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Rehtaeh ParsonsNova Scotia, Canada – The mother of 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons, the teenager who killed herself after allegedly being raped by four boys two years ago, is asking that online lynch mobs please leave the boys linked to the allegations alone, and let the justice system do its job.

Parsons’ mother says her daughter committed suicide after years of being bullied following an alleged rape by four boys when she was 15. A pictures from the incident was circulated online, leading to Parsons being harassed online by her peers.

No charges were ever filed against any of the boys involved, and Parsons mother would use Facebook to post her daughter’s story, blaming her daughter’s suicide on bullies, the justice system, and the four boys who allegedly raped her two years ago. By Wednesday night, an online petition calling for an inquiry into the police investigation had garnered more than 60,000 signatures.

Of course, as is usually the case when supposed injustices are posted online via social networking, people began talking about exacting revenge against the persons they feel are responsible for said injustice. In this particular case, it’s the four boys who allegedly raped Rehtaeh Parsons and went unpunished.  Her mother is now asking that the online lynch mobs cool their jets.

“I want the justice system to go after those boys for sending those pictures, she was 15 years old,” Parsons said. “I don’t want people to go after those boys. People are threatening to do that.”

While she is still not happy with the police investigation into her daughter’s rape, she does not want the boy’s who she feels are responsible harassed by people online.

“I don’t want more bullying. Rehtaeh wouldn’t want more bullying. I don’t think that’s justice,” Parsons said. “I think they need to be accountable for what that they did, I don’t want them to be physically harmed.”

The RCMP got involved and has been issuing warnings, reminding people not to take matters in their own hands. They asked anyone with information about the case to contact them directly.

Back in 2011, Rehtaeh went to a home with a friend where they drank alcohol with four other boys. Her friend left and Rehtaeh was allegedly raped by the boys. The boys claimed the sex was consensual. Either way, some time during the incident, one of the boys took a cell phone photo of Rehtaeh and distributed the picture online. Rehtaeh began experiencing online harassment once the photo went viral.

Police investigated the rape claim, but after a year, were unable to file charges against any of the boys, saying that it was a “he said, she said” issue. “An investigation into an earlier sexual assault was completed, and in consultation with the Crown, there was insufficient evidence to lay charges,” said RCMP spokesman Cpl. Scott MacRae.

Here’s what I don’t get about this story. Why are people banding together against four boys who were cleared of any criminal wrong-doing after a year long investigation, purely because of learning one side of this story? That’s what worries me about these online initiatives.

Sure they can do amazing things, as seen with the Steubenville rape case, but does anyone not worry about how easily lynch mobs can be directed at a target, and like frothing zombies, they charge forward with their teeth gnashing without having all of the information?

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  • Peri

    They raped her. I think those boys deserve what ever they have coming. If that entails a violent lynch mob, then I am grabbing a few beers and a lawn chair. I think everyone should enjoy the rapist lynching festivities.

  • I don’t know what the law is in Canada, but in Missouri, a heavily intoxicated woman CANNOT consent. A 15 year old CANNOT consent. So there’s two strikes… and taking sexual pictures of a 15 year old? Child pornography. So ’round here parts, those boys would be in jail. Just sayin’…

  • Texas Ranger

    Morbid,to answer your question in the last paragraph, isn’t that human nature at work??? My gosh, we had WITCH trials based on 2 young girls testimony.

  • Texas Ranger

    If the chick in Missouri cant be intoxicated to consent…How do yall ever get prego?

  • Sounds like a set up. Friend takes her to the house. they drink, friend leaves her there with 4 guys. it happened to one of my husband’s female soldiers.

  • How do you know they raped her? Seriously, I want to know as I have not seen anything that proves that’s what happened.

  • They were all drunk minors, from what I read, so if the sex with the boys was consensual, as they stated, did she legally rape them as well? In regards to the picture, it has not been revealed what it was of. If their was not a clear sex act, or nudity, then there was no child porn. But again, I have no idea what the picture showed.

  • Texas Ranger

    Exactly what I thought.

  • Ebonyheart

    Same law here (Canada) not to mention because she was 15 the picture that went around counts as possession and distribution of child porn. Im having a hard time believing the investigation showed nothing considering the picture was sent to everyone at the school

  • Athena

    I’d need more details, myself. It could just as easily be that the girl consented and didn’t take issue until becoming aware that a photo had been taken. When did she make the rape claim? That night? The next day? A week later? I know not all women immediately report sexual assault, but they need to. The timeline matters.

    A year long investigation is a long damn investigation. Sure, cops have screwed those up, too, but it’s not like they just talked to a couple of people and dropped it.

