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Natalie GiorgioCarmichael, CA – A 13-year-old girl with severe allergies to peanuts died after eating a Rice Krispie treat made with peanut butter.

Natalie Giorgio was with her family during a church gathering at Camp Sacramento Friday night when she picked up the treat from a tray of refreshments that had been placed in a poorly lit area.

After taking a bite she realized something was wrong and spat it out. She ran to her mother who also tasted the treat and realized it had been made with peanut butter.

It only took 20 minutes before Natalie was vomiting and having trouble breathing. Despite her father injecting her with three EpiPens and help from paramedics and firefighters, Natalie suffered anaphylactic shock and then cardiac arrest. She would be pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to the family’s pastor, Natalie and her twin sister both have peanut allergies and were vigilant about taking precautions.

“She took every care. She knew the situation, that’s (connected to) the allergy she had. And they were really on it all the time,” said Pastor Michael Kiernan.

Natalie’s parents have thanked the first-responders who tried to save their daughter’s life and are now trying to get the message out about the dangers of food allergies.

“While our hearts are breaking over the tragic loss of our beautiful daughter Natalie, it is our hope that others can learn from this and realize that nut and food allergies are life threatening,” the family said in a statement. “Caution and care for those inflicted should always be supported and taken.”

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I can’t begin to imagine what Natalie’s friends and family are going through right now… or the person who brought the Rice Krispie Treats made with peanut butter.

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  • How sad. =( poor baby girl. But really who makes those with peanut butter? ewww.

  • Child killers apparently

  • Where’s your God now?

  • Great. Now they’re gonna outlaw peanut butter.

  • damn you peanuts! poor girl <3

  • I don’t have a girlfriend.

  • Poor baby. You have to feel immense guilt if your the one eho made the death treats.

  • Savanah

    I’ve honestly never heard of rice krispy treats being made with peanut butter so I would have never guessed it either, unless you could smell the peanut butter in them. Poor girl. :/

  • Evan

    good lookin’ out GOD….sheesh

  • VenusDoom3

    As much as it’s annoying not to be able to send PB&J with my kids for school lunches, I completely understand because of things like this. So sad.

  • naww just high peanut capacity Rice Krispies

  • Christy

    Awful. I don’t know how you could teach your kid to cover every single possibility.
    I’m especially sad for her twinless sister 🙁

  • Aww. how sad.

    p.s. They are called scotcheroos.

  • He needed another angel.

  • Lorraine Nation

    20 minutes? Why wasn’t she in the hospital by then?

  • sugarpie

    Peanuts/peanut butter are major staples in my diet. I have never given second thought to making tasty treats with peanut butter to take to picnics. I’ll definately not be taking them anymore. I really feel bad for the person who did make them. So I wonder if they owned up to it or just slinked away in the crowd.

  • My daughter would only eat PB&J for school lunch, and then last year she was in a room where a boy was allergic and the room was a no peanut room. She made sue and I understood, you know the person who made these feels like shit. But I wonder why if the church and everyone knew no one said hey I made these with peanut butter!!!

  • Ain’t that the truth in this day and age!

  • Was there a peanut in a regular rice crispy treat that wasn’t supposed to be in there?

  • this is bad.. wow…

  • Mendi Mayhem

    Damh. You know whoever made those punk ass rice krispie treats feel like total shit right now. I feel especially bad for the girl’s twin sister.

  • Mendi Mayhem

    I totally would’ve thrown her in the car and and driven her there myself, or had someone drive while I sat in the backseat with her. Maybe it was in an out of the way place, though.

  • JJ

    Well, if they slinked away, they will live as cowardly murders for the rest of their lives… so, I hope they spoke up.

