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happy pitDetroit, MI – A group of boys were headed to school saw a naked man having sex with a dog and did what any normal kid today would do when seeing a man having sex with a dog – they whipped out their cell phones and filmed it.

After arriving at Denby High School, the boys rolled that beautiful bean footage for school security, who then called police. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the mid-30-year-old man sitting between two vacant houses. He was naked, bleeding from the head, and still had his pit bull mix with him.

The man rushed a female officer before he was quickly apprehended and taken to St. John Hospital for an evaluation. The female officer the man rushed also had to be taken to the hospital for exhaustion after she collapsed at the scene.

Police think the man injured his head trying to get into a stolen car that was also found at the scene. The man’s brother would not speak to reporters, but told police that his sibling was a drug user and had mental health issues. No charges have been filed against him at this time.

This makes three notable stories involving people having sex with dogs this year. The first being in February, when Las Vegas police arrested 23-year-old Kara Vandereyk after she was caught having sex with a pit bull in her backyard. The most recent happening just a couple of weeks ago, when 45-year-old Stephanie Mikles, a behavioral specialist, was accused of having sex with the family dog.

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  • :-/ instead of helping the poor dog

  • What The PUG!!Students Film Naked Man Having Sex With His Pit Bull

  • Pfft
    Fucking dogs will shred a 2 year old for playing near them, but a dude starts fucking one and they just take it.
    The circle of life…..

  • Buffettgirl

    Man, that’s ruff…

  • What were they supposed to do? Naked man porking dog in public… wouldn’t want my boys to do anything but call the cops.

  • that is what I was referring to…..not to interfere

  • Texas Ranger

    The dude screwin the dog… I can kinda understand….but for the life of me I can’t understand why a chick would screw a dog….I mean, throw a charity fuck to the nerdy dude in the apartment next door if your cravin action… damn gal’s….men ain’t real, real picky, just a few beers will work if you have looks issues.

  • you know if they didn’t tape it then nobody would believe. Document and report. Maybe they’ll grow up to become biologists. lol

  • Maybe the dog was into it?

  • ADM! I guess Nick,yea that was it

  • Oh God, as much how fucked up as it is, I laughed. I fucking laughed.

  • Prominent Prozac

    And people think Pit bulls are bad?

  • I am sure that dog wouldn’t “shred a 2 year old”.

  • Sick fuck should be in prison. Rape is rape.

  • Again, I just choked on my wine. Ta, Luke Walker!

  • kinda chuckled too, what would posess anyone to fuck a dog?

  • This is why i’m for the legalization of prostitution.

  • Rachel Ann

    I’d much rather think that the head wound occurred when tried to rip this guys face off. But alas it was just the result of another bad idea.

  • oh yea try leaving your 2 y.o. with him for a couple hours

  • ; No, Nick, the dog isn’t your mother, unless you’re the Anti-Christ.

  • Discovery channel, right there…

  • Jubilex

    After reading this site – you should know better. How many stories *this year alone* have we had with men getting hurt because they didn’t want to get a freak on with a woman who got pissed off when they were declined?

    The big secret of course – is that women crave sex as much as men do – it’s pretty much a simple nature of social pressure that makes us act like it’s not true.

    So take confidence – as long as you aren’t a rotten asshole you can usually find someone willing to tango.

    Then again you (like myself) are on this site so the rotten asshole kind of applies in our cases 🙂

  • Crazy sick ass people!! I woulda shot that dumb ass.

  • Texas Ranger

    Thanks for the advice. I may be an asshole, but not rotten…not yet anyway. As for the “Big Secret”…I would hope anyone my age would have that one figured out already… PLUS as long as Morbid keeps posting ads on the right that state if I *click here* “Girls will lose their head when you do this…check this seduction trick!” My social calender will stay full.

  • mean birch

    Where is the link to the video?????????

  • link07


  • Students Film Naked Man Having Sex With His Pit Bull –

  • I have one, and I would leave my 2 year old with her all day.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Video or it didn’t happen!

  • newstarshipsmell

    Right? And ladies, you don’t have to wrap our hands/forearms in bandages to prevent us from clawing the shit out of your tits while we bang you.

  • I think you failed to understand what I was saying.
    I was saying a pitbull would attack a child for less. Not should a pitbull be around a child…

  • newstarshipsmell

    IKR? Don’t these kids know about YouTube? Priorities, people…

  • newstarshipsmell

    Not bad. Pure evil incarnate.

  • You Amber are a fucking idiot.

  • Lol

  • Maybe his dog liked it doggy style I suppose

  • tkaz

    So. I have heard “roll that beautiful bean footage” before but never really thought about it’s meaning or origin. So I looked it up.
    Urban Dictionary says it’s cunnilingus. o.O

  • Tenbux

    I’m praying that authorities figure out whats going on before its too late. We only have nine weeks to forcibly abort the young. The pit bulls aren’t satisfied with their wanton murder, they want a race of half human hybrids to infiltrate society! Beings able to murder and pass the blame off to lesser dogs, or even their own scientists to further their genetic modifications!

