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Jessica HowellMissouri – Last December, Jessica Howell’s four-month-old daughter was raped and strangled by her boyfriend. He is currently awaiting trial, but now prosecutors have also charged Jessica after they say she knew her boyfriend was a child predator and even encouraged him to rape her daughter.

I was staying away from this one after posting the story about the 9-month-old who suffered “total destruction” of the vagina, but Jessica deserves to be on the site. Be warned, if you don’t  want your day ruined, skip the rest of this article.

Jordan Prince was accused of the rape and murder of Ashlyn Peters on December 3, 2012. He was watching the four-month-old while her mother, Jessica, was sleeping. At some point he became frustrated when she would not stop crying and strangled her to death. Police allege the source of her discomfort was because Prince had sexually assaulted the girl.

It sounds strange to say this, but the strangulation was actually a blessing because the baby was in Hell. Had Ashlynn not been strangled to death, she would have died from the injuries inflicted on her anus. According to the criminal complaint:

“Ashlynn was sexually assaulted causing multiple tears to her anus, a massive laceration to her rectum with massive hematoma to the area of the pelvis. The injuries to the anus and rectum of Ashlynn were sufficient to eventually cause her death even without the strangulation.”

Prince was subsequently arrested and is currently in jail on charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a child and forcible sodomy. Now, finally, prosecutors have charged Jessica with abuse and second-degree murder. They allege she knew Prince had a previous conviction for sexual offense against a minor. Even more sickening is their claim that Jessica admitted to sending Prince text messages suggesting her willingness to allow him to rape Ashlynn.

Woman Arrested For Live Streaming Rape Of Her 4-Year-Old Son

“In those text messages she suggested and encouraged some unspeakable things,” St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar said. “It is very, very disturbing.”

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  • Two words come to mind while reading this !!!! DEATH PENALTY!

  • sugarpie

    I haven’t stopped sobbing from the last story. I would like to command anyone with thoughts of sexually assaulting a child to please quietly walk to the nearest bridge or building and jump the fuck off. FUCKERS!

  • POS

  • That is so sickening!

  • sick to my stomach after reading this, he should be tortured the same way the baby died and then killed. stupid ass

  • And to think that that burning pit of fire in Turkmenistan is going to waste…

  • Agree 100%!

  • Yeah… this one ruined my day :/

  • Its disgusting!! the mom should be tortured too!

  • That is fucking sick! I hope her and the boyfriend and tortured!! raped, then die slowly!!!

  • fuck these 2, waste of fucking space, kill em now

  • I am just going to lay here in my own vomit… don’t mind me.

  • I’ll never understand the baby rape.

  • Kill them both. Now.

  • Unfuckingbelievable.

  • Evan

    damn morbid – i don’t even wanna know what some of those words mean. [shivers]

  • Buffettgirl

    fuck… just FUCK! I hope this cunt gets anally raped from now until the end of time by a fucking snow plow because that’s about what she “encouraged” her innocent baby to suffered… Time for Sniper Boyfriend to take a trip to the Mid-West I see…

  • Wtf….

  • omfg!!! wtf is wrong with people??? jail is too good for this bitch. people like need to just be executed instead of keeping them alive at taxpayers expense. that poor little baby

  • I can’t believe people like this exist

  • burn in hell

  • scientists & dr’s try to bring reasoning to madness of sick fucks by sayin rhey didn’t know better or they were abused (still think he should have his dick sliced in half & lrmon juice dropped on & a bullet to the back of the head) but wtf is this bitchs excuse…special special place in hell!

  • who in their right mind wouldnt protect their sweet little innocent baby with everything they had. fucking nasty scumbag whore

  • CT

    Reads the first line and turns around. Need brain bleach.

  • There are terrible people in this world. The ONLY cure for people like this is death.

  • Evan

    I don’t have the ‘hard facts’ but saw this on a comment board somewhere else: “She’s already lost three kids to the state. You know why she lost her youngest son? She tried to strangle him.” Also one article posted this as the boyfriends picture:

  • enslavedreaper

    They deserve to die in a most horrible way! Makes me sick and I have lost all faith in humanity..

