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Aza VindinharWest Point, UT – A 15-year-old boy in Utah has been arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of his younger brothers, aged 4 and 10.

Last Wednesday, 15-year-old Aza Vidinhar was babysitting his two adopted brothers while his mother took the family’s three other children to a dance recital.  When his mother returned at 7:35, she found the 4 year old dead and called 911.  Presumably already overwhelmed at that point, she did not realize that her 10 year old was also dead in the home and thought he was also missing with the 15 year old. When officers arrived, they found the 10 year old dead in another part of the house.

Unable to find the 15 year old, police did not know if he was another victim or a suspect.  He was found walking about five miles away from the home later that night with blood stains on his shirt.  Once picked up, he was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and apparently he spoke “pretty bluntly” to investigators.  He is now facing two homicide charges and is being held in Farmington Bay Youth Detention Center.

“He had been interviewed by one of our detectives, and there has been things that have been brought forth that is part of an active investigation, and as time goes one, it will be released as to why he did what he did,” states Sheriff Todd Richardson.  “I don’t want to speculate what was going through his mind,” the sheriff said before speculating, “but he is a natural child of the family and the two children who were victims in this were both adopted.”

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The victims’ “manner of death appears to be consistent with penetrating knife wounds,” the sheriff’s office said.  “I’ve been in this job for a long time, so the things that look like defensive wounds turn out not to be,” said Richardson, who has worked in emergency services for more than 25 years and apparently hasn’t had time to brush up on talkin’ real good.

The family has a total of six children, with the suspect being the oldest child.  He is one of two biological children in the family while the other 4, including the victims, are adopted.  The 10 year old was adopted at birth, and the 4 year old boy was recently adopted with his two younger sisters. The father is in the military and was in Alabama at the time and is returning home.

The 15 year old has only one previous record with law enforcement when he ran away from home last year.  He was gone for only a few hours and was found just a few miles away in that case.  The family sought guidance from their religious leaders following that run-of-the-mill family crisis. Other than that, he appeared to be a model child.  He was an avid runner like his father, neighbors said.   He was a ninth grader at the local junior high, but his parents would move the children in and out of public school, sometimes homeschooling them.

Davis School District spokesman Chris Williams said that the teen was an honors student, a member of the National Honors Society and a distance runner on the track team.  He was supposed to receiving academic awards at a school ceremony on Thursday. This story comes just a month after a 12-year-old in California was charged with stabbing his 8-year-old sister to death.

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  • Aza Vidinhar, 15, Charged With Stabbing His Two Younger Brothers To Death http://t.co/uDqzJdeu86

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Did he resent having to share his parents with his adopted siblings?

  • RT @dreamindemon: Aza Vidinhar, 15, Charged With Stabbing His Two Younger Brothers To Death – http://t.co/GYkwtunIDY

  • My heart hurts for this family losing 3 children all at once. I can’t imagine the pain. RIP Beautiful children.

  • Aza Vidinhar, 15, Charged With Stabbing His Two Younger Brothers To Death – http://t.co/TjS18Nl5iq

  • Athena

    “He was a ninth grader at the local junior high, but his parents would
    move the children in and out of public school, sometimes homeschooling

    I wonder why this is? It doesn’t sound like this is because they moved around a lot due to dad’s service. If this is happening regularly in a stationary household, I don’t generally consider this to be a good sign. Then again, if this was for some nefarious reason, you’d think the boy’s academics and athletics would be suffering.

  • Jessica Stewart

    If it was just three of them I could see that, but six kids, four of them adopted and all of them going in and out of public school/homeschool? It seems as though there may be something more going on.

  • No juvie for this kid.

  • What a worthless piece of garbage. Is he being charged as an adult or will they “rehabilitate” this psycho?

  • bubbledoo

    Wow this really resonated with me.

    My mom was a teenager when she had me, and then she didn’t have any more kids for ten years, and then bam one two three more. So they were babies while I was a teenager. I did very well in school and had a lot of friends but I also had a lot of stress/anger and some mental issues that went unaddressed until I was 21 (the most severe being bipolar, anxiety, and OCD).

    Anyway I had my first manic episode at the ripe old age of 13 and it was a doozie. I don’t remember everything, but I do remember obsessing for weeks over how my baby siblings weren’t “real”, like they weren’t real people. They weren’t real like I was. I had constant, persistent thoughts of harming them and myself. I would get images in my mind all day (I would imagine hanging from the closet, or putting the kids in the deep freezer, or cutting my throat, etc. I would have these images in my mind CONSTANTLY and the only way to make them stop was to follow through on them). I kept all of this to myself. At first I thought I would just get into trouble if I told anyone, and later on that other people just didn’t understand how the world worked, whereas I apparently did. I finally snapped one night and got the sharpest knife I could find and came very close to stabbing my youngest sister with it. I looked in the mirror and for some reason attached extreme significance to my hair, dropped the knife, grabbed a pair of scissors, and hacked most of it off (yeah school that year was not fun). Fortunately that was all the craziness that happened that night. The next day my parents found me (asleep), found the hair, and found the knife all in the kids’ room. I remember being very disoriented and confused (to the point of not knowing where I was or who my parents were), messed up speech, very emotional, etc. CLEARLY something was horribly wrong. They asked if I was on drugs. I said no and they said okay. That was it. Never talked about it, never told anyone, no consequences. Life went on as usual. I’ve had other manic and depressive episodes since then, to the point of attempting suicide, but that was the worst thing I’ve ever done in life. I love my siblings so much it hurts and would NEVER hurt them now, but when I was 13 I planned to kill them. I’ve often wondered what things would be like had I actually hurt them, or worse. Terrifying thoughts. I can’t believe everyone tolerated things like that from me (and they even knew that there was a history of mental illness in the family, something I didn’t know til years later!).

