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Brenna Kathleen MachusDearborn, MI – I haven’t seen a lot of news reporting on this, but police are looking Brenna Kathleen Machus, a Dollar Store employee who hasn’t been seen since her co-worker was shot dead inside the store Monday night.

Detectives believe Machus was abducted from the store after her co-worker, Joseph Orlando, was shot. His body was found by staff on Tuesday morning when they arrived to open for the day and found his body. They also found the store was in disarray and someone had targeted the cash drawer as well as the store safe.

What they did not find was 20-year-old Machus, although her car was found outside in the parking lot. Police reviewed surveillance footage inside the store that captured a suspect dressed in a dark hooded jacket, blue jeans and white shoes, as he entered the store at around 7.30 p.m. on Monday.

Despite the heat, he is wearing a jacket with a hooded sweatshirt over his head and drawn to cover the majority of his face. After walking into the store, he seems to wave at someone in the store before grabbing a shopping cart.

Police Chief Ronald Haddad said they want to talk to this man as well as two women who were in the store at around the same time. He  stressed that the women are not believed to be involved, but may help investigators better establish a time line. He declined to comment on rumors regarding Machus being harassed online or at the store.

Orlando had only been working at the store for a week and was due to start college later this year. Machus had transferred to the store a few weeks ago. On Wednesday, Machus’ mother appealed to her daughter’s presumed abductor.

“If there’s someone out there who has her, we don’t care if you drop her off at a hospital. Let us know,” Lisa Machus said. “We will come get her, no questions asked. We want her home.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Dearborn Police Department at 313-943-2241 or Crime Stoppers of Michigan at 800-SPEAK-UP (800-773-2587). Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a $11,100 reward for information about Machus’ whereabouts and a $2,500 reward leading to an arrest.

Over on the Find Brenna Machus Facebook Page, one commenter posted that a body has been found near the store. One of our commenters posted a link to a news article reporting the body of a female has been found near Michigan Avenue and the Southfield freeway in Dearborn.

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  • Being it’s dearborn the crime probably was commited byvsome Islamist shithand.

  • Curlykate910

    Of all the places you could pick to rob, the dollar store should be on the bottom of your list.

  • She is the second girl that has come up missing while closing a store this summer in Michigan.

  • She is the second girl that has come up missing while closing a store this summer in Michigan.

  • Evan

    kid that was shot only worked there like 5 days. also interesting is i remember hearing that someone had been threatening her via the internet or phone or something…

  • Andyman

    It was a “Family Dollar” store, not a Dollar store as Morbid (inadvertently) said in the first sentence. …although your comment applies to both rather equally none-the-less.

  • Andyman

    So unfortunate for her since this was clearly a temporary career choice since she was going off to college in the fall. Live your life as fully every day as you can, for none of us ever know what the future holds for us.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Two young people full of hope and then this pos walks in for some quick cash, murder and I have no doubt why he took the girl… A hoodie almost says it all… fat nasty piece of shit…

  • JohnQknowitall

    Looks like the thief took that advice to heart… piece of shit…

  • BrittBrittRoss

    Shiiiit, I always go into Family Dollar planning to pick up a few things & end up spending way more than I planned, & I know I’m not the only one! You go, Oh look they have ____ two for $5? I’d better rack up! I bet they had lots of dough on hand, unless they recently made a deposit.

  • They are about to do a news conference.

  • They are about to do a news conference.

  • Lisa

    So sad. I live near this store. A friend of mine went to the store earlier in the day and talked to her.

  • midniteshadows

    I know there is no rhyme or reason to what criminals do, but this doesn’t make sense. Why take the risk of kidnapping? He already killed one employee, why not her after he got his money? I’m wondering if there is more to this story.

  • That’s what most of the population is. Same with Dearborn Hieghts.

