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Alex and Gabrielle MansourSylvan Lake, MI – Two children are dead and another is in critical condition after a boater collided with a tube on the water containing three young siblings.

The accident occurred on Sunday as John Mansour was using a jet ski on Sylvan Lake to pull a large tube being ridden by his three children, Alex Mansour, 11, Gabrielle Mansour, 6, and Adriana Mansour, 10.

At around 12:30 p.m., as Mansour was head south, a 56-year-old boater going east swerved to avoid Mansour’s jet ski but failed to see the tube he was pulling and struck the three children head on.

A witness said that after the collision, Mansour was hysterical.”

“I looked up and the tube was floating and the three children were floating in the water with their vests on,’ said Cindee Rosenthal. “The man on the jet ski had his hands on his head yelling, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, someone help me!” And then I heard someone yell “Call 911!” And other boats were heading toward the scene.”

Mansour, the man who hit his children, and other boaters helped pull the kids out of the water and transported them to shore where off-duty doctors and nurses treated them before paramedics arrived.

Sadly, Alex died of of “‘multiple blunt force injuries” to his chest shortly after the accident and on Monday, Gabrielle also died. Only 10-year-old Adriana survived the initial impact and she remains in critical condition.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard called the accident one of the worst boating tragedies he’d seen in a long time, and that his office would conduct a thorough investigation.

‘But in the end it won’t make anybody feel any better,” he said. “And regardless of the results, it’s not going to the heal the wounds that this has created; it’s so very sad.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, alcohol does not seem to be a factor in the accident and the operator of the boat that struck the children is being fully cooperative. Witnesses say hot temperatures lead to the lake being “unusually crowded” on Sunday.

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I live near a couple of popular lakes that I totally stay away from during summer holidays. You’d be safer swimming in shark-infested waters with a bloody steak tied around your neck than in a lake full of drunken morons trying to navigate high-speed vehicles on the water.

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  • sweekymom

    Such beautiful children. My heart goes out to their family and friends.

  • I think, as a parent of 3 kidlets myself,I would become murderous and stabby with the driver of the boat once the initial devastation sunk in. Too fucking sad.

  • I think, as a parent of 3 kidlets myself,I would become murderous and stabby with the driver of the boat once the initial devastation sunk in. Too fucking sad.

  • come_and_see

    Curious how this accident happened. Somebody wasn’t paying attention and or speeding.

  • Eibmoz

    So sad. I can’t begin to imagine what that father is going through.

  • kcjosh

    Be safe out there on lakes. A lot of people seem to forget that even though they are on the water and having the time of their lives it could still turn tragic in a second. I watched a lady in Florida whipping across the water on a jet ski loss control and slam into the side of a boat dock. I’m sure she never imagined something like that could happen and in an instant her life was over. Just because you are having fun doesn’t mean boats and jetskis are safe. I’m sure both of these men will live with an abundance of guilt for the rest of their lives.

  • newstarshipsmell
  • mean birch

    Tragic. How it happened won’t make the awfulness go away.

  • mean birch

    How do you find this shit????!!!!!!

  • mimijoyce

    Ur pic is nasty!

  • mimijoyce

    How utterly heartbreaking….that poor dad to have to have seen that happen to his beautiful children

  • Evan

    i want to see a computer animation reenactment

  • Evan

    what size motor? inboard or outboard? What was the boat size/model/type?

  • Aww you didn’t say the accident was about kids

  • Aww you didn’t say the accident was about kids

  • Kim

    Doesn’t sleep away camp end with the chick standing in the moonlight and she’s got a dick? I live 5 minutes away from a lake. Lucky for me I work weekends and miss the crowds. I feel as much for the surviving child as the dad. Wouldn’t wish that childhood memory on anyone.

  • This is right down the street from me. The whole community is devastated, it’s very tragic. Sylvan Lake is a small community, nice neighborhood. I was on my lake when this happened and was made aware of it while it was happening because of my job. The driver is not suspected of drinking and was alone. My lake was packed that day, it was 90, and all I could think about we’re those children, the family and everyone involved. I tried to put myself in their place, the victims and the driver, I just cannot imagine the horror.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Jesus Christ (not that those prayers did much good) how do you pull yourself back to reality? In a smaller way this dad is probably still hysterical internally and the driver of the boat cannot be much better under the wear and tear of this event.

  • People need to slow down and watch out for other boaters. How tragic! 🙁

  • Evan

    out of curiosity would you rather: a) have maggots in your brain or b) be the driver of the other boat right after he rick rolled these kids?

  • That’s just plain freaking horrible!!

  • Buffettgirl

    I need to go hug my niece Gabrielle now… damn, I hate these stories! So sad, RIP angels and best wishes for whatever healing is possible for the survivors…

  • newstarshipsmell

    The clip from Sleepaway Camp wasn’t enough for you?

