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SerenityRICHLAND, WA – Police have arrested 36-year-old Jose Aguilar after the 9-month-old baby of his girlfriend was found dead in her crib, suffering blunt force trauma and severe vaginal trauma.

Jennifer Reedy told detectives that on Thursday night, Aguilar wanted to have sex but she told him no. She said Aguilar told her he would take care of himself and left to go to the bathroom where he presumably jacked off for 30 minutes and then returned. Jennifer said when she woke up at 3 a.m. and noticed Aguilar was gone, she didn’t care and she did not look for him.

When she woke up a couple of hours later and noticed Aguilar was still gone, she got up and found her car was missing and so was the cash in her purse. She called Aguilar who informed her he was on his way to California. She did not check on Serenity until around 9 a.m. and found her purple in her crib.

Serenity’s death would be ruled a homicide after it was determined that Serenity had died from two, separate skull fractures and had suffered severe trauma to her vagina. But that’s the vanilla description. What the doctor actually wrote  in their report was “clear destruction of the vaginal mucosa posteriorly consistent with second degree laceration. No evidence of hymenal ring present.

Investigators talked to Aguilar via cell phone at which time he told them he was laying on the living room floor with the baby before placing her on the couch and left the room. Aguilar said he heard a thud and came back to the living room where he found Serenity had fallen to the floor. He said he looked her over and found no bruises.

Manuel Gonzalez Arrested After Wife Catches Him Having Sex With Family's Chihuahua

Aguilar told them he was no longer in the state but agreed to return to the Tri-Cities. However, police were able to track his cell phone to a Greyhound bus in Barstow, California. That’s where he was arrested on first degree manslaughter charges. No doubt, more charges will be coming.

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  • Piece of fucking shit. I hope he dies of anal laceration.

  • What in the fuck

  • Jaime Confer

    *pulls kids close* what a sick son of a bitch. what, did he bash her had when she started whining to keep her from crying and waking her mom? there’s a special place in hell for people like that.

  • Curlykate910

    I hope his cellmate lays with him on the floor a whole lot, too…

  • LadyOfShalott

    Jesus motherfucking Christ on a stick. Give me five minutes with this guy. Just five.

    There would be “clear destruction” of penile tissue. And that’s just for starters.

  • Evan

    ….if only the mother had been holding her hands so it didn’t hurt so much…..

  • Evan

    is that the pic of the lil girl?

  • This makes me sick

  • dam demon!

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    I am still curious if this is the same Jose Agular that is on the run for raping an 8 year old in San Antonio. Also, fuck this bitch. Once again, a parent moves in her sex partner of the moment in after a month, and the child pays for it.

  • Evan

    it’s true. sad. And if he had just picked up the tab at Denny’s hours earlier — she might have give’n ’em some of that action. life is so fragile

  • Evan

    because i’d rather the picture of jose

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    This sort of thing makes me terrified of dating again, ever. I was molested as a child by people that my parents trusted and loved, and I’m scared that I’ll be taken in by some monster who just wants to put my kids through what I went through.

  • Evan

    hopefully you are more aware than your parents and would see warning signs, eh?

  • Yeris Vexx

    Manslaughter? Please say someone’s kidding. This is straight up brutal murder. This sicko needs his tail pipe (so to speak) cleaned with one of those machines that drills holes to plant trees. The mother is also an accessory for putting the Penis ahead of the needs of her child. Seriously, what the fuck.

  • Kittyskyfish

    I can’t even imagine what goes on in the mind of someone who attempts vaginal rape of a 9-month old girl. There is no rehabilitation for someone this f*cking evil. Lock him up for life with a barbed-wire catheter or kill him with fire. Die.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I’m more paranoid than anything, and I’ve got a semi-frightening knack for being able to unearth data on my potential paramours without handing money over to anyone.

  • Every time I read one like this I have to take a break from DD for a while. ugh. 🙁

  • I’m not one that goes to jail, but I’d like to be locked in a sell with that sick bastard for a few mins!!!

  • Evan

    you and your kids’ll be fine then

  • Evan

    you’re not implying there is a better method of rape of a 9 month old, right? just checkin.

  • Evan

    comments section of the news article linked has some interesting information not mentioned by morbid….e.g. she has 3 kids taken already by the state

  • Evan
  • Rachel Ann

    Can we stop all the mom bashing its not like she knew her boyfriend was a sick SOB who would rape her daughter. It’s not uncommon to have your boyfriend spend the night, plenty of people do it and don’t end up with dead babies.
    Lets put the blame where it belongs on the child fucker. Evil doesn’t even begin to describe this sick dog. I vote to put him out of our misery by the most painful means necessary.

