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Kelsey GallagherWESTFORD, MA – Police have charged 18-year-old Kelsey Gallagher with trespassing after Gallagher dived head first into a someone’s empty pool a little after midnight Monday, and ended up with a spinal injury, a fractured skull and a broken wrist.

According to Westford Police Department spokesman Capt. Victor Neal, police were called to a North Main Street home around 12:30 a.m. where they found Gallagher in the pool unconscious and breathing. Her friend, 20-year-old Alexis Mcauliffe, was there as well and told police the pair had been out looking for pools to swim in.

“It appears from the investigation that Gallagher dove head first into the empty pool,” Neal wrote in a press release. “Also alcohol may have been a factor in this incident but no alcohol was found at the scene.”

After Gallagher took her header, Mcauliffe banged on the door of the pool’s owner, begging for help. He immediately called 911 and then went to check on Gallagher. “Seeing someone at the bottom of the pool like that. That time of night. It was dark, didn’t really know what was going on. Yeah, I was really afraid she was seriously hurt,” the owner said.

Gallagher was taken to the hospital  where she was listed in stable condition and is expected to recover. Her mother says her daughter woke up apologizing and asking about her friend. Police said Gallagher and Mcauliffe will both be summonsed to court for trespassing.

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  • Two words……Stay sober….. SMH…

  • jesus like she didn’t give herself enough punishment

  • Valerie

    Idiots. This is why I refuse to have a pool.

  • With those injuries Im sure she has learned her lesson.. No need to charge her with stupid shit on top of it..

  • Swimming pool accident.

  • Jail wheelchair ramps. Do they exist?

  • She should also get the cleaning fee for who ever had to clean up all the blood and shit!

  • This is awful but god i laughed at the cleaning fee comment

  • Can’t say I agree with that one. If someone gets injured breaking the law, that should not excuse them from being punished for breaking the law. Besides, they can’t decide to not file charges against her (because she got hurt) and then charge her friend. It’s either charge them both, or don’t charge them at all. Personally, if some drunk idiots broke into my yard to fuck around with my stuff (these girls had to get through the privacy fence) I’d want them charged with trespassing.

  • I meant to add, not charging them just teaches them to check for water in a pool before diving in. They need to learn not to trespass on to people’s property.

  • Gee

    Why… For fear some one might dive into your empty pool?

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if, after she recovers, they file a lawsuit against the home owner for having an accessible empty pool. You can bet there are ambulance chasers waiting with baited breath outside her hospital room.

  • Rachel Ann

    They may not have found alcohol at the scene but I’m sure they found a lot of dumb. That shit is hard to get rid of. Glad she survived and her parents aren’t planning a funeral. I’m sure her friend is gonna be mentally fucked for a while tho.

  • Texas Ranger

    Damn right! If your going to have a legal liability like a pool….keep that effer filled! Drowned folks are easier to hide from the coppers.

  • DERP

  • Texas Ranger

    As I always, try to look for the bright side of things…At least she should understand fully the dangers of alcohol consumption at a tender young age, instead of the usual burning out her life on it by age 40…but I wouldn’t know nothin bout that.

  • Gee

    I am pretty sure her trespassing ( they are charging her and her for trespassing) will squash what ever lawsuit she might have.

  • Buffettgirl

    I believe seriously that I had more common sense in utero than these two special little jellybeans will ever posses…

  • I totally agree she still broke the law and she’s lucky she just dove head first into a pool, homeowners take there shit seriously more an likely to shoot first ask questions later.

  • Wonder if her mom is going to post a “woe as me…need money for medical bills” on like what happened in Arizona recently? Dipshidiots!

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Who doesn’t check the water in a swimming pool before diving in? I always check the temperature, just to mentally prepare myself.

  • NY_Mommy

    They charged her with trespassing?! Cuz she might jump into another strangers pool? Oh wait, people are stupid. She might.