  • tkaz

    Someone should study this woman – find out why she’s so evil & then just kill anyone that
    fits the same profile. This is horrible.

  • I would ask what’s with all the assholes raping babies but Nurse Rhonda explained it once before and I really don’t want to have to think about that particular explanation ever again in my life.

    God damn I just can’t even.

  • Maleka Giovinco

    excuse my language………..YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!

  • Got a picture of this fucking piece of shit monster? I just mention it, so that somebody can do extensive mutilation to his anus and rupture his insides and leave him in agony.

  • JustBrowsingLife

    It takes a lot to make me cry as I have been desensitized by reading here. But I can’t believe this one.

  • I really do not want to be alive with these scum today… to call them scum is not even a word. the emotions that I feel after reading this, I don’t even think I can express… how can one ? I just want a month with her… some say 5 minutes… that implies they will “beat the shit out of them”….. I want months, years, decades… If the law would allow it and knowing what I know, I would without a doubt, with no remorse torture this bitch ass mother until her dying breath!!!! fuck her!!!

  • Stormblast

    Now I need both eye and brain bleach after looking at his fugly ass! It never ceases to amaze me how low some females will sink all because they are desperate for dick. This case can be filed under “Yet another quest for the Eternal Penis gone horribly wrong”.

  • TruTruTrue

    Common Man! How about from now on you guys can add an asterisk next to the tittle, because by the time we get to the section that reads “Be warned, if you don’t want your day ruined, skip the rest of this article.” it’s over! You might as well finish reading the article because your mind, body and soul have already been corrupt and your day has gone to shit.

    As for this puke spawn and her mate; May the rest of their days on this earth be filled with pain upon pain upon misery!

  • Evan

    the never ending story

  • Evan

    def. brings new meaning to the phrase “who ripped ass?”

  • JustBrowsingLife

    I am shaking my head trying to reboot my brain. The only thing I have accomplished ismaking myself dizzy. Images cannot be erased.

  • newstarshipsmell

    What was the explanation?

  • newstarshipsmell

    Sofa king wrong.

  • Evan

    sigh i know i know

  • Yet another reason I want to find a nice large, old Victorian house out in the middle of nowhere so I can be as far away from people and their fuckery as possible……

  • Crucify them

  • This breaks my heart 🙁 I have an almost 4 month old and this is the most sickening thing I think I’ve ever heard….at least this sweet angel is in a better place and is safe now:(

  • darsa

    Just so long as the bridge is the overpass of a highway at rush hour the Friday before a holiday weekend… >:(

  • Texas Ranger

    I don’t get it…..*Sicko-Prince sitting on couch* I’m horny….hmmmm…..jack off to porn, orrrrr destroy a babies body?….hmmm….already seen that porn….sooooo… it is then. WHEN THE FUCKIN HELL THAT SHIT EVER CROSS A PERSONS MIND? HUH? HUH? IF IT HAS……FUCKIN KILL YOURSELF!!!

  • Texas Ranger

    And I’m doing bout 400 MPH the second he hit’s the road at that very spot in one of those Wide Load trucks…..Oh yeah… nothing but a Pink-Pedo-Prince MIST in the rearview mirror……

  • I unfortunately can’t get out of typing the short version since for some reason I can’t find the original comment to cut and paste. Lizard had a conversation with Nurse Ronda about what the fuck is up with these people. If I had enough time I’m sure I could find it, but I’m impatient.

    Here’s a short version posted by Lizard in the forums (copied and pasted), but if anyone finds the full version that is hanging out there somewhere, it’s much more informative:

    “I had a conversation with nurseronda a few years ago that still haunts
    me (we were talking about a case where the guy raped his 8-day-old
    daughter). nurseronda has worked with infants and toddlers who’ve been
    raped, and she suggested to me that a primary thought possibly going
    through the perp’s mind as he made the decision to insert his cock into
    the orifice of a small child is that it “would be tight.””

    It had other extremely disturbing details, I’m almost glad I didn’t find the more informative version because I really hate reading it.