  • LittleOne

    Why did she not bother to check on her 9 month old daughter until 9 am?I wouldn’t have had some random man in my home in the first place but I would’ve checked on my baby several times especially when I noticed my car was gone. I don’t understand some women and I hope he gets whatever comes to him.

  • LittleOne

    True, but she didn’t even bother to check on the baby until 9 am even after she realized he was gone. Read the actual article by the local paper. She was a horrible mother who already had several children taken away from her.

  • Just GOTDAMMIT!!! Man is gonna have to be dealt with on some real extermination type shit. They have seized to know what Human is anymore and “THEY” got’s to go.

  • Poor baby girl…i hope that piece of shit gets what he deserves

  • Curlykate910

    I agree. She’s a bad mom and deserves bashing. If someone steals your car and money, why aren’t you getting out of bed to makes sure they didn’t steal your kid, too? I think most parents would have sprinted to check on the baby.

  • This filthy bastard deserves any thing that happens to him in prison and if any one ever deserves the death penalty it is these slugs who prey on innocent babies and children. Even Hell doesn’t want this garbage. All I can ever say is why?

  • Wow…just wow. My day is ruined. People like this make me sick and make me want to hug my kids a little harder. Why can’t women get it through their heads that penis is not as important as their babies? You truly never know who a person really is, and if you don’t share your kids with this person, don’t allow them to stay over if and until you are 100% positive you are going to be spending a substantial part of the rest of your life with this person. This man should be punished by the full length of a Louisville Slugger causing him “severe anal trauma”.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    How fucking horny do you have to be to look at a sleeping baby and think to yourself “Ooooh, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m after”?

  • That’s not him.

  • TruTruTrue

    I’m a dude and I’ll tell you that she bares some of the blame. I’m a father of 3, ranging from 7 down to .6 months old, and I wouldn’t give a flying fuk who you are (President Obama, the Pope even the queen of England) you;ll find me checking up on you and specially the kids multiple times during your stay.

  • Evan

    my bad. is he the same Jose Agular that is on the run for raping an 8 year old in San Antonio you think then?

  • TruTruTrue

    That shit is wrong. I had already put that other story in the back burner. Thanks for adding to the already fuked up picture and in my brain.

  • TruTruTrue

    Fu.k 5 minutes! Give me at least a month, cuz I would want this piece of to learn the real meaning of the word torture.

  • Rachel Ann

    What the fuck is she a baby mill? Jesus. I’m on baby number two and I still can’t comprehend how the fuck it happened. Alright then it that’s the case, her having 7 kids already taken from her makes me think she ain’t no good. Wide open legs may get a man in your bed but it won’t make him stay.
    I still believe however no one in their right mind woulda thunk their bf would rape their baby!

  • Cammy Newsome

    Jose Aguilar: For your crime of first Degree Murder, We hereby sentence you to endure the lethal force of an auger to your anus until you are dead. Do you have any last words? (lol)

  • Faith_In_Reason

    I think there are just a lot of Jose Aguilars, dude. Some of them are perfectly upstanding guys, so connecting things like this with nothing but a name is a slippery slope.

  • Faith_In_Reason

    Maybe she didn’t make the smartest decision but don’t you think the focus should be on him?

  • Rachel Ann

    I’m a stay at home mom which means my kid is basically attached to my hip. He’s at the age now where the only time I have to check on him is when he gets to quiet. Then I know he’s into something he shouldn’t be lol

  • Was it his baby or did she move in some idiot a few months after meeting him and having a baby?. These women are as much to blame.

  • come_and_see

    Sounds like he needs to get a tour of the pain olympics.

  • Evan

    ok my bad i guess you have a good point.

  • FUCK! Way to make my day worse. I shouldn’t have read this one >:(

  • TruTruTrue

    Same here. And your right, it’s when they are quiet that you need to go and see what’s up. I’m just not a trusting of anyone, that includes family. Thankfully in my house the baby monitors give me plenty of eyes in the sky. Big Brother has nothing on me!

  • oh. my god. :'( Rest in peace, Baby Serenity. Don’t worry, lil girl, he will be punished. When he reaches whatever facility ends up with him he will hurt 1000 x over what this baby did. I hope they tear him everyday until he dies just as he tore her. 🙁

  • Thang Tempting Vu

    even thou this is sad news, but you deserve a medal for tying Firefly reference in, especially with that baby name. Oh yea, and I hope that sob rot in his own piss

  • Gotta love these monday morning stories. The horror of what grown ups do to babies keep my weight down.

