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Cynthia AmbroseLaredo, TX – Last year we reported on a kindergarten teacher who allegedly instructed an entire classroom of students to line up and slap a kid because of his alleged bullying. On Thursday that teacher was found guilty of official oppression.

Last May, 6-year-old Aiden Neely had been acting up in line while at Salinas Elementary and hit another student. His teacher, Barbara Ramirez, asked another teacher, 44-year-old Cynthia Ambrose, what she should do to curtail his bullying. Ambrose came up with the genius idea of having the boy sit in her classroom before instructing 24 other kindergartners to file past him and give him a nice slap.

“He was hit on the head, in the face, on the back. And all the kids hit him twice,” said Aiden’s mother. “He had friends in that class, and friends didn’t want to hit him, but the teacher instructed them to hit him.”

Ramirez said that the first hits were just pats, but quickly escalated at Ambrose’s insistence. “It started out as a pat,” Ramirez said. “Then she told the class, ‘Come on, hit him harder.’” Ambrose did not have the students stop until after the seventh student hit Aiden so hard that the Aiden started crying.

Ramirez didn’t report the incident until two weeks later after watching Ambrose tell another student to pinch a bully for pinching him. Because she waited so long to report what she had seen, Ramirez was placed on three days administrative leave and was issued a letter of reprimand.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this in my 30 years,” said the school’s principal, Jeffrey Large. “I’ve heard of teachers using excessive force, but never putting students against other students.”

Ambrose was let go and “will not be asked to come back to the district in any capacity.” She also had a charge of official oppression filed against her.“This is not a spanking case,” state prosecutor Patrick Ballantyne said. “It is so far outside the bounds of classroom discipline to where it becomes criminal.”

During her trial, Ambrose’s attorney called the state’s witnesses liars. “It took their star witness two weeks to report this and she smiled all the way through — she was taunting,” Sullivan said. “Miss Ramirez is a pathological liar.”

His ploy didn’t work with jurors, who reach a guilty verdict in under 45 minutes. When asked for a comment, Ambrose stated, “I’ve already been convicted by the media when this all started.” Ambrose’s sentencing is scheduled for July 29.

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  • Pyncky

    At six I don’t know if he can really be classified as a bully.

  • Teach your brat not to put his hands on others, this was extreme, but then again the useless parents these days only care once their stupid kid gets hit back!

  • Im glad they slapped him! Maybe if he was slapped more often he be a bully!!!!

  • Or maybe he was pushed around at home or in his neighborhood. He was in kindergarten a little early to blame him it was time to teach him not hurt him.

  • Horrible! There are more effective ways to deal with a child who clearly already suffers from low self esteem and social issues! Isn’t child development a standard study in the scope of becoming a teacher?

  • techsupp0rt

    First off, this was alleged. We don’t actually know if the kid hit anyone or not. Kids that age tend to be lying little fuckers, so you’d take the word of one against the other for an excuse to physically harm a child?

    Second, kids that age don’t always know that they are bullying, or what bullying even is. They may not know that they’re hurting someone else, or even that hurting someone else is wrong. What does this teach them? That physical violence IS exactly the thing that an adult would have them do in a situation, so it’s really not teaching a damn thing. (not to mention that many bullies are victims of bullying at home, where they learn it. That doesn’t mean it’s cool when abused kids get abused more because they do what they’ve been trained to do by their abusers) That’s something you take up with the parents, and then if the parents don’t act on it, you take measures further and have that little puke removed from the school, but lining up a classroom of children to slap one who you think might have hit another kid is fucking retarded.

    Third, this was not just abusive to the kid who got slapped, but all of the other kids in that classroom. I’ve taken great pains to make sure my kid knows better than to lay his hands on anyone to cause them harm unless he’s having to defend himself. What this teacher just did was teach the ENTIRE classroom that bullying is the right thing to do, just as long as you feel justified enough. If my kid had been in there, she’d have a lot more to worry about than not having a job.

  • So you’re saying you’re glad that a teacher forced a group of 20+ kids to slap a 6 year old in the face because he “bullied” someone. What she did was whole lot worse than anything a 6 year old boy is capable of.

  • good little budding psychopaths need to understand consequences (and often they don’t even care about that) since they never feel morally bad or guilty for torturing others. waa waa his bad parents sorry ,that is not a license for him to abuse others. He should thank his lucky stars there isn’t corporeal punishment where the teachers themselves do it.

  • Yeah, officially sanctioned torture will turn this kid’s disposition all rosey and sweet.

  • Oops! Someone’s SADIST is showing. A high-school bully deserves what he gets, or more, but kindergarteners?

  • Parrot Toes

    When will people learn that the only way to discipline kids that young is to stuff their pockets full of meaty bits, then lock them in rooms with a couple of mean pit bulls? That’ll learn ’em. Six year olds are so evil.

  • Texas Ranger

    Oh thank God!! At least she didn’t screw the 6 year old.

