I put them in their cribs and walked away until I was calmed down, then I start the comforting routine over. Really people, it will not hurt a baby to cry alone for a few minutes if you know their needs are taken care of. It’s better then letting yourself get worked up to the point you resort harming the child.

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    My father smashed my head three times against a bedroom wall, in Belfast, N Ireland, when I was 3 months old. It was like flash grenades going off inside my head. My mother lyingly told the hospital (I had several immediate epileptic fits as a result, and was taken to hospital in a taxi about 2 hours later) that I had ‘fallen down stairs when she took me to the bathroom to change my nappy’. (I had been screaming, at 1am, with bleeding nappy rash – my mother was only 17 at the time, and not very knowledgeable). I remember her holding me up to the bathroom cupboard mirror, a couple of days later, and showing me the big lump on my skull, and my blood-filled left eye. It’s strange: the glaring mental photographs which remain eternally embedded, despite one’s age… That part of
    my skull has a discernable rhomboid fracture, to this day. I am 61 years old.

    He tried to gas himself later, in that room, but the shilling ran out in the meter, unfortunately.

    My mother failed to report him. He later battered her as well… He continued a reign of sadistic abuse and horror for a large portion of his life, despite walking out on us after more violence, back in 1960, leaving 5 children, . He ended up, 40 years later, on the Northern Ireland Sex Offenders register, for
    sexually molesting his Jehovah’s Witness brother’s two daughters, shortly before the same brother died of blood cancer.

    He died a couple of years ago, without ever confessing to his other hideous crimes, or being properly prosecuted for his heinous brutality. “Justice, what justice”, I laughed when I heard he had died, 3 months after the event. He had not even told his local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses that he had two other sons and a daughter, non-Witnesses.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Wow that’s pretty awful. I’m sorry that happened to you.

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    According to most internet posts on this specific subject, I should have died. I guess my mother jumping out of bed, grabbing a kitchen knife and screaming, “I’ll kill you if you hurt him any more. Put him down”, saved me from certain death. My father always was a coward…

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    When my daughter was born, in Sept 1990, she was a month early. She suffered ’12 week colic’ from an allergy to all non-mother milk products. She would be doubled up in pain. I would rock her to sleep on my chest for hours, or take her for a walk, day time or middle of the night, in a body harness. She was usually asleep within 10 minutes of my leaving the house…

  • DeweyCheatam

    Again, wow. So glad that whatever other issues your mother may have had, she had that “fight to the death” instinct to protect you. Sounds unfortunate that she didn’t stick him with that knife. :/

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    I undertand your point Dewey, and it is a natural reaction. However, we will never know what might have happened? He had a psychotic temper, and could have wrestled the knife from her and stabbed her with it, and maybe me too..! These things happen. The main thing is that I survived, and went on to have 2 more brothers and sisters. The saddest part of all this is that we don’t see anything of each other because: Howard is in Canada: Mark is in Australia; Julie is over a 100 miles away in Colchester; Barbara is in Guildford, Surrey (and a basket case, thanks to my father) with two daughters who walked out at the age of 14 and 16; and I live in Brighton – none of us have seen anything of each other in at least a decade. More like twenty years. The effect of a traumatising upbringing, I’m afraid. Sadder but wiser, I guess. My marriage was not happy but I now have a rapidly-maturing son at Glamorgan Uni, studying in his third year for an Aeronautics BSc, and a daughter studying for an MA in Business with the Open University – and her little boy. My present, very gentle and loving partner has a PhD in Postmodern French Philosophy and speaks fluent French and German, so I guess I won in the end..?

  • DeweyCheatam

    Many of us have serious dysfunction, abuse, etc. in our histories, as you will learn as you peruse the posters on these pages. The great part is that many have clearly become, in your words, their own “Dyno-Rod engineer.” So, while many of our childhoods aren’t what we would have chosen, and screwed us up in some major ways, in some other ways those childhoods made us perhaps more independent, more resilient, etc. And it’s always progress, not perfection. It sounds like you’ve got some great things in your life, including children to be proud of and a loving partner (all the difference in the world for healing, IMO and experience). Hopefully, if it’s what you want, you and your siblings will also find ways to reconnect, to communicate, to help and heal each other, even if you’re not physically able to be together.

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    Thank you Dewey, I am amazed that despite the gory nature of many of the news items on this site (I’m new around here), it is remarkable how many people are serious thinkers. Far from the trash talk one sees on YouTube, and several other general subject sites.
    When it comes to re-connecting with my siblings, as the eldest, it will undoubtedly be up to me, if any effort at reconcilliation is to even be attempted.
    The saddest part of our upbringing is the general lack of trust and unrealistic expectations displayed by all of us, no doubt caused by the highly idealised self-sacrificing aspirations absorbed from the Jehovah’s Witness indoctrination, and being turned into the rope of a tug of war.
    However, I am at the final stages of straightening myself out psychologically, thanks to my new partner’s appreciation of me, just as I am.
    I have a simple motto, “If everyone gave out twice as much love as they receive, the world would be a much better place”. The trouble is that this is too simple for many people…

  • DeweyCheatam

    You’re welcome. And welcome to the DD. I agree with you about the intellectual level of many posters found here. I’m sure many of us will be interested to see your contributions.

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    I appreciate your kind remarks and hope to make some useful contributions to the thought process. Paul

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    Dear WidowedMomof3

    Whether it’s adults or children, always give at least twice as much love as you receive. That way we build a better planet. In the case of some children, it’s 10 times more. After all, we have forgotten how much we drove our parents to the verge of insanity (tragically for some on this site, over the edge). In the case of children, it’s all about insecurity. For them, every day is equivalent to you having the bailiffs at the door if anything goes wrong with their little world.

    They haven’t learned to prioritise concerns and worries, yet. Give them time, and play out some of their anxieties as a game, that way they’ll learn to adjust in a healthy way – and preserve your sanity. Good luck 😉

  • Suerita

    Good lord!! Sorry excuse for a human being.

  • Matt Clark

    Great moments in the history of white trash.