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McDonalds PedophileNew York, NY – Police are asking the public’s help in identifying a man who sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl in a McDonald’s play area.

According to reports, a man with bandage on his head ahd been lurking near the entrance of the McDonald’s play area for an hour or more when he approached the victim inside the massive jungle gym. With the girl’s mother nearby, the man went down a covered slide with the little girl and while inside, forced her to perform a sex act on him.

The child immediately ran from the playground and told her mother what happened. Horrified, the woman chased after the suspect and was able to grab his shirt before he made his escape across the street. Police say there was a security guard at the restaurant, but he did little to help and never questioned the suspect even though he was seen hanging around the play area.

The suspect is described as being between 18 and 30, with a medium complexion, and was wearing a dark purple short-sleeved shirt and faded black or dark blue jeans. Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

This isn’t the first time a child has been attacked at this McDonald’s. In March, a man grabbed a 9-year-old girl and stuck his hands down her pants. It’s not clear if the suspect in that case is the same in this latest incident.

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  • and where were her parents…..

  • The mother was there. She chased after the guy.

  • It says her mom was standing near by. This happened up IN the play place, out of mothers view.

  • yea just read the article….lol

  • If a security guard is needed at a McDondalds maybe you’re better off having your 4yr old play in traffic

  • Jessie

    Hope the security guard at least loses his job for this. He should be charged with negligence, in my opinion. The mother shouldn’t have had to chase the guy down- the lazy ass guard should have done his job!!! What kind of McDonalds requires a security guard??? All of them!

  • sugarpie

    Wow, that must have been a long slide! I’m not sure how the mother didn’t become concerned that a grown man with no children in tow got on the slide in the first place. Our local McD’s playgrounds aren’t very big. I can see everywhere my grandaughter is at all times. I even get all panicky when I see older boys near her going through those tunnels. If I would have seen him walk near the area, I would have told her it was time to go. But I’m a little paranoid. Me thinks I read too much DD.

  • GGMon

    So the security guard basically went “yolo” and didn’t stop him? What the fuck!

  • @RODakaBOO how does this happen? crazy i just dont see my kid getting assaulted like thatwithout me seeing it b4my kid come2me

  • enrique salazar

    Drive thru at McDonalds it is then

  • Curlykate910

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he’s here illegally. Ugh how disgusting is he.

  • ShelbySP

    The McDonald’s play place?? IS NOTHING SACRED????

  • Buffettgirl

    If you crave sexual attention from toddlers please do yourself and the world a favor and just off yourself. Seriously, you know you feel this way towards young girls, how’s about you don’t tempt fate and go the Play Place at McDonald’s? I hope they catch this kid, he’s scary dangerous…

  • Texas Ranger

    “The suspect is described as being between 18 and 30, with a medium
    complexion, and was wearing a dark purple short-sleeved shirt and faded
    black or dark blue jeans.”

    I know where he is! He is here at my work! Wait!…..that description could be ANYBODY!

    I have always wondered…do the cops release this kind of description because they have too? Surely they know it describes everyone and no one at the same time

  • He was 14 and waiting at the top of the covered slide

  • He was 14 and waiting at the top of the covered slide

  • tkaz

    I couldn’t. They were opaque & I was so relieved when they grew out of them!!! I was a nervous wreck everytime…

  • tkaz

    This happened to a friend of mine YEARS ago. But she had no proof & it was an older boy who touched her 4 yr old daughter. She found out after they got home.

  • tkaz

    Umm…this is gross & I hate to ask it but….did he leave DNA on the girl? Maybe that’s a way to track down the perv…..

  • BrittBrittRoss

    Damn, he could at least watch out for any random dudes loitering in the play area…

  • BrittBrittRoss

    The man we are looking for is 18 to 80 years old, Light to dark complexion, between 5 and 6 ft tall & 150 to 200 lbs. He has two arms, two legs, & is wearing clothing. Do not approach him, he is armed & dangerous….

  • Jessica Stewart

    So many, many reasons that McDonald’s is bad for you, and it’s not just the food. Again with the parents not watching their kids, too. Jeebus, yeah, you can’t watch your kid all the time but in an enclosure that’s actually attached to the restaurant you’re in? And your kid is 4? At the very least I’d be making sure she wasn’t doing anything that could cause her to catch lice, much less crabs…….