  • CT

    I have the name of a good therapist to help you move past these memories. Oh, you mean the surviving child?

  • CT

    God, I love Sportacus and his tight suit.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    The first one….

  • Evan

    touche. there is potential it wouldn’t hurt and you might not feel it.

  • annaflixion

    “You’d be safer swimming in shark-infested waters with a bloody steak
    tied around your neck than in a lake full of drunken morons trying to
    navigate high-speed vehicles on the water.” That’s my experience, too. We only have one lake near us and in the summer, the boaters are total assholes. They like to drive right into the swimming area so they can jump out and hang on the beach. The number of times I’ve seen them almost hit kids, it’s outrageous.

  • Parrot Toes

    My family used to have a boat and we often took the kids out tubing and water skiing/boarding. This was always a big fear, though, typically, boaters give each other a big berth. I realize that it most likely wasn’t intentional, and I get that the boater who hit these kids is most likely wrecked over this, but just from my experience of being a boater, I don’t understand how he didn’t see this family. It is a total lack of irresponsibility on his part. There is just no excuse for being in control of a vehicle and not paying attention for other boaters. It’s no different than driving a car and slamming into another vehicle because you were distracted by who-knows-what. I personally think charges should be laid.

  • Tonya Oh

    Ok. that ruined my day.

  • As you know Arthur there are 40-50 inland lakes around here in close proximity. We are pretty fortunate that we don’t have more accidents. Everyone needs to be responsible when operating a boat or a vehicle. It doesn’t appear this man was negligent, but I know people can be. It’s just a tragic accident.

  • Abroad

    It is either a total lack of responsibility or total irresponsibility on his part……

    And I agree completely!

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    This is why I prefer to play in bodies of water where anything with a motor is forbidden.

  • 🙁 something very similar happened to friends of mine while on vacation. A speeding jet skier, who was also intoxicated, rode into a restricted slow area. He ran over 13 yr old twins and their cousin. One twin died very horribly while her sister tried to save her. The surviving sis graduated from highschool this year. It was so sad, they were identical and seeing her without her ‘other half’ was always heartbreaking. The man who hit them fled, but was later caught.

  • Parrot Toes

    Ha! Thanks for catching my lack of proper word usage. 😛

  • Jamal Mohmed

    I don’t understand how the driver of the jetski didn’t see a BOAT in his path on a lake packed with them. Shouldn’t we also question the jetski driver who puts his three young children on one tube for a fast ride around a lake COMPLETELY full of boaters?
    A jetski can maneuver a lot faster than a boat, depending on where the jetski was positioned in the boats path and how long the cord was stretching out to the tube, the boater might not have had enough reaction time to safely avert from the jetski’s path in the first place.

  • Parrot Toes

    “Shouldn’t we also question the jetski driver who puts his three young
    children on one tube for a fast ride around a lake COMPLETELY full of

    What? Question him because he took his kids out for a bit of fun on a tube? No, good parents should include fun activities raising their children. Question him for doing this fun activity on a busy lake? No, that’s what tubes are for, to be used for such an activity. Just because the lake was busy, doesn’t mean it should have been avoided. I’ve been to busy lakes on hot days. It’s common courtesy and knowledge to watch out for each other and not to boat too close to others. There was nothing that the father did wrong by bringing his children boating on a busy lake. Question the fact that he had 3 children on one tube? Why? There are lots of tubes that are capable of pulling multiple people. There is nothing wrong with that. To assume that this father was pulling his kids on a tube meant only for one is deflecting the bigger responsibility of the other driver to watch where he was going. The father may be able to control the jetski quicker, but he would never have been able to steer a tube he was pulling to quickly get out of the boaters way. That’s just scientifically impossible. All boaters should know that.

  • Heartbreaking. You are right Morbid, I too would not go anywhere NEAR A LAKE on a hot day !

  • Heartbreaking. You are right Morbid, I too would not go anywhere NEAR A LAKE on a hot day !

  • Jamal Mohmed

    Yes I know tubing is common practice, I’m just saying I don’t think people need to condemn the boater as though he hit the kids out of sheer irresponsibility when the driver of the jetski driver was also responsible for piloting his kids safely in between all the boats. Jetski drivers should watch for boaters just as much as boaters should watch for Jetskis, one of the drivers wasn’t paying enough attention, or both.

    Someone compared this to car traffic, if this wreck was a t-bone accident the fault could have fallen on either party, if someone runs a light and turns in front of you close enough it doesn’t matter how quick you hit the brakes. Or in this case, how fast you’re able to turn your boat in a safe direction. Which is the only reason I said the jetski was quicker, to emphasize how slow some boats can be, especially when you have to make a quick decision after seeing a Jetski pass you. You’re right about being unable to steer the tube itself.

