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Jesse DanielsClyde, NY – A man who caught four children vandalizing a home and held them in a closet until police arrived, has been charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

It happened Saturday night when Jesse Daniels had his wife call 911 after he heard loud noises coming from the home next door that he was renovating for his father-in-law. When he went inside the home, he busted four kids, ages eight and ten, doing some major damage to the property.  He knew the kids and their parents, and his wife had a minor altercation with them earlier that day when she asked the kids, who were on ATV’s, to get off their property.

Daniels said he took a hammer from one of the kids and then herded them all into a closet until police got there. “So I grab the one hammer and the other three (boys) got hammers, now I don’t know what to do here, I said you guys put that stuff down, what are you doing?  Now they’re startled because now they’re caught,” Daniels said.  “I was fortunate that they were in that room that had a closet, so I put them in the closet.”

Police arrived and were present when the children were let out of the closet. They were taken back to their parents and charged with 2nd-degree burglary and 2nd-degree criminal mischief. But to Daniels’ surprise, he was also charged with a crime the following Monday.  At the insistence of the childrens’ parents, Daniels was charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The parents say they do not excuse what their children did, but they also cannot excuse what Daniels did to their children.

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They claim that after Daniels caught them destroying his property, that he was too mean to the little shits. They say their children were shoved into the closet, that one was grabbed around the neck, and that Daniels threatened them with the hammer.

“I understand they were in the wrong but there are other ways to handle it.  He (Daniels) knew who the kids were it’s not like they were strangers and send the kids home and call the cops then,” said Paul Bowler. “You don’t sit there and torment them and tell them you’re going to bash their skulls in with a hammer.”

Bowler said his two boys are traumatized after getting caught breaking into a man’s home and doing an estimated $40,00 worth of damage. “Oh they’re traumatized, they haven’t been to school they don’t sleep until the sun comes up,” said Bowler, who wants stiffer charges filed against Daniels. “I don’t know why he didn’t get more charges than just endangering the welfare of a child because if you’re asking me that’s imprisonment, that’s unlawfully dealing with a child.”

Daniels said he’s spent years working on the home and the kids have undone most of it. They broke 17 windows, the basement was barricaded with debris, all the heat was turned on but electrical fixtures were smashed so he could not adjust it, holes were put in the dry wall, paint spilled and splattered throughout the home, chunks of porcelain chipped off of a bathroom tub, a bathroom sink and toilet smashed to pieces, and derogatory words were spray painted on the walls.

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Had my old man found out I had any part of what these kids did, he would have beat me in front of Daniels while the police watched, then made me help repair every single bit of damage I caused.

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  • JohnQknowitall

    The message is clear: We should let the criminal children of shitty parents do what they want at our expense. The not so clear message: We should make the shitty parents of criminal children pay dearly financially.

  • CT

    Nobody puts Baby in the closet. Oh wait, that’s the corner.

  • Parents are such pansies these days

  • Andyman

    John don’t talk badly about our FUTURE DEMOCRATS! (/sarcasm off) I want to strangle them and their parents myself.

  • Buffettgirl

    Wow! Ain’t Dad just a special case of way too fucking stupid to breathe? Hey – Asshat, instead of making excuses for your miserable little buggers, why don’t you try being a fucking PARENT instead of a fucking PAL??? Those poor little traumatized shit stains aren’t traumatized in the least, they are playing Dads up there for all he’s worth! I’m with Morbid – if I’d had any part in shit like this, my ass would have been tanned RIGHT in front of the neighborhood AND the cops, then I would have been arrested, prosecuted, paid whatever price that might have been AND THEN have been made to work on repairing whatever damage I had done… Way to keep the little brats on the wrong track Dad…

  • Jermaine Marcel Dotson

    hmmm I wonder if he’d been charged if the kids where in the house of the people who’s charging him. Pretty sure then he’d be a hero. No forget that get four random kids on the block and let them loose in the parents house…..I mean come on way to teach your kids if you do bad things it’s every bodies fault I’m pretty sure my mother would have had me cleaning the place the very same day.

  • wolfcat

    I’m about ready to go murder someone for this guy. XD We’re renovating right now, so we know how much work it is. These kids are lucky he didn’t beat them within an inch of their lives!

  • Will

    That is typical bullshit. The marks on the kids neck was probably from the father of that child. But, to avoid a CPS against him, wants to blame the owner. I’m with the Morbid on this one. Those shits deserve to get their asses handed to them while the police watch, and then pay/help repair every bit of damage they caused.