  • Doubleutf


  • Ebonyheart

    No, if it was consensual over the age of 14 isn’t considered assault.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I think that a lot of people are just angry at these boys because this girl was bullied into killing herself for something that, if it was not an outright rape, was a really bad judgment call. Teenagers do that. There’s no reason she should have been harassed and hounded into ending her own life to escape the pain. Seriously, we all do stupid shit, especially when we’re young and still discovering who we are.

    That being said, as Morbid mentioned, there’s a petition circulating to call for an independent investigation. Sign it if you like, and let the people whose job it is to hunt down and punish wrongdoing to do their job.

    And parents, please do your part and teach your kids not to be judgmental little fucks who get their kicks from bullying someone who either got raped and humiliated or made a set of foolish choices and got humiliated.

  • Texas Ranger

    If no picture…would she have called it rape? If it was rape, deplorable. If it was a consensual bad decision…did the presence of the pic cause her to try to regain her dignity?

  • Ebonyheart
  • Ebonyheart

    Regardless of a rape happening you cannot distribute naked pictures of anyone underage in Canada.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Here’s what I don’t get about this story. Why are people banding together against four boys who were cleared of any criminal wrong-doing after a year long investigation, purely because of learning one side of this story? That’s what worries me about these online initiatives.

    Nuts. Bullies. Conspiriatists.

  • Athena

    I’m well aware. She was clearly victimized. But to what degree matters.

  • Athena


  • PaganOne

    The thing about lynch mobs is that they are pretty much all “virtual.” Sure, you have the issue of online harassment, but it generally stops there in the comment section. Most people typing online about some vigilante justice are just blowing off steam. They read something, get angry, disgusted, write about the violent feelings they have from being so angry and then they move on and forget about it. I swear I’ve seen that a lot on some website, but I can’t think of where .. . . . 😛

  • The difference being, Anonymous has now gotten involved and are threatening to release the identifications of the boys if they are not charged. That goes a bit further than people ranting in a comment section.

  • Ebonyheart

    Yes, Im just saying there were 5 people there, she obviously didn’t take the picture therefore there should have been at least 1 charge of distributing child porn especially after a year long investigation.

  • driven .

    I agree with you and Morbid.. its another sad case of underaged drinking poor choices poor outcome

  • KKef

    You scare me.

  • Prominent Prozac

    Oh Canada..My home and native land..How you begin to really disgust me.
    Just because we’re suppose to be free land, doesn’t mean we don’t need to punish the guilty.
    Might have to move to Texas, fuck this shit.

  • Prominent Prozac

    I dunno about all that, Canadian justice system is pretty shitty. I can tell you from a lot of experience. A year long investigation doesn’t really mean they were doing their job properly or at all. Here that could mean anything. Honestly, I feel as though people/the justice system don’t take sexual assaults/abuse here as seriously as they should. A 15 year old girl is drinking with boys older than her, I could see how she might consent to sex with one if she was into that, but four? and photos? Nah. I just don’t see it. Then to have it said they raped her, and she kills herself? Seems to me like it’s more than making up lies.

  • They could not prove who took the picture.

  • Ebonyheart

    Not so Morbid, You can take any picture that was taken on a cell phone and get the phone number, the phones owner info and GPS location of where the picture was taken. Plus we can pull up the GPS of that phone’s location at that time even if the picture is a few years old. Another thing about cell phones even when you clear them they are not clear, I always thought the factory master reset cleared all. Wrong it can be sent to the lab and everything that was sent by txt, e-mail, picture message or phone calls can be pulled up. Plus in Canada police do not need a warrent to search your cellphone.

  • Pyncky

    It only takes one person to make the step into real, not virtual revenge.

  • Cassy_Again

    Everyone knows who they are anyway, locally.

  • tkaz

    What can we possibly tell our daughters? I try and instill a strong sense of self worth, but what if I fail? What if she’s raped at a party and there’s photos? What can I tell her? Rape is horrible, it strips our soul….but surely we can teach our daughters that even though it hurts, we can heal?
    I don’t know what I’d do. I think I’d change her school & her cell number so she can heal. I can’t imagine seeing the boys daily that the law cannot prosecute.

  • Actually, the boys were NOT ‘cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after a year long investigation’ at all. I get what you’re saying but, in point of fact, the official statements said there was — in their opinion — not enough evidence to seek a conviction.

    The point of the matter is that people feel the RCMP investigation was mishandled and that the Crown was toothless in its assessment of how prosecutable the case was. While I agree that the outrage should stop at demands for inquiry and not cross into vigilanteism or a furtherance of bullying, I do not agree that they were cleared of wrongdoing. Were that the case, the Crown would have had the option to charge the girl with making false statements and the boys’ families could have brought a civil suit against her.

