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Sammie WallaceMIDWEST CITY, OK – Didn’t see a lot of news reporting on this, so thought I would. Police were forced to shoot and kill a man inside a Walmart after he took a toddler hostage and threatened to kill her.

The store was full of shoppers Monday afternoon when 37-year-old Sammie Wallace walked into the Walmart, took a toddler out of a shopping cart in front of her mother and began cradling her in his arms.

“The mother began asking him, what he was doing, it wasn’t making any sense what he was saying, he had a weapon in his hand, a knife up against the child, threatening the child’s life,” said Sid Porter, Assist. Chief of Police.

Witnesses said Wallace was acting erratic and speaking about the Illuminati and a satanic cult while holding the girl and holding a knife against her. “He was really erratic, telling the daughters mother to call his attorney,” said witness, Tony Humphrey.

“He’s basically saying things like, he wants to see his kids, he wants his kids too,” said Owens. “He just wants to go home to see his family, he has nothing to live for, nothing to lose,” said another shopper, Donita Owens.

The store was evacuated and police made contact with Wallace at the back of the store where he still had the little girl. Police tried talking Wallace into letting the girl go for 30 minutes, but he just became more agitated and more violent towards the child’s life. That all ended when Wallace started counting down.

“At that time, one of our officers had to use deadly force to stop the threat for this little child,” said Porter. That officer was Capt. David Huff, a 22-year veteran of the force, who dropped Wallace with a single gunshot. The girl was unharmed.

“I’ve been doing this 29 years,” said Porter. “I can’t remember something like this, a random act in a grocery store with all these people.” Police are calling the act a random act of violence, and that Wallace did not know the little girl or the girl’s mother.

Police searched Wallace’s apartment and found a three-ring binder and spiral notebook full of religious writings.

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