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Steven PinelBRADENTON, FL – I would have loved to see the look on Steven Pinel’s face the other night after he shot his sleeping wife in the face, and instead of dying, she jumped up and ran out of the house.

The poor guy just couldn’t do shit right Friday night when he finally mustered the courage to shoot his defenseless wife with a small caliber handgun. According to police, after shooting her once, the gun malfunctioned and allowed his wife, who thought her husband had hit her with the gun, to jump out of bed and run out of the house.

“She told a neighbor that he had hit her in the face with the gun, but actually he had shot her and she didn’t know it because she was sleeping,” Bradenton Police Chief Michael Radzilowski said. “It must have felt like a massive blow, like a punch, which is why she thought she had been hit with a blunt object.”

While his wife was next door, Pinel jumped into his car clad only in his underwear and sped away. But luck just wasn’t on his side, and Pinel ended up crashing his car into a ditch and broke his neck in the process. A woman pulled over to assist Pinel, only to have Pinel try to steal her car.

“The suspect pointed a gun at her and said, ‘Give me your keys.’ She said, ‘No,’ and left the scene.” said Dave Bristow, a sheriff’s office spokesperson. Which is pretty funny.

By this time, the 911 call center was getting flooded with calls regarding a bloody naked man banging on cars with a metal object and carrying a handgun. When police arrived on the scene, they found Pinel laying on the ground.

Pinel was arrested and taken to the hospital to treat his broken neck. He’s now being held in the Manatee County jail without bond, charged with attempted murder and armed carjacking. His wife’s injuries are not considered life threatening although the small caliber bullet that hit her in the face “did significant damage.”

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