  • scoffchick

    They don’t want to go to school because they’re fucking kids, not because they’re traumatized.

  • Evan

    oh my gawd these parents need to be shot

  • scoffchick

    And it seems to me that these parents are teaching their kids to milk everything they can out of a situation they instigated. “And.. and.. he said he was going to bash our brains in with the hammer! *sniff* …How was that, mommy?”

  • come_and_see

    Those kids are lucky they got locked in a closet instead of being shot or worse and the parents sit there and bitch and moan? What the fuck.

    My parents would have been beating the shit out of me for making them to have to pay $40,000 in bills.

  • Eric Urias

    Sounds like he exercised restraint to me! All that work and to have it destroyed?! Those kids need to feel a bit of trauma! That’s how you remember not to do fucked up shit!

  • newstarshipsmell

    Like I said in the forums, I wish this guy had thought to roll in with camera recording, and maintained the presence of mind to simply chase the kids out when he caught and recognized them.

    By his own admission, he was alarmed by the fire hazard present in the home when he smelled paint and paint thinner they had splashed all over, and they’d wrecked the electronic controls to the heat after jacking it to the max. Locking them in a closet wasn’t a very bright idea, and honestly, I think the child endangerment charges are fitting, considering that.

    However, I can understand his anger and poor judgement; I would probably have reacted the same way, if not worse. But kids lack the reasoning skills of adults, and can’t see all the consequences of their actions, and we adults are supposed to look after them, rich spoiled brats that they may be. I just hope that the kids’ parents don’t have some undue pull in the community, and that under public pressure the prosecutors elect to drop the charges against him, considering he’s already suffered plenty of “punishment” in the damage to his home. He certainly sounds like he’s owning up to what a bad choice he made; it doesn’t sound like the same can be said of the kids or their parents.

  • PaganOne

    Not that I’m any expert, but seems like he has some right to detain them until police arrive.

  • How big was the closet? If it was a walk in closet I don’t see the harm,but maybe something like a 2×3 ‘ closet may be uncomfortable.the children are traumatized because they got busted..silly parents.

  • MaricelaAlvrz

    I was thinking the same thing. Like a citizens arrest or something?

  • Daniels said he’s spent years working on the home and the kids have undone most of it. They broke 17 windows, the basement was barricaded with debris, all the heat was turned on but electrical fixtures were smashed so he could not adjust it, holes were put in the dry wall, paint spilled and splattered throughout the home, chunks of porcelain chipped off of a bathroom tub, a bathroom sink and toilet smashed to pieces, and derogatory words were spray painted on the walls.


  • sugarpie

    $40,000 in damages and the parents are upset about the way he treated them! Holy balls! I’m thinking they should be traumitized by getting caught so they don’t do it again. If I had to dish out 10 grand for my little degenerate doing that kind of shit, I’d make sure he was traumitized enough to never do anything that f’in stupid again. And doing this stuff at 8 to 10 years old, what are these little beasts gonna be like when they become teenagers.

  • Tundratot

    Bowler, the father, makes the statement that Daniels knew who the kids were and should just have let them go home. I could have predicted, had he done that, that the parents would deny their children would do anything so destructive and then demanded forensic proof. Which would never have materialized because police departments don’t spend money on that kind of thing for malicious mischief.

  • curiousalways

    Perfect example of everything wrong in our country today. The parents will probably sue and own that house he spent all those years working on. Did the poor babies have to go into the closet for a few minutes? Whah whaa. What idiots the parents are. Don’t they know if they don’t stop this behavior now, they will end up in a closet with BARS on it?

  • RedScarab

    That’s why you don’t leave home intruders alive.

  • curiousalways

    of course. They never would have been caught. So ridiculous.

  • Tenbux

    Because being charged with four counts of 1st degree murder is somehow better?

  • Tenbux

    Indeed. Property damage exceeding $1,500 is a class D felony in New York. Citizens arrest applies to felonies.
    I’m having trouble finding info on detaining juveniles however.

  • If these kids were in an altercation with this man’s wife earlier in the day… this was payback. If these kids were capable of doing this much damage they are capable I’m sure of telling a few lies.. after all they were in the closet alone long enough to get their stories straight.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Those parents–I want to take a hammer to each and every one of them. That kind of enabling attitude is what made those entitled little shits damage the house in the first place.