    Though the fact that neither happened is not conclusive, it is certainly worth noting.

    When the Justice system says, in effect, “We don’t think we can make this stick,” it is not a declaration of the innocence of the accused. As you have described those within the lynch mob, you have preformed a conclusion based on incomplete facts and are now phrasing it in terms of guilty or not guilty without the occurrence of an actual trial and without knowing any of the actual, verifiable evidence.

  • NY_Mommy

    I’m interested to know how to pronounce her name.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    I want to know if its intentionally Heather spelled backwards, or it just came out that way.

  • It’s Heather spelled backwards.

  • The point I was trying to make was that there was no proof of a rape.The only proof that exists is Rehtaeh saying there was one. I’m not saying she is lying, I am saying that’s all they have.

    The only “proof” they have is a picture taken of some kind of sexual activity that could not be determined as a rape in progress. A picture seen by many that could not prove anything criminal had happened.

    What I would like to know, from you, is exactly how did the RCMP fuck up the investigation. I mean this honestly, as I have yet to read anything that points out what, specifically, they did that was wrong. So far, in all the comment sections I have been on today about this, no one can seem to tell me why they should re-open their investigation, and what exactly would they re-investigate that they didn’t do the first time around.

  • No, I mean they may be able to prove what phone it was taken on, but not who pushed the button.

  • Ah, ok, then that makes it better. 😛

  • Ebonyheart

    Oh I see what you mean. Good point.

  • Athena

    Terrifying. More terrifying, yet, that 8 agreed with the sentiment.

  • Panavia Tornado

    Why no charges at all? Distributing child porn? Statutory rape of a drunk 15 yr old. Even if she consented because she was drunk and stupid. Isn’t it still statutory rape? It would be in my state!
    Also, if this girl had changed her email and phone #s, not given out any new personal contact info and closed down all her social media, she would have closed the biggest window for people to get at her.
    Why is it that bullied kids keep the doors open to the stream of invective? then read it all?

  • Panavia Tornado

    Agree. The provable crime is distributing her nude photo.

  • KKef


  • If the kids were all the same age and drunk, then they all, including Rethaeh, committed statutory rape. They didn’t pursue child porn charges, from what I understand, because they don’t know who took the picture. Even had they tracked down the phone that was used to take the picture, and could prove who physically took it, I would assume they would then have to go after all the minors who distributed it.

  • I’d tell her “use hollow point bullets, hold the gun steady, line each target up w the sights, and gently squeeze the trigger.”

  • Peri

    She was so intoxicated she was throwing up, I don’t really think any one in that state can make any decisions for themselves… resulting in what some people like to claim as “grey area rape” which is shit like stuebenville and shit. like “ohhh she was drinking, well shit happens” like no, not really, no one should probably be fucking when they’re drunk it’s just all around bad news man. And after she saw that picture, she went to the police, implying she didn’t know about it, or that happened.

  • Peri

    AND man let’s fuckin be honest, I don’t think anyone wants four highschool cocks in them, holy shit man. It would hurt because it would be bad, and then second dude any fucking girl in her right mind knows that a highschool foursome is social suicide. I don’t see any evidence against her.

  • Problem is, people who allow or encourage their kids to misbehave, or fail to teach or monitor their kids about these things, won’t recognize themselves. 🙁

  • Peri

    As a rape victim, I had my case dropped, no one believed me because I was dating the guy, it was a “he said she said” shit. You know what happened ? The guy ended up dating another girl and beat her really really badly. So just because police did an investigation, how thorough was it ? Did they talk to everyone, get DNA ? Or did they talk to those boys and find out they were athletes man ? Also, it’s not like coming out about being raped is glorious or people want to hold your hand. People want to hurt you so that you’ll be quiet. Why the fuck would this girl lie man, look at what she’s done to herself if she’s cried wolf… you know, it’s just… it doesn’t add up.

  • Peri

    If you hurt people and you do it on purpose, you damn well should be.

  • Peri

    I’m sorry is it more terrifying watching rapists get harassed online or do you think maybe having a dick shoved in your ass by some sweaty old fuck a little more terrifying ? If you are hurting people on purpose, you should be fuckin prepared for anything. You open yourself up for that man. I’m just some normal fuck you know, but I have seen the devastating effects of sexual abuse/assault/rape on people (not just women) and it’s fucking horrifying. More horrifying than anything you can imagine. What if murder victims were just permanently disfigured and that’s the way they lived the rest of their lives ? Well guess what, that’s how survivors feel everyday, but some of us just don’t have actual physical scars on our bodies. But we have the memories, and boy you don’t know how dark your mind can get.