  • Buffettgirl

    I’m not sure I would call them a murderer… it was almost certainly an accident. Why would they need to “own up” anyway. Will it make this tragedy some how more bearable if the parents KNOW who made the rice krispie treats? I highly doubt it. I’m quite certain the person that made them feels like utter crap, and will for the rest of their lives. Calling them a murderer is pretty harsh. You have to have intent to actually “murder” someone…

  • Buffettgirl

    Very sad, my heart breaks for her twin, the pain of never seeing your twin again must be unbearable. As much as my sister and I annoy each other, I can’t imagine life without her, and we’re not twins…

  • MilfOf2

    My 3 year old also suffers from food allergies and we have to carry an epi pen every where we go, it is very scary. So heartbreaking =( I even feel bad for the person who brought the treats, begin family they should no that there was an allergy.

  • Better a tragic accident than some of the horrible things from these articles. RIP m/

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Peanuts and nuts are some of the tastiest things ever, and peanut oil fries things like nothing else. It sucks that there’s no successful treatment to eliminate peanut allergies yet.

    And I feel worst of all for the person who brought the rice krispies treats. I’ve never heard of them being made with peanut butter (we’ve always made them with marshmallows), but whoever did it probably feels like a murderer right now.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    His hoarding ass has more than enough of them by now. He should send some assholes down to hell for a change.

  • JohnQknowitall

    You can add a variety of sauces (e.g., butterscotch, chocolate sauce)… The person who made them must be sick with unfounded guilt after preparing something generally fun and good intentioned.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Perhaps the remedy the parents kept with them and administered was always enough before. I don’t fault the parents in the least; the father having the medication (even if it didn’t work this time) tells me they are responsible, cautious and loving.

  • killed by krispies..ouch

  • bethied

    Oh, lord, they are delicious. IMO, they are the only Rice Krispy treats worth eating. Add some peanut butter, then drizzle with chocolate.

  • How sad. We recently realized my husband has a mild peanut allergy. He was talking to me about “that tingling sensation” when he eats peanut butter, and “you know how your throat starts closing and it is harder to breath” when eating a peanut butter cookie. I said, uhhh….no, that’s not normal. He now avoids peanut anything out of fear the intolerance will become more serious. Better safe than sorry. Out of curiosity I put some peanut butter on his arm. It swelled up and turned red. But shit, RIP, little girl 🙁

  • Allie Danisa Cruz

    I love your heartagram picture and username, this is not an appropriate time, but you are awesome!

  • Jessica Stewart

    There is in fact a treatment that works for some of the allergic population. It involves exposing the body to miniscule- we’re talking medically miniscule- amounts of peanut protein and successively increasing it until the kid can handle eating peanut butter. the up keep for this treatment, once tolerance is reached, is a few reese’s pieces per day, seriously. Heard about this a few years ago and IDK why more parents aren’t all over this:

  • Jessica Stewart

    Throw Butter finger crumbles in the next batch, and try not to food-gasm, I dare you!

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    Google maps says the nearest hospital was minimum 20 minutes away and on the twisty mountain roads of Lake Tahoe in the dark, a tough drive, it was probably safer and faster to have first responders come to them.

  • ShelbySP

    I accidentally did this to myself with Chick-Fil-A in college. They fry things in peanut oil, and I ate there probably once a week, not knowing it. I stopped eating there, but asked my doctor if maybe it helped to cure my allergy. She said no, becuase frying will break down the chemicals responsible for a reaction and will only trigger one in someone who is severely, deathly allergic. But she also told me to keep avoiding peanuts and being careful, because you can never predict the severity of a reaction or your sensitivity, as it can change. I think the best thing most of us can do is be careful, and never eat dimly lit food =/

  • Brent Williams

    I think they did everything they could have done given the circumstances. They may have been instructed by dispatch to stay at the location. Not really much you can do if the reaction is that bad and the epi pen fails you.

  • newstarshipsmell

    It sucks that there’s no successful treatment to eliminate peanut allergies yet.

    Actually, there is. It’s called “eating peanuts.”

  • 🙁 making Rice Krispie treats for a good cause? No good deed goes unpunished. A sad twist of fate.

  • William Dean Luke

    if they knew about the kid’s peanut allergies, why the fuck didn’t they take the necessary precautions to make sure that they wouldn’t get hold of the treats? Are churches so fucking poor now that they can’t afford to write a label that says “Caution, this was made with Peanut butter” on it? What kind of asshattery is this?! I’d be kicking that pastor’s ass up one side of his congregation and down the other for this aggregious mistep. “we’re Sorry” doesn’t bring that little girl back, you fucking Hole.

