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Joscilin SmithMESA, AZ – The parents of a 4-year-old boy have been arrested after police found the boy hidden in a closet, suffering from severe burns he received two weeks earlier.

Mesa police were performing a welfare check at the home of Aaron Roland and Joscilin Smith after receiving a report from CPS regarding a toddler in their home with serious burns.

The couple initially told police that the child was staying with a relative, but police weren’t buying it and found the kid hidden away in a bedroom closet and the reports were right, the kid had some nasty burns.

The couple explained that they had gotten into an argument a couple weeks prior and Joscilin threw a pot of boiling water at Aaron that splashed the child. Instead of getting the child some professional medical help, they treated the child with store-bought creams and bandages.

“The father had gone out and gotten medical attention right away, that day, and got himself taken care of,” said Mesa Police Sgt. Tony Landato. “But, the parents feared that, apparently with their history, that they might lose their children if they were to call and get medical attention for the child.”

Turns out the couple is pretty good at making babies – having seven children between the ages of one and 10 – but don’t do as good a job taking care of them, having had multiple run-ins with CPS in Arizona and Wisconsin.

The 4-year-old was taken to the hospital where he is being treated for second-degree burns to his back, leg, arm, and shoulder. His and his siblings are now in CPS custody.

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Joscilin was charged with suspicion of aggravated assault and three counts of child abuse, while Aaron was booked into jail on suspicion of one count of child abuse.

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  • I want a federally funded, voluntary sterilization program. Yesterday, please. I will gladly shoulder a small tax hike for the cause.

  • Beatrice Ledoux

    7 kids…. I suspect they are on welfare and my tax $$ are funding these worthless “parents”

  • Some people at work were talking about this story this morning… I didn’t look it up cuz I knew you would post about it..!!! Woop-woop..!!

  • This haggard-looking bitch needs the ass-kicking to end all ass-kickings! Why do stupid people have so many kids?!? (Rhetorical question.)

  • This haggard-looking bitch needs the ass-kicking to end all ass-kickings! Why do stupid people have so many kids?!? (Rhetorical question.)

  • Vesper B

    As much as I am convinced some people have no business caring/having children or pets, I am now fully convinced some people are missing the moral compass necessary to feel compassion. There is no way in frak I will allow my little dude (or dog for that matter) to be in pain while I get my own injury treated properly.

    From what I’ve read on these pages, most of us feel the same way. This guy’s definitely missing some part of the brain that handles compassion. For frak’s sake, when my chihuahua from Hell Miss Lucy got major dental surgery done, my little dude stroked her fur gently. Can’t understand how my two year old shows more compassion for injuries than this douchecanoe.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    I’m all most ready for the near apocalyptic future in which water will be such a sparce resource that NO ONE would ever consider wasting it as a form of punishment…lol

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Wooa, girl crush~no lezzie; but you can only have my body because Athena has my mind and Buffet Girl has my soul lol

  • JohnQknowitall

    Honest to fucking god…. I hope they at least administered the treatment the father got at the hospital on the child.

  • I never thought there’d be a way, almost daily, to contemplate the ugliness and tragedy of other people’s existence, to feel a little bit better about my own mistakes, but LOOK! You did it! Please keep up the good work.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Unfortunately I have seen some people with some overly developed sense of self preservation:-(

  • i think she should have another 7 children

  • SillyCynic

    NOOOOO!!!!! Bad Seattle!! Quit giving Inslee ideas!

    I already pay my rent, utilities, food, gas, and renters ins. worth in taxes, I don’t need to pay more!

  • Bob

    I guess they had so many, they could afford to cook one for dinner.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Voluntary? I mean,I don’t wanna turn into Nazi Germany or anything, but if you harm a child to this extent I don’t think it should be voluntary at that point, male or female.

  • tkaz

    I don’t disagree with you but I feel that’s too risky. So many side effects are possible, from tubals not taking to hormonal issues. I could totally see whack jobs like above suing for pain & suffering.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    I think that Medicaid in most states will cover that for women, not sure about the men, though…Some people of this caliber wouldn’t do it because alas, no kids means no, or meager govt benefits…

  • BrittBrittRoss

    I suffered a terribly painful 2nd degree burn as a child that made me miserable even with the care of my loving attentive Mama- I’d like to kick this bitch in her Pussy for calling herself a Mom!!!