  • Whatevn

    My daughter is 5 and a boy, in her class, had been picking on her for a while. Not just little, teasing crap either. She was holding her down by her neck and when her poppop went over to get him he snatched her away. and when he asked why and the world would he do that, his answer was “Because she is littler than me.”
    I didnt know about that first event. But soon after, she was being walked home, and the boy ran up and kicked her in the back twice . She fell down and he walked away like it was nothing. his parent pretended not to notice.

    I went down to the school after that PISSED me off. Come ot find out, he had been doing that to alot of the kids smaller than him. But the point of this is.. Yes. I think its very possible for someone at 5-6 to be a bully.

  • newstarshipsmell

    This totally reminds me of a story my high school classmate told me once (which I think I mentioned in a previous comment on a previous story somewhere.)

    He was in second grade, and one of the unpopular kids was being bullied during a school field trip by his classmates, and he finally lost it and attacked one of his bullies. Their teacher, some old-as-fuck angry nun, only saw the attack and didn’t apparently bother to find out the cause of the incident; she did virtually the same thing this teacher did – back at the school, she lined up the entire class and forced each and every one of the bullied kid’s classmates to take turns punching him, to “teach” him what it felt like to be punched.

    My friend said that most of the kids knew why he’d punched the other bully, and knew that it was completely unfair, but the teacher would hear none of it. So most of them did their best to pull their punches while making it look good, so she didn’t force them to repeat it.

    She quietly “retired” early a few weeks later at the end of the school year.

  • Parrot Toes

    That’s tomorrows story.

  • You don’t have kids, do you?

  • weneedhelpnow

    They know they are inflicting pain at that age. Many are also advanced liars. However this adult was wayyyyyy over the line.

  • Yes, I have 3. You do not have to agree with my approval of this, just as I do not have to agree with your disapproval. So dont try to insult me or make me feel bad,you will fail. My children are grown. Im so sick of seeing these little twit kids running around acting like little punks. I cant stand kids today, most of their parents should be slapped too, I believe the parents are most likely the root of the problem. Tick for tack, eye for an eye, etc.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Then how should he be described?

  • FrikkenFrak

    Parrot Toes! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, how you are. Nice to see a comment from you.

  • she should get off light!

  • abbys_mom

    I think that kids that age absolutely can be bullies. A four year old in my daughter’s preschool class is a horrendous bully, hitting, biting, cursing, picking on the smaller kids and taking stuff away from them, even stealing one of my daughter’s toys she brought for show and tell (he brought it back from home after a conference). The teacher is awesome, and has worked with him a lot one on one, because I’ve no doubt that something going on at home is making him this way, and he’s gotten somewhat better. I don’t think they understand at that age really what they’re doing, why they’re acting out, only that they’re angry and don’t know how to express it. I think having a loving teacher such as my daughter’s who is both protective of the other kids and attentive to WHY this kid is acting out and determined to help him learn to express himself better can make a difference, at least a small one, even if the root of the problem is at home.

  • Parrot Toes

    I’m here. Watching. Breathing heavy. Holding back my inner Dexter. 😛

  • kimbev69

    Fuck that fat ass cunt! I cannot stand her smug face

  • Nick

    I see a pattern with those opposed I guess it wont be long before bullies and inmates alike have more rights than the law abiding citizens, If thoroughly investigated and evidence shows the childs a bully give the teacher kudos for stepping up and doing something we sure as hell know the childs parent’s aren’t doing. Then again send her to jail we need more bullies to grow up killing peers and random shooting sprees without that we wouldn’t have this site!

  • Twisted1

    In regards to kids being little liars. I worked in a daycare in my early twenties. The daycare owners son and the daughter of another employee were in timeout. I told them they would get five more min. If they did not cut out some bad behavior. The son says I will tell my mom you hit me. I replied but you know that’s a lie I did not hit you. He tells the other child to slap his face. She does it and he turns to me with a smug look and says “Now you did”. Freaked me out to realize how easily my life could have been ruined on the word of a child. I found a new job not long after that.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I am actually feeling almost disappointed by it.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Well nice to see you. : )

  • JohnQknowitall

    Doesn’t this kind of make her a bully? I still hold that bullying by students in a school should first be handled or not by the administration and if not, handled by 911 just like in real life where we wouldn’t tolerate this shit in our workplaces. Why should kids suffer at the hand of thugs when they are attending a school as is their job, but especially since they don’t have the luxary of changing schools as we can change jobs. 911 baby!

  • DixieNightmares

    Almost exactly the same thing went down in my hometown, only it was a middle school PE teacher. She had every kid in the class line up and hit another child who had been misbehaving. She got fired, but it didn’t make the news. I was surprised because when I heard about it I was outraged and if it had been my child in that classroom, I would have made a big stink. I’m not sure if this is a crime, though, or just very bad judgment.

  • Junior

    Obama’s ‘Murica!