  • That is so heartbreaking Kara

  • Sad sad.

  • Parrot Toes

    Are you saying ewismell is ugly? Meanie.

  • Parrot Toes

    Well, if you want to compare this to car traffic, then the kids on the tube would be the equivalent of kids crossing the road. I do get what you are saying however. It is entirely possible that the father was the one driving into the boaters space and not the other way around as I first envisioned.

  • Kim

    Yeah the surviving one although he or she may not remember a thing.

  • I have to wonder why u would pull 3 kids with a jet ski how sad

  • I have to wonder why u would pull 3 kids with a jet ski how sad

  • I think this is horrible all the way around..even if the guy driving the boat was being slightly negligent, I cannot say without knowing more facts..
    I don’t think it was something he sat out to do that morning as he was having a pot of coffee..
    And this is horrible for the dad and all the family involved..one thing is certain, lives here are forever changed!

  • Lakme Hesse

    BEST MOVIE EVER! 🙂 Love sleepaway camp pt 1 …the sequels, not so much

  • Kris

    I live in Keego Harbor. This is a tragedy for all involved, that’s for sure. It is my understanding that the father on the jet ski came zooming out of a cove/inlet right in front of the boat. Not only did he not have a spotter (which is required by law) but his jetski was only a two seater which means he should have had only himself and one other person with him. Everybody who uses the lakes should have basic knowledge of the rules and laws. Now think about it for a moment, if your driving a boat and a single person on a jet ski rides right in your path you are naturally going to try to miss hitting the jet ski by going towards the back of it. If a boat sees a jetski with an additional rider facing backward then he would have known the jet ski was perhaps pulling someone. I truly hope the boat driver doesn’t get into any legal trouble for the dad’s negligence. Living with what happened will be enough.

  • Whisper Wing

    this is right here and the big news
    as of 30 minutes ago Adrianna is still critical but is stabilizing

    One station said shes been doing the best outta all of them
    they were getting ready to leave and Gabriella begged her dad for one last go on the tube

  • Whisper Wing


    Sunday Gabrielle told her father, my dad, let’s go one more time,” said Betty. “That was, you know. Ugh.”

    The boater who hit the children did not see the raft. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department said alcohol is not a factor in the crash. The department is investigating the accident and is asking any witnesses from the lake that day to come forward and try to help them piece together exactly what happened on the water.


  • Whisper Wing
  • Jus Dewit

    My condolences to the loved ones in this horrible tragedy. It sure reminds me of the time I was skiing, my dad driving the boat, and some lunatic in another boat tried to cut between me and our boat. I saw him coming about the same time as my father, who jumped from his seat giving me a frantic “cut” sign (the flat hand drawn across the neck). So I let go of the rope, being much more fortunate than these kids cuz no accident occurred. However instead of turning back to get me, what does my dad do? Yep. Left me. Floating in the middle of a huge lake w/ fast boats everywhere. So he could go chase the other idiot down and confront him. I bobbed out there a good 15 minutes, having removed my ski to hold straight up as high as I could every time a boat zoomed by so they would see me and not run me over. Go figure…

  • Guest

    Sleepaway 2 was good too. Part 3 and 4 sucked

  • Chinchillazilla

    “Ugh” sums it up very well.

  • technicolorpachyderms

    How is it at all like crossing the road?? More like kids being pulled in a wagon thing behind a bicycle. The people that put their kids over the fence at the zoo are just looking for a bit of fun, too. That doesn’t mean it’s not reckless or dangerous.

  • Whisper Wing

    As of tonight Adriana is doing better each hour and really fighting to regain strength

  • Whisper Wing

    Funeral is Friday for 2 siblings killed in tubing accident on Sylvan Lake

    Alexander, Gabrielle Mansour died after boat hit tube they were on; older sister remains hospitalized

    KEEGO HARBOR, Mich. –

    The funeral for two siblings who died after a tubing crash on Sylvan Lake will be Friday.

    Alexander Monsour, 11, died Sunday. His sister, 6-year-old Gabrielle, died Monday.

    Their 10-year-old sister, Adriana, remains hospitalized in critical condition.


