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Clayton SennALBUQUERQUE, NM — Police arrested a man in a wheelchair after witnesses say he hit a 3-year-old in the head with a hammer while inside an Albuquerque grocery store.

Police and firefighters were responded to a Smith’s grocery store Monday after receiving a call about a 3-year-old boy bleeding from the head. The boy’s stepfather said he heard his wife scream then watched as Clayton Senn hit the boy in the head with a hammer. The stepfather went after Senn, who is confined to a wheelchair, and had to be restrained by witnesses until officers arrived.

“Witnesses say they had to try to restrain the child’s father prior to police arrival because the father was obviously so upset about what happened to his child that he was trying to get at the offender,” said Tasia Martinez with Albuquerque Police.

Witnesses at the scene told police that Senn didn’t just hit the 3-year-old, that he had also chased after two other children, both under the age of 5, but neither of them were hurt. The injured boy, Jordan Romero, was transported to University of New Mexico Hospital. Although he suffered a fractured skull, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Detectives say that they do not know what motivated Senn’s actions, and that he isn’t talking to them. “He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me, refused to say anything,” Detective Brian Crafton said.

This isn’t the first time Senn has made the news. In 2011, he was found in a riverbed where he had been stuck for three days. The resulting frostbite he received is the reason why he ended up losing his legs and being confined to a wheelchair. After being rescued, police would learn that Senn is a transient wanted on a felony warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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Senn would end up pleading guilty to the aggravated battery charge in 2010, but would have another court date this past week after he was accused of beating a health care worker. Senn is currently in jail facing new charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Police: Man strikes child with hammer

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  • If I was that little boys mom I would have chased his ass down and beat HIM with a hammer. People are goin nuts lately!

  • slavesher

    Lets keep feeling bad for him and letting him go…..NOT! Take away the bastards wheelchair. Lets see how fast he can chase someone then….

  • Evan

    you’d have to restrain me too. i kinda don’t like homeless people or handicap people (e.g. they always seem to be the worst drivers) so if i seen one attack a child I’d do them like gramps did that guy who molested his granddaughter. pit bulls: same goes for you. I’d put a billion holes in one if they gave me a reason!

  • he looks like one of those sad hobo clown paintings without the makeup.

  • Justagirl

    They should have left his ass in the riverbed to die a slow, painful death.

  • lol!

  • Texas Ranger

    Well thats just fucked up beyond comprehension.

  • nailed it.

  • Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Texas Ranger

    Take his chair and He’d just crawl like a slug over to Wlamarts and get on one of those fatty-scooters and chase kids all over….cut his arms off….problem solved.

  • JohnQknowitall

    What happened to the days when people like this were locked in the addict to hide their family’s shame?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Yeah… too bad the frost bite didn’t go higher and insure no future offspring.

  • sugarpie

    As a witness, I would’ve let dad slip through and throw a few punches before restraining him. Poor little fella, I hope he doesn’t remember this. Although I’m sure he’ll always have a fear of people in wheelchairs now.

  • Gee

    This guy is just a waste of skin and tax payers money. Should have let dad take care of him.

  • weneedhelpnow

    Why is he out in public and not behind bars?

  • They wouldn’t have been able to hold me back if that was my child, I’m a Mama bear- I think i would have killed him

  • OMG! What the fuck is wrong with people. Too bad step dad didn’t get a chance to get to that hammer before the police arrived-

  • MaricelaAlvrz

    He really shouldn’t be let back into society but also, have to wonder if he’s been psychologically evaluated. He has some serious issues.

  • Kittyskyfish

    Locked in the addict? That’d be cozy. 😉

  • Kittyskyfish

    It’s been Serious Issue Wednesday on the Demon. First a guy with missing hands, now one without legs. I’m waiting for John Wayne Bobbitt to reappear. *ever hopeful*

  • LuvsHorror

    How about sever his spine? If he has one.

  • Kittyskyfish

    What about the Three Strikes You’re Out policy? Give the dad a hammer and let him make it happen. Boom boom boom…out go the lights…permanently.

  • Buffettgirl

    Dang, can’t you see the critters running around in his mind? Rabid ain’t they? (and just for you Q, I need a shower! ;-P)

  • DeweyCheatam

    He couldn’t get his wheelchair up the steps. :/

  • Texas Ranger

    Nice Idea…Hell let’s go for sever his head if we are going to have to get all dressed up to sever something anyways.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Why go to the expense? He wouldn’t need one.

  • ultracreep

    This man is probably schizophrenic and should not have been unsupervised and clearly needed treatment. This is what happens over and over again when you defund mental health programs.

  • MadcapMama

    Albuquerque has a real problem with transients (and often criminals) hanging around the city because of the warmer weather throughout the year. Makes things a little weird around here sometimes…

  • DeweyCheatam

    You’re so literal today.

  • JohnQknowitall

    My coworkers are depressing me… just sharing the wealth… sorry.

  • Texas Ranger

    Yeah. Is that how you spell attic? All this time I thought I had a Attictive Personality. Who knew huh?

  • DeweyCheatam

    lol … probably shouldn’t bean ’em with a hammer, tempted though you might be. 😀

  • patrickdh10

    Good Grief. Lock him up. He’s obviously bitter,violent and unstable. How many people get hurt before NM’s justice system does what it’s supposed to? If he was mexican you can bet he’d still be in jail from his first offense.

