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Hofstra University Student Accidentally Killed By Police After Being Taken HostageLong Island, NY- A 21-year-old Hofstra University junior was killed early Friday morning when she was accidentally struck by a bullet fired by a police officer.

The incident happened in an off-campus house rented by Andrea Rebello, her twin sister and two other students. Sometime around 2am, Rebello’s boyfriend went outside to move a car, reportedly to avoid a parking ticket. It was during this time that 30-year-old Dalton Smith, dressed in black and wearing a ski mask, entered the house. Smith, a parolee with an extensive rap sheet that includes attempted robbery, weapons possession, assault and being an all-around charming fella, was armed.

He ordered Rebello, her twin sister Jessica and a third woman onto a couch. He did the same to Rebello’s boyfriend when he returned and demanded valuables from the four. I’m going to go out on a limb at this point and say Dalton likely never went to college: he was unsatisfied with what the four produced. I don’t know how much you could expect to fleece a few college students for, but I wouldn’t have expected more than a few beers and some dental dams.

After some discussion that I’m sure was completely civil, Smith ordered the third woman out of the house to get money from an ATM. Smith reportedly told the woman she had eight minutes to return with the cash or he’d start shooting. When she left the house , the woman called 911. Two police officers arrived at the home shortly thereafter. According to one report, this is how it went down from here:

Hofstra University Student Accidentally Killed By Police After Being Taken Hostage

Dalton Smith

When the cops knocked on the door, Dalton Smith ordered Jessica Rebello to tell the police everything was fine. She did the opposite, reportedly yelling to the officers that Smith had a gun. One of the officers entered the house and the other took up position outside the front door. As Smith led the hostages downstairs, Rebello’s boyfriend reportedly fell down the stairs, closing the front door and locking it.

He then took cover behind a sofa, a move I’m sure he is going to regret for the rest of his life. Smith grabbed Andrea and put her in a headlock, pointing his gun at her head as he moved for the back of the house. As he moved toward the back door, Smith spotted the officer who had entered the house. He reportedly threatened to kill Rebello before pointing his weapon at the officer. In total, the officer fired eight rounds. Seven rounds went into Smith. The eighth hit Rebello in the head. Apparently, the officer has never seen SPEED.

Both Rebello and Smith were pronounced dead. The officer has been placed on sick leave and will be subject to an internal investigation once the criminal investigation has been completed.

I usually try to save my opinions for the comments section, but in anticipation of a barrage of Ice Cube and/or T lyrics, gun control banter and commentary on the prison system, I feel I should throw a few things out there.

First, it is likely that Dalton Smith should have been in jail instead of prancing about with a ski mask and a gun. A failure of the system? Quite possibly. The gun Smith used is reported to have had the serial number scratched off, which points to it being a very-illegally acquired firearm, something that no restrictions on gun purchasing and ownership will ever stop. Also on the gun side of things, a seven bullet limit on police officers’ firearms would not have necessarily made a bit of difference, so any of you wannabe comedians out there can promptly stick that notion in your anus.

Finally, as a fan of law enforcement and a friend to quite a few police officers, I’d like to implore anyone out there with the urge to condemn this officer’s actions to consider themselves in the same situation. If we are going to condemn the actions of any individual here, it should be Smith… or possibly the boyfriend for hiding behind the sofa like a wussy.

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  • Sharell Moore

    Really fucking sad. RIP.

  • Sharell Moore

    Really fucking sad. RIP.

  • Tactical Defense LLC

    Know what’s behind your target –

  • Tactical Defense LLC

    Know what’s behind your target –

  • Jycorro

    Well I got nothing.

  • MissTrix

    What a tragedy. I can’t help but feel bad for that cop. I’m sure he’s going to need years of therapy to come to terms with what happened.

  • Evan Oswald

    please give more information on how tall, heavy Smith was. What was he in there for in the past?


    YOU SEE his mugshot implies he has the neck of Guston from Beauty & the Beast, and if he is that physically intimidating I understand putting as many bullets as you have into him and/or hiding behind a couch. We don’t know Andrea Rebello or what her life was worth to the cop or her boyfriend relative to what kinda fear Smith may have instilled in them.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    It was Jessica’s B/F, not Andrea’s.
    I’m not going to “dogpile” this officer, but I do think that he may have served everyone’s best interest if he’s gone to cover & waited for negotiators… Even with the offender swinging the gun in his direction.

    Though the officer nailed the offender, I believe that the one-size-fits-all approach to arming our LEO’s is a real problem in terms of aiming accuracy.

  • Professor Plumb

    Hofstra University Student Accidentally Killed By Police After Being Taken Hostage –

  • Athena

    Very well stated, and I couldn’t agree more on all points.

  • DeweyCheatam

    So tragic for this young woman and her loved ones. I hope they, like me, find some comfort in the fact that at least the bastard who started the whole thing is dead.

  • Savanah

    I’d actually be surprised to hear people wanting stricter gun laws on this website. It’s D’D for goodness sakes. I personally think all the gun talk is stupid. Drug laws don’t keep people from acquiring illegal drugs, do they? No. I don’t really know how this situation could have gone better, even if the boyfriend had attempted to do something, what could he have done? The robber was armed. And assuming the police were using handguns, it’s very easy to misfire especially when the robber has the victim in a headlock. Such a tragedy. :/

  • Noone in particular

    I really don’t see how you can blame the boyfriend (or whoever he is). Maybe in a “he’s a coward/pussy for hiding and not protecting the women etc…” way but that’s it. The cops should have waited, it’s absolutely tragic the girl was killed but the situation could have ended a lot worse than it did.