    And like Morbid’s father, if either of my parents had caught me doing something like this to someone else’s property, they would have flayed me and made me help with repairs whenever I wasn’t in school or asleep.

    Fuck these fucking stupid parents and their stupid little criminal crotchshits.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    And if one of my kids had done something like this, I would be humiliated, because I’m doing my damnedest to make sure that my kids grow up to be responsible, law-abiding adults. I wouldn’t beat them, but I would encourage the police to file as many charges against them as possible. We DO NOT go around wrecking other people’s property!

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Bitch, that’s why your kids are little shits now. $40,000 worth of damage?!! Do you know that if my son participated in destruction like this I too would probably be charged with abuse of a minor because THAT is MAJOR ass whopping behavior. Times like this makes me think we need some Minority Report legislation & we don’t even need precogs to know you’re raising criminals!!!

  • IntelligentVirtue

    I don’t typically feel like this but if Daniel’s sets up a defense fund I would certainly contribute.

  • Tina Berg

    They were on the radio here in Rochester NY this morning. The guy Daniels said when he confronted the little brats, they said their mother told them to do it. They have had a standing feud over the kids riding their atvs on the Daniels property.

  • I hope a judge makes the parents of those brats pay for the damage to his home.For these parents to want the homeowner severely charged is absolutely ridiculous.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Actually, the law tends to favor human life over property with the exception of a few state statutes (& even those seem to be scrutinized after some egregrious applications of said law). It seems that the home was unoccupied & since the crime committed was by neighborhood kids who more than likely can prove it was an unhabitahome (I’m assuming)

  • IntelligentVirtue

    sorry, posted before I could finish & edit isn’t working :-(. Long story short, the home was uninhabited & Daniels wasn’t in immediate danger so he would probably be facing some sort of manslaughter charges. Had to clarify b/c even if you were joking many people do misunderstand he legal use of force allowed to protected ones home & end up being fucked. My goodish deed for the day, now I can go back to being a bitch on heels!

  • Where were the parents the whole time their asshole children were doing this?? They clearly didn’t care about what/where they were until the cops got involved! Than of course not wanting to take responsibility for shitty parenting, they turn this around on the guy! I really hope the judge throws out the parents case and fines them for not knowing where their children were (child endangerment, right???) as well as the money for the damages to the house and a whole ton of money to set a fucking example! Does anyone actually support the parents/children???

  • LuvsHorror

    Nice, next generation of criminals. Daddy better save his money, so he can bail them out of jail later. Is daddy going to pay the damage his precious little urchins caused? So they are traumatized from being caught? Bullshit. Daddy, you are a loser.

  • tkaz

    Maybe a disclaimer in the window. “You mess with my house, you go in the closet.” There. You’re warned, no room to bitch & whine now.

  • Athena

    You must be being facetious. Because, murdering four prepubescent children over some property damage to a home you may or may not even own will not leave any decent person sleeping very well… ever again.

  • Chinchillazilla

    You know, I was a really, really sensitive kid. Even so, if an adult had threatened (not attempted) to bash my skull in after I was caught destroying other people’s property, I would have been really upset in the moment, but later I think I would have been like “Yeah, I probably had that coming.”

  • itsknotme

    $40,000.00 dollars?!?!? Without a before picture, anything that may have been broken before was definitely destroyed after by these kids.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Come on you humorless jerks, he used the /sarcasm tag! Sheesh…

  • newstarshipsmell

    Which is why I said I wished he had recorded what he saw as he walked in to investigate. Then he never would have needed to make that split second decision whether or not to detain the perpetrators, and he would now be completely in the right in everyone’s eyes, although I imagine the parents would probably still make some ridiculous stink about video recording minors without parental consent or some similar nonsense.

  • Defafan

    Crappy lazy parents=asshole loser children. Make these kids REPAIR the damage and the parents pay for it. Let this guy off, he didn’t do anything wrong in my opinion.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Thank you! Some people are fucking morons.

  • Wildheart

    How much do you want to bet that Mommy was all “Oh my poor, poor baby I know you must be so scared from what happened yesterday, so you can stay home from school if you want.” Which only encourages the little criminals to milk that shit for all it’s worth.

  • Andyman

    They are our future demotards though, seriously NSS! lmao. Looks like the Republicans have it for now by a cunt hair.