    Hey, you asked. I delivered. Halfway, anyway. 😛

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    I’m at a complete loss myself. I can’t comprehend someone thinking about doing that kind of thing to a child, much less actually committing that horror upon a baby.

  • Just found the original I’ll send it to you in the forums so as not to traumatize all the people who probably don’t wanna read that shit.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    This one brings too much home for me.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Fuck it! I’ll do it. The Steyr .50 ought to do the trick.

  • DeweyCheatam

    I’m glad, after seeing comments, I heeded the warning and stopped reading. I just couldn’t take it.

  • Alright buddy check your forums inbox, and thanks for making me think about it again! Jerk!

    Haha jk nothing but love for ya NSSS. Sorry in advance for ruining your day!

  • Buffettgirl

    That would work just fine for me too – he’d be more than happy to help if you need it though…

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Please someone castrate this cunt asap. With iron hot giant tweezers preferably. With no pain relief.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    That is very interesting. She and the other woman that let her bedwarmer rape and murder her daughter also has a long history of having children removed from her care. Why the hell were they allowed to have custody of these children, when they had a history of sucking?

  • Buffettgirl

    Doesn’t it look a LOT like they could be brother and sister? ***gack!***

  • Rachel Ann

    Is that bitch even awake? Idk what to say other than how can you get so sick in the head that you think it’s okay for your fat nasty disgusting slob monkey of a penis to rape your daughter. Not even vaginally but anally ffs! And I’m sure he did that so he wouldn’t have to look at that babies face as he violated her.
    I hate that I have to share oxygen with shit like this. I wish they would do us all a favor and DIE DIE DIE!!!

  • Evan

    should have a 3 strikes rule!

  • techsupp0rt

    Maybe a soldering iron.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here to crack the jokes I’m afraid to. Amass more down-votes, I suppose.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I just don’t get it. Your hand is a free lay, if you’re too cheap to pay someone, and it doesn’t come with an almost-certain guarantee of serving time in prison, not to mention not causing pain and death to a baby.

    The dark side of my mind can’t help but wonder – if they made infant-shaped fleshlights, would they do more harm or good? (And no, don’t anyone say anything about lining them with razors, that would clarify the point to they only do good.)

  • Nemesis

    The world is a fucked up place and raping a baby is the most fucked up horrendous crime that is committed. That’s what happens when you stick a mans full grown dick into a baby. It tears shit up.

    Maybe people need to hear exactly what happens to a baby’s body when they have this trauma inflicted on them. And maybe, just maybe, if some sick fuck reads this shit and later on looks at a baby and thinks his sick thoughts and remembers that he’s going to fuck shit up and decide not to do it. That’s the only positive thing that can come out of this story.

  • Nemesis

    And yes this is nemesis the one and only aka Alecto. No assholes need respond.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This poor baby, she NEVER had a chance with the piece of shit mother she had. I hope this trash finds a horrible death in jail, maybe someone can rip his anus up

  • Buffettgirl

    I’m sorry… whatever it is it can’t be good if this story has this reaction for you…

  • Michael Roe

    Once again you have manage to piss me off. These motherfuckers deserve to die what can only be describe as a pornographic death. I want to go to prison so a can personally shove my goddamn foot up their asses. Remember the movie 7 when that guy fucks that girl with a knife, well something like that only a baseball bat with rusty barbed wire and nails sticking out. I mean fuck these fucking victimizing cowards and anybody who rads this and thinks otherwise. Bring your ass to Kentucky and my ol lady will cook for you before i give you a good ol fashion country ass beating. FUCK THESES FUCKING ASSHOLES. KILL THEM KILL THEM KILL THEM. That’s from the heart

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Or maybe forceps. Or something along those lines. That really was my initial thought, I just could not remember what forceps were called.

  • weneedhelpnow

    “They allege she knew Prince had a previous conviction for sexual offense against a minor.” The State thinks she should’ve known he would reoffend. So why did the state let him loose to reoffend in the first place? 3 words we never need to hear again –repeat sexual offender.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    So many comments. In a rush to pick my kids from camp. Damn that officer has some jiggly jowls. Are only the women thin in that part of the country? Jack Sprat my ass.

