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Christopher W. DillinghamSTEVENSON, WA – A man is facing felony charges after he admitted to strapping a homemade bomb around his dog’s neck, then detonating it around 4 a.m. outside his home.

The explosion woke many people up in the neighborhood, with one neighbor saying it sounded like a high-power rifle was fired right outside his window.

When police arrived at the home of 45-year-old Christopher Dillingham, they found the remains of his dog strewn about the yard, along with household items.

When asked why in the hell did he just blow up his dog, Dillingham informed them he was preparing for the Rapture and that the devil was in the dog. When asked why he was throwing items from inside his home into the yard, he explained that “the souls of demons” were inside the metal objects in the house.

Dillingham, who owns and operates a fireworks stand called Thundershack, said his ex-girlfriend gave him the dog, named Cabella, and “put the devil in it.” So he made a bomb using black powder from fireworks then strapped it around Cabella’s neck before feeding it treats. He then stepped behind a wall and detonated the bomb, decapitating Cabella.

Dillingham was arrested on the spot and is facing charges of second-degree malicious mischief, reckless endangerment and possession of explosive devices. He will not be charged with animal cruelty because the dog did not suffer. Dillingham is being held on $500,000 bail.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, as well as the Metro Bomb Squad, was assisting in the investigation and more charged may be filed.

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  • Sounds like an excellent case for “Eye for an Eye” punishment!

  • Kittyskyfish

    So we got Trashcan Man running the fireworks stand and blowing up dogs. Holy shit the end IS near.

  • He’s clearly mentally ill and it’s against human rights to execute the mentally ill. Revenge isn’t justice.

  • sweekymom

    Someone needs to inform this loon that the devil is actually inside him. And then let nature take its course.

  • He will not be charged with animal cruelty b/c the dog did not suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH….he suffered b/c he had a shit head for a owner!!! You never know who is running the fire works stand, the one that always pops up down the road from me always looks shady!!!

  • Anyone can fake mental illness to get out of going to prison or getting the death penalty.

  • If he is that “mentally ill” he should not have been in public in the first place.

  • Kittyskyfish

    Police got a statement from Dillingham.

    “Cibola Cibola! Bumpity bumpity bump!”

    (This is a Stephen King character for those completely lost.)

  • My cat was talking to me and told me to kill 5 people….I’m crazy and am not of sound mind or body to go to prison or stand trial and since I did not know what I was doing, I cannot be put to death. I call BS.

  • Vesper B

    *&^%&^%. I have an $1800 dollar veterinary bill, which I have no clue how to start playing for, hanging over my head. One of my dogs needed major dental surgery and another accidentally got into rat poison, but damn it all, they survived and I have the bill to prove it. I will do the impossible to make sure one of my animals doesn’t suffer. Stories like this really piss me off. Why do people act this way? I don’t understand.

    Poor dog did suffer, you ignorant frakkers! I hope this guy gets blown up to see if he suffers.

  • PureDrivenSnow

    I’m currently reading the expanded version of The Stand so this comment was spot on!

  • CT

    My sister has two Goldens that have the stupid in them.

  • scoffchick

    Morbid should be in charge of this case. At least HE had the good sense to file it under “Animal Cruelty.” Damn.

  • Jessie

    Right? I’m sure that he didn’t treat the dog well if this is how it’s life ended.

  • sick bastared

  • techsupp0rt

    My life for you.

    Bumpty bump.

  • Texas Ranger

    Are they both female Goldens?

  • sugarpie

    I have a dog named Cabella and I totally hate this fuck head for making me picture that poor dog being all happy to get the attention and then he just blew it to pieces. Fuck Fuck Fuck. I need something to erase these images now!

  • Texas Ranger

    Just look at his picture. I’m wondering how the hell he picks his nose. He’s got just slits for nostrils. Maybe he has the devil in his nose.

  • In all fairness, I only did it because it is mentioned in the article. Legally, what he did does not constitute as animal cruelty in the state of Washington.

  • yet another monster scumbag.

  • sugarpie

    Maybe we should pack it with C4 and get rid of the devil inside.

  • Texas Ranger

    yeah…seems to be the current way to rid devils.

  • So wait, why was he trying to let it out then?