  • WarriorArtemis

    Oh FFS…this guy is getting charged with being “MEAN” to the little assholes that did this? I mean why? Maybe the simple fact that the parents suck at parenting, someone needs to be a hard ass with them. Its not like he left them there over night, just till the cops got there, I mean maybe he feared for his safety…there a ton of little Damien like Omen children running around these days. If it were my kid doing some shit like that good stick his ass in the closet and scare the shit out of him. Like Morbid said, if I’d done some shit like that…I’d get my ass whooped and have to fix EVERYTHING I broke…Just sayin’. This is why our society is fucked up.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I’ve said it before… I just assume that every downvote I receive is one more idiotic remark/argument I’ve been spared from.

    Except when I’m blatantly trolling. Then the downvotes are my score.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I suspected something like that.

  • mean birch

    Watch MSNBC chris hayes tonight

  • jj53

    Oh Lord they could have been Obama’s sons.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    I don’t really even spank my kids, but holy hell would they get an ass beating for this. Then, they would be at this mans house every day until they worked off the amount of the damage. Of course, I dont let my kids run the streets like a pack of GD urchins so it wouldnt happen anyway. What in the hell are a bunch of 8 and 10 year olds doing running around unsupervised on a Saturday night anyway? I guess this is how kids behave when they have shitty parents. They should make the kids repair the damage, and the parents pay for it all.

  • Dre Mosley

    How about raising your kids to not fuck with people’s shit?

  • CTburns

    What are 8 and 10 year olds doing out alone at night? They’re little delinquents whose parent’s are just looking for a quick payday. I hope that the parents get sued to pay the damages that the little pricks caused.

  • Tundratot

    Well, yes, carrying a camera would have been more conclusive, but if I were in his place, the decision to carry a camera (or cell phone, or whatever) vs. a weapon . . . ? Well, I’d carry the weapon. Having both hands full just wouldn’t work out well, I’m not that ambidextrous.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Fuck… I don’t have a television. It broke down last year and I just haven’t cared enough… yet… Maybe it will be posted.

  • mean birch

    Ya just missed my bro..,,,,

  • JohnQknowitall

    Don’t be such a Sour Sally! A little Pollyanna is in order here: They do occasionally care enough to occasionally spend some rehearsal quality time with their kids.

  • Rachel Ann

    Can we charge the parents with a crime seeing as they were off doing God knows what while their devil spawn was wreaking havoc in he neighborhood. It’s kids & parents like this who are gonna keep the DD in business for a long time. They are just ensuring that little Johnny thinks he’s above the law and can’t be touched becoz “he’s just being a kid.” That argument may fly with you now but eventually they gotta grow up and realize actions have consequences.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    This is my favorite rant of the day! Thank you for that.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Looking in my crystal ball (I love that psychic BS), yes.. I see… Saturday night… that fat sloppy piece of shit they call “dad” and his equally sloppy, but lazier baby maker were watching themselves they tv programmings or “wuz” in da be’room do’in redneck chem’stry (heh heh if’n ya know what’n ah mean heh heh heh) while dey yung folk wuzza jus’a have’n sum fun.

    To bad these fuckers can’t be charged themselves for child abandonment or whatever not taking care of very young children in the middle of the night is called…. This piece of shit may look like he fell off a turnip truck, but he is trying to mitigate the penalties for the products of his very short and socially inadequate penis.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Let me add this… If I got caught pulling this shit I sure sure as gravity would not have anything akin to a crayon and a piece of paper… Too traumatized to go to school? FUCK I would be too traumatized by what would happen to me if I didn’t go to school after pulling that shit on Saturday night!

    This father went to work this morning (if not too traumatized) and I bet when he walked in his office there was dead silence.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Hey funny man you got that wrong… these are the people who don’t have two nickels, can’t read and someone told them that if they vote Republican their taxes will be lower!!! (almost just kidding). I want to use the hammer on the parents’ genitals to make sure to limit the chances of this happening again.

  • peanutbutternuts

    to hell with those rat bastards, jeff daniels shouldn’t be charged shit. you fuck with someone’s shit you better be prepared to be punished. they’re old enough to know what they were doing is wrong, having him charged only excuses their behavior

  • Sarah L4d

    The parents of these kids are the problem. Holy fucking shit. If all of the kids had hammers, he was protecting them and himself. What if one of them got brave and went after him with the hammer? If this took place in Texas dude would not have been charged at all. And the story may have ended up much different. They also obviously had intent to fuck this dudes shit up. He tells them to get off his property earlier in the day, and they just happen to come back that night?! I say they end up dropping the dudes charges. Just police playing politicians.