  • JJ

    Maybe “murderer” is harsh. If it were me, if I were the person who left the rice krispies there, I would need to own up to it, even if it were an accident, just for my own peace of mind. Also, as a parent, if it were my child, I would feel better knowing, not who the person was, but that they cared enough to come forward and apologize.

  • They’re called PEANUT BUTTER Crispies if they have peanut butter in them dammit!

  • Scout Kent

    I don’t think it was family that brought the treats. At least I do not see where it says that?

  • Scout Kent

    I doubt *everyone* knew. It could be a big church, it could be a new member, etc.

  • Buffettgirl

    That I get! I would also do what I could to bring the family any kind of comfort that I could. I just didn’t think that word worked for this situation is all. I didn’t mean to be harsh myself, sorry if I was! 😉

  • melinda walker

    My heart goes out to the family in your time of grief .God Bless you all!

    And you mean people who are being rude, Have some

  • tkaz

    No JOKE. My husband has been poisoned often because restaurants do not disclose peanut butter in ingredients.
    It was in the hummus in a sandwich, pinafores in a 5 star Vegas restaurant, a dessert in a bistro, in COLE SLAW.
    I’m all for fun & innovative cuisine but some of the stuff was unnecessary – like the hummus & cole slaw. It was downright lazy of them not to disclose such a high allergen. We now ask & double ask.
    Because my husband is almost 45, he knows what it smells like, tastes like. So at the very most he catches it after 1 bite. But it literally BURNS him from his tongue to his pee-hole. Anaphylactic shock has happened when he was an infant but I think because he’s a healthy adult it’s not fatal. Just really painful.
    If someone is young…or really old a tree nut allergy could drop them.

  • tkaz

    Yup! We had to quit going there because of this. And I recently found out all their seasonings are filled with MSG, that sealed the deal.

  • Pyncky

    I have a friend with allergies to chicken. He has to be doubly careful because so many things are made with chicken broth.

    This was horrible. Beautiful girl with her whole future ahead of her. I can only try to imagine what her parents are going through and the person who made the treats. I would not have thought to put up a sign that these contain peanut butter either.

  • BearsBluff

    When i was growing up there was a 15 year old girl who died eating at a Chinese restaurant. She asked if the food was prepared with peanuts and the restaurant said no. However, the eggrolls were deep fried first in peanut oil then frozen. She died within minutes of her appetizer.

  • Jessie

    ?? 3 epi pens? My kid has some pretty bad food allergies. Someone who is this allergic to nuts has NO business picking shit up at a bake sale and eating it. What was she thinking? I guess she wasn’t. RIP. Now the poor person who baked the delicious treats has to live with that guilt the rest of their life.

  • paul

    This story doesn’t add up. I know someone with nut allergies and it’s amazing how much food she has to avoid that contains zero nuts but is made in a factory that also makes nut products

  • JJ

    Don’t even worry about it, thank you for pointing out my mistake!

  • Andyman

    Hell yeah I’m making some tonight. Never tried ’em with peanut butter.

  • Jessie

    MSG was given a bad name by someone who had a bad reaction to it. In fact, monosodium glutamate is delicious and well-tolerated by most humans. There is nothing bad about it! Of course, all sodium must be eaten in moderation.

  • VenusDoom3

    Aw, thanks — I try! 😉

  • A fan of zero population growth rate reproductionand MSG?

    I’m really starting to like you.

  • That was my first thought, too. You know you have a severe allergy to a specific food, yet you eat a home baked treat without getting any information on it at all? Granted, Rice Krispie treats don’t usually have peanut butter in them (or do they? IDK never had any), but still I would expect someone to be far more vigilant about what they consume.

    Regardless, it’s a tragic situation for her family, and I’m sure her twin is feeling really lost.

  • Cerrisse

    I don’t know much about epi pens, but isn’t 3 a lot?? Or slightly unsafe??