  • valorious

    Athena, has DD run a story on Hannah Anderson, the girl kidnapped by James DiMaggio after he murdered her family? There’s just something so off about that story and I was hoping to get some input and discuss the weirdness of it all. Thanks! Valerie

  • Listen here, quasi-Idaho, it would easily be off-set by the welfare savings we would encounter. Tubal ligation is anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000. Depending on the case, the government pays that in six months of medical, housing, food subsidies, maybe even child care.

  • This country doesn’t have a great track record with involuntary sterilization. I’d prefer we keep it voluntary.

  • This is the government we’re talking about, here. This is nothing a strong waiver couldn’t prevent. After all, the key word is “voluntary”.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Yeah I understand why it would have to be voluntary, I just feel that in most cases, people like this wouldn’t volunteer. They seem to lack the foresight to project positive vs negative effects of decisions. In the same vein as unmarried people will fuck until they get pregnant and then say that they can’t get an abortion for religious reasons. It’s just a face-palm dilemma.

  • I’m not super well-versed in Medicaid coverage, but if I understand correctly, there are all sorts of hurdles. Women must have given birth twice or have been pregnant three times to qualify. Women must also be extremely low income, if I understand correctly. My state is one of the most generous in the nation in terms of welfare, and very few of the food assistance recipients I’ve known also qualify for medical coverage. I’d very much like the working poor to qualify for a program like this, and I’d like to see fewer restrictions. No prior pregnancy requirements and no 30-day waiting periods. Maybe cut that in half.

  • No ma’am. Morbid and I discussed it briefly during the last podcast; we don’t typically run many of the high media coverage cases because they’re getting their due attention. Morbid generally likes to give an audience to those cases that are largely being ignored.

    That said, I’m with you on that. All sorts of weird associated with that case. I’m looking forward to more details on her time with the creepo coming out, assuming they will eventually.

  • You’re definitely right, but if it’s in your face at hospitals and welfare offices, we’d win some. As it stands currently, it’s not easy to get information on the currently existing Medicaid program. I think just increased visibility would be a substantial improvement.

  • Can I get some body? I’d really appreciate it… You might appreciated it, too… 😉

  • sweekymom

    I’d like to a better system of TPR in this country, with a presumption that if you are unfit to raise one of your children, you are unfit to raise any other current or future children. That way, when an unfit parent has a kid, the state shows up at the hospital and takes the kid away. And finds it a proper adoptive home.

  • Lovingmama

    And don’t forget their matching neck tattoos too!

  • SillyCynic

    “Quasi-Idaho”…I sense jealousy in your voice. The jealousy that I can leave the state within 15 minutes at any given time, and you can’t.

    I’d have no problem with this “tax” in a perfect world, where subsidies didn’t happen, and regulating peoples lives, (circa Michael Bloomberg, D-NY) didn’t exist. You can’t have a 20oz coke! Because, I, who you may call ‘God’ thinks it’ll make you fat..

    We both know that tubal ligation and vasectomies are relatively cheap (the latter I’m planning on getting at 30, and it costs right around $900, according to planned parenthood, when I asked)…but it would be “subsidized” for the poor, which would be “encouraged” to participate at a statistically higher rate, and the prices would go up, as the number of people “encouraged” followed in the upping numbers…as prices rose, the tax would rise…as the others seem to do, as services dwindle and funding somehow gets ‘cut’.

    After that, someone would stick their greedy fingers into this “fund” and “need it” for something else, IE: roads, patrol, schools, pensions…etc…making it another government run entity that is a black hole (See SS, Medicare, Medicaid, funds for schools, liquor tax, nicotine tax, sin tax…etc).

    Government run, or subsidized, ANYTHING is a bottomless money pit which we the people are raped.

    In a perfect world, yes, I agree. But we don’t live in one.

  • If you’re proud of your ability to leave the state to Idaho, there is not jealousy, my dear sir… Only sympathy. I’ve been to Idaho. I’ll keep my vast, gorgeous bodies of water, and the fact that Portland’s amazing strip clubs are a mere 2-hour drive. No, I have a beautiful and unusual name, if I do say so myself, and fail to understand why anyone wants to address me by anything else. 😉

    I do not share your level of paranoia for all government programs. There have been and are currently solid government programs, given the proper oversight. Sure, they’re not wide-spread, but neither is proper oversight. I’m speaking theoretically, anyway; this particular brand of program has been brought up before, and it always fails the vote… not for the reasons you expressed, but because people are too hung up on baby-making. I’m going to get my IUD next week. You’d be amazed by how many people in my life have asked me if I’m sure.