    All in all, let’s just fucking be nice to each other and things will be okay.

  • Peri

    There are sooooo many cases dropped because of “insufficient evidence” fucks people up for life man. I think police are just lazy pigs in some instances or they just don’t really care because it’s not them etc etc.

  • Peri


  • was she raped by four boys though? that’s what bugs me about this case, the more detailed accounts make it sound like a bunch of teens got drunk and this girl had sex with one boy while others took pictures of it. I agree it is rape because she is an intoxicated minor and cannot give consent, but the other boys be should charged as an accomplice or aiding and abetting and creating and distributing child pornography but not charged for actual rape, both a horrible things but they are different horrible things.

  • Steve

    They are not telling the whole story. It’s sad what happen to her,but they’re not telling you the whole story.

  • KKef

    As soon as I see evidence proving these boys raped the girl, I’ll pull up my lawn chair along side yours and crack open a beer. The point I made is that it is scary that people jump into lynch mob mode based on allegations. Read the headline. I’m right with you on the devastation sexual assault of any kind has on a victim. Let’s try not to jump too quickly to conclusions. Peace 🙂

  • Cassy_Again

    That’s not what I meant. Don’t be such a snarky asshole all the time. I meant that since everyone locally has already known all along who they are, and nothing has happened to them, I doubt Anonymous releasing the names will result in much more than online harassment, at most; Unless someone new who just heard about it plans to travel here and do something.

    For the record. I agree with what you’re saying.

    1. The boys might also have been underage.
    2. 15 years old can legally consent to sex with peers in Nova Scotia, just not adults.

    3. Unless the photos were explicit, which they might not have been, then don’t rise to the level of being pornographic. Maybe they were, I don’t know, but then you just have one underage kid sharing pornographic pics, and that’s going to be a pretty minor crime, considering what’s on the hard drives of most 15-year-old-boys and what many 15-year-old girls post themselves on FB. We’d have half the teens in the province awaiting trial if they prosecuted that particular offense all the time.

    The shame and humiliation comes from her being harassed and called a liar. She’s a victim of a rape culture, where women are raped for sport and they are blamed. Had she been believed, supported, taken seriously and the bullies turned their anger at the boys, she probably would have had a much better chance of dealing with the rape not being prosecuted.

  • Cassy_Again

    Minors can consent to have sex. Twelve year olds can consent to have sex with peers no more than two years older in Nova Scotia. A fifteen year old can consent to sex with a person up to five years older, as long as that person is not in a position of authority over him/her. Teens have sex all the time. I bet 90% of the posters here were having sex as teens.

  • Peri

    Right, I just think that too many people get away with things like this… i guess there isn’t a whole lot of information available, but I don’t know publicly admitting that you were raped whether it’s true or not, it’s not a very glorious outcome.

  • Cassy_Again

    I am going to assume the boys were underage because their names were never released and you can release the names of suspects here if they’re of legal age.

  • BodieF

    What more is there to tell? Girl attends party, drinks too much and is vomiting. The ultimate losers see a chance to take advantage of a young girl and RAPE her, that is what it is called when a person is vomiting drunk and you decide to violate them and then pass them on to your next buddy.
    Maybe you think a drunk vomiting girl that does not scream out secretly wants you but you would be wrong.

  • we have the same glasses.

  • Okay, I’ll rephrase.

    My specific problem is the insinuation that the boys were exonerated when you use the phrase: ‘cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after a year long investigation’. They were not. There is a subtle yet very important difference in saying they were found not guilty and there was not enough evidence (in the Crown’s eyes) to take it to trial. Nor do I necessarily accept that there was ‘no proof’ of rape.

    The only “proof” they have is not known to us. What we know of is the victim’s claim and the photograph. Again, big distinction between what we know and what the authorities may know. The two are not necessarily the same. I get the gist of what you (as you now claim) intended to say but, instead of presenting the situation as lacking conclusive evidence in the public’s eyes, you’ve taken the stance that the alleged rapists were found innocent. Until it goes to trial, this is simply untrue.

    As for some of the criticism of the RCMP, it is, once again, second-hand. It’s two-fold. First, there’s the alleged rape. According to the parents, the boys were not even interviewed until months after the report was filed. This alone would be negligent in terms of investigation. I don’t think I have to explain why.

    Secondly, there’s the bullying and the distribution of the photo. I realize it is not specifically what was addressed in the article, but it is inextricably tied to the public furor. In that regard, no charges were laid even though a picture of a minor engaged in alleged sexual activity was distributed against her will. There are all sorts of possible criminal conduct inherent in that. However, and again this comes to us by way of hearsay, the RCMP washed their hands of it and called it a community issue not a police issue. That is highly questionable.

