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Jared WalterMilwaukie, OR – Who says you can’t teach an old perv new tricks? Jared Walter, also known as the TriMet Barber, has found himself back in jail after being caught jacking off into a woman’s hair.

TriMet transit police arrested the 26-year-old Monday afternoon as he waited for a bus in downtown Portland. Earlier that day, a woman reported that Walter had shot his wad into a woman hair while inside a TriMet bus. Video from a surveillance camera inside the bus even caught him in the act.

Police believe Walter has done the same thing to at least two other women in the same way in the last three weeks. “At the time of those first two reports, the victims were unsure as to what had transpired, and the seriousness of the offense was not understood,” Sgt. Pete Simpson said in a news release.

Jared Walter was charged with third-degree sexual abuse, public indecency, harassment and interfering with public transportation. He is being held on $22,000 bail, but still faces an accusation of violating post-prison supervision in Clackamas County.

See, Walter is well-known for messing with the hair of TriMet’s female passengers. In 2010, Walter was sentenced to a little more than two years in prison after being charged with cutting and super-gluing the hair of various women. He has only been out for two months, and it seems as if all that time away has caused him to ejaculate escalate his activities.

He also has a conviction of burglary with intent to commit a sex crime in Texas and an assault charge in Washington in connection with another hair-gluing incident.

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  • CT

    WHAT? No video?

  • David Hale, look where this is at.

  • David Hale, look where this is at.

  • boobymagee

    “The seriousness of the offense was not understood”…So, apparently the two other women are splooged on so frequently that they think it’s completely normal behavior??

  • What an oddball mother fucker.

  • i need him to get some wigs and do his thing in the privacy of his home!! nasty bastard!!

  • Buffettgirl

    DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! I was going to send this link to Morbid after I read it on KPTV this morning but I got so swamped at work I didn’t get a chance to yet! Well, I’m glad it made on DD anyway. ;-P

    Keepin’ Portland Weird… I’d have smacked this asshat so hard it woulda knocked that “what do you mean it was wrong?” smirk off of his sick-fuck face

  • Texas Ranger

    Ok….spooged in their hair? The hair on their head?

  • Everyone needs a hobby

  • Ungrateful bitches.

  • It’s not like he murdered the woman or even forced anal on her … She was a grown woman…Just jizz … Innocent jizz – stop being a cry baby , rinse your hair

  • He was just providing a goddamned service.

  • No one ever ” Multiple Miggs” me – I’m not good enough for anyone 🙁

  • 🙁

  • Buffettgirl

    Yes – and he’s done this shit before… what could possibly be enthralling about hair? Head hair? Gack this guy makes my stomach turn. I’m so glad I don’t take TriMet very often these days… Hmmm, maybe I should warn my sister though…

  • That’s gross…

  • Weirdo, sick weirdo!!

  • Jared Walter (aka The TriMet Barber) Back In Jail, This Time For Splooging In A Woman’s Hair –

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Hope he enjoys super happy prison shower bukkake time.

  • Texas Ranger

    I don’t know…. I can see an errant shot into the hair in certain situations, but I can’t say that the hair ITSELF is all that enthralling, so I chalk this dude up to “Weirdo”.

  • IntelligentVirtue

    Maybe he overheard them saying that they needed gel #helpful

  • glitterpuss

    Now creepo can go back to jail and serve as another man’s jizz rag for 2 more years.

  • He could get a job doing weaves.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    I take it Mrs. Ranger doesn’t have long hair, does she?
    Hell, my first wife used it as hair conditioner. She did have beautiful, long, black hair, too! However, she stopped that when she got called into work late for an emergency & forgot to rinse…

  • I guess it’s safe to say that SHE went to Jared.

  • I guess it’s safe to say that SHE went to Jared.

  • hookerpie

    Stuff works just as good as hair gel!

  • t0ofIy

    keep portland weird. … ..

  • Something About Mary reference?

  • hookerpie

    What’s that behind your ear…

  • Jessica Stewart

    UGh Gross! I ride tri-met all the time. Now guys are splooging in hair? Why? WHY???

  • kimbev69

    This is the kind of perv that scares the crap out of me, he has zero amt of self control and a very strange obsession, i can only see this going really bad someday, he has proven he is escalating and has no plans to stop just lock him in the looney bin

  • Extreme Thirst!!!…

  • RedScarab

    Maybe he’s not a sex offender so much as there is a cosmetologist inside of him dying to get out?

  • Scretch

    It sounds like this guy is just aching to go back to the big house. Institutionalized probably and can’t hack it in the real world.

  • Scretch

    It would be interesting to see the other convicts’ reactions if he tried this behavior with them. Likely he is too wimpified to try that however.

  • Somebody better do something about this dude. Something a little more drastic. He’s got serial killer/sexual sadist written all over him.

  • Tina Matthews

    I guess it’s one of those things that is so weird and unexpected it would be hard to know what to do about it!

  • Confused

    He was just pulling a “Something about Mary”…. great hair gel!

  • O K

    Prison isn’t going to do any good… it’s time to ship him off to an insane asylum.

  • The Portland area man known as the TriMet barber — but who earlier this month made worldwide headlines with his latest arrest — pleaded guilty Thursday to touching or masturbating into the hair of three strangers.

    Thursday, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Stephen Bushong asked Walter if he was guilty of propelling “a dangerous substance” — semen — into the hair of one woman on May 7. Walter said yes.

    Walter also answered affirmatively that he had offensively touched the hair of the two other women. Specifically, he pleaded guilty to third-degree sexual abuse, public indecency, interfering with public transportation and harassment.

    They are all misdemeanors. Authorities couldn’t find that Walter had committed any felonies under the definition of Oregon law.

    His sentencing is scheduled for June 19. Prosecutors plan to ask for two years of jail, followed by three years of probation. It’s unclear how much time Walter’s defense attorney will argue for.

    But Walter could receive more time behind bars for violating the terms of his post-prison supervision, which he was on at the time he targeted the three women this month. It’s unclear how much time he could receive.a

  • Buffettgirl

    So proud to be an Oregonian sometimes! I hope they keep this one in for as long as is possible. My 16 year old niece lives in Milwaukie and rides a couple of those buses for school and school activities… this guy freaks me out!

  • Louis Cypher

    It’s only a matter of time before this guy abducts/kills someone. We all know this right?

  • Louis Cypher

    My point being we all are joking about it now , but every freakjob killer did small stupid shit we all would have joked about. So instead of making light of it see it for what it is , this is how serial killers get their start….better to nip it in the bud? Or laugh until the body count adds up?

  • Athena

    If you think every douchebag who beats it into women’s hair will turn into a serial killer, you are rather mistaken. The vast majority never significantly escalate.

  • This is best hair style site..

  • Whisper Wing

    new mug

    Oregon man with hair fetish arrested for giving woman haircut in dollar store

    Walter, 27, who has a history of committing lewd acts regarding women’s
    hair, allegedly followed his victim around the store and then placed
    scissors on her head when she was waiting to check out. Walter was
    previously convicted of masturbating on a woman’s head on a public bus.