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Aza VindinharWest Point, UT – A 15-year-old boy in Utah has been arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of his younger brothers, aged 4 and 10.

Last Wednesday, 15-year-old Aza Vidinhar was babysitting his two adopted brothers while his mother took the family’s three other children to a dance recital.  When his mother returned at 7:35, she found the 4 year old dead and called 911.  Presumably already overwhelmed at that point, she did not realize that her 10 year old was also dead in the home and thought he was also missing with the 15 year old. When officers arrived, they found the 10 year old dead in another part of the house.

Unable to find the 15 year old, police did not know if he was another victim or a suspect.  He was found walking about five miles away from the home later that night with blood stains on his shirt.  Once picked up, he was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and apparently he spoke “pretty bluntly” to investigators.  He is now facing two homicide charges and is being held in Farmington Bay Youth Detention Center.

“He had been interviewed by one of our detectives, and there has been things that have been brought forth that is part of an active investigation, and as time goes one, it will be released as to why he did what he did,” states Sheriff Todd Richardson.  “I don’t want to speculate what was going through his mind,” the sheriff said before speculating, “but he is a natural child of the family and the two children who were victims in this were both adopted.”

The victims’ “manner of death appears to be consistent with penetrating knife wounds,” the sheriff’s office said.  “I’ve been in this job for a long time, so the things that look like defensive wounds turn out not to be,” said Richardson, who has worked in emergency services for more than 25 years and apparently hasn’t had time to brush up on talkin’ real good.

The family has a total of six children, with the suspect being the oldest child.  He is one of two biological children in the family while the other 4, including the victims, are adopted.  The 10 year old was adopted at birth, and the 4 year old boy was recently adopted with his two younger sisters. The father is in the military and was in Alabama at the time and is returning home.

The 15 year old has only one previous record with law enforcement when he ran away from home last year.  He was gone for only a few hours and was found just a few miles away in that case.  The family sought guidance from their religious leaders following that run-of-the-mill family crisis. Other than that, he appeared to be a model child.  He was an avid runner like his father, neighbors said.   He was a ninth grader at the local junior high, but his parents would move the children in and out of public school, sometimes homeschooling them.

Davis School District spokesman Chris Williams said that the teen was an honors student, a member of the National Honors Society and a distance runner on the track team.  He was supposed to receiving academic awards at a school ceremony on Thursday. This story comes just a month after a 12-year-old in California was charged with stabbing his 8-year-old sister to death.

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