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Ralph SantiagoHoboken, NJ – Three teens, two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old, have been arrested and charged with killing a homeless man after allegedly punching him in the head during a game of ‘knockout.’

For those of you unaware, the game of “knockout” consists of walking up to a random person and sucker punching them in the face with the hope that they are “knocked the fuck out” with one shot. This will undoubtedly be filmed by laughing accomplices, who haven’t grasped the concept of landscape, then posted on World Star Hip Hop for others to enjoy.

The people who play this game are typically young and dumb, and never seem to pick targets that may offer any form of resistance; usually sticking with older men or the homeless.

While this is bad enough, some who are participating in this game are also learning a lot about our legal system after their victim dies from cracking their head on the pavement or, as in this case, having their neck broken.

The teens reportedly followed 46-year-old Ralph Santiago, a homeless man with mental issues, then sucker punched him in the back of the head in broad daylight. Santiago fell against an iron fence where his head became lodged between two posts, and his neck simply snapped. He was left that way until a passerby discovered him.

Police asked for the public’s help in identifying the three teens and released surveillance footage that showed the boys getting off the NJ Transit Light Rail in Hoboken. They also released two images of one of the teens inside a convenience store.

Woman Accused Of Tossing Random 5-Year-Old Girl Onto Train Tracks

Two of the boys turned themselves in on Thursday and the third boy turned himself in on Friday. All three now face murder charges and are currently in the Hudson County Youth Detention Center.

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  • Evan

    i see someone play knockout and it’s going to be big trouble for them. Heck if i even heard of someone playing it I’d likely try to find the victim (e.g. call the police station, craigslist) and then nail them that way

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    In before family members start talking about what good little boys these shitstains are when they’re not going around sucker punching innocent bystanders.

  • Wow…. youth today. I wonder how much older their parents are than them. Only because I believe this is the result of babies raising babies :/

  • Buffettgirl

    This is utterly disgusting. Who the FUCK thinks this is fun and/or funny??? Again, I must be so far removed from today’s kids, because this shit NEVER crossed my mind 25-30 years ago. And heaven forbid we treat them like adults. Somehow, killing someone as a young teen and basically getting off the hook for it by the age of 25, when it was an intentionally violent and malicious crime doesn’t sit well with me. But that’s just me…

  • Buffettgirl

    On a side note, why when I scrolled back up to the top of the story am I being inundated with Kardashians??? I wanted to see their shit I’d be watching E! instead of hanging out on DD!!!

  • Vesper B

    Are these kids not taught empathy? Compassion? Sympathy?

    I’m waiting for the parents to come out with the typical, “My boy’s a good boy. He’s an angel. He’d never do this.”

  • Derp, Ashley. I had a teen mom and would never have dreamt of harming another human being as a kid. (These days, I have daydreams where I go Bathory on some of the morons I read about on this site, but we all have to have hobbies.) Shitty parenting has no age limit, neither does being a horrible human being. It’s not as if they magically became fuckheads when they became teenagers. They were probably always repellent little shits.

  • Regardless of who their parents are (or aren’t if you know what I mean), those little scumbags need to be charged as adults.

  • itsknotme

    Seems to me that we have make the crime seem too nice: “The Youth Detention Center.”

    As the public, we should be able to play “Let’s Make a Deal” with these boys.

    Behind Door#1 the “Youth Detention Center.” The Prize – Principle’s closed office door paddling.

    Door# 2, the “Costly, Bonehead Mistake” – The Prize – Years n a Box”

    And finally, Door# 3, the “Good Riddance’s.” – The Prize – A one way ticket to {fill-in-the-blank}”

  • Absolutely atrocious.

  • patrickdh10

    I don’t think 50 years in prison is to long for each of these little felons. Perhaps they didn’t mean to kill this young man but it doesn’t matter now. They were all probably going to be in and out of the system for the rest of their lives anyway so lock them up now and save the taxpayers some money.