  • Curlykate910

    Dearborn is right outside of Detroit, so I bet the Family Dollar and liquor stores are the highest grossing places around there. And I bet the liquor stores are ready for robberies. So I guess Family Dollar is the next best target? If they’re lucky they’ll get a Walmart so they can be bourgeois like the rest of us :/

  • Andyman

    Sounds like he is a career criminal. I hope he didn’t rape her before he killed her although my gut tells me this is a very strong possibility. 🙁

  • Curlykate910

    Probably to sexually assault her before he kills her. 🙁 Hopefully they find him before that happens, but it doesn’t sound good…

  • kimbev69

    i think they need to look at former employees…esp since both were rather new obviously someone either quit or lost their job and knew it would be easy to do this

  • Sadly they have found her body.

  • No surveillance in the store?

  • Ok, there was surveillance.

  • Buffettgirl

    I have a not good feeling that this isn’t going to end well at all… so sad, two people that actually had their shit together and their futures well in hand and then this sub-human fucker comes along and destroys it all. These are the days when I dislike people immensely…

  • Whisper Wing

    Breaking news here

    they just confirmed about 10 minutes ago that they found Brennas body 1 mile from the Family Dollar Store on a golf course

    Dearborn Police Chief confirms body found is missing Family Dollar store employee Brenna Machus

  • MilfOf2

    They confirmed on the news it was her body

  • Pyncky

    A hoodie almost says it all… fat nasty piece of shit..

    I would disagree about the hoodie thing if not for this:

    The city tied its record high July 15 temperature Monday, and comparably toasty … With heat index expected to top 100 in Detroit area,

    I hope he gets caught soon. Two young people with the future still ahead of them, gone so that some bottom-feeding piece of shit who should have been aborted with a rusty coat hanger, can have some drug money.

  • Whisper Wing

    the other clerk that disappeared from a store/gas station closing was in Muskegon,,its 196 miles from where Brenna and Joseph worked but who knows could be connected

  • That was pretty much my initial reaction too; 2 kids getting their adult lives started wasted by an asshat with no life. Isn’t that how it usually happens, too? Tragic.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I hope they find this fucking bastard and make him look like Swiss cheese. Bad enough that he stole money–he’s a complete fucking shit for stealing their lives and robbing the world of their potential.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    *wipes forehead* I’m glad someone addressed the elephant in the room! 🙂 now we can proceed with careless abandonment! lol

  • F*ckin’ BUMMER! She had been stalked by some asshole for quite a while – why was nothing done for her B4 this happened?

  • Nikkie Nicole
  • I wonder if the money was even the real objective for this crime. In other words he wanted to snatch the money then her, or her then the money as an afterthought..but since the body they found is her it has come full circle that they have disposed of her. So very sad for the families involved. Their family member left for work that night ad never came home…all over something no doubt absolutely senseless.

  • Whisper Wing

    it was the money because they found her ring,store keys and empty money bag with her body as of 6 tonight thats what the update was

  • Whisper Wing
  • Whisper Wing


    Shortly after a suspect wearing dark blue jeans, white gym shoes and a black hoodie entered the Family Dollar Monday, 20-year-old employee Joseph Orlando was shot and killed. He was found by co-workers the next day.

    Orlando had a history with drugs. Dearborn’s District Court confirmed he was charged with possession of heroin in 2011.

    “As a teenager there were problems,” said Alan Konkel. “I think most parents can relate to that.”

    Konkel is Orlando’s grandfather, but had raised him since he was three months old. He said his grandson struggled with drugs since he was a teen, served time in jail and was even forced to pay off a drug debt over a year ago, but since then had done a complete turnaround. He finished his GED, got a full-time job at the Family Dollar and was happy and healthy.

    Konkel does not believe his grandson’s past played a role in what happened that fateful night.

    “I think Joe went back there when he seen what was going on, tried to get involved, and I think that’s what caused him to lose his life,” he said.

    Meanwhile, we have learned only some of the surveillance cameras at the store were working.

    So far, none of the tips received by police have led to the suspect. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information that results in an arrest in this case.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Hoodie in Summer = Planned Robbery. It wasn’t spur of the moment.

    NOW what do you think I was saying?

  • JohnQknowitall

    I wish down votes were as identifiable as up votes. I wish down voters had the balls to identify themselves.