    Remember, there are those of us whose concern with the situation is that the investigation be reviewed. We’re not in it to lynch anyone or presume guilt. We’re in it to ensure there is a qualitative second look given to the details of the investigation. If there was more which could have been done, then systemic changes need to be made in terms of the way the NS RCMP handles these cases so that both these situations (alleged lacklustre rape investigation and police attitudes towards bullying) can be avoided. Moreover, we all know this kind of crap happens all too often.

    This situation is just as good as any to spur our authorities, our schools, and our society to address the issues at hand.

  • Buffettgirl

    You know a story is tough when Badass Boyfriend wipes away a tear… we saw this on the news last night and big, bad, Ranger-Sniper Man was truly upset by it. It makes me sick. I wonder if any of those four boys can comprehend the damage they have done???

  • You say “as I now claim” as I meant anything different from what I stated. I was clarifying a point that I thought was pretty clear, but I should have figured someone would have wanted to argue semantics.

    My point at the end of that article, that has not changed, is that people are calling for a review of the investigation based purely on the word of a dead girl’s mother.

    I have no issues whatsoever if a perceived injustice has meat on the bone. The Steubenville case is a good example of a case that had tons of proof of a criminal act having taken place and pretty damning evidence of it being swept under a rug. In a case like that, I have no issues with what was done via social networks.

    But now we have a can of worms opened in which anyone at anytime can post their version of events, a version that common sense dictates is not the entire story, as we have yet to hear the other, but yet the online community now demands some kind of justice be exacted where they have no proof that an injustice had taken place.

    Why? Because someone told them to. That’s it. It cannot be anything else as there is no proof whatsoever that these boys are rapists and that everything this girl’s mother is saying is fact.

    I’m not defending these boys. At worst, they gang-raped a girl. At best, they took advantage of a girl that had some obvious issues. But I just cannot get behind mob justice in a case where there has been no signs of injustice. If there is no case, there is no case.

    In this particular case, all we know is the following:

    -Two years ago, Retheah had sex with up to four boys while all were drinking.
    -Someone took a picture and posted it online
    -She did not report a rape until days later,boys claim it was consensual
    -She was slut-shamed online and shunned by friends
    -Police investigate for a year, don’t have enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime
    -Two years later, after moving, making new friends – including rekindling friendships with old friends – she had a meltdown and hanged herself.

    That’s pretty much it aside from the girl’s mental health issues which may have been a direct cause of a sexual assault or bullying, or both – or could have compounded already underlying mental health issues.

    We do not know what the police’s investigation entailed, we do not know who did the bullying and for how long it took place (did it last a month, every day since?), we do not know who took the picture and how it was placed online,

    So police are left with pretty much nothing, Yet you call their year long investigation lackluster and I still don’t know why. You say they did not talk to the boys until a month or two after the rape claim, but I have not seen anything official about that, just the mother saying it was some time after.

    Again, I’ve spent almost 10 years directing people to crimes on a daily basis. I need no lessons on how shitty (and great) a justice system can be. But I also remember three cases on this site where the online lynch mob went after the accused, foam freely flowing from their mouths, only to have it turn out they were dead wrong.

    Not by insufficient evidence, but wrong… the accused were 100 percent innocent.

    Did any of those people go back and apologize for all the comments they made about these people being rapists, murders, child molesters? Did any of them go back and delete the comments and derogatory statements they made about these people on their personal Myspace and Facebook pages? Would it make a difference at that point? Of course not.

    That’s the thing about online mobs – they may have an idea of how useful they can be, and bask in any glory their good deeds may produce, but they scatter like rats when they realize how much damage that torchin’ and pitchforkin’ can do to an innocent person. A person who is left trying to repair a severely damaged reputation because some stranger on the Internet yelled “sic ’em!”

  • You are a fucking idiot who should shut the fuck up about shit he has no comprehension of.

    These are the same police who charged me in my own robbery at gun point, then threw out ALL of our charges because of ‘lack of evidence’, when the whole event was caught on film!

    Same ones who when a citizen is threatened across the internet “can’t do anything” but if a citizen threatens Big Oil or a corporations, suddenly they can do all sorts of fucked up shit about it.


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    Normally I don’t type in caps, but whoever the ginger motherfucking gothic faggot with the name “Morbid” is, has obviously pissed me off with his pasty skin’s faggoty opinion.

    Go back to the Realm of Darkness, you fucking gothic vampire retard.

  • You deleted my comment?

    Fuck you, punk ass gothic vampire faggot.