  • I’m just guessing that if Obama had three sons……

  • Wackadoo

    This BS makes me sick to my stomach. This is the problem with kids in our country. Kids don’t have any healthy fear of their parents or figures of authority. I’d have never done anything like this when I was young for fear of what my dad would have done to me. These little fuks need to be sucker punched from behind, directly next to an iron fence and see if they can survive it.

    Also, like vesper B asked: don’t they have any empathy, compassion or sympathy?
    No they don’t because their parents didn’t raise them nor did they care about their personal development or they would never have done something so heinous!

  • It’s not just kids today unfortunately. When I was in my early teens three teenagers killed a hooker by throwing her head first into a trash can and then picking up the trash can and continuously throwing it while she was still inside. This was supposed to be fun.

    It was also during this same time (1993) that two kids in the U.K lured a little boy away from a mall and killed him for fun on train tracks. (See: James Bulger).

    Every generation has it’s fuck ups.

  • Buffettgirl

    I know about James Bulger, and I did hear about that prostitute you mentioned, but it wasn’t something that happened all of the time. This appears to be a well known game with a name. So it’s not just a couple of random kids doing it, it’s a “thing.” That’s the part that disgusts me.

  • Yea, I’ve never heard of this game but I will be keeping an eye out and won’t hesitate to beat the shit out of a little kid if I witness this. It’s not a point of being tough but someone needs to teach these little assholes respect.

  • FrikkenFrak

    I’d like to show them what a REAL “knock out” game means.

  • Buffettgirl

    Amen to that! 😉

  • Teens are victims of other teens all the time. And sadly so is everyone else out in the world. Hell even the parents are in danger from some of these little monsters they either ignore or covered for. But why the homeless? Are they not down on their luck enough? It’s just turning into a world where the weak and defenseless are getting picked apart all the time.

  • This shit makes me so sick. My father IS a crazy drunk homeless guy.

    No joke.

    People never think about that fact that they have families that love them,
    miss them and pray that they are warm and safe. Everyone thinks a bum is
    homeless cause they just don’t wanna work. But having a job was never my
    father’s problem. That he could handle. But it was everything else that came
    with he couldn’t deal with. Marriage, rent, kids, life.

  • Tainted Trixter

    I do hope they are actually charged with Murder. 30 to life (in NJ) I think they have earned it. Looking over the statutes (in NJ) it kind of looks like this would be more accurately placed as aggravated manslaughter (or manslaughter with depraved indifference) which only carries a 10-30 year sentence. Cases like this are why I agree that depraved indifference constitutes murder and not manslaughter. If you punch enough people with the intention of knocking them out eventually someone is going to suffer serious injury or death, this is especially true if your activities involve looking for the most frail person you can target.

    As to these specific 13 and 14 year old kids doing going around punching random people in the head? What possesses them to think this is a good idea? Is it gang related? What do you even get out of sucker punching an innocent person? See, I had never even heard of this ‘game’ until reading about it here. So, I decided to do some background. And apparently it is a far more common thing than I would have liked to have learned. You all recall the Aussie kid who died in OK? Supposedly that was also the result of a game of knockout. In may in Syracuse a 13 and 15 year old were charged with manslaughter for killing a 51 year old man in a game of knockout. And a 72 year old man in St. Louis also was killed for the same game. Cases surrounding this ‘game’ go back as early as 1992. And it isn’t even just here, London too. Why? How is this a thing? Or is it even actually as prominent as we are being led to believe?

    Though here is some news that may put an up-shot on this … trend (as news agencies seem fond of calling it). In Lansing, MI (august) a person playing the ‘knockout game’ with a taser rather than a fist ended up getting shot (though not killed) when his taser failed to fire after jamming it into the ribs of his intended victim. Story here:

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    and then you end up in jail…. no one wins.

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    I’m sorry Manda. My boyfriend was a social worker and he worked with people like your father. it’s really hard when they just don’t accept the help.

  • Ahhhhh… I disagree so strongly… but I just don’t have the strength this evening. 🙂

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    My sister is a crazy homeless lady, I understand. I’ve seen the way people react to her from a distance and it makes me so sad. Adults make their own decisions for how they choose to live.