  • “The more I learn about people, the more I love my dog.” Mark Twain

  • rpgmomma8404

    I hope they keep this mother fucker in jail. He’s going to end up killing someone.

  • slavesher

    I actually LOL at “fatty scooter”. That is totally accurate!

  • I can see myself picking up that hammer and proceeding to beat the shit out of him with it. He would be unrecognizable.

  • CT

    Stop, Hammer time. You can’t touch this. Why you standin’ there, man? You can’t touch this.

    (I hope I managed to plant an ear worm in my favorite posters brain, fucker)

  • JustBrowsingLife

    Here! Here! Why indeed?

  • JustBrowsingLife

    The family should sue the state for negligence. WTF was this animal doing out in public?

  • Someone should break his arms now.

  • Rachel Ann

    Yeah but aside from a sympathetic hooker, you really think that guy is getting any action?

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    And, by the way, if one day you happen to wake up
    And find yourself in an existential quandary
    Full of loathing and self-doubt
    And wracked with the pain and isolation of your pitiful meaningless existence
    At least you can take a small bit of comfort in knowing that
    Somewhere out there in this crazy mixed-up universe of ours
    There’s still a little place called


  • techsupp0rt

    Should have left that in the ditch where it belonged.

  • Dre Mosley

    Those witnesses saved his sorry ass.

  • LuvsHorror

    Do you think that will stop him?

  • Athena

    I absolutely agree.

    It’s a problem that began in the ’50s, was painfully apparent by the ’70s, yet our government continues to turn a blind eye, even to this day. It puts us all at risk.

  • One of our Facebook users pointed out something that I noticed when I first got his mugshot – he looks exactly like one of those sad hobo clowns.

  • onlyme356

    Is he mentally ill or just looking for a long stay in prison for a cot and food?

  • onlyme356

    I’m thinking he might want to be there.

  • mean birch

    He can’t make eye contact. He’s busy staring into space….

  • rpgmomma8404

    Probably the best place for him or a psychiatric institution.

  • restlessvagabond

    Should have given the step-father 3 minutes with the creep. That’s plenty of time to pull him off the motherfucker before the cops show up.

  • what a BITCH

  • CT

    Why? Why did you have to do this to me?

  • Emette Kelley

  • Gee

    I just thought that was a special place I hadn’t heard about… :o)

  • WarriorArtemis

    Fuckin New Mexi-hell. Nuke the state already.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    almost peed myself laughing at that. thanks, man.

  • Heather_Habilatory


  • Texas Ranger


  • newstarshipsmell

    Oh come on, I already posted Hammertime! in the forums. Be more creative.

  • JohnQknowitall

    The fear is his boning that hooker with the big heart.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Maybe the jail isn’t wheelchair accessible?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I don’t care what you say–three is way too young to be getting hammered!

  • Cassy_Again

    Well, gee, he’s only tried to kill or maim a few people, I think it’s safe to just let him ago again, you know…until he gets it right.

  • Lucy Van Pelt

    I work with three and four year olds…I am reserving judgement on this man until I find out what those kids did to him

  • wastintime

    you! i just got my son asleep! and you made me laugh so loudly i almost woke him up! i loved that!

  • Texas Ranger

    Since its established he looks like a sad clown…I Knight him Hammer Clown.

  • Pipsmom06

    Why was he not in jail? He has this past record and is clearly a danger…

  • FrikkenFrak

    All I can picture is that THAT is probably the face of anyone I’d meet if I were into online dating…..

  • FrikkenFrak

    After reading DD for years, I think I might need to be locked in an addict…

  • FrikkenFrak

    He doesn’t need jail. He needs a hospital.

  • FrikkenFrak

    If he’s mentally ill, the LAST place he needs to be in is jail.

  • Kittyskyfish

    Isn’t it rich?
    Isn’t it queer?
    Losing my timing this late
    In my career?
    And where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother – they’re fucking here.

  • JGo555

    Whiny kids, eh!?

  • Miles Voltaire

    Given the prevalence of the mentally ill in crime figures for the US? Not surprising. I’d like to know the guy’s background. My guess is that mental illness kicked in during his teens, and the vagrancy helped it along (not to mention the probably co-morbid alcohol and substance abuse). The sad part is, sometimes these people are mad, not bad. I would probably guess schizophrenia, or a personality disorder at best.

  • Miles Voltaire

    And it’s not enough just to put people ‘in a program/facility’ etc. Support needs to come all the way from a Section order to the final rehabilitation where possible. We’re not just talking about ‘madmen’ – these were people just like you and I, before mental illness took its toll. (steps off soapbox – I work in a mental hospital)

  • Randal Flagg

    We call em Lard Carts were I’m from…

  • Randal Flagg

    I think I would have accidentally dropped one of those gallon sized cans of pork and beans from the top shelf onto his crippled head for the dad’s satisfaction…

  • sugarpie

    Yes, I “can” see how an accident like that would happen…

  • dbblack

    um why the crap was he not in jail for the first charges?

  • Melissa Stopka

    Well ya know, sometimes 3 y/o’s just won’t shut the fuck up! Just kidding. You’d have to restrain me too. I’d break that mother fuckers arms so he wouldn’t be able to wheel his crippled ass around or raise his hands to another child ever again.