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Mark Andrew RiceHANCOCK COUNTY, MS – A man recently released from prison after setting his dead fiancee on fire, now stands accused of brutally attacking a woman.

Mark Rice was just released from jail in March, but now he’s back in custody on charges of kidnapping, sexual battery and aggravated assault. He’s accused of beating a woman so badly that Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan called the attack one of the most heinous attacks he has dealt with in Hancock County.

“She suffered injuries to her face. She suffered injuries to her throat; He attempted to strangle her with the electric cord attached to a lamp,” Grannan said. “She suffered injuries to her buttocks area and back side as a result of a sexual attack.”

The unidentified woman was found by a roommate who had returned home to find the victim bound with duct tape and electrical ties. Unlike idiots in the movies, this person did not go into the house and investigate, but rather ran out of the house and called 911. The roommate returned to the home with neighbors and helped get the victim to safety.

Police found Rice unconscious inside the home after trying to take his own life by slitting his wrists.

Rice had not been out of jail long, having served less than four years of a six year sentence for setting his 18-wheeler on fire with his dead fiancee inside back in 2009. He’d avoided a murder charge after telling the courts that the dead woman, a prostitute named Natasha Carpenter, was his new fiancee.

He said that she suffocated as they celebrated their engagement with a meth and bondage sex party. Rice said Carpenter was gagged when he passed out, and dead when he woke up. Rice said he panicked and drove from Barstow, California to his hometown of Kiln, Mississippi with Carpenter’s dead body in the cab.

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One of Rice’s family members took away his gun when he threatened to kill himself, so Rice climbed inside his truck and set it on fire. Law enforcement managed to pull him from the truck, but not before one deputy suffered serious smoke inhalation.

Because Carpenter died in California, the state of Mississippi could not charge him with manslaughter. California was not going to charge Rice with manslaughter because there was “insufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In 2011, a very lucky Rice pleaded guilty to arson and the desecration of a human corpse. He was sentenced to six years in jail, with two years suspended for time served. Hancock County authorities felt that if Rice had been tried for manslaughter in Mississippi, they would have gotten a conviction.

Grannan said they are going to make sure these new charges stick and that Rice is placed behind bars for a long, long time.

“Our goal is to take him out of society so someone else won’t become a victim, and we think we have a very good opportunity at this point,” he said.

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  • CT

    Liar, liar, fiance on fire.

  • itsknotme

    Sex on the first date is always a ‘No! No!” But, which date is the “Duct Tape Date?”

  • Vicki

    When investigators find the alleged perp ‘unconscious’ and ‘suffering from self-inflicted wounds,’ why can’t they go investigate stuff for another hour or three or go get a beer or something? Seems to me it would save the taxpayers a lot of money if they’d just let nature take its course.

  • Jessie

    Its a shame his suicide attempt failed.

  • techsupp0rt

    While I hate to be the victim blamer, WHO IN THE FUCK WOULD AGREE TO MARRY SOME PIECE OF SHIT WHO SET SOMEONE ON FIRE. Did she know? If she didn’t, then she’s still dumb as fuck for agreeing to marry someone she doesn’t know about.

    Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, people. Educate your daughters.

  • HAL 9000

    Pretty epic-bad story for the dead hooker in his burning semi. Only a prosecutor wanting to avoid the paperwork of a trial could believe it. Sad.

  • HAL 9000

    The ‘unidentified’ woman was not his wife – nor does the article claim such. Oops.

  • billymadatchu

    i was really not sure what my chic and i were going use as a theme for our wedding reception, but thanks to morbid.. i now know…. Meth and Bondage!.. nothing screams i love you like meth & bondage.

    *starts singing Love and Marriage with new lyrics…

  • billymadatchu

    i wonder if the slogan should be “Tie one up, tie one on, & tie the knot!”

  • midniteshadows


  • Buffettgirl

    I just choked on my granola bar damn you! 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    Was this a total stranger, or was she involved with this disgusting, heebie-jeebie inducing, lump of lard? I just can’t believe women voluntarily get nekkid and frisky with this deviant looking monster… GROSS!!!

  • techsupp0rt

    Oh snaps, yeah, I totally missed that part.

    That’s what I get for skimming while working.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Craigslist, when you can’t figure out how some one is getting any from anyone, the answer is usually Craigslist.

  • Buffettgirl

    I will NEVER need sex that badly, EVER! 😉

  • ShelbySP

    They need to just let the man kill himself. He’s obviously more effective at punishment than the judicial system.

  • Chinchillazilla

    Key word is “alleged”.

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    Obviously the one after you get engaged.

  • Vicki

    When there is a dead or severely injured person and a person suffering from self-inflicted wounds, I follow the logical conclusion.

  • Lena60

    Bad Ct …BAD! lmao

  • Lena60

    I bet this man has sold alot of bridges.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Go Mississippi! Yeah!

  • motherfucker isn’t kin to me.

  • why the hell is someone found guilty of a brutal crime released. Was his initial sentence too small?

  • Rachel Ann

    So it’s safe to say that his story about the dead hooker is bullshit?

  • JustBrowsingLife

    In leiu of a ring, no doubt!

  • JustBrowsingLife

    Well I would assume that the entire story this guy spewed was a lie. Including the fiancée part. The story also stated she was a hooker. A potential match made in heaven.

  • Whitewitch

    This is the problem…when men rape or kill women it is not punished severely enough. I am so tired of these guys getting out over and over again.

  • plainbelliedsneetch

    Seems like they could have ripped that claim apart years ago if someone just asked a few simple questions.
    “You were getting married? What’s her middle name? Birthday? Address?”
    Even in a whirlwind courtship these things would have come up.

  • JGo555

    How do you raise a human to hate people to such degree!?

  • Der Mac

    Or does Amarillo get the points?