  • JohnQknowitall
  • Evan

    has any news about the condition of the body come out? Violent or sexually assaulted or just a bullet in the head or what? just because, well why take her into the woods you know? I guess I am curious because it’s like….how long was he assaulting her ya know? If it was a long time – then maybe he was hired to kill her or hated her or something — otherwise i feel like one would just rob the joint shoot both clerks in the head and be OUT!

  • Whisper Wing

    Rumor is there’s been an arrest tonight of a guy on unrelated charges but cops wont say more until tomorrow

    Family Dollar murders: Man arrested on unrelated charges being questioned

    DEARBORN, Mich. (WJBK) –

    Just after 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, Fox 2 started receiving tips from viewers about an arrest at a car wash on 6000 block of Greenfield in Detroit.

    They said Dearborn police rushed in and took a man into custody. Workers confirmed the arrest.

    Fox 2 has learned the suspect was arrested on unrelated charges, but is being questioned about the Family Dollar double murder.

    “We’re following up on a lot of leads, but we’re still asking for the public’s help. We’re partnering with local and federal law enforcement, and all our resources are into this right now,” said Dearborn Police Lieutenant Douglas Topolski.

  • Whisper Wing

    body was severely decomposed but its been over 100 here almost everyday for a week
    they IDd her from her clothes she was wearing,ring,keys to stre and empty cash bag with her body

  • Whisper Wing

    autopsy isnt done yet so we dont know if she was sexually assaulted

    but cops did say she was killed else where and dumped at the golf course
    her stuff thrown onto her body and she had 1 gunshot to the head

  • Evan

    hell yea it has been over 100 heat index….but not in temperature (i live in ypsilanti – not but 30 mins from dearborn-istan). I am currently having a hard time believing her body was severely decomposed after 3 days! But now that i think about it i don’t have a clue at how fast bodies decompose. It did rain a few times too.

  • Evan

    after thinking more about this….when that man walked into that store looking like that — they should have just ran. better to be fired from the dollar general than be severely decomposed and possibly sexually assaulted.

  • John R

    Ms Machus has been found dead in a wooded area 1 mile from the store. The perp in the video is a dark skinned male in a hoodie. On her facebook page she had a photo of herself and an unidentified black male hugging and kissing. Her family and friends reported that she had been harassed by a male that had dated or wanted to date her. She lived in a house with another young lady with which she had a “relationship”. The investigation is ongoing but I”m afraid that more uncomfortable truths will emerge. I have sympathy for both victims but I especially feel sorry for Mr Orlando.

  • Whisper Wing

    im in Windsor and Dearborns a but from here but not drastically far because my dads a senoir and he drives micro films from my sysyters bank each morning to a drop box safe the bank has in Dearborn

  • Whisper Wing

    channel 2 just said the guy they brought in on other charges will be charged Monday for the murdersl

    no names yet

  • patrickdh10

    I hope they hang that cold blooded coward or fry him in old Sparky.

  • Joy Ward

    I’m not finding this info anywhere… other than a man was arrested on unrelated charges and being questioned. Link please?

  • Whisper Wing

    they havent updated anything I have been watching and I just emailed a reporter at news in Detr so hopefully he can give me more info (I call him when I need info)

    but I just came across this newer article on the murders and good read
    and as soon as I hear anything Ill update

  • Whisper Wing

    Better pic

  • Whisper Wing

    they havent released anymore on the guy in custody
    reporter I know said he thinks until arraigned they wont release more
    but Ill watch and post as soon as they do

  • Whisper Wing

    Man faces multiple charges in Dearborn Family Dollar murders

    Brenna Machus, Joe Orlando killed last week; 34-year-old man in custody, arraigned on murder charges

    DEARBORN, Mich. –

    Dearborn police have a 34-year-old man in custody for the murders of two Family Dollar employees.

    Lavere Bryant, of Dearborn, was charged Wednesday afternoon with two counts of first degree murder, two counts of felony murder, one count of unlawful imprisonment, one count of armed robbery, felon in a possession of a firearm and felony firearm.

    Local 4 has learned Bryant has several prior convictions.