  • how the hell is her mom to blame for another person murdering her baby? go away. you know nothing.

  • christ………..evil bastard.

  • I’ve been looking at Dreamin Demon for years Kara. These mothers meet strange men and move them into their homes within months, sometimes even weeks. How long did she know this guy? Did she have another man’s kid and then quickly move another man into the house? . They are to blame because they put men above their kids. THEY bring the danger into the home. Know a man for more than a minute before you bring them into your home.

  • And another thing she never checked on the baby at 3 am. She never checked on her until 9am. A 9 month sleeping that long is rare.

  • Dreamin Demon made me not want to date. Even now that my kids are a little older, no way would I ever have some strange man move in or even watch them. Some of these pedos look like totally normal guys. sick fucks.

  • He had been living with her for a month. Probably how long she had known him. Who doesn’t check on a baby for 12 hrs? I heard that she had kids taken away from her already

  • newstarshipsmell

    <– Available. Doesn't rape babies.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Again, my idea for dealing with baby-rapers:
    A realistic-enough looking cow-suit, that can immobilize the wearer, some cow-in-rut pheromones, and a horny bull.

  • Buffettgirl

    Sick fucking monster…

    RIP Serenity… may you find some now that your short time here is done…

  • Kittyskyfish

    Communication. Like a boss.

  • JohnQknowitall

    This guy has to be one mean self centered fuck. Wonder if this “man” will be able to say no when it is strongly suggested someone wants some prison love’n. Have fun on the honeymoon Prince Charming!!!

    Oh yeah… Why do SOME women with young children seem to think their “next pick” is going to be better than their “last pick?”

  • Jermaine Marcel Dotson

    how you ever been so sick to your stomach from something where the only thing you can say is that’s fucking disgusting….well this is one of those moments for me.

  • That monster!!! how could he do this to a baby???? that’s what he had a girlfriend for stupid bitch of a man.!!

  • come_and_see

    In Mexico the cartels kill pedophiles with chain saws.

  • Tundratot

    First good thing I’ve ever heard about the cartels.

  • sugarpie

    Have I told you lately how much I fucking hate pedophiles and child murderers! Ahhh! I’ll be lying on my bed crying if you need me. 🙁

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Makes sense he was in Barstow; San Bernardino County is like the Mecca for sex offenders (seriously look it up on the RSO site).

    RIP little angel. I’m sorry you’re short time here was ended so horrifically

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Are you gonna pour drano on it? I’ll supply it!!

  • Valerie

    This has ruined my day. That poor little baby. I hope he rots.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Mmm, that’s tempting. You aren’t fragile, are you? :p

  • Chinchillazilla

    You should be sure to tell all potential partners that you don’t rape babies right up front. Chicks dig it.

  • tkaz

    Oh, Evan. YUCK.

  • LuvsHorror

    How about stick a straw in it, then pour the drano through it. Just to start.

  • tkaz

    I was paranoid too, still am really. But when I dated, no one came home & no one met my daughter until we dated 6 mos. Only 1 man made it that far & I married him 5 yrs later.

    I don’t know if that’s extreme. I just know I remember ALL of my moms boyfriends & I didn’t want that for my child & that set-up worked for us.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    Of course it is on him. However, I don’t think that people that have no problem moving a sex partner they barely know into their house, should get off scott free because “the parent has suffered enough’. She had an obligation to this child, but her need for a bed warmer trumped making good choices to protect that baby. A quick google search brings up a page on America’s Most Wanted, with a guy that looks like this guy, has the same tattoos, with the same name, that is on the run after raping an 8 year old little girl. I don’t care how amazing a guy may seem, if you have only known him a month, I think that should give you pause before you allow him unfettered access to your child. Which this story does not mention, but she was leaving her baby with him to babysit. So god only knows what that baby endured. Oh yeah, and her facebook page is also infuriating. She post about her kid dying, then seems MORE upset that this guy dumped her.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    She moved this mother fucker in after dating him for one month. Yes, I put a hell of a lot of blame on her. Damn right I can bash her. I may not have the authority, but I have the ability, and I am judging the hell out of ANY parent that moves a sex partner in quickly and without doing all kinds of background checks. As I stated in another comment, a guy that looks just like this guy, with the same name and tattoos, is featured on the AMW website for raping an 8 year old. Not to mention all of his pretty mugshots from around the country. She may not have been there for the act, but she served her baby up, just the same.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    You want to get REALLY mad, I suggest you look at her facebook page. She bitches more about him leaving than she expresses any kind of grief about losing her daughter, Has posted photos of him and the baby to prove what a good guy ‘daddy’ was, is posting links to all the stories about this, and fighting people that tell her that her behavior sucks.

