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Codey EverhartLEE’S SUMMIT, MO — I’m not condoning grown men having sex with 13-year-old girls, but if you do, it’s probably not a good idea not to send the victim’s mother text messages apologizing for what you did.

That’s what  22-year-old Codey Everhart is accused of doing after he allegedly raped a 13-year-old neighbor. According to the girl, shortly after her mother left for work, Codey knocked on her window asking if she wanted to go out. She said no, but allowed Codey to come in to use the bathroom.

According to the girl, when Codey came out of the bathroom he threw her on the bed and sexually assaulted her. She told police she was able to get away from him and hide in a bathroom until Codey left the home. That’s when the girl put her clothes on and ran to a friend’s house for help.

Sometime afterwards, Codey sent the girl’s mother text messages apologizing for what he did. According to court records the text message read:

Omg im so sorry….it was the biggest mistake IV ever made plz I’m sorry plz don’t call the cops…Ihave kids…plz I will do whatever u want I’m so so rry handsome sacred I shouldv never said yes when she asked me to come over And scared* I’m so scared….I’m so sorry mam….I sware off girls altogther…plz I’m so sorry….plz say something? ?? Plz call me mam I’m so scared right now I feel like my whole world is gona crash dwon on me…..And I ‘m worried ima loose my daugthers…….. (plz call or text plzzz

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When police interviewed the victim, they noticed marks around her neck and slight bruising on her thighs. When Codey was interviewed, he told police that the girl, who he knew was only 13, invited him over to make out. He admitted there was some physical contact, but denied having full sexual intercourse with the girl.

Codey Everhart was arrested and charged with forcible rape and two counts of first-degree statutory rape. Prosecutors requested a bond of $250,000 cash. Everhart’s father has apologized to the victim’s family and is now trying to get custody of his son’s 4-year-old daughter.

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  • JohnQknowitall

    Was the mother polite enough to thank him for the apologie and thereby sinching his conviction? What an ass… a very selfish and dangerous ass.

  • Hopefully she didn’t reply at all. What a pathetic young man.

  • Amber Angeldust

    What is it with 20-somethings raping 13 year olds these days? I swear, there have been several cases here in Montana in the past year (that we even know of, who knows how many went unreported).

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    He didn’t want to lose his daughter, yet he raped someone else’s daughter.

    I think that they should examine Everhart’s daughter to make sure that he hasn’t been grooming her or violating her as well.

  • SillyCynic

    If you reallllllllllllllly need to get laid, instead of raping some 13 year old girl, go to a bar at 1:30am and pick up the left overs. You’re not going to get the cream of the crop…my god man, strange isn’t even that hard to get, and I’ve got an ugly face!

  • Lorraine Nation

    Handsome sacred?

  • Neon_Gonorrhea

    I will get to this one strong as well. He is going to catch me orally, from a big mexican brute name Jorge. Jorge and his homeys LOVE child molesters. He will be traded around the cell block for serving sized bags of cheetos.

  • Valerie

    Unless he pleads guilty, there will still be a trial. My ex tried to rape me after I left him and signed two confessions admitting to what he did. He STILL pled innocent and drug my name and reputation through the dirt once he realized that he was facing prison time. It took roughly a year and a half from the attempted rape until he was found guilty by a jury. The trial was nearly as bad as what he did. It was humiliating to answer the accusations he had the defense making. He claimed that I was into “fantasy rape” and that it was normal foreplay and he had no idea that I was serious until the police showed up. He also claimed that I was having sex with both him and another man. He then said that he didn’t try to “force” me physically, but only by begging and pleading (one of his confessions began with “I did try to force my wife to have sex with me”.” Rape/attempted rape trials are horrible. Especially if he is now going to claim that she started it.

  • JohnQknowitall

    My guess is he will plead guilty after a plea deal that will be made mainly to protect the 13 year old from abuse on the witness stand.. just my guess… but none the less he cleared up any potential shadows of doubt.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I agree… everything seems to be about him except punishment.

  • plainbelliedsneetch

    What’s “handsome sacred” supposed to be? It doesn’t even look like auto-correct slipped in the wrong words, since the rest of his message indicates that function is either turned off or killed itself in despair.

  • I have one that sent the girl’s father a picture of his daughter’s, well, you know what. And he wonders why he’s in jail…

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I think it auto-corrected “and I’m scared” to this weirdness.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    “and I’m scared” seems to be what he meant from the context clues.

  • Jessica Stewart

    If you show up at 1am you look like fresh meat, and they’ll flock to you! In fact, if you’re not too picky and you just want a good BJ hit a gay bar at 1am.