  • OneMoreDrank

    He’ll think twice about hitting anyone else…

  • CoCoNaniGold

    So we teach our kids to stop bullying others by bullying THEM? Is this the same theory as an eye for an eye? The article even states that there were children who were this “bullies” friends that didn’t want to partake in the abuse. This child was hit by children whom he/she never even touched. White people have coined the term “bullying” and sensationalized it. Kids of other races are taught by their parents that if a child hits you, you hit their a.ss back, no matter how big or small their are to you in comparison. Bullies don’t turn into bullies unless you allow them! If the teacher felt that strongly about the child “bullying” her other students, then where how many incident reports has she filed on behalf of this child’s bullying? Why wasn’t the child removed from her classroom? Why didn’t she refuse to teach until this bully child was handled? Simple – because this atrocity was merely an example of the morals lacking in teachers nowadays …anybody can be one just for a salary and a paycheck, not because they enjoy doing it. And society wonders why little Jim Bob or Chad with the freckles came and massacred the whole school when he got old enough. Parents TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO HIT BACK, NOT turn the other cheek. If your child is a wimp, homeschool their wimply a.sses, because children who hit other children will NEVER cease to exist …EVER!!

  • RedScarab

    I guess no one is forced to stand in the corner anymore. Ah simpler times.

  • itsknotme

    Fifteen years from now, while swaying at the bar drunk, reaching and putting his arm around a toothless, crack addicted blonde trying to impress her, this bully will say “did I ever tell you about the time when I was a kid and fought 20 big kids at once. Sure, they got the best of me, but they dare not take me on one-by-one.”

  • JohnQknowitall

    Haven’t you written half a dozen highly acclaimed books on child rearing?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Kids are irrational but their parents should not be. Discuss it with their parents, the school and then the BULLY HOTLINE: 911

    The little boy may have had a crush on her and not even realize why he was acting the way he was… which does not change the fact his actions are inappropriate. His parents given the opportunity should have corrected them. Can a boy of six technically be a bully? I don’t know, but I bet he can be allowed to grow into one.

  • Spifftastic

    Lovely story but FUCK your avatar.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    It sounds like the kind of thing that they would do in 1984 (the book, not the actual year).

  • Buffettgirl

    I’d love to play a round of slap-slap-PUNCH with this dumb bitch…

  • WarriorArtemis

    This is a little out of hand…however, school is an institution and if you don’t defend yourself…well you’re going to get your ass kicked…just sayin lol

  • Parrot Toes

    Ha! I should. It would be very informative and “meaty”. I would title one, “So, that’s how baby oil is made”.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Or how about “Soccer with Infants?”

  • Parrot Toes

    It could be a series. That would be book 2.

  • nomorepolitix

    You did mention this story on the previous report of this kid’s story (I think the top link takes you to it)! I was incredibly sad to hear your story and THEN you made it worse–the poor kid from your story was a bit challenged. Ugh. I really hate when adults don’t “see” what’s going on when they are in charge of a bunch of impetuous children who seem to follow human nature on singling out the “different” kids for ridicule. And I’m STILL sad when reading stories like this.

  • Tenbux

    Die in a fire.

  • Heather4877

    It seems weird to me that Ramirez would report it only after seeing Ambrose instruct a kid to pinch another kid back, as if that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. I mean, she didn’t report watching multiple children slap another child at the instruction of a teacher (most likely because she knew reporting it would put her own career in jeopardy), yet witnessing Ambrose telling another kid to retaliate by pinching a kid back totally blew her moral compass out of the water.
    Ramirez’s story smells funny to me…

  • kobekaci

    A teacher from my daughters elem. school called me one afternoon. He said he wanted to let me know that my daughter along w the rest of her class had to witness him picking a boy up to physically remove him from the classroom. The child was threatening his female teacher (& also the other kids who were trying to calm him down) Female teacher had to call the male teacher to help get him out of the room. 1st grade 7 y/o. I believe in young bullies. If it’s caused by parents who bully I really don’t know. I don’t agree w what happened to this kid but I know my mom (not my teacher) was quick to bite me if I bit someone else to show me how it felt. Not saying its the perfect way to handle a situation but I did learn my lesson…biting fucking hurts.

  • Melissa Stopka

    My 9 y/o has been bullied a lot this past school year and the school won’t do shit. We instructed him to tell these little fuckers to “go fuck themselves” and when he said it they tattled and my son got in trouble for cursing. Where is the happy medium? What she did may not have been right, I don’t agree with it, but dammit at least she recognized that the kid was acting like a little prick. Instead of asking the other idiot teacher what to do though, she should have asked the school counselor or the principal. The issue probably could’ve been settled rather easily.

  • mean birch

    She looks like Paula deen.

  • mrskailuakona

    This teacher should be given a Medal of Honor not reprimanded even if she broke the rules. Too many times like in my daughter’s case the school is indifferent not wanting to own up to the bullying (probably for lawsuit reasons in a case of suicide/self harm) so they look the other way. I commend this teacher it taught the “alleged” bully a real lesson in the hard knocks of life. Maybe it should be that the school “alleges” the teacher lined the students up too? Maybe she was taking them to lunch!