  • Betty Bulletproof

    Be a lot less crimes if they could really enforce sentences like that

  • Whatevn

    My dad dated all the time when I was little… I didnt know he dated tons until I was an older teen and he told me about it. Because no one met be until he thought it was serious. Which was a total of 2 girls. And one he married.

    Im scared to date, for many reasons. Fear for my child isnt really on the list because they wont be seeing her for a looong time.

  • Betty Bulletproof

    It don’t have anything to do with being has to do with being a sick, perverted piece of fucking shit.

  • Wildheart

    Define “funny”….

  • This is the most fucked up thing ive seen on facebook.. This guy is going to be raped and killed in prison no doubt..

  • itsknotme

    Why can’t prison yards be more like golf courses?

    A prison yard that had a child molester leader board. For example, Jose Aguilar, a 600 prison yard year lifer, has two strokes to his head in General Population on a par four death sentence.

  • WarriorArtemis

    Sick fucker…raped an infant because his chick wouldn’t fuck him. Burn him alive after cutting his dick off so he can choke on it.

  • Sarah

    It’s not just the name. It’s also the same terrible crime.

  • Leasha


  • derae

    What an absolute piece of shit. I know we are a “civilized” country, but I fucking wish we could make an exception for babie rapers and killers and do televised torture and punishment. He needs to be “shaved” (those of you who’ve read the Black Jewels Trilogy will get that reference, and I’m sure the rest of you can figure it out). After he’s been shaved, they need to slowly remove other body parts and let him bleed to death.
    Sorry, I’m feeling a little pissy today…

  • BSmyth


    side note I totally agree.

  • newstarshipsmell

    LOL! Funny, that. The Black Jewels books just arrived in the mail today.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    You silver tongued devil you. Maybe you should include: No incurable std’s at this time. That will really seal the deal.

  • They should put this guy in general population.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    This makes me sick. I think once a man is convicted of sex crimes against a child, they should be fully castrated. Maybe it would make some of these guys think twice if they knew it was an automatic penis chopping. Also, why do these mothers give these men full access to their children? I don’t even let mine stay with the majority of my family. Am I over reacting? Maybe. Do I give a fuck? Not even a little. My kids being safe trumps the worry I’m offending someone.

  • Disgusting. That poor baby girl. I hope the mom gets herself sterilized.

  • Dre Mosley

    Headline did it for me. Not reading the rest. Nope.

  • SillyCynic


    My parents live in Kennewick (where I used to live)….I remember a man named Luna-Luna…illegal, criminal, deported all stealth like…he snuck back a couple weeks later and murdered his gf after months and months of beating her and her calling the cops on him…him violating restraining orders…but hey, Seattle thinks the east side doesn’t know what they’re talking about when we say ‘get rid of illegals!’ they just say “racists.”

    Oh..and this guys been reported as illegal on more than one source…tri-city herald on the other hand likes to hide that info.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    Looks like she locked it down.

  • Rachel Ann

    Oooooh TARSH I’m gonna tell it on you. Whoring yourself out on the FP. Tsk tsk. And you didn’t even ask for Oreos lol

  • Baeta_Mordred

    The hell that little girl went through ugh, what the fuck. Getting real tired of hearing about the fucking mothers’ bringing their fuck buddies around and then the kid ends up dead….

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    Yes that is Serenity

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    There is another story about 30 miles from where I live in Pilot Rock OR. Three people arrested May 30. Can I post a link to a jail mug shot??

  • Pyncky

    So she fell off of the couch onto his dick? Sick goddamned fu**ing piece of diseased crap. I say let’s set his sick selfish ass on fire and just watch him burn. What a bastard!

  • newstarshipsmell

    After all the pain and agony I went through to complete my Oreo rehab, having put it behind me in the past and given it no further thought, and you just fucking bring it up like that, you callous bitch.

  • BSmyth

    it’s delicious!

  • Mrs. Beasley

    So I guess this fat fuck has a prior conviction as a sex offender out here near me. Indecent solicitation of a child under 16 back in 1997. Also aggravated battery in 1995, and failure to register his sex offender status in 2003. So a great guy all around. Too bad mom here dropped the ball and didn’t check on this mans past. My phone isn’t letting me copy the link, but it’s out of Ford and Sedgwick county Ks.