  • Teenagers are such assh*les!!

  • Tainted Trixter

    I figured you would, I didn’t expect any kind of concession on your part. ^_^

  • Robin Renea Tison

    OMG if they try to do that to my old folks they will get a bullet through the head. My folks are packin

  • How bob

    Cowardly Mfers ,but brought to/us all by a stinking society that teaches us to treat each other with Bs, served up on a stick .

  • Tainted Trixter

    Actually I will even concede that the two kids who turned themselves in don’t deserve murder charges, I am even fine if they are charged mildly in family court… Given the following:
    1. They did not throw any punches in the attack of the homeless man.
    2. The cooperate fully and testify against the third individual.
    3. This attack was not part of a larger spree of attacks in which they participated violently.
    I figure if they were participating in a larger spree of attacks and just didn’t happen to be the ones ‘at bat’ on this person they are still quite guilty and would be deserving of more than minor charges. If they were not participants in the attack I could see them being too scared to say anything, that makes sense and I don’t blame them for that. The attacker (or anyone participating in the attack) on the other hand, to me this is sociopathic/psychopathic behavior. At 13 you are aware that punching someone injures them and that falling injures people, even if they were not ‘thinking’ or ‘intending’ that injury was going to cause death it was still a distinct possibility.

  • Nice. I don’t even have to say anything and you’re making concessions. 😉

    You and your distinct possibilities. The odds of a single punch resulting in death are pretty astronomical. Sure, it happens. But it’s not such a common occurrence that it should warrant a murder charge. The length of incarceration associated with murder charges should be reserved for adults who intend to severely injure (and, no, I don’t classify knocking someone out to be a severe injury) or kill, not kids who could quite possibly become contributing members of society after a healthy stint in juvie.

    This is anti-social behavior. But we shouldn’t get wrapped up in the stigma associated with terms like “sociopath” or “psychopath”. None of these kids will turn into a serial killer, whether they’re tried as juveniles or adults, with murder or with manslaughter.

  • WarriorArtemis

    I’d be knocking my kid out if they played this sadistic shit…

  • sickenedbyreality

    I agree. I’ve heard of this games many times over the years, and in many cases, there has been some racial component at issue. I’ve also heard of this same game being called “polar bear hunting.” Go figure.

  • techsupp0rt

    Hope they enjoy the game they’re about to learn. Donkeypunch is a lot like knockout, and they’ll be playing that a lot in prison.

  • Tainted Trixter

    You have to remember most of the people participating in this ‘game’ are looking for the most frail looking people they can find, that is going to dramatically increase the number of serious injuries and deaths associated with this activity. What kinds of serious injury are we talking about? Not just ‘getting knocked out’. These kinds of assaults can easily result in broken facial bones, blindness, concussion, brain swelling, internal bleeding, coma, spinal injury, permanent brain injury, and yes, death. Additionally the force required to knock someone out can (and has) fractured the skull of people who have been knocked out. A fractured skull is serious. These people aren’t giving consideration to how they hit people they just hit them as hard as they can in an attempt to knock them out and they are targeting people who are frail and alone. Therefor the victim could easily go hours without receiving medical attention. The general rule of thumb with knockouts is you are either down for a matter of seconds to minutes or you have brain damage and need medical help.

    Oh.. and according to the CDC 10% of traumatic brain injuries result from assaults, and every year there are approximately 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries. That is 170,000 from assaults. To me that is significant. I have worked with TBI patients before, it isn’t generally pretty. It tends to be serious.

    Their intended actions hold foreseeable consequences. One of those consequences is death, as far as I’m concerned most of the injuries that could occur are serious. The 16 year old girl in London with a broken jaw and missing half her teeth. The 51 year old pizza guy in St. Louis with a cracked skull, broken jaw, cracked nasal cavity, permanent memory loss and headaches, I would say the 51 year old man in New York who lost an eye (like it literally came out of the socket), but he died too.