  • LovableFreak

    Once again my native MO graces the pages of the DD. Ugh! They need some good ole backwoods justice! RIP Ashlynn, nobody will ever hurt you again.

  • JohnQknowitall

    What a mother fucking piece of dirty rag shit asshole bitch garbage… fuck… fuck… what the fuck is up a stupid dirty cunt* like this… omg… what kind kind of human allows this much much much less encourages it…

    To adults anal rape sounds about as painful as it gets, but my guess is this poor child got all of her very small and fragile parts… oh fuck what kind things do this to another human being?

    * I only use “cunt” in the most extreme situations and rarely at that…. fuck, mother fucking pieces of shit.

  • Robin Renea Tison




  • Cammy Newsome

    So..who was passing out the mind-bleach??.I’m usually pretty good at handling these things; but when it involves babies/kids..It makes me want to vomit.

  • mean birch

    Yes it is very very disturbing

  • mean birch

    I wanna see the texts

  • onlyme356

    What in the fucking shitty fucking fuck?! – FUCK! I am SO sorry, but that’s all I can say – just fuck…………………………………………..and kill them both! Just kill them!

  • onlyme356

    You know, when I read crap like this I just think people like her need full hysterectomies.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Yeah, I’d need a good spotter.

  • Lakme Hesse

    Sigh…this would have to come from hometown. I honestly don’t understand how you can carry a child for 9 months and then do this and what would make someone see a four month old as a sex toy? When my son was 4 months old, I couldn’t bear for anyone to hold him but me. I can’t see just offering him up to my boyfriend…god.

  • Jycorro


  • Heather_Habilatory

    What the actual fuck? They;re both disgusting creatures.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    fuckfuckufckfuckfuck. I wanna fucking cut this bitch and her pudgy fucking boyfriend too. i hope they both die horrible painful slow agonizing deaths.

  • LynneVicious

    What the fucking fuck of all fucking hell?!? We need to have a clause in our justice system where cases like this can be expedited and use capital punishment… Quickly. She’ll just milk the system for 3 years and spend 20 years living on our tax dollars. No justice for the baby…

  • WarriorArtemis

    What the fuck…Kill this bitch with fire.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Only the ones on meth. The rest of us tend to range from well-rounded to Jabba’s sister.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Too bad we can’t shove her head up his ass and shove his head up her ass and adhere them in place. May they both rot in Bonne Terre without air conditioning for the rest of their miserable (and hopefully short) lives.

  • Lucy Van Pelt

    There is no dick in the world worth your children.

  • Jessie Heavin

    Oh. My. God. This website never ceases to amaze me.

  • CT

    No assholes left, I believe.

  • Wildheart

    Oh he is just fucking disgusting!

  • Baeta_Mordred

    I was wondering if this was going to end up on this site, I’m from st.Charles and heard about it from a friend who knew the creepy Bitch and stayed the fuck away from her. God, that poor baby, I can’t imagine what pain she went through. Hopefully some sort of adrenalin kicked in or shock and she stopped feeling the pain eventually. Probably not the case but I pray :'(

  • Nemesis

    Thank goodness 🙂

  • FrikkenFrak


    There are stories where words fail and all I can muster is a primal, guttural scream. THIS is one.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Tight??? THAT’S the reason? How about I find a 1/2 pipe to shove down their shaft? Will THAT suit their need for a tight fit?

  • FrikkenFrak


  • Parrot Toes

    I remember that explanation. Wow, how could I have stayed away from a place that I’ve been at for so long that I remember that one? Well, I haven’t been away really, just haven’t been commenting. HIYA COUNT! 😀

  • JGo555

    Fucking meth head.

  • Tonya Mims

    Really, can anyone tell me why a mother would do this to her own child? Sadly, I think that a lion, tiger, or bear’s have more motherly instincts then some humans do. How can that be, because lion’s, tiger’s, and bear’s don’t learn morals and ethics. Instead, they protect their young from males… so why don’t we as people do that for our own offspring? Too many stepfathers and boyfriends do this to children that are not their own… because they do not love a baby as if it were truly theirs… AND THIS IS THE SOCIETY THAT I LIVE IN… Wow, maybe I should go live in the wild.