  • Kelly Eklectusbird
  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    Saved yourself there. it wasn’t pretty.

  • glitterpuss

    There’s probably not much penis to destruct on a baby raper. But yeah seriously, destruction should be the legal remedy so that it can never happen again. Period.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    That fucker needs to be drenched in about 3 gallons of Saudi Arabia’s best liquid petroleum, then let his former G/F toss in a lit kitchen match. Someone ought to videotape the view of his scared, shock-filled carcass sprinting off to nowhere whilst vainly trying to rid itself of it’s hot, new, yellow jacket… For posterity, you know.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Hey! I had to go “Cold Turkey” when they killed off Hydrox cookies… Deal with it.


  • Wolf_of_Mars

    That was just mean. Now I have to go and spend more good money for fresh brain-bleach treatments.

  • Tim Bates

    I wish so hard that he goes insane by visions and daily reminders of his vile acts. I hope that the clergy he hopes to seek salvation with turn their backs on him and condemn him to hell.

    I want him locked in solitary for the rest of his life. Never seeing the light of day again. Except for a shower once a week.

    Surrounded in darkness with no bed, shackled to the floor. Seing light only for a 3 minute shower, and meetings with attorneys. Nothing else.

    No mail, no visitors, minor food allotments, Baloney BLD. With turkey “gravy”, and freezer burned vegetables. Daily.

  • JohnQknowitall

    What do you think his cellmate will do if he says no?

  • Curlykate910

    Hopefully his cellmate’s name is big Tiny so he won’t have the option of saying no.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Maybe this won’t work, then. I like to keep Oreos on hand. =

  • FrikkenFrak


  • Edward Hickey

    Stories like this makes me wish the Punisher & Dexter were real, how can this puke ever be redeemed? Waste of money to put him in prison for decades, just put him in the ground!

  • Betty Bulletproof

    Ok, someone may have already posted this tidbit of information, but Im not wading thru all these comments to find out. This monster is also an ILLEGAL alien. Was trying to run back to Mexico…

  • Tainted Trixter

    Nope, that is Jose Reyes Aguilar. This is Jose Luis Aguilar. I believe this is a mugshot of the man in question:×800.jpg

    He has a prior for ‘Indecent Solicitation of a Child’ in Kansas (1998). His last registered address (sex offender registry) was just outside of Richland,WA where this crime took place.

  • Parrot Toes

    WTF!?!? Is that his dick on top of his skull? What the Hell?!


    What do you think Bubba’s gonna do when their paths cross? Counsel him about his troubled childhood, or forcibly penetrate and totally destroy his anus sphincter?

  • Shanna001
  • serenitysmom

    I cant believe such a horrible comment can come from any decent person. so Evan you must be a baby molester too

  • serenitysmom

    first of all Cheesburger, I was with the fucker for 7 mo before we moved in together. Second Evan, I paid the tab at Dennys. why do you think the ass stole my paycheck and car.

  • serenitysmom

    fyi I had 3 children that I gave custody to my family so that their father could no longer abuse us. and also so you know we had been dating for 7 mo before moving in together. just so you get the story straight since you think its so great to bash me

  • serenitysmom

    you know nothing but lies apparently cheeseburger

  • serenitysmom

    Little one, I didn’t check because it was very normal for her to sleep until 9 or even 10. and she was one that if the door was to open even a little she would wake up and not go back to sleep for the night. so if u are a mom than you should know exactly why I didn’t check. Especially when I was able to contact him and had no reason to think he wasn’t going to be right back.

  • Evan

    aight fatso

  • BD_99353

    That is a group started by her ex-husband. Be sure of your facts before you talk smack. Get a life morons and look up ALL the facts before you fucking monsters attack a grieving mother. idiots.

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    You’re nine months too late. No one cares anymore.

  • LittleOne

    I am a mom of 3 and not once have I ever or would I ever go that long without checking on my babies. My first instinct is to check on my children. Common sense is that if you did wake her up, you put her back to sleep or did you forget what being a mom is? I bet you wish you would’ve checked on her now, huh? Don’t come around here trying to defend yourself because you get no sympathy from me. I’m sick of hearing about females bringing random men around their babies and the babies getting hurt. You stated in another comment that you gave your children up so that they could be safe from an ex’s abuse…Yeah, then you moved right on and put another helpless baby in harm’s way. What would you thinking he would be right back have to do with you making sure you daughter was ok? you call to check on him but can’t look in on your daughter?

