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gallowsJackson, MI – Horrific details emerging in a case out of Michigan where a man arraigned on 12 counts of first degree sexual misconduct admitted he sexually assaulted his three-year-old daughter “too many times to remember.”

The 27-year-old has also been accused of taking elicit photographs of her for his own sexual gratification and even made her watch child porn. His wife admitted she helped her husband penetrate their daughter by holding her hands “so it wouldn’t hurt so much” while he held her legs if she tried to get away.

The girl’s mother, who has a history of being sexually abused, also admitted she and her husband watched pornography and had sex in front of the girl. She also said her husband has raped her too, and once grabbed her throat after she saw him physically abuse her sons when they were ages 2 and 4. He threatened to throw her out a window if she ever called police.

Police got involved after someone called to report the girl’s sexualized behavior, behavior that included her “humping her stuffed animals” and asking her brother for sex. The details of the case were revealed in a petition filed by the Department of Human Services. They are seeking to terminate the man and wife’s parental rights to their children.

The girl and two boys, ages 5 and 8, have been removed from the custody of the girl’s mother and have been placed in foster care. The family had been living at the Avalon Hotel. The father says he is a sex addict with a gambling problem and has written an apology letter to his daughter that read, in part:

If you’re reading this, I am either dead or in jail. I am not proud of being here. I also was touched as a child and repressed its memory as long as I could. When we moved, that nightmare came back and haunted me and I unfairly took it out on you. I am sorry for what I have done and hope that you have a happy life wherever you end up.

I know you are going to have a lot of questions as to why this happened and I can tell you that at this time, I am not fully sure as to why this happened. Please know that I want the best for you and I am going to get the help I need. My head is not right and hasn’t been for a long time. I know that I can never take back what I did and can say sorry a million times.

The mother has not been charged with a crime at this time, but detectives said the investigation is continuing.

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