  • Dumb ass bitch+Liquid Courage = Epic Fail

  • Amanda, that’s like saying the Boston Marathon bomber learned his lesson because he was riddled with bullets. Do the crime, do the time. Regardless if your crime caused you injuries.

  • and if he had no fence it would be his fault…Big ass dog always works well..

  • JohnQknowitall

    It doesn’t sound like this silly girl will sue (and I don’t think she should), but I am guessing the owner of the pool was sweating beads for a little bit. She was wrong for trying to steal the use of someone’s pool, but pool owners for the safety, not of tresspassers, but person with permission to their premisses should cover their pools when empty

  • Spifftastic

    That’s partly why they charged her. Initial stories said there was a fence around the pool so a negligence case probably won’t work. It better not.

  • Spifftastic

    “His pool is primarily hidden from view. A six foot privacy fence blocks
    the view from the street and the rest of the area is surrounded by a
    four foot tall chain link fence.”

  • Valerie

    For fear that some ass will go after my homeowners insurance after they hurt themselves while trespassing.

  • Valerie

    But crazier cases have won.

  • Just my opinion.. she was stupid.. We all done stupid things. Comparing a terrorist to a naive teen is a bit out there. The bombing was premeditated. but law is law.. I guess. I don’t see the point of shooting a dead horse. just another lesson in life

  • IamObsolete

    Gee – She can still win a lawsuit for this. We had to pay out on a clients HO policy because a homeless man was trying to crawl onto the roof of their shed to sleep. The judge determined that because the shed roof needed to be replaced, our client was negligent.

  • Serves her right karmas a bitch

  • Gee

    I agree with you on that…. I hate people who sue when they are clearly wrong

  • Where’s Nelson from the Simpson when you need Him, Next time use your Brain.

  • kimbev69

    now her mom can try to do a fundraiser for her for rent like the other asswipe mom that started one after her dumbass jumped off a roof and broke both feet

  • Sounds like a desperate attempt at a Darwin Award to me.

  • Watch her sue the homeowners for her medical bills, pain & suffering.

  • Tenbux

    I.. I don’t know what to say. Ever since I was a child I’ve said that no one would ever be dumb enough to dive into an empty pool, even under the influence of drugs. I watched the commercial so many times, each time shouting at my TV about how it was the dumbest crap I’d ever seen. And now this. I don’t know how to react. Was all that time I spent giving my TV the finger wasted on a lie?

  • Must be a blond!

  • Fucking ridiculous! Is it the homeowners who are complaining? You’d think they’d give her a break ffs. Worrying about legal expenses on top of medical expenses. Idiotic thing to do to begin with, but she’s been punished enough imo.

  • Kelsey Gallagher Seriously Injured After Diving Into Stranger’s Empty Pool –

  • sugarpie

    She thinks her head hurts now, wait til she feels good enough to read the paper. Excuse me while I go fill up my kiddy pool. I don’t want anyone getting hurt while it just sits there looking so inviting.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    I would bet money that the google maps satellite photo that they used to find his pool showed it was full of water.

  • at least shes ok…i have kids this age, and they are pretty good at doing dumb stuff.

  • Where’s The Logic? WALL OF SHAME!. -Concrete…

  • Scott McAllister

    even when its daylight in the middle of a heatwave most people would stick atleast there toes in to see how the water feels. i guess at midnight there is no point to do that

  • That’s my thought too, but crazier things have happened in a US court of law. Civil liability is bass-ackwards sometimes!

  • link07

    Hopefully she recovers and its lesson learned for her.

  • newstarshipsmell

    [Insert joke about empty pools and empty gene pools here]

  • NY_Mommy

    Forget water, before I jump into a pool I check the amount of leaves, debris, are there frogs in there. Is the water green. Any one of these checks would have tipped her off to the no water thing.

  • CharredBarn

    the lazy man’s way to humor. i like.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Not so: a few years ago, here in NJ, a man invaded someone’s house with the intent to do something not very… good; in the process, he hurt himself somehow. The owner apprehended him and phoned the police. Not only was the owner arrested, but he was sued by the stranger who infiltrated his home. The argument was “how was he supposed to know that he wasn’t allowed in” or some shit. The justice system, like people, is immensely flawed.