    These types of injuries are common, most people don’t just get up and go on with their lives after being a victim of this ‘game’. And even if most of them did, head injury is always serious and depending upon how a person is hit and the specific person being hit it sometimes doesn’t take much to cause a fatal injury.

    I didn’t say that these people would grow up to be serial killers, A sociopath/psychopath does not necessarily a serial killer make. Sociopathy is characterized by essentially a lack of give a shit, and yes my use is strong and I certainly would have no ability to diagnose anyone based on a story. However the action itself is sociopathic, reeking of a lack of give a shit. I would agree (as I had already said, and given the conditions I previously mentioned) that two of the kids are possible even likely for rehab. The third, I don’t see it. I don’t see a positive future for anyone who can make a game of throttling a random innocent person just because you think you can.

  • JohnQknowitall

    We encourage kids to take an active interest in their communities and when they do, you bitch. Ingrate.

  • Buffettgirl

    Shit Q – you been talkin’ to my Mama again. I keep tellin’ you NOT to listen to her, her bein’ a little tetch’d in the head an all… 😉

  • JohnQknowitall

    And how far did the fruit fall from that tree? 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    OK – that was bitchy! She’s just OLD crazy, not crazy crazy! (We leave that to my brother… Oh – so going to hell for poking fun of the brother with paranoid schizophrenia! But hey, you have to cope somehow, I use dark humor!)

  • Buffettgirl

    Flat out no joke, my Mom would have driven my ass to juvie and dropped me off, right after she knocked the stuffing out of me!

  • Leasha

    I’m sorry, but did anyone catch that this happened in HOBOken? Hobobroken.. I couldn’t resist.

  • MaricelaAlvrz

    what a bunch of idiots

  • “Adults make their own decisions for how they choose to live.”

    And man does is suck for US when they make dumb ones!

  • I could never put into words just how much I appreciate people like him <3

  • WarriorArtemis

    Hell yes, man…there’s some little assholes in my neighborhood that run around with no parental supervision breaking shit and just acting like a general fool. I have no problem getting on their case as for my kids they know better…I’m a scary mom…they know better than to fuck with me.

  • Buffettgirl

    I don’t have kids of my own, but I’ve spent a great deal of time being a nanny and also at some point raising my nieces and nephew. I too am the scary mom type, but guess what? They love me to pieces and they all RESPECT me, much more than they do their more permissive parents at any rate! 😉

  • WarriorArtemis

    Same here, my ex is the permissive one who has to talk shit about me to get my kids to feel bad for him. They mope around for a week after they return from the summer with him but my kids are pretty vocal about how they feel about him in contrast to me. I get scary when they do stupid shit but once its calmed down and over I sit them down and explain WHY I get on their case like I do so they get it. I’d prefer to be bitch mommy any day and have my kids respect adults than a little pissant that does dumbass shit like portrayed in this story.

  • Buffettgirl

    I so hate it when loser-ass, piss-poor parents have so little going for them that they have to damage their kids by ragging on the other parent to try to bolster their own weak egos! That’s so fucking lame!!!

  • True

    I’d be glad to teach them how surgery feels. Eyes wide open.

  • WarriorArtemis

    Agreed. I cant stand the fact that some parents prey on a child’s emotions so they can feel good about themselves. Its really shitty and the only people who suffer are the kids.

  • Lena60

    I saw that crime story on tv and also read it online. very sad.

  • Blair Krueger

    I don’t think they should be incarcerated at all.

    Three bullets are a lot cheaper than up to 90 years of food, housing, and medical care.

  • Blair Krueger

    I can’t even go to World Star. I always end up leaving feeling disgusted with myself because I feel like I turn racist watching those videos.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    “Santiago Syndrome”-When you think your life couldn’t get any shittier, but then suddenly-it does.

  • JGo555

    Where in the fuck are the parents that these idjits have to come up with THIS kind of game to not be bored!?

  • Jah See

    They INTENDED to severely injure those they tried to knockout. When the person gets up, the teens beat that person further.

  • GoHomeRamona

    Fuck you.