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Joseph M. RiveraAlexandria, VA – A DJ in Las Vegas known as Joey Flash has been arrested and charged with filming the rape of various women in the Virginia area, all of whom seem to be unconscious.

Police were first alerted to 34-year-old Joseph M. Rivera’s alleged activities after one of his victim’s reported he’d sexually assaulted her in May. During their investigation, police learned that Rivera had been sexually assaulting unconscious women over a period of several years.

“All the victims appeared unconscious and to this day are unaware of the videos and photographs,” said Detective Brian J. Byerson

Police were able to identify some of the women who told investigators that they never consented to the sex acts or to appearing in  Rivera’s videos. Other women featured in the videos have not been identified and probably have no idea they have been sexually assaulted. Which brings up an interesting question… if you didn’t know you had been raped, would you want to?

Legalities and justice aside, I imagine having an all around good day ruined by a phone call from a cop that goes something like this:

Morbid: “Hello”
Cop:  “Is this Mr. Morbid?
Morbid: Yes it is, who is this?
Cop: “This is Detective Bronson. Were you aware that two years ago, while you were passed out at a party, a man raped you in the asshole multiple times”
Morbid: “Jesus. No. What?”
Cop: “Yeah, sorry to tell you this, but we think you were drugged at a party and the man responsible later placed his penis, and other large objects, in your asshole over the course of a few hours.”
Morbid: “WHAT?!”
Cop: “I know this is a shock, but we have video of the assault, including a closeup of the suspect fucking your face. Is there any way you could come down to the station and officially verify its you in the video?”
Morbid: “Fucking my face? Video?!”
Cop: ” Again, Mr. Morbid, I know this is upsetting. But take solace in the fact that we got the man responsible and, with your help, we can have him locked away for a long time. Are you willing to go to trial and confirm to a courtroom full of strangers that the man in the video having the handle of a dirty toilet plunger inserted into their butthole is you? It would really help a lot.”
Morbid: ” …”
Cop: “Oh, and could you bring the clothes you were wearing to that party? We’d like to match some dog hairs if possible.”
Morbid: “Huh? What? Dog hairs?”
Cop: “Oh, yeah. See, at one point he brings a Great Dane into the bedroom and films it as it mounts your as-”
Morbid: “Jesus Christ!” *slams phone down*
Cop: “Hello? Mr. Morbid? Hello?”
Morbid: *Curls into the fetal position sucking his thumb while staring into space*

Rivera told investigators that the videos were created between November 2011 and December 2012. He was arrested Tuesday night in Las Vegas and was awaiting extradition to Virginia to face charges of rape, aggravated sexual battery and animate sexual object penetration and two counts of unlawful filming.

No word on how Rivera came into contact with all these women or if the women had been drugged. His former roommate told reporters that Rivera’s profession had him in contact with lots of women and that he was personable. “He was the trusted guy to take them home,” he said.

Speaking of DJs, I never get enough chances to post the following song in an article, and it just seems fitting.

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