  • Humanist99

    I’ve wondered the same thing because there have been SO MANY infant rapes lately it seems. I imagined in their F-ed minds the were likely thinking “tight” and obviously helpless/vulnerable. Care to share the same discussion with me?
    It’s not even a morbid curiosity that I have. I just can’t… in any way…. understand how people can be THAT warped.

  • Humanist99

    I read/looked at just about everything possible on these 2 disturbed pieces of sh*t’s profiles and it’s sickening how they gloat over their “love” for the baby, posing in pictures with her, talking about “making donations of baby clothes to Hurricane Sandy Victims”, etc…

  • Humanist99

    Yep. I can’t imagine the train of thoughts in his mind or how they could even discuss and come to such a decision together about ‘this being OKAY’! Oooh… and the way they go on to talk about their daughter in such a ‘loving’ manner, accepting donations and sympathy from people over “their loss”…

  • I would be willing to share the discussion, but I would prefer to send it to you in the forums so as to spare those of the commenting population who would prefer not to read it. It’s pretty disturbing, and not something you can un-read. So if you have a forum ID I’ll send it there, if you like.

  • Blue Ming Seiko

    Why would this fuckwipe meth head have a child in the first place? Ugh! She’s just as sick as he is.
    Barring my first idea, which is that they should bring back drawing and quartering for this sort, why are the pair of them not being neutered with a dull rusty razor blade? These monsters should never be allowed to breed again.

  • Blue Ming Seiko

    As a former EMT I don’t mind a bit of gallows humor, but not when it’s a kid and not when something like this was done to them. We don’t joke about dead kids, for fuck’s sake.

  • Evan

    good to know EMTs don’t joke about dead kids.

  • Lara Robertson

    5 minutes alone with this cum dumpster….. Thats all i need….

  • sherrdbw

    Don’t worry about excusing yourself. It’s the norm here.;

  • Hime_Takamura

    I’d suggest their punishment be rape by something equivalent in scale to what their victim had to go through. So, something big enough to ruin/kill them.

  • Nick Trygg

    Steyr makes 50 cals?

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Steyr is actually most well-known worldwide for it’s manufacture of rifles. The Steyr .50 is so advanced that it requires a whole new class of cartridge that Steyr engineered & manufactured. It makes the Barrett look like a child’s toy by comparison.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Right now, I’m ready to sell the First Generation unit for one of the newer ones that use a more standard .50 BMG cartridge. Better yet, one of the long-range rifles chambered in .338 Lapua.

  • cxv

    It’s pretty hot

  • Whisper Wing

    Infant Died After Mother Let Boyfriend Rape Her

    Prosecutors in St. Charles County have charged the mother of an
    infant girl with abuse and second degree murder stemming from an
    incident last December.
    The grim and chilling details were released Monday.
    In an amended complaint against Jessica Lynn Howell, 25, prosecutors
    now allege that she knew her boyfriend, Jordan Lafayette Prince, had
    previous convictions for sexual offense against a minor.
    The complaint against Ashlynn’s mother, Jessica Howell, alleges she
    had sent text messages to Prince suggesting her willingness to allow him
    to engage in sexual activity with Ashlynn.
    “In those text messages she suggested and encouraged some unspeakable
    “It is very,
    very disturbing.”
    The complaint goes on to allege that Howell took Ashlynn to Prince’s home to spend the night at the time Ashlynn was murdered.
    “I saw them take the baby in and out, but you never imagine something
    like that is going on,” John Ezell said. “I am glad she is charged.”
    Howell is in custody and held on $1 million bond. She will be
    arraigned Tuesday morning. Prince remains in custody as he awaits trial
    for Ashlynn’s murder.
    Neighbors said they hope both are convicted.
    “I hate to see baby killers go free,” Ezell

    Jessica Howell Complaint GRAPHIC

  • tina

    some one needs to destroy his anus and her disgusting vagina she better hope she never gets out