  • tkaz

    Typically anyone who eats naturally has a bad reaction. I pass out, my husband gets a headache. MSG was originally used to trick our brain into thinking the food tasted good..why? I’ll just eat what already tastes good & has no additives, my choice.I’m only saying that MSG & peanut oil was my reasoning to quit Chik-Fil-A for good.

  • Susan

    Who ever put those Rice Krispy’s out should have labeled them to inform everyone that there was peanut butter in them. I also noticed that they have came out with peanut butter pop tarts now. Good thing that I hate peanut butter.

  • Twisted1

    A friend of mine was watching a neighbors kids. The mother said the kids had allergies. She asked what were they allergic too and the mom could not remember them all. One she did remember was peanuts. When she asked about the Epi pen the mom said she did not have one. So now we are not sure if they are really allergic or mom is a attention seeker. Either way it confirmed she is a crappy mom.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    At the end of the day this is just a fucked up situation period. In the roulette game of life good shit happens to good people, bad shit happens to good people, bad shit happens to bad people and good shit happens to bad people. We could all be Monday night QBs and point out what the girls parents could have done or the treats makers could have done but at this point it’s moot. My condolences to every one involved:-(

  • Mendi Mayhem

    I don’t disagree with you and I’m not blaming the parents at all, not in any way. You are probably right….the epipen was probably enough in the past, or they had always been careful enough to not have to use one and therefore didn’t realize that it wouldn’t help her. Either way, it’s a total tragedy.

  • Mendi Mayhem

    Not all allergies are severe enough for the doctor to send them home with an epi pen.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    Allergic to chicken?!? I’d DIE…….

  • BrittBrittRoss

    Yea, but I think I know what she means, because as a vigilant Mom I’m like better safe than sorry, you should have it (epi-pen) on hand because allergies can worsen over time. Anyhow, not remembering what the kids are allergic to? She’s either a liar or incompetent…

  • Stormblast

    It seems that now every other kid out there is allergic to all kind of food…..

  • Mendi Mayhem

    Well….you can’t just “have” an epipen. It is epinepherine and only can be obtained through a doctor’s prescription. My kids have food allergies but nothing severe enough to need extreme vigilance. I’m guessing that if she coudn’t think of a few, they were random things that her kids tested positive for in an allergy test and don’t really need to be monitored. Or maybe she was shit, IDK. I just know that as a mom you have a million things going on at once and the not so important details tend to get lost in the ether. Not knowing anymore information about the woman in question, I’ll leave it at that.

  • Andyman

    Agreed. Who would have? I realize people with peanut allergies are sensitive to this concern but most others aren’t. I wouldn’t have thought about it. Of course if I was doing this NOW I probably would…

  • Andyman

    I wondered that too but given the result – three is a lot as opposed to… death?

  • BrittBrittRoss

    Um….I know you can’t just “have” an Epi-pen, mine is prescribed by my doc & I’m glad to pay for that bitch even though I haven’t had occasion to use it…just sayin, it would be smart to have in just in case…& if the allergies were random minor allergies, then why even mention them?

    “ kids are allergic to something, but i forgot what…so just don’t let them eat or drink or touch or breathe anything ’til I get back..k thanx”

  • MilfOf2

    I realized yesterday i misread “she was with her family At A church picnic……….” my bad

  • patrickdh10

    How can this be? My heart is rent. And who cares about stupid Rice Krispy treat recipes after reading an article like this,man that is just weird.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    Welcome to DD!!!

  • On the local news they said it was a rice krispie covered in chocolate, but under the layer of chocolate it was peanut butter.

  • On the local news they said it was a rice krispie covered in chocolate, but under the layer of chocolate it was peanut butter.

  • abbys_mom

    I work for a company that makes allergenic extracts and scripts for patients with allergies – everything from bees, to pollens, to peanuts and other food allergies. Those who have mentioned that the cure for peanut allergies is peanuts are actually right (for the most part). Injections of miniscule amounts of the antigen that someone is allergic to, and gradually increasing it over time (under the care of a doctor, of course), can build up the body to the point that they are either no longer allergic or have only a very minor allergy. Granted, everyone is different, and there will occasionally be someone who this doesn’t work for, but it’s been very successful overall. I’m no longer allergic to bees, when I previously had a deathly allergy.