  • Jessica Stewart

    Well if the police aren’t required to protect you, I can’t imagine a security guard is.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Yes, but you obviously *watch* your grandchild, while she’s playing, I’m betting the mother wasn’t, she probably just sent her to the playground and started playing candy crush saga.

  • Jessica Stewart

    At this point McDonald’s should really limit the age of people allowed in the play area, and a playground monitor would be a better investment than a Security guard.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Sorry, how is that applicable? Chimos aren’t limited to any color of the rainbow, or country of origin.

  • Defafan

    I hope they catch this fucker. If he is that bold, he would certainly do it again and probably kill so as not to get caught. Pedophiles are sick.

  • Is there anywhere safe left to take your child?? I mean wth.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    In light of the US Supreme Court ruling, I think that the police departments which have the motto: “To Protect and Serve” plastered on their patrol cars should be sued for false advertising…

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Poor kid! She got caught in a massive fail between a pedo, a lazy security guard, and lazier parents.

  • curiousalways
  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    They caught him. His middle school teacher turned him in. He’s 14.

    Tragic, and that fucking security guard needs to lose his job. The family of the perp needs to be looked at, too, because teenage boys don’t randomly molest little girls unless something bad’s been going on at home, or they are sociopaths who have enabling parents.

  • glitterpuss

    Security guards are often instructed to not chase people for liability reasons. It’s lame but true. He should have at least questioned the weirdo though and kicked him outta there.

  • Tommy The Man

    That is a long stretch of age. “Looking for a man between 18 – 30”. Turns out to be a young teen. He does not look like a teen on that camera. O.O It is crazy how some teens pass off as adults now. Well, at least they got him early. Who knows though as he could have done it before. They better keep him detained as long as possible otherwise he will go at it again. I hope that poor girl gets therapy and support. I do wonder how the hell did he even get inside the freaking slide or the play-area? Sure as hell you would be noticed. Eh, Play-places have never been safe. I remember busting my lip on this bar-pole when I was 6 and also tripped once and fell through the slide head first. Just a place bound for trouble.

  • Tommy The Man

    “The teacher also told police that the suspect has behavioral problems and has been caught masturbating in the boys’ bathroom.”

    Oh wow…alright, he is fucked. He can’t be fixed. Masturbating in school was just unthinkable to the common mind.

    Now I do wonder though that they should really check into this home life. Seems someone has been messing with him in the past. I remember in the 6th grade, a kid in my freaking English class two rows down started to masturbate right in class while the teacher was talking. Long story short, it turned out he was being molested by his step father.

  • I do not like the crime but will share in case someone can identify him.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    THAT WAS 14?!?! JESUS FUCK. That’s a tall ass teenager

  • WarriorArtemis

    Ok, sorry but hat is bullshit…I would have chased the motherfucker out of the playground way before that happened…I mean if I can’t take my ass up there with my kid…then some grown ass man shouldn’t be up there either…

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    You can NEVER read too much DD…it’s a necessary reminder.

  • onlyme356

    I’ve never liked the McDonalds playplace. I rarely go there and when I did I rarely let my kid play in one. Aside from the fact that they probably never get cleaned and are infested with bacteria, there are way too many blind spots. Had I seen this dude going inside one I immediately would have done something about it.

  • Christopher Howard

    Certainly there’d be some on the shirt the mother grabbed. Of course he may not have a previous record and therefore his DNA may not be in the system… yet.

  • Yes i’m afraid I too was the victim of a Pedo University. After school all the kids would say “Let’s go watch movies at Uncle Don’s house!” I was skeptical but soon caved in to peer pressure. Uncle Don was never married but loved us poor kids so he gave us all what he called Jesus juice, and funny pills to take our hunger away. Uncle Don would put in VHS tapes of people doing funny things to each other and sounding like they were crying. He would have a blanket over his legs and make funny noises till his toes curled and he screamed so loud his eyes rolled into the back of his head! I got scared and never went back.

  • DW

    Too true. I work as a security officer and, much like the movie title, our duties are mainly to observe and report. We ARE given leeway to make judgement calls and take down people who are a threat however. And in this case it seems the guard was just being negligent.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Is nothing sacred?!?!?!?!

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    OOPS! ShelbySP got to my sacred line, first. That’s what I get for posting before reading…

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