  • Jessica Stewart

    One of the questions that I regularly ask myself about people is: “how can you be so stupid, and yet live?” How has this level of pure, unadulterated idiocy survived the genetic selection process to pool at such unimaginable levels, within your dumb ass. You’re a monkey that alternates between sticking his own thumb up his ass, and then sucking on it. It’s INCONCEIVABLE to me, that we are of the same species. Die, painfully, like a hobo who was ‘run a train’ on.

  • misssmartypants

    I like how he set it up in his text that she ” invited him over”.

  • SillyCynic

    Sadly, I’m way to picky for that…men really aren’t my cup of tea.

  • darsa

    He needs to be jailed for his use of the word loose. >:(

  • Least he said “sorry”, maybe he deserves some mental help

  • Twisted1

    Had this happen to me when I typed and I’m so scared while shaking like a leaf.

  • midniteshadows

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. How horrible that you were not only victimized by your ex, but victimized again by trial. Thank you for your incredible courage to put this man away and preventing future victims. Much respect from me. Blessings – Fran

  • sugarpie

    Sometimes I’m torn with stories like these, because I know some pretty permiscuous 13 year old girls who like “hanging out” with older guys. While I still think the guy is a total douche knowing he’s sexing an underage girl (and think he should be held accoutable), I don’t always think its rape. However, because of his text and the girls actions afterwards, this does sound like the dickface is an out right rapist. He should “loose” his daughters before they are old enough to become his victims.

  • Valerie

    Hopefully, my ex was offered a plea deal and he refused to take it. Even with two handwritten and signed confessions, the idiot really thought he could talk his way out of it. The prosecutor said he made an ass of himself on the stand. He was rolling his eyes and changing his story. One minute I was a slut having sex with another guy, then I was having sex with him, then I was having sex with both of them, then I liked to be pretend raped, then he wasn’t really trying to force me physically, only begging and pleading for me to have sex with him (then he could not explain all of the bruising I had).

    Sometimes these idiots really think that a jury will feel bad for them or will just let them off. My ex tried to call several times after he was arrested. He would call collect and his name would be “I am so sorry” or “please drop the charges.” He even had his mother calling and offering money if I would just not show up to his preliminary hearing.

    Hopefully, he does take a plea deal. Rape trials are much worse on the victim than they are on the rapist. Hopefully, they can all come to terms (the prosecution and victim) as far as what is appropriate. My ex was offered sexual assault with an open sentence of up to seven years and lifetime registration as a sex offender. He refused and counter offered with pleaing guilty to 3rd degree domestic assault with only probation (like it was a minor argument that went awry, not a very violent attempted rape only stopped by our four year daughter walking into the room).

    Anyways, I still rant about it. I hope this girl gets justice and I hope that a jury or judge will see through this asshole’s attempt at getting pity.

  • Valerie

    Thank you. I had to follow through with it. It would have only become worse had I dropped charges. He’s been in prison for nearly two years now, so I am very happy about that.

  • VenusDoom3

    No. It’s always rape when the child is not of legal age to consent. A child cannot legally give permission to have sex with her. It’s his responsibility to know she’s a child (for God’s sake, this anal wart has kids of his own!) and to know it’s illegal to have sex with her, regardless of whether she acted promiscuously or not. There’s no gray area here.

  • Are you serious, Brian? WTF goes through these perp’s minds?

  • Defafan

    Sick fuck. You got caught, hope you pay. You are not sorry, you are a sick pedo.

  • sugarpie

    Speaking from experience here. I was 14 and was one of these permiscuous teenagers when I lost my virginity to a 20 year old. While I’m not proud of how I carried myself, I had a relationship with this guy for 3 years. I was “in love”, until he was talking marriage and babies and I was way too young for that and realized what I was missing out on in my older teenage years. I lied to him telling him I was 16 when we first got together. By the time he found out my real age, we were in a pretty serious relationship. My parents had no clue for the first year or so. Then I lied to them about his age. So, this is why I feel that some of these guys may be kinda trapped into the lure of a younger girl. At 14, I was fully developed and I had all my wits about me. I was very manipulative. I’m not saying that this is always the case, because there are alot of men who prey on the vulnerablity of young girls. So gray area or not, I don’t consider myself being raped by my “first”. I actually was raped when I was 17 and believe me, the two are TOTALLY different.

  • PostTosties

    If you get that horny——take a damn cold shower stupid! Or get help!

  • Great post.

    …and there’s always grey area when we’re talking about social and moral issues, which this most definitely is.

  • Kim

    I dumped a guy for this once. We were having one of those what’s the most inappropriate/wrong sexual thing you’ve done? He admitted to sleeping with a 13 yo when he was in his early 20’s then tried to minimize it by claiming she was very “experienced” for 13. Very molested is more like it. I was just grossed out. If she lied about her age, sure I can understand but if you knew she was 13,nasty. Even if it happened 20 years ago, still gross. I didn’t tell why i dumped him though,took the cowardly way out to avoid a confrontation and made something else up. He was my neighbor and didn’t want to start a war.