  • Kytten Le’Mew

    This is exactly what I was thinking!

  • Whatevn

    I think its more likely a family member will get hurt than some stranger.

    …Im currently having flashbacks to my cousin putting water wings on his ankles trying to walk on water ..

  • Whatevn

    Oh its like that here in NJ? Time to switch to the dark side of the law.

  • Whatevn

    Frogs.. in a pool? I hope you also check for leeches after that swim.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Not difficult to do.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Better yet, keep your hot-tub filled & heated. That way, if someone drowns in it, you can invite the cops over for soup…

  • Pyncky

    If she wants to swim so badly, I have a waterbed. She’s a cutie. Actually , I lied I used to have a waterbed, but I bet I could round one up really quickly.

  • Stupid kids. Kids are just….stupid.

  • Valerie

    There is also that. My older brother drowned at 8 years old.

  • Twisted1

    Hmm, wonder if the pool she went in is the one at the funeral home.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    How did your brother drown?

  • G.I.R.L.

    The world needs a Batman. Pro tip though: real bullets fucking hurt.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Darwin Award Runner Up here folks! WHEEEEEEEEE! THUNK!

  • Rosenthal

    Think she’s learnt her lesson…

  • Twisted1

    My brother was at a party when he was 18. His buddies had been drinking for a while before he got there. His best friend dared him to push him in to the water from the dock they were on (this was in Florida). When my brother finally did his buddy went into a dive. The tide had gone out and the water was shallow. His best friend is now paralyzed from the neck down. There was a fundraiser set up to him and his family with medical costs. It was very sad and very preventable. My brother still lives with the guilt to this day.

  • Twisted1

    If she was younger the attractive nuisance doctrine might apply.

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    I’m guessing he was under the water for too long.

  • techsupp0rt

    Wow. That’s dumb.

  • Valerie

    He wasn’t able to swim. He fell into an abandoned pool in February. The pool was full of junk and trash. They had to drain it and sift through everything to find him. I was three, so I don’t remember much.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Wow. I can’t imagine what your parents must have gone through.

  • Valerie

    It destroyed my family. Both parents spiraled into drug addiction, my mother has thankfully been clean for years (since I was about 11) now and left my very abusive father (he is a giant piece of shit). For years he blamed her for it. She had fallen asleep putting me and my then infant sister down for a nap. He was 8 and snuck outside. I don’t remember much about that day, but I remember my mother running across the street to see if he was at his friend’s house, I remember a lot of firefighters and cops, and i remember a lot of family members crying. They bulldozed the pool. You can still see where it is (I visited the site a few years ago). It was in the middle of a bunch of townhouse apartments in Liberty. My parents did sue the owners due to the pool not being secured and full of water and trash. There was a bike in there and the best guess was that Mikey was trying to get the bike out when he slipped in. I have seen pictures of all of the trash in the pool and his body after they pulled him out. I miss him, but I have very few memories of him. I do remember his slight lisp, and he would call me his “hister”.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Toddlers are the most likely to drown in pools, so it was unusual to hear of an older kid drowning. Swimming lessons/ self-rescue lessons should be made part of the school curriculum.

  • newstarshipsmell

    If it happened in February, hypothermia might have made swimming proficiency a moot point.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Yes, that too. But I thought it strange because he was 8 and not a toddler.

  • Leasha

    “If you’re gonna be dumb you gotta be tough.”

  • Misty Meehling Workman

    Really? You want to know how he drowned? My guess would be he was under the water for to long……smh lol

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Yes I know of the mechanics of drowning, I was just wondering how, in a developed country, an 8 year old boy did not know how to self-rescue or how to swim. Outside of a natural disaster (like a flood or cyclone) or being held under water, most kids would be able to swim or self-rescue. Valerie has pointed out that her brother indeed could not swim, and fell into a pool and that’s how he drowned.