  • shadough

    I like Jeff Daniels too! He is a good actor.

  • Pyncky

    I think the reason that the asswipe dad wants more charges filed is because he is afraid that he will have to fork over some crack money to help pay for the damage his little loin droppings caused.

  • Pyncky

    The article says an estimated $40,00 worth of damage. It seems like it would be much more than that.

  • newstarshipsmell

    If he’d been prepared, he could have carried both at the same time.

  • glitterpuss

    Poor them. These scumbag kids will grow up to be scumbag adults that think social norms don’t apply to them and this is why.

  • Andyman

    “these are the people who don’t have two nickels, can’t read..” – In your effort to defend yourself, you just described half of the democratic population. How’s that Owebama satisfaction rating working out lately? LMFAO

  • Twisted1

    The parents should thank their lucky stars they were not shot. After what they did I would be happy my kids were traumatized. Makes it less likely they will do it again. Most kids get over things like this pretty quick unless mommy and daddy make a big deal of it.

  • Cassy_Again

    Wow. How terrible for those kids. They’re going to need therapy for the rest of their lives. They’ll be on benefits because who would ever finish school or work after being shut in a closet? I mean, they were only carrying deadly weapons and destroying a home, it’s not like they were wearing hoodies and carrying a bag of Skittles.

  • kobekaci

    I don’t get it. The parents can’t keep their shitty kids off property that doesn’t belong to them (twice in one day) but they feel this situation could have been handled better. I feel like the kids could have been raised better. Alas… Shit happens… Literally.

  • Blair Krueger

    “At the insistence of the childrens’ parents, Daniels was charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.”

    Fuck those parents. I don’t know if it’s just a dad or if the dad was the attention hungry mouthpiece for this story. But fuck him, and if there’s a mom around, fuck her.

    These little shits did forty thousand dollars worth of damage to the guy’s house.
    after they had been on his property on ATVS. What kind of bullshit parent lets their kids act like that? What kind of bullshit parent demands the victim be arrested for stopping his shits from their orgy of destruction?

    When I was eleven I threw a crab apple at a car. Why? I don’t know, I was eleven. The guy stopped and chased me down, caught me in front of my house (I am pretty glad that I had the kind of childhood where your house was a ‘safe’ place). I still remember the talking to I got. I had never thought of causing an accident or someone getting hurt.

    Anyway, the dude’s ripping me a new one, but not hurting me. My dad comes outside, looks at the situation, and asks, “what’d he do?”

    The fella told him. My dad kind of nodded, and the ex-Marine vet, to my great horror, simply said “give ‘im to me when you’re done with ‘im.”

  • Blair Krueger

    ..except for site admins?

  • Sudonim

    The same kind of parent that tells their kids to do it in the first place. The news are reporting the kids as saying their mom told them to do it.

  • Blair Krueger

    I just saw that.
    I really hope the investigation here isn’t done, and that the parents end up catching some charges.

  • techsupp0rt

    Wow, what little bastards. The exact kind of little bastards who’s parents would want someone actually disciplining them to be charged. They’ll probably be mad at the cops later too when they’re ‘too mean’ when they put little Billy in the back of the cop car and he bonks his little noggin after tipping a liquor store. These parents deserve all of the bail and bonds they’ll be ponying up within the decade.

  • techsupp0rt

    If this had been Florida, this man would have had the legal right to shoot all of the children dead, and he would have walked free. These parents are dumb as fuck and damn lucky that they only got locked in a closet, not in a box under the ground.

  • Buffettgirl

    My pleasure!

  • Athena

    I can’t see down votes. It’s super weak, too. I got excited, there, for a second. 😛

  • With all the other perps on this site who have been “momentarily detained,” I think they got off pretty fucking easy.

  • Will

    Patrick Bateman would have carried both. For personal use of course, not as evidence.

  • peanutbutternuts

    lol damnit you got me there.

  • JohnQknowitall

    He is at 45% which is pretty much a low for his presidency, but still far ahead in overall average with that last Republican brain trust who lived in the White House.

    Generally the Republicans promise lower taxes and less government which never happens. The Democrats promise the fourteenth amendment.