  • Just re-read the text, where he says “I sware off girls altogther” – makes me wonder if this wasn’t a first-time thing?

  • My metro area is popping up on DD more and more lately. I don’t wanna be the new Floriduh!

  • Jessica Stewart

    So be it I suppose, lol. the rapist up there did say “I sware off girls altogether” so maybe that tip can help him in the future.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    Lots of gray there, for sure…I also would be hard-pressed to describe wht happened with you as rape…but I think the term rape applies in situations like the one in this article even if she was willing, as long as the guy knows its a little girl he’s dealing with.

  • midniteshadows

    “How has this level of pure, unadulterated idiocy survived the genetic selection process…”

    Budget cuts. Can’t afford genetic pool cleaners and the price of chlorine is outrageous.

  • CT

    I would have turned his sorry ass in too but first because I fucking hate bad texting! How in the hell am I supposed to know what all of those god damn abbreviations are? Huh? Huh?

  • itsknotme

    Text messaging …..twenty-thousand years ago, he would have had to inform the mom using a cave painting. And, if this is true, why were there so many cave painting with animals?

  • Okay, I won’t ever say this is right, but why is it all on the guy? Yes, he was seriously stupid and wrong for even going over there and raping her. But the girl invited him over to “make out.” But nobody says anything about that because she’s a “victim.”

  • Jessica Stewart

    Oh, that must be why people keep trying to bum eye bleach from others…….

  • TheLadyDragon

    More victim blaming from this loser. *sigh* I’m getting really sick of that shit. Is it time I go on a rampage again?

  • Chinchillazilla

    It’s really easy not to have sex with thirteen-year-olds. I don’t do it EVERY DAY, that’s how easy it is.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I think “behind bars” is where he will find sex now. Do you think he will look better in crimson red or hot pink lipstick?

  • CatAtonic99

    Good thing he “swore off girls”. Other than maybe a few female correction officers he’s not going to have many options anyway. Hell, he already “swore off” girls by putting the relationship with his daughter in jeopardy.

    Why 2 counts of 1st degree statutory rape?

  • CatAtonic99

    It’s traumatic- sometimes you’ve gotta rant, especially after being made to feel like you don’t have a voice for so long. I’m sorry you’ve experienced all that you have.

    I agree that the court proceedings can be just as traumatic and humiliating in so many ways- having to ‘relive’ the rape in your head as well as publicly speaking about it, the rapist being able to hang on every little word you speak- likely thrilled over the thought of how traumatic it was for you… ugh.

    The “justice” system failed me. I wish the courts were as tough on the people who commit sexual assaults as they are with people convicted of drug crimes.

  • CatAtonic99

    You’ve got nice tits though 😉

  • CatAtonic99

    Oh PLZ!! 😀
    (Yes he does)

  • Cassy_Again

    Rape is not about sex. It’s about control, power and abuse. That’s why he chose a child. A child his “apology” shows he still doesn’t see as human…she’s just a possession, so he apologized tot her “owner”…her mother, and not to her.


  • Cassy_Again

    Seriously, a 20 year old who “dates” a 14-year-old is not playing with a full deck. A 20-year-old is an adult and he had something in common with a grade schooler and that’s who he chose to hang out with. When you were 20, how many 8th graders or whatever the age would have been where you were, were you best buds with?

  • sugarpie

    Of course I didn’t when I was 20, but boys can’t pull off the mature act like girls can. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him as far as him playing with a full deck. After we broke up, he went on with his life and married a nice woman, had kids and has never been in trouble for stalking little girls. 14 year old boys are at completely different levels than 14 year old girls. Even after he and I broke up, I dated older men. My point is that I was the one who initiated the relationship and I was the one who manipulated him into believing I was older. And of course my situation isn’t how it always is and YES there are many douche bags out there who prey on these young girls. My point is that if the guy I was dating got in trouble for raping me, I would have been the one to blame for ruining his life. It wasn’t rape. He never forced me to do anything. In fact, I was the one who gave up my virginity. He wanted to wait. But I guess I’m not going to waste anymore time explaining why I think everyting isn’t always black or white in these situations because you obviously have all the answers.

  • SillyCynic

    Rapes not that cut and dry.

    For him yes, but not all cases are the same.

  • Buffettgirl

    A nice coral to compliment his jumpsuit….

  • SillyCynic

    My milk does bring all the boys to the yard.

  • I bet if this young man paid more attention to improving his grammar skills while still in school than fucking chickens he would have been able to prevent himself from going all honey boo boo on this poor lady’s kid. Unacceptable behavior. Remedial training needed.

