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Irina WalkerGRANTS PASS, OR – Federal law enforcement agents swooped in and busted a group of Oregonians Thursday, including a Romanian princess and her husband, for allegedly running a cockfighting ring. It isn’t every day you get to write up a story about a Romanian Princess and cockfighting unless you’re in porn, let me tell you.

Indictments unsealed in U.S. District Court in Portland charge Irina Walker, 60, and her husband, John Wesley Walker, 67, a former sheriff’s deputy, with hosting cockfights and illegal gambling at their ranch just outside Irrigon, in Morrow County. Prosecutors are seeking forfeiture of the couples’ ranch, which does business under the name Stokes Landing Sport Horses. Guess they got away with it for so long by not using the name Stokes Landing Sport Cocks.

The Walkers were scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in Portland Friday on charges of operating an illegal gambling business, along with four other people from Irrigon and Hermiston. According to court records, no lawyer was listed for either the Walkers or any of the other defendants. In a statement, U.S. attorney for Oregon Amanda Marshall said:

“Cockfighting is illegal under federal law and under the laws of all 50 states. Besides being a barbaric practice, cockfighting jeopardizes public health and safety and facilitates the commission of other criminal acts.” Cockfighting – bet you didn’t know it was a gateway sport.

Twelve others from Oregon and Washington face lesser charges of conspiracy to violate the Animal Welfare Act through illegal animal fighting. Those defendants will be arraigned in Yakima and Portland. According to the indictment, between April 2012 and April 2013,  10 different cockfighting ‘derbies’ were put on at the Walker’s ranch, each one with a card featuring dozens of cockfights. The fights reportedly brought in as much as $2,000 a day.

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The indictment alleges that blades and gaffs were attached to the birds’ legs, that spectators were charged admission, and that concessions were sold. The four others charged with being part of the gambling business are Aurelia Garcia Mendoza, 33, of Irrigon;  Mario “El Cuba” Perez, 62, of Hermiston; David Sanchez, 29, of Irrigon and Jose Luis Virgen Ramirez, 48, of Hermiston.

The Oregonian identified Irina Walker, also known as Irina Kreuger, as a daughter of the last king of Romania. Personnel records show John Wesley Walker was a Coos County sheriff’s deputy from 1998 to 2003. Each of the charges carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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  • rensuchan

    A princess fighting with her cocks… heh, heh.

  • 18th40

    The ‘princess’ looks like an old drag queen… know..

  • LoKi4778

    “Guess they got away with it for so long by not using the name Stokes Landing Sport Cocks.”

    Almost sounds like a sporting goods store… “Trade in your everyday cock for a sports cock from Stokes Landing Sport Cocks! Guaranteed best prices for your trade-in cock towards the purchase of a new sport cock!”

  • Guest

    “Guess they got away with it for so long by not using the name Stokes Landing Sport Cocks.”

    Sounds like some sort of sporting goods store… “Trade in your used, everyday cock for a new sport cock. Impress that special someone in your life! Guaranteed BEST prices for your trade-in cock towards the purchase of a shiny, new sport cock!”

  • 18th40

    Getting a little excited over cockfighting are you LoKi ?

  • Vesper B

    I want a shirt proclaiming my allegiance to the “Stokes Landing Sport Cocks.”

  • Sam

    $2,000 dollars a DAY??? Damn am i in the wrong business.

  • LoKi4778

    Hey, I just calls ’em as I sees ’em… I wonder if they made them fight in the cock-ring of death…

  • LoKi4778

    I posted the first one and it took like 3 minutes for it to come up… in my impatience I posted it again but for some reason it came up as guest and now I can’t delete it… this is why I hang out in the Den instead of the FP…

  • rensuchan

    Let’s start a business together Sam. Someday we can grow up to be just like Michael Vick.

  • The Princess of Cockfighting. What a title. lol

  • 18th40

    You need a big rooster.

  • 18th40

    No no…I like your comments LoKi, so don’t just hang out back there..I was just saying that this topic seemed to be getting a rise out of you.

  • CT

    Bummer, wrong kind of cock.

  • 18th40

    Kind of funny that a google search led you back here huh ?

  • CT

    I prefer to use the word, dick. Better chance of success.

  • 18th40

    Lol, right I can see that….nice to have advice from a mastur.

  • Buffettgirl

    WTF – Is Oregon becoming Flori-DUH West or something??? I didn’t get that memo and I would like it if we could stop this shit at least long enough for me to disembark from the ride please… Romanian Princess, ppffftttt, big deal. I’m an Irish Princess… 😉

  • Sam

    ‘Bummer’? Oh, i see. 😉

  • Malodorous

    If you accidentally double-post, make sure you edit your second comment to something useful like a link to lemonparty before you “delete” it.