  • I hope the devil gets “inside” him in prision!! … dumbass … don’t even TRY to play crazy! .. you are a mean coward! .. and I hope Big Bubba and the boys just tear you apart!

  • Denise M.

    I live in WA right now, and that blows my mind. As liberal as they are.. sometimes they go so far left it goes back to right again.

  • Hope

    So getting your head blown off at the neck isn’t suffering? Just because the dog couldn’t grasp the fact that it was a BOMB being attached to it, and couldn’t feel fear/anxiety at that, it didn’t suffer? I’m sure for half a second, the dog suffered a hell of a lot.

  • Texas Ranger

    A down vote already? Come on! If CT would put down the crowbar long enough to answer, I could get to the punch line ( which is man-bashing…just for you feminists out there) Geez.

  • Curlykate910

    That’s what I’m most mad about too. He will face charges for the explosion, but not killing the dog. Animal cruelty laws are a joke.

  • Vesper B

    Isn’t this the same state who only passed anti-bestiality laws because of Mr Hands?

  • JohnQknowitall

    This is very sad. The devil actually lives in one of my co-workers. Today, especially, I wish he had gotten it right. Damn.

  • CT

    LOL, It wasn’t me! I gave you an upvote to even it out, OK? They are brother and sister.

  • CT

    No shit. I’m giving my lard ass cat insulin shots every day and this was after a major bill for what they thought was a urinary blockage.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Any one else reminded of the disturbing childhood song “I’m looking over my dead dog, Rover” to the “four-leaf clover” tune? Just me….? Whatever, I gotta go get rid of some demon-metal items in my home.

  • Jessica Stewart

    I see where you were going with that Tex. My first thought after reading the title: “That’s not a good way to get a Pit bull to quit humping your dog.”………..lol

  • waznormal

    I think it’s a safe bet that he will play the insanity card.

  • Texas Ranger

    Oh. brother and sister huh? that doesn’t work. never mind.

  • Kittyskyfish

    You are so right. It’s bumpty, not bumpity! Good eye.

  • Vesper B

    I’m sorry about your kitty! Glad she/he is back on track.

    I was giving my dog a Vitamin K treatment for a month. Luckily, the bloodwork came back positive for RBCs and she’s all right now, but damn! Vets be expensive.

    Screw this guy. Hard. Sell the video. Give CT and I the proceeds so we can pay off the vet bills. Everyone’s happy.

  • newstarshipsmell

    LOL, yep.

  • newstarshipsmell

    What a fool, blowing up his Labrador. Everyone knows the Devil lives inside Pit Bulls, sheesh. *SMH*

  • lol. While that can certainly happen, that’s not what we’re seeing here. There’s nothing liberal about weak animal cruelty laws.

    If anything, it’s a condition of the libertarian mindset. Animals are considered property a lot more than they’re considered human, and if you want to destroy your property, it’s within your legal right to do so so long as you’re not unnecessarily cruel about it (i.e. prolonged suffering).

    It’s just easiest to have the law set up like this, to avoid confusion/insensitivity with cultural or religious instances of animal killing.

  • Heisenberg

    I’m thinking the wife’s convinced the devil’s in her magic wand the way she works on blowing it up these days….. Good times

  • Wildheart

    “Hey, Trash, what did old lady Semple say when you torched her pension check?”

  • SillyCynic

    “Just because the dog couldn’t grasp the fact that it was a BOMB being attached to it, and couldn’t feel fear/anxiety at that, it didn’t suffer?”

    By pure definition, he ‘suffered’ because it experienced something most of us would consider to be ‘bad’ or ‘unpleasant’ (in the form of untimely death)…but I don’t think the dog felt any pain at all…as you seem to be alluding too.

  • SillyCynic

    …it appears your demonic co-worker reads Dreamin’ Demon.

  • LuvsHorror

    I give my dog allergy shots. I also have a hellascious vet bill. Special food, special shampoo and lotion, allergy meds, I’ll do anything for her. That guy should have a bomb tied around his neck, so we can blow the devil out of him.

  • Can I volunteer to put a stick of tnt up his ass and light it ? Please pick me pick me to do it !

  • Poor dog..so foolish and trusting and full of treats he no doubt willingly let his master strap that thing on. And loved him..Even if the fucker truly is out of his godamned gourd, he still fucking sucks!