  • curiousalways

    Who’s to say if the officer had of done that, the beast with the gun might not have killed everyone else in the house? Easy to look back on and say “what if”. We don’t know what would have happened and I would never for one second question what an officer did in a situation where he was obviously trying to save lives.

  • Buffettgirl

    As horrible as this whole scenario is – part of me is sad that this little piece of shit didn’t get caught and sent to prison… he would have come pre-set with handles for the boys to hold on to and ride just a little harder.. stupid ass pig-tail braided fucktard!

  • Evan Oswald

    hah true, but this is method was so more cost effective!

  • Vicki B.

    Agree with Evan Oswald, but I lol’d at your possibility of prison life for this douche-nozzle.

  • Athena

    When an innocent person dies, everything must be questioned. That’s the only way policy and training improves.

  • curiousalways

    I agree the police need to evaluate the situation, I disagree that we as citizens who are protected everyday by these police officers putting their lives on the line for us should question what he did. I’m sure he is living with the agony of accidentally killing that beautiful young girl, I do not want to be one who questions his actions, in a moment most of us will never experience anything close to.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I was almost chosen for jury duty for a home invasion case. The defendent was introduced by his attorney to the pool. The guy turned to us in an angry sudden motion with angry snarl on his face. At the DA’s table were the victims of the home invasion: a very thin old man in a wheelchair with hand tremors, a young woman who appeared warm and attended an old man and a woman in her thirties who continually stared blankly at the defendent. I could almost feel what they must have felt. I told the judge I could not be impartial and was dismissed.
    Nobody involved in this very fucked up mess did anything wrong except for the fucker who started the falling dominos… I am sorry the poor girl had to die such a horrible death having lived a virtual hell for god only knows how long before her sudden and sad death… The survivors must be emotionally drained and just sick to their stomachs.
    Such a fucking waste.

  • JohnQknowitall

    People sometimes have to make split second discisions. There will be an investigation… There may be more information of those final moments that are not yet reported in the news.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Whenever a police officer’s issued gun is shot while on duty there should be an inquiry except perhaps in target practice within police facilities.

  • Athena

    Unfortunately, the police’s track record regarding internal investigations forces our hands. When police actions are questioned by citizenry, blame not the citizens, but rather the bad apples in every department across the nation that have made it necessary for citizens to keep an eye on their inner workings.

    I’m not suggesting this man is guilty of anything more than perhaps insufficient training, if even that. But the belief that citizens should not question police actions is too expensive for me to hold.

  • Alicia Lynee’

    Dem eyebrows..

  • Kelly Eklectusbird

    I’m all for stricter gun laws.

  • Texas Ranger

    To use a movie/baseball quote from Crash in Bull Durham…”One extra hit a week is the difference between being in the minors and making it to the ‘Show”….If he’d ONLY hit the shithead perp….he’s a massive hero. How something as insignificant as a 9MM, less than 3/8′s of an inch, bullet can make everything so different in so many lives.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    After twelve years of wearing a badge, you’d think that he’d have known better than to engage an armed suspect alone.
    In many professions, the practitioner MUST attend classes/seminars directly related to that profession in order to perform the duties of that profession. I think that LEO’s should also be required to do the same. It could reduce the incidence of these types of incidents. Regular psychological exams should also be a condition of maintaining their fully-armed status.

  • velvetjoneslives

    Maybe he should have taken a few weeks of target practice instead. Kind of defeats the purpose of your job when you kill the hostage.

  • velvetjoneslives

    I’m sorry, but your response is pathetic and dangerous to society. We shouldn’t even question the office “because he has a tough job”? Excuse me, I have a tough job, do I also get a free pass in life? I’ve seen people loose their careers of minor mistakes, this guy shot a hostage in the head. Sorry pal, tough break but time to find another job that better suits your skill level.

  • MissTrix

    Considering 7 of 8 rounds hit the intended target, I’d say his aim is pretty fucking good.

  • velvetjoneslives

    I’m sure a blind one arm man could also land a couple of hits on the target when you also take out the hostage.

  • BrittanySouthPaw

    Well now she doesn’t have to worry about washing her hair btw this isn’t my profile

  • Abroad

    CPD (=Continued Professional Development), they call it here. Teachers, architects, Occupational Therapists, – they all have to do it to stay in business…….

  • Emily Clocke

    If the officer didn’t shoot, Smith would have put a bullet in Andrea’s head anyway, and then the issue would be “why didn’t the officer shoot?”

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    I was just pointing out the necessity of the classes. My late wife was a CPA & Director at a “Final Four” CPA firm, and she had to do the classes, seminars & “ethics” exams regularly.

  • Conrad Barb

    Ya know there isn’t anyway of judging his actions,unless you were in his place..There are times when any wasted second could cost more lives.I sure as hell wouldn’t want to have his nightmares!

  • Conrad Barb

    Soooo true!

  • Conrad Barb

    That would be fine if in fact anything has (improved)There are getting to be way too many bad shoots with the police around the country.Seems like they consider themselves a god of some sort.They in general don’t even realize that thy are paid by the citizenry!I have been talked down to by a few,and just plain ignored by others.

  • Conrad Barb

    We are EXACTLY the ones that should question their actions!You just want to dump any responsability.

  • Whisper Wing

    Officer cleared in fatal shooting of Hofstra University student

  • Whisper Wing

    Family of slain Hofstra University student files wrongful-death lawsuit against Nassau County, cops: report

    The reported filing by Andrea Rebello’s family on Friday comes one day
    short of the one-year anniversary of the 21-year-old’s death — and one
    month after officers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

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