  • Why did you put grants pass if it happened in Portland?

  • SillyCynic

    My picture may lead some people to think I’m a Queen…I’m starting to fit in, score!

  • Because that’s the city used in a Huffington post article.

  • Huh what a trip! I live in gp and hadn’t heard about this. I realized why when I read it! I about fell off my bed when I read grants pass lol I read dd all the time and this is the first I’ve seen you guys write about my town then it was something that didn’t even happen here lol

  • I love DD by the way!!!

  • 18th40

    You’re using your powers for good again ‘Tarsh…..I’ll have to note this.

  • Buffettgirl

    ***hearing Bohemian Rhapsody in her head now*** 😉

  • 18th40

    And I went right to ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’….weird.

  • Romanians throw one hell of a party. I’m glad none that I’ve been to involved affixing blades to chickens. No, just scantily glad Romanian girls with hot accents, guys who are either really over dressed in high end suits or really under dressed in Puma or Adidas track suits, Euro-trash techno and lots and lots of homemade wine.

    It’s been too long since I’ve seen Vlad, now that I think about it.

  • “Bicycle Race”, here.

  • 18th40

    And all I got out of that was a mental image of Foghorn Leghorn with a switch, gold chains and a bad track suit.

  • 18th40

    They pretty much go hand in hand.

  • How romantic.

  • 18th40

    Yeah…it’s a gift.

  • tkaz

    That made me spit out my coffee. Thank you for this.

  • 18th40

    It was the Irish thing right ? 😉

  • Well, I’m not Romanian, if that’s what you’re getting at…

    I’m just awesome enough to be invited to their very exclusive parties.

  • Well, I’m not Romanian, if that’s what you’re getting at…

    I’m just awesome enough to be invited to their very exclusive parties.

  • sugarpie

    And so you know what they served up in the concession stands…

  • 18th40

    Oh…..I just thought that was you in the picture….you know the red hair and all.

  • I suppose the red could account for the portion of Irish in me. I’ll need five other colors to give my ethnicities proper representation, though.

  • Wildheart

    Wow, the only Romanians I know are the ones who run the assisted living group home my boyfriend’s mother lives in. Although she has dementia and tells me that they have bodies buried in the backyard and that the Romanian mafia holds their meetings at the house.

  • JohnQknowitall

    My guess is the birds were humanely put to sleep…

  • LoKi4778

    Holy shit am I glad that I looked that up on urbandictionary before googling the image…

  • LoKi4778

    It’s because I think that cock is a funny word… like gunt, or taint, or grundle…

  • Jessica Stewart

    coq au vin?

  • 18th40

    Taint…heh…yep…that’s funny. Grundle ? yeahhhh not so much.

  • 18th40

    Foiled by Google….curses.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    “She’s a kiiiillllllerrrrrrr queeeeeeeeeeeeen, gun powder, gelatin, dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind.”

  • Tainted Trixter


  • Tainted Trixter

    Yeah… ” It isn’t every day you get to write up a story about a Romanian Princess and cockfighting unless you’re in porn”, judging by the princess I think I will pass on that one. Judging by the looks of her ‘she’ may very well be using her own cock in the porn.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Romanians AND Mexicans working in unison? If that’s not globalization I don’t know what is!

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    … deep fried loser?

  • Neon_Gonorrhea

    You know, this shit amuses me.

    Folks cry about cockfighting and then turn around and eat chicken for dinner.

  • techsupp0rt

    Why is this story coming out of Grant’s Pass? That’s nowhere near Irrigon, and doesn’t tell you enough about the place where this came out of. Grant’s pass is Southwest Oregon, Irrigon is Northeast. The place they were based out of is out near Pendleton, OR. Eastern Oregon.

    It’s always 100 years ago, anywhere you go in Eastern Oregon. Sure, they may have much of the technology as anyone else, but the culture takes a long time to catch up, and only does so grudgingly.

    Being from the general area (if you’re from the east side of the state, you’re from the ‘general area’), this is not surprising, but still hilarious.

  • That’s kind of awesome. 😛

  • True

    I’m part Pomeranian.

  • Heisenberg

    There’s something about hideous European Chicks and cockfights that sends this Yeti into a total froth

  • LeaveMeBe

    Every time I see the word ‘cockfighting’ I giggle like a teen girl because of the image it conjures in my mind. Tee-hee!

  • LeaveMeBe

    Heh. I see what you did there.

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    I never knew there was a real live princess living amonq