    Also, my daughter’s pediatrician insisted I introduce her to peanut butter and peanuts as soon as she could eat it, in very tiny amounts at first. During the past few decades, the rule has been NOT to introduce peanut products to a toddler, and he said that many doctors now believe this delay has actually increased the chance of allergies to peanut products. In any case, it seemed to work for her.

  • SillyCynic

    I do the same thing…though you and I may be different links in the chain, or maybe even the same chain across the country…or scarily enough, we may even be the same chain link….


  • ShelbySP

    Not for someone who is so allergic that their immune response busts through 3 Epi-Pens. Well I guess if you’re dead you’re not allergic anymore…not worth it.

  • LeaveMeBe

    You are terrible. You made me snickersnort.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Since she had a twin sister I’m sure the family carried multiple pens. And 3 isn’t a lot, especially if you’re having an allergic reaction that could cause death. This write up doesn’t mention it but her father is also a doctor so I’m sure he knew the risks more than most and knew what he was doing.

  • Allie Danisa Cruz

    Hell yeah, keep on :), night.

  • Jessie

    3 is a lot! If you are THAT allergic you shouldn’t even be in the ROOM with peanuts!

  • Jessie


  • newstarshipsmell

    Well she did say “eliminate” not “cure.”

  • Cerrisse

    Thanks for clearing that up…it makes me wonder if the epi pens weren’t working, or like you said, maybe her allergy was SO severe even three pens weren’t enough. Lots of information we just don’t know.

  • velvetjoneslives

    Why did Jesus kill this good little Christian girl? Bad deity, bad!

  • scottinnh

    I suspect that your doctor is wrong. My guess is that in commercially available peanut oils, the filtration is fine enough that it filters out the proteins. My guess is that frying something in a rustic oil would cause a very bad reaction.

    My son is so allergic to peanuts that he almost died from biting into a Reese’s Pieces and spitting it out (after Friendly’s insisted it was an M&M). He also became allergic on a plane from people eating peanuts around us (yes, we called the airline in advance and asked the FA’s to not serve peanuts near him and they refused), but… he can eat food fried in peanut oil.

  • wolfcat

    Another one bites the dust…I’m sorry, but the irony every time a religious person dies at a religious event is funny on a certain level. That being said…this sucks. Actually, since they believe in Jeebus, god, and heaven… It’s wonderful she’s dead. Isn’t that every christian’s goal? Die and go to heaven? So, why are they complaining unless they are really completely faithless? Congrats? Now to just get rid of the rest. Good luck all ye faithful.

  • Sherece McNary

    This same thing happened to my friend at work with cashews. We workedfar out oftown and it took them 20 mins by then she was unconscious 🙁

  • Sherece McNary

    Yeah my friends epi pen was also not enough

  • Tonya Oh

    I am sorry but “taking every precaution” would most certainly include NOT eating food that you did not prepare yourself. If an allergy is that severe, then there is no way in hell the kid should have eaten anything that they weren’t 100% sure what went into it. I feel so heartbroken for all of them but this really seems like a preventable tragedy.

  • Lorraine Nation

    My point was they WAITED 20 mins before they even used the epi pen

  • Jasonias

    I forgot who said this but it’s a quote…”if touching a nut kills you, maybe you’re supposed to die.” Are we really making the world a better place by trying to ensure the survival of the absolute weakest/most defective? I’m not saying it’s beyond reason to help others, but where is the line that says someone is beyond help? Is there one? Could this kind of weakness be it? Is it wise to keep putting these genes back into the pool? Are we struggling to hold on, in the hope for a cure for allergies? I’m not 100% convinced either way, but it’s an interesting topic. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m thinking that maybe everyone would have been better off had this been detected in the womb and dealt with mercifully. Maybe…