  • I AM NOT GINGER! lol.

  • Huh? Are you retarded?

  • 18th40

    Realm of Darkness… that near Portland ?

  • I’m not sure. It may be closer to Albuquerque.

  • 18th40

    I’m gonna go with yes on this one Alex.

  • Much of the law IS semantics, as are logic arguments. Anyway, I feel the distinction revealed in your choice of language is important. You do not. So, on that matter, it is an agreeable disagreement. Plus, I’m not here to challenge your experience or your knowledge of the law. You needn’t be defensive about it.

    “But now we have a can of worms opened in which anyone at anytime can post their version of events, a version that common sense dictates is not the entire story, as we have yet to hear the other, but yet the online community now demands some kind of justice be exacted where they have no proof that an injustice had taken place.” The only difference between this and the way it has been before is that it happens faster and the influence is wider. The dynamic is the same. The can of worms is the same. The medium is different. Mary Shelly wrote about it and I’m sure we’ll see it happen time and again in the future. Which isn’t to say that cooler heads shouldn’t act to mitigate the effects of an unruly mob.

    Generally, we agree on this. There’s no point in arguing. I am not here to advocate mob rule or vigilante justice. Although I would again like to point out that some of the people interested in this case are not part of ‘the lynch mob’ and only want to ensure justice is done regardless of who the culpable parties are or are not.

    As far as the specifics of the case and ‘what we know’ goes, I find it curious that you’re willing to take as fact certain aspects which have as much verifiable credibility as other claims which you do not. For instance:

    – We don’t know she was sexually assaulted.
    – We don’t know she had consensual sex with 1-4 boys.
    – We don’t know how long it was between complaint and suspect interview.
    – We don’t know that the police didn’t have enough evidence.

    And yet you assert these all as truths while discounting other claims, some of them in direct contradiction to what you said in the same response. To wit: “We do not know what the police’s investigation entailed.” Which is an issue some people have. They think it sounds hinky and want a second-opinion. I don’t see a problem with that.

    “Yet you call their year long investigation lackluster and I still don’t know why. You say they did not talk to the boys until a month or two after the rape claim, but I have not seen anything official about that, just the mother saying it was some time after.” If you read back, you’ll see I specifically used the word ‘alleged’ and, yes, I’m going off the claims or her mother, her father, and two members of her extended family. They have spoken out about what they felt was insufficient diligence during that yearlong investigation. They cited the time between reporting and interviewing. If the claims of this extended interval are false, then the RCMP need only issue a response saying as much.

    At the end of the day, a review has been promised. More facts will likely come to light and the official stance of the Crown Attorney’s Office and the RCMP will be known. So, in many ways, the dissection of what is known will become moot. Hopefully more answers will be given than new questions are raised. In my mind, there is nothing wrong with that.

    Look, I’m all for preserving the reputation of innocent people who are falsely accused. And I’m against mob mentality and vigilante justice, twice over in cases where the alleged crimes are not self-evident. That being said, none of those things were the reason for my initial comment, one on which I believe we will not reach a compromise. So, we’ll just have to settle for a détente.

  • onlyme356

    If you’re so upset about a crappy police force then why don’t you demand to do your time? That’ll make more of a point than ranting on about “Morbid.” You won’t do that though, will you?

  • Please stick around. Seriously.

  • PaganOne

    Careful, Morbid – reminds of a story I will tell you later

  • G.I.R.L.

    It’s always consensual until someone whips out a camera. Besides, she was buzzed; they took advantage.

  • G.I.R.L.

    That’s what I was thinking. At one of the high schools i attended, a chick claimed that she raped by seven boys after the video surface around the campus. I never saw it, but everyone was saying that it could not have been rape because not only did she invite every boy over one her parents were gone but she was also laughing and smiling throughout the entire video. Not to mention, she was her usual self UNTIL the bus was released (funny because she was looking into the camera).

    Her mother tried to get the boys arrested but the girl wasn’t a victim (well, of an inevitable reputation as the high school slut, maybe) at all. I believe was eventually thrown out of the window. They all made poor decisions.

  • Okay, sure.

    Wait! That sounds suspicious. It’s a trap, isn’t it? I’ll have you know I’m trained in a martial art …of some kind. It’s from, um, it’s old. Very old. Very deadly. So, if you try anything, I’ll be ready. Just … I’m warning you, is all.

  • G.I.R.L.

    EVIL is the right way.

  • Well then a fight would be interesting, as my fighting style is also… unique … and comes from a $10 bottle of Gnarley Head wine bought from my local grocery store. Win or lose, it should be very entertaining.