  • CatAtonic99

    I forgot about that song until you mentioned it.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Sorry…..but at least I’m not the only one. 😛

  • JohnQknowitall

    Nah…. that was probably one of her kiss-ups.

  • VenusDoom3

    I think it’s a safe bet he’s legitimately mentally ill.

  • Vesper B

    Ok. We get a video of this guy and we’ll share the money with you too, LuvsHorror. 😀

  • masshole72

    I would like to strap a bomb onto his testicles, (it would have to a really small bomb I’m sure) and then another one around his neck. Detonate the teeny weeny scrotum one first.. and then detonate the one around his neck. Then again, maybe there could be several of these homemade bombs, strapped this his limbs, that way each one could be detonated, slowly, with false starts, one by one.

  • Buffettgirl

    There are days where I am stunned by the laws of the Pacific Northwest. If the politicians would just check with ME before they pass laws shit would make more sense… This asshat has a lengthy criminal history but I’m guessing it’s a serious case of mental illness behind it all. He just looks insane.

  • SillyCynic

    Depends on what side of the state you live…and I think it’s safe to say you live on the left side.

    Don’t think all ‘right’ is puppy killing psychos, that’s just people like Trent Franks…Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Most of us right leaning (Right leaning) folk don’t like puppy and kitten killers….some of us actually rescue puppies…and spend $1500 dollars on their hived out asses in vet bills as we try to find out why they’re unhealthy so we can make them not suffer.

  • SillyCynic

    I’m pretty sure vets just stick it to you all while knowing the problem.

    My Boxer had a food allergy (He weighed 55lb when I got him, you could see spine/hips/ribs…everything), and he wouldn’t gain weight…and he kept chewing his feet….I got him a cone of shame (vet said a half a benadryl was safe for him)…and made him home made food. (This…this is outrageously expensive. You think kids are spendy to feed? Wait till you’re feeding an 85lb dog 2x a day with 8oz of chicken or beef and fillers that aren’t grains.)

    When I got him fully back to healthy, he was 85 lbs and a super-hyper-active bunny on steroids that could accordian himself in half, and he’d hop over the other dogs in a vertical, side-to-side fashion during feeding time.

  • JustBrowsingLife

    Now I’ll never get to sleep. I will have that tune stuck all night. It will alternate with the “Greasy, Grimey Gopher Guts” song. thanks ever so much!

  • JustBrowsingLife

    He’s got a full house of insanity!

  • JustBrowsingLife

    That reminds me of the Wilfred episode when Ryan tricks Wilfred with the medication in the treat trick. am I sick that that made me giggle?

  • JustBrowsingLife

    You should checkout Arizona laws. I just found out that you can go to jail for euthanizing your own pet. It must be done by a vet. However you can keep a dog as a guard dog outside with no shade or you can volunteer your dog for medical testing.

  • The Skamania County prosecutor says the county will be adding animal cruelty charges to the case against a Stevenson man accused of blowing up his dog.

    The prosecutor previously charged Christopher Wayne Dillingham with possession of a bomb or explosive device with intent to use for an unlawful purpose, which is a felony.


    Dillingham made his first court appearance Monday. He was charged with possession of an explosive or destructive device with intent to use for unlawful purpose and reckless endangerment. Prosecutors initially held off on filing animal cruelty charges.

    As they reviewed case law and Washington statutes, it was determined the alleged incident met the necessary elements to charge Dillingham with animal cruelty.


  • Buffettgirl

    It’s crazy! And what kind of jerk “volunteers” their pet for medical testing? That’s just mean! 🙁

  • Brandon Johns

    He should be charged with murder!!

  • Christopher Howard

    They later amended the charges and he was charged with animal cruelty.

  • José Pascual

    So, it’s not animal cruelty if his pet did not suffer while he was killing it? If I flash-fried my sister’s chihuahua by dropping it in a vat of boiling grease cranked up to the highest setting possible, would it fall outside of the animal cruelty statute as well?

  • shewentwhoa

    when I first read this story on cnn it made me cryyy… Could be the hormones but I could never harm my precious lab..

  • KaD

    From the sound of it this guy is more in need of a mental hospital than jail.

  • KaD

    If you READ THE STORY you’ll quickly realize the man is mentally ill and not capable of thinking straight.