  • Shelby Jefferson

    Little bad ass kids. Parents will probably try and sue for those parents are the ones who need to be locked up for tearing that man’s house up!!@

  • Helen Payne

    Those littlebadass kids need a good ass whuppin, the parents should have to pay. That man shouldn’t have been arrexted

  • Andyman

    Amendments huh? LOL. What about the 4th amendment? What about the 2nd amendment? What about abuse of executive privilege? Bengazi anyone? IRS scandal?

    John, I really wasn’t going to go here but now you incited me.

    As opposed to Owebama who…

    A New Era of Responsibility,”? (ironically named) he projected that the federal budget deficit in 2012 would be a rather hefty $581 billion. Fast-forwarding three years, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now projects that it will instead be $1.079 trillion, meaning that, if the CBO is right, Obama was wrong by $498,000,000,000. To put that into perspective, that roughly half-trillion dollar margin of error is more than Obama allocated in this year’?s budget for Medicare. Medicare could magically have become free for 2012, and the deficit would still have exceeded Obama?’s earlier estimate.

    What has he promised versus what he has delivered as president? The unemployment rate (which we were told wouldn’t go above 8 percent if his stimulus package was passed; December was the 35th straight month with unemployment above 8 percent); health care costs (he promised to bend the health care cost curve down; it’s gone up); poverty going down (it’s gone up); cutting the deficit in half (it’s exploded); fixing the housing crisis (it’s gotten worse); improving America’s image in the world (we’re less popular in the Muslim world now than we were under Obama’s predecessor); and improving the political culture in Washington (the divisions have gotten deeper and Obama has set a record for polarization in each of his first three years in office). He’s splitting us apart and that is not uniting us as a country.

    And that’s just the FIRST four years. I understand people have their own agendas for supporting their candidates but being so narrow minded that you follow someone for ONE ideal isn’t in the best interest of the country… I.E., being gay, black (ok I said what everyone with an inkling of fucking common sense sees) etc. But he has done much more harm to this great country than to bring it together and that just pisses me the fuck off. But what pisses me off worse is all the fucking lemmings that believe he is useful/helpful and isn’t the dick in George Sorros’ back pocket. /Rant Off

  • JohnQknowitall

    I ask you what happened to the biggest surplus in American history under the Clinton Administration? What do you think the costs of Mr. Bush’s wars cost ( Add in the interest on the borrowing for the war since the Republican’s gave tax cuts to the rich and some tiny ones to the not so rich rather than pay for a war and that the economy tanked even before Obama acquired the quagmire… then even for the sake of a laugh comparison let’s look at the best solution the Republicans offered to cleanup, yes, their mess which Obama is slowly cleaning up. Romney was another flip flop politician like his father. I am no big fan of Ronald Reagan, BUT at least he was more than just cheap power grabbing and silly pageantry – even he would be sickened and outspoken about those shits on Capitol Hillt hat call themselves Republicans, but are more accurately called self serving power hungry corporate tools. My guess is most Republicans would like him more if he were just a lot more white if we really want to be honest. Wars must be paid for, but no Republican will raise taxes. Why? Grover Norquist’s pact. Don’t and don’t get campaign funds. Think for yourself and you become obsolete. If you want a look at how committees work under the current “Republicans” I give you HR1897. I also love their Christian values in saving babies from abortion because Jesus would, but stop there and not help finance the saved babies through to adulthood because like Jesus if they did they couldn’t afford the mini mansion, Xbox, nice vacations… Come on November!!! Bring on those elections. I can’t wait.

  • Andyman

    Jesus john. You need to remove your blinders and get out of the past. All the democrats band together in all their rhetoric about what bush did and why all of obamas empty lies to get elected were just that. More shuck and jive like in his Illinois town council meeting. Whatever you feel about it, that’s where it is relevant. I’m honestly asking you to defend owebama and all you can spout off about is bush and how he is doing his best. Well his best fucking sucks. How typical of you and the other followers with an agenda. Forgive anything if is serves and fuels our purpose.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Absolutely myopic… Open your eyes and I will take off my blinders. I honestly cannot wait until November when we will clean house…

  • Andyman

    I bet you can’t wait to vote for Hillary either. Bunch of morons running and no shortage of morons voting for them either.

  • Cammy Newsome

    Hmmm. Momma told them to do it, huh? I wonder if she hatched the plan that they were all to stay over her house that night and actually provided them with hammers? I only have 2 hammers in my house (one big and one little one) So I’d say they brought their own. I know some people are arguing the fact that the little bastards are lucky they didn’t get shot. I think their lucky that neighbor guy didn’t turn into a murderous psycho and buried the little fuckers under the house.