  • Very entertaining for OTHER people who watch. Unless we film it for posterity.

  • If a 15 year old has sex with another 15 year old – who is raping who?

  • JohnQknowitall


    “I don’t want more bullying. Rehtaeh wouldn’t want more bullying. I don’t think that’s justice,” Parsons said. ”I think they need to be accountable for what that they did, I don’t want them to be physically harmed.

  • JohnQknowitall

    It is unfortunate, but we can find articles on people who have lied about all sorts of crimes including rape – generally, but not always, emotional issues. Good or bad, in this country it is better to let a guilty person go than to convict an innocent person.

  • they have re-opened the investigation

    The minister must find out if the police ran this investigation properly and determine if there is important evidence that was not taken into account when they decided to close this case,” the petition says.
    Read more:

  • Buffettgirl

    Just off of the St. John’s Bridge… 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    But was it for $200, or was it for the $1000?

  • Buffettgirl

    I know one that wasn’t! In fact that was a goal of mine, to make it out of high school a virgin when I saw what “giviing in to the boyfriend” usually led up to, the inevitable break-up a few days/weeks later. It wasn’t worth the drama to me at the time. But then again, the mid 80’s were a very strange time!

  • lyssdexia

    Nope. According to GoogleMaps, it’s everything south of the Georgia State line….

  • Cassy_Again

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — April 12, 2013 – 12PM GMT

    Greetings from Anonymous.

    Please be aware of the following facts:

    1) One of the alleged rapists has made several public statements
    admitting that he did have sex with Raetaeh on the night in question. He
    admits she was inebriated at the time, also that she was throwing up
    during the act.

    2) During his confession, he names three other
    boys and admits that they too took turns having sex with Rahtaeh that
    night as well. The names match with those we have confirmed during our

    3) The individual making this confession is the
    same boy identified in the photograph. He has also admitted to being in
    the photograph and named the accomplice who took the picture.

    4) All information, including screenshots of the confession, have been made available to the police.

    5) Two boys have been implicated repeatedly whom we believe are
    innocent based on numerous testimonies given by individuals with first
    hand knowledge of the surrounding events.

    6) There are multiple
    witnesses who were classmates of the alleged rapists that can confirm
    they were shown the photograph of Rehtaeh by them.

    7) At the
    very least, there was a house with a minimum of half a dozen underage
    students consuming alcohol and engaging in sexual intercourse. What
    happened in this house resulting in the spread of child pornography.
    This much the police will agree to. No charges have been filed in
    regards to this.

    Why is Anonymous involved in this case? We
    are involved because the facts above clearly illustrate that several
    crimes have been committed in Nova Scotia. A 17-year-old girl killed
    herself because the police failed to do their jobs and charge a single
    person for any of them.

    Is it necessary for Anonymous to be
    involved in this case? Yes. For a moment lets set aside the theatrics,
    the masks and the labels. We are group of concerned citizens that have
    recognized an injustice in the system. We have taken it upon ourselves
    to point out that injustice to the public and we are asking the police
    to correct their incompetent handling of this case–a young girl has
    already died from it.

    An image of a 15-year-old girl having
    sex was viral in Cole Harbour District High School. Neither the school
    nor the police dispute this. By legal definition that image was child
    pornography. By some estimates, hundreds of individuals have already
    seen the photograph, including many adults. The police have seen the
    photograph. The fact that this evidence was disregarded as inappropriate
    for any kind of arrest by the police is unconscionable.

    the police are saying to the citizens of Nova Scotia is clear: Having
    underage students drinking and having sex in your home is not a crime in
    our community. Photographs of 15-year-old girls having sex is not child
    pornography, but if it is, the distribution of that child pornography
    is not a crime. A 15-year-old girl is capable of giving her consent to
    sex even after she is inebriated to the point that she vomits while
    hanging out of a window–it is not sexual assault.

    We urge the
    RCMP to act like guardians , set the proper example for the young men
    of Nova Scotia and send a clear message: This behavior will not be
    tolerated in our communities. The women and young girls of Nova Scotia
    should not have to live in fear or be forced to hide evidence of a rape
    because they will be called whores.

    As we have previously
    warned, the identities of these individuals have already began to
    circulate online independent of our own actions. We have done our best
    to keep those names from being released. Two young men are being
    implicated in a crime we know they did not commit. Is it illegal for us
    to release their identities and let the world know that they are
    innocent? What justice will be made available to them once their names
    are slandered throughout the world and for all time?

    It is not
    for the police to decide the facts presented here do not constitute a
    crime. That is the responsibility of a jury. A claim of sexual assault
    has been made. There is photographic evidence of it. There is an
    admission that child pornography was distributed throughout the
    community. One of the individuals who should be charged hasn’t even
    disputed these facts. We are asking–no, we are demanding: Let a jury
    decide. Follow your own procedures and protect the innocent.