  • CatAtonic99

    Wonder why he didn’t tell the girl’s FATHER? 🙂 Do you think he was concerned about getting his ass beat?! LOL

  • Andyman

    Fucking ewwwwwww, really?

  • Aussie Sabbath

    So who groomed you?

  • sugarpie

    You know, you might think that girls who do this stuff must have some crazy shit going on at home, but thats not the case here. My parents were very strict. I think thats why I was good at lying and being sneaky. I believe maybe it was my peers at school. I wasn’t the only sexually active girl and I remember girls actually having contests to see who could nail the most guys in 1 school year. Of the girls I ran with, I was the last to lose their viginity. Hell, I remember a girl in 7th grade who had to leave school because she was pregnant. I never saw her again. But that was back in the day when it wasn’t cool to be a teenage mom.

  • RoxBerry

    According to him and his sisters their papa is dead…

  • technicolorpachyderms

    So now, as an adult, you think it’s ok for a 20 year old man to date a 14 year old girl?

  • That’s pretty ridiculous. She’s clearly stating that, while there are a lot of creeps, this situation is not inherently predatory. So your response is pretty silly.

    When I was 14, I was dating a 19-year-old. He was actually my parents’ favorite of my boyfriends. My parents… A Mechanical Engineer and a stay-at-home-mother. He was a friend’s older brother, and they lived in the neighborhood. He was extremely polite and respectful. I was an honors student in Debate, FBLA and multiple sports. We fooled around a bunch (a bunch), but we never sealed the deal, and I ultimately broke things off because I was afraid he’d get in trouble for our relationship. Sounds like the decision-making skills of an incompetent, emotionally-compromised little girl, right?

    Yeah… at 14 I was already more mature than most women I know now at the age of 30. Was I the exception to the rule? Absolutely, but it’s a more substantial exception than many people care to realize. I went on to marry the man I have the V-card to. And two out of three of my best friends were dating men in excess of a decade older when they were in their late teens. Also from stable, loving, middle-class, two-parent, well-educated households.

    If anything, we did the grooming. Hence, grey-area.

  • The best answer to this question would be “it depends”.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Dude yeah, Have you ever seen Craigslist at 3am?

  • Indeed. Most rape is date rape, relatively non-violent (compared to forcible rape) and alcohol-fueled. That is frequently sex-driven. Procreation is, perhaps, behind self-preservation (and even that is debatable), the strongest instinct humans experience. Of course there’s rape that’s about sex. Sex is pleasurable, and there are people out there who want to simply take it, just like people who steal drugs or money or other pleasurable items that they’re too lazy or incapable of earning.

  • technicolorpachyderms

    I just can’t wrap my head around thinking that way. I was totally in love with a guy who was 21 when I was 15. We talked every day for hours. We never did anything sexual until I was 18. At the time, of course, I thought I was totally mature and people just didn’t understand and all that jazz. Now that 21 has come and gone for me, I cannot see any situation in which a normal adult would want to have a relationship with a young teen. No matter how mature any given teen is, they still are in a totally different place than an adult. I think these men are drawn to young girls because they don’t have experience to know what is normal and will put up with way more crazy bullshit than any adult would.

    Maybe someday I will encounter something that will change my mind, but I can’t imagine what.

  • Rachel Ann

    What a dumbass. As if someone would actually buy his bullshit excuse of being invited in and seduced by a 13y/o.

  • sugarpie

    As I look back and think about why a 20 year old might find themselves interested in a 14 year old, I realized that if you think about it from a school stand point, it really isn’t that far fetched. In 9th grade, when In was 14, our school combined 9th through 12th grades. So, at 14, we were watching and learning from the older girls. It doesn’t take to much to figure out how to make yourself look older and act more mature by watching. So by going to football games, wrestling matches, dances, etc., you meet all age groups and hang out as one. It’s not uncommon for people to be 18/19 when you graduate. If you think about a 20 year old who maybe got a job right out school and stayed around town as opposed to going off to college or moving away, they are too young to go the bar, so they are likely to hang out with their school friends, which likely includes a younger crowd. Unfortunately, your younger crowd includes very young girls. So boy meets girl and the story goes on. Do I think it’s ok? I can’t say that I am totally opposed to it because I don’t look at it as a sexual predator who is preying on little girls. They are still considered peers at this point. However, that being said, if I were a 20 year old male who knows what kind of trouble I could get into by associating with a 14 year old, I wouldn’t even consider taking that chance.

  • Ruby Bea

    ” Im so sorry handsome sacred”……… um huh???!!! HAHAHHAH
    His piss poor grammar probably angered the mom even more