    Imagine being that “Momma” then. When the kids never come back. “Well, officers; you see; I sent Tommy and his friends to the Daniels place with hammers and they never came home.” Idiots.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I don’t know who I will vote for yet. I generally read the news on both side, watch the debates and choose the one I think will do the least damage. I looking forward to November when we clean the house… btw check out the transcripts from all the “smoking guns” the Republicans are screaming about… Not on Fox n*e*w*s (I spelled it that way so it couldn’t be confused with a television show that reports the news).

  • Andyman

    You say you don’t but I don’t believe that for a second. And fox isn’t newsworthy as opposed to the liberal left news outlets that are all the alphabet soup ones.. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the like. Gotcha.

  • JohnQknowitall
  • onlyme356

    What is wrong with today’s youth? Parents.

  • Brent Williams

    Am I reading this right? It’s illegal to detain burglars and criminal mischief makers until authorities arrive? Wha?

  • JGo555

    That’ll shure show’em. Break shit and if someone contains you, you get to charge them.

  • JGo555

    If he goes to jail or gets ANY PUNISHMENT AT ALL, he should sue the parents for all the damages AND for clearing his record.

  • Buffettgirl

    Oh JohnQ, why do you do this to me? G.W. Bush’s overall average was actually 49%, with a low of 25%, but a high of 90%, which Obama hasn’t even come close to. His (Obama’s) high was 69% which he achieved only in the few days after his first inauguration (his low so far has been 38%, Oct. 2011)… all of this according to the folks at Gallup. You malign GWB unfairly my friend… 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    How you belittle every conservative with your low opinion of us… to assume our issue with President Welfare is based on the color of his skin is an insult. Not only to our compassion, but also to our intelligence and our own life experiences…

  • JohnQknowitall

    Why do you make me reference the Washington Post – you hussy!

    The high was after 911 and revelation of weapons of mass destruction (which turned to be some old disarmed beat old souvenir bomb from WWI or so buried in someone’s backyard). The overall approval rating for his administration is under 40%.

    Again I say I cannot wait for the house cleaning in November!!! But let me savor the Massachusetts and New Jersey Senatorial races of tomorrow and October… Let the bloodshed begin…

  • Buffettgirl

    Maybe for his Administration (I’m at the busy point of my work day and can’t check that claim’s veracity) – but not HIS approval rating, as you made it seem… like I said, go to Gallup and check it out… Be warned, pal of mine, I do not think you are going to see the sweeping liberal win you are so hoping for… I hope you are prepared for that possibility.

    PS: Don’t have time to check your WP link, I will when I can… And I kind of like being called a hussy… 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    Fail Q – It only said he had the longest under 40% streak, NOT that his overall approval rating was under 40% – don’t get caught up in the liberal BS game… as good as you can be a fact checking, this one was a FAIL! 🙂

  • Mel Weber

    It looks like he almost did it right. Here’s how to make a citizen’s arrest:'s-Arrest

  • Kittyskyfish

    I’m glad the judge dropped all charges against Mr. Daniels. Those kids’ parents are looking shittier and shittier as they continue the blame game now that Jesse is no longer facing charges. NOW the dad is saying his kids were wrong but Mr. Daniels also took part in vandalizing his FIL’s property to collect on more insurance money. SMH.

  • Pyncky

    He’s not defending Obama, he’s just stating facts. If you were dropped in a pool of quicksand (The US economy after the Bush Residency) and some people were dropping more sand in as you were trying to dig out, you might understand what the Obama administration was and still is facing. Bringing up Bush is merely pointing to the causative agent. You can’t say “Oh look at the economy, see how bad it is.” without admitting that Obama had a shit pile to start out with. Yes, he knew that coming in. What he probably didn’t know was how much the Repubs and NeoCons were willing to trash this country even further just to see him not succeed. I have two staunch Republicans at work. One said “We have to find a way to get this n*gg*r out of the White House.” The other said “I hope somebody assassinates him.”

    Real American Patriots there. The people had spoken, but since they didn’t like what the people said, then condone murder.

    I will be afk for a few hours, so if you answer and do not get a response, I’m not being rude.

  • Andyman

    Thought this was interesting too.

  • Andyman

    And you’re right, Owebama started out a pile of shit and he has most of it left. Here is another fact for you.