  • Whisper Wing


  • makeyourself1024

    huh? its been a long time since i’ve gone tubing on a lake before but….do people use jetski’s to pull tubes? we always used a BOAT. im thinking the main difference would be size and noticeability during crowded things like this. plus the boat is easier for others to see and therefore avoid

  • mskailuakona


    Here’s MI law Jamal on PWC. Prayers for the family apparently you must have a spotter on the PWC and towing an inner tube you must have a three seater when towing even one person. It is still a tragic accident no one should blame the boater
    who didn’t see the inner tube UNTIL it was too late. After living in Flori-DUH for
    33+ years I didn’t see the point of boating going around in circles on a lake much
    less towing three kids on an inner tube by a jet ski with the lake crowded with boats.
    It was a prescription for a disaster. My hope is that the family finds strength to go on
    to help their only living child, a daughter, heal physically though the psychological
    scars will always be there. My wish is that everyone can somehow heal including
    the father who will have enough guilt without us heaping more guilt on his shoulders.
    It’s obvious that if there is heavy boat traffic it’s best to play it safe don’t take your
    jet ski out even by yourself. You really don’t stand a chance against a boat. In the
    ocean like HI or FL I could get why you might want to tow an inner tube with a rider it’s just not a good idea UNLESS there are NO boats and you’re the only PWC on the lake. Prayers for the family and the driver of the boat may they somehow find the strength to carry on as the victims are now precious angels from above. My heart goes out to the parents who lost their beautiful children their hearts will always be broken. 🙁 Their only living daughter in critical condition is simply a true blue miracle.

    as the two children now angels from up above

  • mskailuakona


    Here’s the law Parrot Toes. So Jamal made his point. Apparently you must have a SPOTTER not just a father pulling his kids on an tube. There’s also a requirement that the PWC must be a three seater just in case you must place the ONE person on the inner tube on the back to rush them back to the shore.

    In reality as cruel as it sounds Jamal is RIGHT the boater may not have seen the children UNTIL it is too late. It’s like saying well the train conductor should stop on a DIME if three kids jump in the tracks right ahead of him. Instead of heaping more blame and guilt let’s just keep both parties in our prayers – the parents & their critically injured daughter and the boater who must feel tremendous guilt. The fact remains the children would STILL be alive if the father obeyed first the Michigan law then second most importantly didn’t take his kids out on a lake crammed with boats driving around in circles. It’s not against the MI law to tow more than one person on an tube the father not the boater broke the law by not having a spotter. Was the jet ski a three seater? Another law he broke if it’s designed for just two. Think of it like this: You’re in a cruise ship when a head on collision occurs with a small yacht even if it was the captain’s fault of the cruise liner which one would you like to be in at that exact moment? Pick your poison. Implying that the captain of the cruise liner should have been more careful try steering a cruise ship you can’t stop on a dime or simply avoid disaster. Thinking the boater should’ve, would’ve & could’ve simply avoided or even saw the kids implies he broke the law when in fact it was a tragic accident. Who are you to judge? This “accident” you mention just because the lake is busy it should not have been avoided THIS is the REASON it happened. Let’s keep it real! With this mentality pile more kids on an tube pulled by a jet ski taking them to a lake with tons of boaters I wouldn’t want to see the ER that day. It is a prudent parent that errs on the side on caution having fun is great just NOT at the expense of your children’s lives. I would’ve told my kids hey it’s not the day to go on the lake to jet ski and pull a tube. In fact I would go OVERBOARD by saying you’re NOT swimming either! They will be bummed out not going to the lake for the day except the next day you get to hug your kids instead of burying them. The parent should die first not the children like in the Lion King. Aloha

  • Parrot Toes

    Yup, I know Jamal is right (or may be), that’s why I said, “I do get what you are saying however. It is entirely possible that the
    father was the one driving into the boaters space and not the other way
    around as I first envisioned.”
    Was it necessary to also get down on my knees and beg for forgiveness?……….

  • Parrot Toes

    Well, they would still be pedestrians whether they were walking or being pulled in a wagon. That was my train of thought. Also, I do realize that I may have been looking at this situation as the boater in the wrong; father having the right away. Like I said in my comment to Jamal, “I do get what you are saying however. It is entirely possible that the father was the one driving into the boaters space and not the other way around as I first envisioned.” That was kind of an acknowledgement of my error. Thanks for noticing it. 😉

  • driven .

    sweet kids but the dad was a ** idiot to have his kids out that exposed and vulnerable with other boats out there.. risky behavior on his part.. too late now

  • CatAtonic99

    Except, don’t the boaters who pull tubes/skiers/boarders use a flag in order to bring attention that they’re pulling someone in the water?

    Wonder if the wave runner/jet-skier had a flag or anything like that? Not saying it was one or the others’ fault, just that I can imagine it being somewhat difficult to see someone being towed behind a wave runner/jet-skier.

  • ken

    just seems like a really bad idea to tow your 3 little kids around on tube tied by a long rope to your high speed jet ski in the midst of a bunch of high-powered boats whizzing all around.

  • rarely

    well thats the creepiest fucking picture i’ve seen Morbid post so far

  • rarely

    its called tubing – it’s hella fun. you should try it