    I mean I’m not saying such is the case with this kid, for all I know he’s just a psycho or evil or something. The case just brought back some memories (oldest in a houseful of kids, successful in school, etc.). So grateful it didn’t turn out like this for me.

  • captaingrumpy

    This rings of jealousy to me. And I can understand that.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Advice from religious leaders didn’t work… time to pray harder…

    Something tells me the father is a hard ass over achiever who stress his son to be everything he could never be and there they are… a big fucking mess with many victims.

  • WidowedMomof3

    You know in all honesty this is why I don’t leave my 16 year old home alone with her siblings for more than a trip to the store and usually when they are sleeping. My daughter has had this odd distain for my second child from the moment he was born. I think it has a lot to do with the almost 7 year age gap. She had us to herself for all those years and along comes this baby boy who changed everything. Being older she didn’t need as much attention as a newborn and yes it did cause jealousy. I now have 4 children and she is 14 years older than my youngest. Still her disdain for her my oldest son is the severest. She is most fond of my youngest because she is girl (after two brothers in the middle)
    I wonder what the ages of his siblings are (natural or not) and how old he was when they came into the family. I seriously think when you have large gaps in age, the oldest is rocked pretty hard by the change in the family dynamic as where siblings close in age don’t really remember life before the 2nd sibling arrived. Then to add so many (it appears 3 at once with the 4 year old and his little sisters) could feed the jealousy as the oldest receives even less attention.
    Another thing you would think a 15 year old would understand why they have more responsibility and more is expected out of them but they don’t. My oldest often bitches about how unfair it is because the 9 year old has less chores than she does or why I ask her to clean up the living room occasionally but the toddlers made the mess.
    I’m not saying that this is the case with this boy, but I wonder if he had a similar disdain for his siblings like my daughter. I know it exsist in my house and even though I should be able to have my 16 year old babysit I don’t. I know my toddlers are a lot to handle and I know she and her older brother don’t get along. If we need to go somewhere grandma comes to babysit or one of us stay home. I know that’s harder when you have a husband stationed somewhere else, but it’s always better safe than sorry. I don’t think a parent should ever force a child to care for siblings when it is clear the child has no interest in doing so and may have shown jealous or aggressive tendencies in the past.

  • Buffettgirl

    I’d bet they find some serious mental disorder going on here and not just angst or jealousy… sounds like a kid a knew a long time ago where an episode much like this one was how they were able to finally diagnose paranoid schizophrenia… usually much more severe in children diagnosed prior to the age of 21. (At least that’s what they told us with my brother’s diagnosis.)

  • SJC

    I sat next to this guy in english class… He went to West Point Junior High in northern utah, you can look it up if you want. creepy ass shit. if you knew him in person like i did, he seemed like he wouldnt hurt a fly. but you could tell that he wasn’t right in the head. i never thought that he would straight up stab his brothers to death.

  • Humanist99

    Hey, someone else from UT! Were you familiar with his family/brothers? Do you have any theories as to what may have been going on- resulting in him killing his brothers?

  • Ann Stone

    I’m an only child, and I don’t believe older kids ought to be made to be man servants & babysitters to their younger siblings. If someone can’t bear the responsibility of their children, they shouldn’t have them. My mom’s mom was a baby machine, who dumped as many of her babies off on my mom (her eldest daughter) as she could. At a tender age, my mom was made to ‘parent’ her siblings, all the while, trying to maintain her GPA & have a life. It’s enough they have to deal with the inconvenience of another person crowding their lives, why should they be made to clean after & parent them?

  • WidowedMomof3

    I only had one younger sibling and my parents both worked so at a certain age I was responsible to watch him after school before my mother got home. My father worked nights. Still does. So when my mother had to buy food for the family after work I watched him even longer. I also had chores and sometimes made dinner. I swear to you it did not kill me and quite honestly I am grateful that I learned to do those things because I have literally met people who do not know how to do basic household cleaning or cook a meal.

    I believe children should help around the house and babysit when old enough, from time to time. A child should not bear the full responsibility of the child rearing but as a single mother of four if I have to go to the store or if I have to take one child to a doctor’s appointment there is no reason my now 17 year old cannot care for her siblings while I am away. She is part of this family. All four of my kids from ages 3 to age 17 help clean around here. Everyone has age appropriate chores. It’s part of teaching responsibility. That does not make them man servants.

  • violett

    wow…if you really feel or think this than you have one big effin problem. if what you just wrote is true than your family needs help NOW