    We could totally play it your way, too. I financially support Planned Parenthood and some other organizations that provide family planning for the poor. More people should.

  • Well, sure, except proper adoptive homes are awfully hard to come by.

    At any given time in this country, there are 600,000 children combined in the adoption and foster systems. Healthy, white babies get priority; if you’re unhealthy or minority, you may or may not ever get adopted. And the foster care system has detrimental effects on children. If I recall correctly, suicide rates are double that of the general public, sexual victimization rates four times that of the general public, and PTSD rates greater than that of combat-active service members.

    I strongly believe prevention is the answer.

  • 18th40

    I’d volunteer…but my email is flaky….ummm appreciated ??

  • Robert Grillot

    Hell, we should have program where we PAY them to get sterilized. Males $1000 and females $3000. That is about the cost of sterilization (I recently looked into it, and a vasectomy cost us about $800 out of pocket. It would save us billions, since the poor child victims often become adult offenders and the cycle just keeps on going. Think of medicaid for prenatal and birth, WIC and food stamps for each child, medicaid for the children, childcare assistance, free lunch, school supply help, after school care, and then often the police, CPS, foster care, lawyers, judges, detention centers, and then they move up to the big leagues. Sterilization would be a bargain at most any price.

  • Thank you. <3

    Have you seen how much I've commented in the last two hours or so? My accuracy isn't the greatest. Especially since I've got Facebook going as actively as I have in weeks as well. My multi-tasking skills have their limits in the absence of distractions that are easier to focus on.

  • I couldn’t agree more.

  • tinalovesnick

    I’ll do tubal ligation on women for free. It’s called Pro Vacuum Out Your Uterus By Tina

  • SillyCynic

    Paranoia = Suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification.

    Without justification. That’s a strong word. Without…pretty sure I gave some form of justification…may be wrong, though.

    Seeing our national (external debt) rise by more than a trillion a year for the last 5 years, and hunderds of billions a year the 8 years before that, all while hearing about every form of funding being cut, says government doesn’t know how to spend money.

    A person (or business) that has no understanding of a budget, should NOT be getting more and more funds thrown at them, to keep fucking it up!

    I get paid once a month. I budget, for the ENTIRE month, and usually have money left over for a savings account. And I assure you, I make WAY less than 1/4 of Sean Duffy, a Wisconsin Congressman that clears 174k a year and lives paycheck to paycheck, driving a used minivan.

    These are the people “we” (I use “we” loosely) elect to run OUR political finances, which are going to effect every single one of our great grandchildren negatively with more taxes…and you want to give them more money?!

    Edit: I’m not even going to touch our internal liabilities which are now almost 1,000% our GDP, and completely passed the point of our collective ability to EVER pay off.

  • 18th40


  • You know I appreciate your perspective. But you are falling into the classic conservative stereotype: Oppose, but offer no alternative.

    Doing nothing scares me a lot more than potential misappropriation of funds.

  • SillyCynic

    I don’t know the answer of what to do, but doing the wrong thing will never be the right thing. The potential of misappropriation of funds is way too high.

    The argument “it’s better to step off in the wrong direction, than stand and wait for a better idea” argument is the same exact argument my friend from Seattle poses. You’d rather promise a lifetime of servitude to an insurance company, than find the underlying issues that led to the issue in the first place. (You must purchase insurance if you have an income greater than the poverty line, what you can’t afford, someone else will pay forced to pay for you.)

    If we don’t have the answer right now, there’s no point in forcing something we know will fail. You didn’t marry your husband because “it’s better to be married, than not”…so why would you want to spend your children into indentured slavery with something that is a proven failure?

    I don’t get the logic.

  • SillyCynic

    When Shrodinger philosophically put his cat in a box, he proved that there can be more than one outcome. The cat is dead, or it is not. That, you cannot know, until you open the box to find out.

    Waiting for a better idea does the same. One will come, or it will not.

    Forcing a failure will have only 1 outcome. You will open the box, and the cat will be dead.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Actually, that seems like a good way to reduce the population as well. If you offered such a program to anyone and everyone. I’d imagine there are quite a few people who would volunteer, for the money and because they never want to have children.