    “The members of this department worked tirelessly and around the clock in an exemplary fashion to bring closure to this case in the finest tradition of delivering superior public service and earning the public’s trust every day in everything we do,” said Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad in a statement released Wednesday.

  • Whisper Wing

    Suspect charged in double slaying was fired assistant manager at Family Dollar

    A fired assistant manager at Family Dollar has been charged with
    killing two workers at the company’s store in Dearborn last week in a
    crime that the police chief said “shocks the conscience of all civilized
    Family members of the two victims glared at Bryant in the courtroom.
    As he was led away after the arraignment, Bryant turned toward the
    family members and said: “I did not murder them.”

    Two Family Dollar employees told the Free Press that Bryant was fired
    earlier this year from his job as an assistant manager at the company’s
    store on Cherry Hill Road in Inkster over complaints he sexually
    harassed workers. Multiple people had complained about him, they said.

    addition to the sexual harassment complaints, Bryant had been upset
    because he was passed over for a manager’s job by the man who ultimately
    fired him, according to employees Jasmin Gregory, 20, of Inkster and
    Sara Coulter, 19, of Taylor. They both work at the Inkster store.

    two women speculate that the crime may have been an act of retaliation
    but said that they don’t know why Bryant would have targeted Machus and

    “Everyone is puzzled,” Gregory said. “Why Brenna? She wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

    Winburn, public relations manager for Family Dollar, told the Free
    Press on Wednesday that Bryant had been terminated from the company in
    the spring. She said she couldn’t comment on other details surrounding
    his employment. She said the company is working closely with police on
    the case.

    “We are saddened by the loss of Joseph and Brenna, and
    our hearts go out to their families and friends,” Winburn said in a
    statement. “We have a strong, tight-knit team in Detroit, and our focus
    is on taking care of them right now as we all work to understand what

    Both Coulter and Gregory said they were somewhat
    relieved to hear about Bryant’s arrest but wonder if there are other
    suspects still on the loose.

    The killings have left them on edge.
    Both now carry pocketknives. And since the shootings, they said, Family
    Dollar employees walk down the aisles, check the back room and inspect
    other areas of the stores together as a group at closing time.

    Coulter said when she was closing the Inkster store Tuesday night, every little noise made her jump.

    “I’m so shooken up,” Coulter said.

    Kaylyn Lee, 24, of Brownstown Township, a cousin of Machus and spokeswoman for the family, was relieved to hear of the arrest.

    been really scared since all of this happened,” Lee said. “When I found
    out they had the person who did this, it was like a weight had been
    lifted off me.”

    Two police detectives visited Ashley Sulla’s house
    Wednesday to tell her they had arrested a suspect. Sulla was Machus’

    “It won’t bring her back. … But at least we’re not
    suffering knowing her killer is on the run, living a free life,” said
    Sulla, 18.

    Sulla and relatives of Machus have described her as
    outgoing, loving and funny. Sulla lived with her and said she misses her
    laugh the most.

    “It’s hard,” she said. “It’s like if you would
    have your heart torn out of your chest, knowing you won’t be able to get
    the one you love back.”

    At the arraignment, Salamey read the long
    list of charges against Bryant and entered a not-guilty plea on his
    behalf. The judge noted Bryant has two previous convictions: criminal
    sexual conduct in 1999 and an assault with intent to do great bodily
    harm in 2001.

    According to state police records, Bryant was
    convicted in 1999 in Detroit of second-degree criminal sexual conduct
    during the commission of a felony. A related charge of home invasion was
    dismissed. He was sentenced to a year in prison and five years on
    probation. He was charged with probation violation in April 2001. Other
    details were not available.

    After the arraignment, Dearborn Police
    Chief Ronald Haddad said citizens’ tips led to the arrest. Haddad
    added, “Clearly, this type of crime shocks the conscience of all
    civilized people.”
    Bryant didn’t say much during his court appearance. Looking
    at the rows of TV cameras and reporters, he asked the judge if he could
    comment in private away from the media. At another point, he said he
    wanted it to be noted that “I am standing without counsel.”

    He also asked for a copy of his warrant, which the judge said the court will provide him.

  • Jenn Nicole Hunt

    she was found deceased