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 teen knifeDanbury, CT – A 12-year-old student at Broadview Middle School is facing attempted murder charges after police say he brought a knife to school with the intent to kill some of his classmates.

At around 12:30 p.m. Monday, on the last day of the school year, a teacher asked to search the unidentified boy’s backpack. I’ve read a few articles, but some of the details surrounding the teacher’s decision to search this particular boy’s backpack are unclear.

One article says that the boy had threatened some classmates in gym class, while another states the teacher simply felt that something was “off” with the boy. Regardless, when the boy was asked to hand over his backpack, he ran inside a bathroom and threw the knife out a window. When police questioned him later, he told them where the knife was.

None of the articles I read detail anything else the boy told police, but they seem quite confident that the boy brought the knife with the sole intention of harming other classmates. This is refelected in the charges filed against the boy, as well a phone call made to parents by Superintendent Sal Pascarella who told parents the student brought a knife to school with the intent to harm people.

Pascarella also praised the staff at the school. “Our colleagues and staff acted swiftly and appropriately, putting their training and experience to work to diffuse a difficult situation,” he said. “Due to their actions, I can assure you that at all times your children were safe in our schools.”

He also singled out the teacher who realized something was wrong with the boy. “Teachers know the kids under their care,” he said. “And from everything we’ve read, it’s those who have connections with the children who can prevent and thwart occurrences, not security guards. And that’s what came to bear.” I underlined that part of his statement because I loved it.

The boy is currently in a juvenile detention facility awaiting a court appearance on charges of weapons possession and criminal attempt to commit murder.

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