  • Andrea Pizzuto

    Who fights with boiling water? So many other kitchen accessories to use.. All the same, fuck them both sideways with rusty cheese graters.

  • takurospirit

    I’m sure this is to target the types of people who have a kid year after year, many instances of contact with CPS (so they just aren’t getting they suck at all), and decide to leave a kid that is basically still a toddler covered in horrible burns but it sort of feels like there is an assumption going on here that everyone using these programs behaves this way.

    I get a small allotment of food stamps (soon to be cancelled most probably) and we have the state medical card (also probably soon to be lost for me at least). I can assure you I’d never dump boiling water on my children, starve them, lock them in a closet, or keep them out of school. I highly doubt they’ll grow up and end up in prison. I don’t hit them. They are for the most part, happy and healthy well adjusted children. Of course I only wanted one, the boy snuck in there giving me two, and that’s it – I’m closing up shop officially.

    I have a job. I just don’t quite make enough at this point. At least we don’t need section-8 or daycare assistance because if I needed to send them to day care it would be all over. That would literally make working pointless as I’d pay the daycare and then….we’d be homeless.

  • Who fights like that??? It takes time for water to boil. This POS couple had 7 kids too many!

  • sugarpie

    Always good to hear that CPS followed up and saved the kid. I’d like to see this more in the news. And kudos to the mesa police for not believing the parents and actually checking it out.

  • Neon_Gonorrhea


  • VenusDoom3

    Is it just me, or does Joscilin sound like an ineffective generic antibiotic?

  • But we don’t know it will fail. That’s your false assumption, and where I consider your position to be paranoia. Even a high possibility of misappropriation doesn’t make it a guaranteed outcome. Medicare controls costs better than the private insurance sector. Medicaid already offers a similar service that could simply be expanded.

    Ideally, I’d like to see other federal programs cut and allocate those funds to such a program. Yes, there are lots of ways to go about it; a tax increase could easily be avoided. I made that initial comment only to reinforce how desperately I’d like to see such a program.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Already appreciated! Got the email first thing this am; helped oh so much in my am activities!!!

  • tkaz

    With the healthcare reform under my insurance (non-Medicaid) it’s 100% covered for women & 70-80% for men. Not sure why as women have to be put under.

  • tkaz

    Yes, voluntary…..but I suppose in most cases it shouldn’t be. 🙁

  • tkaz

    All the poor people I know with 6 kids would never consider it though.

  • tkaz

    I love the reason behind not covering it. So many are forgotten.
    Sometimes when you love a site, knowing their motive behind it all reaffirms WHY you love it.

  • True

    Who makes soup out of their child? These “people” have serious issues. And the taxpayers are funding them. No one that dysfunctional should have children or animals. Go kill each other off, but leave the kids alone.

  • SillyCynic

    Optimism V. Realism.
    Doctors refuse 1/3 of new Medicaid patients, and some are also refusing to accept Medicare patients…because the red tape to get paid for their services is too much of a hassle and way too big of a headache…forgetting that payments take FOREVER to get there…or those “increasing” regulations.

    But it **might** work if we hope hard enough.

    And I might be able to fly if I jump off a tall enough building.

  • You let your temper get the best of you, your baby gets burned on two different occasions and you have nobody to blame for your problems now, except for yourselves. Get some help before you lose all your fucking children. Being a loser piece of shit is no excuse for harming your child. I don’t know what you can do at this point to save your pathetic little existences but you should start with getting clean and sober and humble. ‘Nuff said.

  • Ummm….. the water could have already been boiling.

  • According to Rev. Al & Jesse, this is not a crime because it was black on black

  • Rachel Ann

    Actually it’s not the red tape that is making doctors no accept Medicare patients its the fact that they aren’t gettin paid nearly as much as they would from a non Medicare patient. Heard it from the horses mouth so to speak.

  • SillyCynic

    According to degree directory general practitioners earn a median salary of $163,510/yr.

    Would you go spend 11 years (or more) in college and residency to be a general practitioner, to make 163k/yr, before malpractice/liability insurance, or would you rather take Medicare, which is going to drop your income to even lower than that?

    “…..Notably, most states with poor Medicaid physician access are also notorious for paying doctors poorly.” Forbes

    Not arguing with you. The Forbes article, also says uninsured (who pay cash) have better medical access than those that have Medicare because cash is better than filling out paperwork….which goes with what I said; “red tape”