    If we don’t act now, in twenty five years we’ll be facing pit bulls flying on massive wings, mouths full of cobra venom and sharks teeth, eyes gleaming with joy as they spray powerful acids from their nasal cavities onto the young and elderly from above.

  • tkaz

    Not to burst your bubble but child sex abuse involves animals often. Not saying the chicks on this site had been sexually abused that way as kids but……it’s certainly possible. 🙁

  • tkaz

    Greeeaaat. Morbid will have to start a whole new category of Pit Human hybrid criminal activity. And we will all shake our head & say, “It’s in their genes.”

  • That’s surprising, as I was referencing an old baked beans commercial with a talking dog. It has nothing to do with this story, the dog just says the line and for some reason, I thought of it when I was typing this up. I never said I was normal.

  • Buffettgirl

    It was a fabulous laugh at a moment when I needed one – thanks for that!

  • G.I.R.L.

    Lol yuck

  • Here’s the commercial… didn’t realize how old it was.

  • tkaz

    It’s obvious I knew that saying because I too had seen that commercial…probably hundreds of times! But when kids say it today…..they aren’t thinking Bush Baked Beans!

  • Texas Ranger

    That does burst my bubble…but how does that fit into men screwing “possibly” ugly chicks when drunk?

  • JohnQknowitall

    I was wrong. Pit Bull are not vicious.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    They still run “beautiful bean footage” commercials. Not the original dog, but at least Bush’s Baked Beans hasn’t gone tits-up yet.

  • tkaz

    That is just what men do.

  • Texas Ranger

    I’d take offense to that stereotype if it weren’t true.

  • tkaz

    You know, I never really thought about it but maybe pits are mean because humans are raping them ALL. THE. TIME.
    It could be true.

  • LuvsHorror

    Throw that dog a bone!

  • Cammy Newsome

    Pitt Bulls need to stop stealing our men! We need them..even the handicapped ones. lol

  • Snickering x Hydra

    This guy knows what he’s talking about.

    Better stock up on pitbull repellant – ( as soon as our scientists can invent it, of course ). I’m thinking it needs to be something that doesn’t make you smell like an defenseless old person or naive young child.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Well, A dog will incessantly lick anything you apply peanut butter to…………. yeach…Now I feel dirty.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Sounds like it already got one…

  • restlessvagabond

    What the hell? Is pit bull fucking the new extreme sport involving animals to replace bull fighting?

  • Buffettgirl

    Bow chicha bow wow… (I think I just got into the express lane to Hell with that one!)

  • Cammy Newsome

    I guess it’s one way to turn a fighting breed into a loving breed. LOL..gross

  • Buffettgirl

    Nope – they’re just thinking bush…

  • Texas Ranger

    I’m truly trying to imagine that in my “Brain Porn” but it just ain’t working. I think it’s the dog’s hairy ass that keeps turning me off. Ass + hair = NO TR.

  • Texas Ranger

    Your right, they are viscous.

  • Texas Ranger

    For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why you were having problems with your arms scratching their tits….and then BAMM!… wrap the dogs paws!… it now!… I feel so public school educated right now….

  • Melissa

    Sex with dogs. Coming to an alley near you. Those blonde “femme fatales” of 2013 sure are looking pleasing.

  • Melissa

    Lets see the economy is down… a 140 lb dog is like being with an unemployed man any way… They listen to our problems and dont care, wont speak of the dirty deeds, and yes men aint picky you are right but if you give it up to them they will become picky and lose all respect for you. A lot of women go crazy with dogs. Its amazing how low under the radar an intact dog and woman can fly. I mean have you seen today’s Great Dane or German Shepherd? And about that 3 notable headcount on the beast lovers … there is no tally for how many are doing this, they just havent been caught yet. I think I have done enough equating . lol

  • Melissa

    Very poorly stated joke but I give you props. People like me want to see that fighting breed go extinct. But. I give you props.

  • Melissa

    Well this guy thought his pittie was Vivacious lmao!

  • Melissa

    Or anything with two legs or four legs in between that.

  • Melissa

    I think it already is. You could ask a pitbull in my neighborhood a question. They already know the answers. Hmm..

  • Brings new meaning to fucking some bitch.

  • Texas Ranger

    A man may be unemployed from time to time, but I seriously doubt any man ever ate cat shit outta the cat box. Can Spot say that? Mine can’t, So…Man: +1 point, Dog: 0.

  • Actually you people are the idiots. Pitbulls are just dogs, no more and no less dangerous then any other. Some former Vicktory dogs have gone on to be therapy dogs, giving comfort to sick children. It is not the breed’s fault that they have a bad name thanks to low lives who beat them and torture them to make them “mean.” Please just get yourselves educated before you go spouting off (and FYI NO child EVER should be left unattended with ANY breed of dog, period)

  • DixieNightmares

    Remember Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker serial killer from the 80’s? He died in prison today.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Hold up…..a group of teens turned the video over to school security instead of instantly posting it on YouTube or Facebook?

    Hell just froze over.