  • LittleOne

    And not only that, you are saying that you got engaged to ANOTHER man only a few months later. Be serious. Get your life together and your tubes tied. SMFH!!!

  • serenitysmom


  • Rachel Ann

    7mo yall were dating whoopdee fucking doo bitch. That ain’t shit.
    Are you taking care of those 7 kids you popped out or is that burden on your family. Close your fucking legs. Or use birth control you irresponsible person!

  • serenitysmom

    Really dumb ass get your facts straight before bashing people. Never had 7 kids. FYI have used birth control since I was old enough. God gave me my children despite using it. So F U

  • DeweyCheatam

    What LittleOne meant, I think, is that you can save your useless breath trying to explain and make excuses for your choices. Nobody here is buying it, bitch.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Yeah, right there I know you’re completely full of shit. You don’t “give” custody of your kids to your family b/c the father is abusing them. First of all, the father has far more custody rights than your family, so he could’ve gotten them if he wanted. Sounds like, per your usual great choices, you dumped the kids on your family bc you preferred staying with the abuser (or you’d moved on to a different one and he wasn’t interested in having your brats hanging around).

  • DeweyCheatam

    Yeah, sure you did. The withdrawal method maybe. People like you don’t have enough discipline or intelligence to use birth control; maybe the stupid fucks that you fuck believe that “I’m on the the pill” bullshit, but nobody here does. You suck as a mother. Get your tubes tied or your uterus removed.

  • serenitysmom

    not giving excuses just making sure u dumb fucks get the facts straight.

  • DeweyCheatam

    The bullshit inside your head isn’t facts. Don’t you see anything skewed about your behavior / attitude? You claim to be on top of shit, a good mom, etc. but your deceased child was only 9 months old and you claim to be with the murderer for 7 months before that. That means you hooked up with this loser when your kid was only 2 months old. That means it was only a maximum of 11 months since you were bedding down with some other Rhodes Scholar. Ever consider taking a few fucking breaths between flat – backing it and making kids you can’t fucking take care of and protect?

  • Rachel Ann

    So I’m guessing they pulled the number 7 out of a hat and said that’s how many crotch fruit you have running rampant?
    Only thing I’m glad about is those kids aren’t with you. Do the world a favor and get a hysterectomy coz you need no more kids. Dirty bitch!

  • Buffettgirl

    No, he was referring to another story on here where the baby’s mother held her hands “so it didn’t hurt so much” when she was being repeatedly raped. But hey, nice deflecting. You might as well face facts, you blew it as a Mom, and your daughter paid the ultimate price. It’s time to take a look in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else for your shitastic decisions. Screeching at people on a blog doesn’t help your position one bit. It makes you look even more guilty than you already do. Do you think you are going to change the minds of people on here? Not likely. And for good reason. YOU were the one that was responsible for that little angel, and ultimately, YOU fucked that up. Deal with it and stop passing the buck.

  • DeweyCheatam


  • loca


  • loca

    Listen here u fuckin little bitch if you don’t know wtf happen keep ur mouth shut its all about los angel 18 st puto

  • Evan

    jose is that you? post a pic if so

  • sativagrl

    Give the gangbanger time to figure out the internet

  • Lol

  • Lol is that supposed to have some kind of deep meaning? grown man running about in a gang is truely pathetic, just means you have no balls unless you got your gang behind you.

  • Jessie

    Loca? So you’re a female then, correct? Go fuck yourself with a big black dildo.

  • Kalee Weaver

    What the fuck is wrong with you? Ever heard of karma Evan? You’re going to end up jose’s little bitch someday and I hope serenity’s mom is there to see you cry and piss yourself. Fag.

  • Evan

    naw i have good karma. Tell me though Kalee, how is it being Jose’s bitch?

  • Kalee Weaver

    No ones bitch Evan. Not what I’ve heard about YOU though! LOL. heard you’re on the “receiving end”, or will pay to be.

  • Evan

    just like you and serenity’s mom

  • Buffettgirl

    How fucking miserable and pathetic are you? You come to a story that is ages old, you have not one fucking clue about the personalities on here and how we interact and you spew whiney stupid bullshit just to what? Stir the pot? Cause trouble? Make your lame-ass feel better? What a fucking mutant reject you must be… Get a life cunt, because wasting what little of a life you have defending @serenitysmom:disqus isn’t going to get you anywhere anytime soon.