    We do not seek vigilante justice. If those who we believe are guilty are
    exonerated in a court of law, Anonymous will disappear from Nova

    If we decide to release the names a deadline will be declared at least one week in advance.

    We are Anonymous
    We are legion.
    The honest support us.
    The corrupt fear us.
    The heroic join us.
    Expect us.

  • JGo555

    How in the FUCK do I pronounce the girl’s damned name!?

  • techsupp0rt

    Firstly, Canadian justice isn’t exactly justice.
    Secondly, just because your daughter was the one who had to learn the hard way about why these little scumsuckers need to suffer and die doesn’t mean that the rest of the world at large is going to, or even should, forgive, forget, or surrender in any way.

    Don’t stop until they kill themselves. THAT would be justice.

    Provided they’ve got the right people pegged, of course.

  • techsupp0rt

    Easy question, you know it’s a $200.

  • techsupp0rt

    Look out guys, there’s caps. He’s srs bzniz now.

  • unless they actually show a face with penetration. Right?

  • JGo Im pretty sure its just spelled diff but pronounced””

  • For the record we have justice maybe not what you would like to see and I as a person that had a relative brutally slaughtered would love to see a better sentencing system here
    As for harassing until they kill themselves
    Be careful what you wish for you would be shocked how many parents come to find out their little angels are the bully’s
    Could come back to bite you in the ass

  • Rehtaeh Parsons case to get independent review
    A Facebook group in support of boys involved in alleged assault taken down

    Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter announced Monday there will be an independent review of the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

    But he said the review would not be launched until the recently reopened police investigation into the case is over.


  • Edward Richtofen

    there is more going on with her head and the suicide than the reported bullying.

  • Edward Richtofen

    it is the pretty ones who are unhappy, it is the pretty ones who kill themselves. the curse of beauty.

  • Edward Richtofen

    Rehtaeh Parsons killed Rehtaeh Parsons.

  • I couldn’t do that – I would want them to suffer in every single way. The justice system will do FA – raping girls is not seen as a bad crime unless they are under 8.

  • Article too long to quote but well worth the read:

    It was a dog’s breakfast of a file – with the singular feature, almost unheard of in a sexual assault complaint, of an independent witness – that led police and prosecutors to conclude they couldn’t charge anyone in the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

    With information from sources close to the investigation, Postmedia has learned that much of the accepted gospel about the case – teenager is gang-raped, humiliated by the circulation of a cruel picture of the assault, then abandoned by the justice system and driven to suicide – is incomplete.

    What they had was a complainant whose evidence was all over the map, independent evidence that supported the notion that any sex was consensual, and no evidence that Rehtaeh was so drunk that she couldn’t consent: The case was a mess.

    There are two sides, even to this wrenching tale.

    The changes underway in Nova Scotia and on the horizon in Ottawa might be necessary; they might be good. They might even help prevent the sort of harm that was done to Rehtaeh: God knows, social media is so vicious it might be better called anti-social media.

    But it isn’t so simple, what happened to her. It isn’t so clear that she was abused, let alone by two boys or three or four, let alone by the justice system.

    Read the full article:

  • Buffettgirl

    Stalker love! <3

  • guest3

    Bullying is awful. Bullying led to suicide. The circulation of pictures of her during her intoxication was emotionally abusive and brutally continued beyond the breaking point of this tortured girl. Teenagers are cruel to others. Teenagers do not care if their actions hurt some one else deeply. But has it always been like this?

  • guest3

    Rape did not kill the girl. Consensual sex did not kill the girl. The suicide was due to the public shaming. In practical terms bullying, continued for way too long. The bullying was done using cellphone messaging and other internet electronic messaging. The bullying violated the user agreement between a customer and cellphone service provider (parents who payed for the cellphone service gave the cellphone to their teenager). Same for internet and email service (customer and internet service provider). The failure of parents to prevent their children from accessing the service in ways that violate the user agreement.

    When the prosecutor refuses to charge the defendants with the right crime, the case will fail after months and years of wasted effort. Trying something that is by definition set for failure when unbiased legal protocols are followed. For the victims it is better that the defendants are charged with a lesser but 100% accurate allegation of a crime, rather than overcharging.

  • Medusa Jordan

    Whilst you have put plenty of thought into this comment, and thank you for the legal aspect, there would have been no bullying had she not been raped in the first place. I was simply referring to my emotional response, which is not based on legal arguments, and which I totally accept is not how laws should be constructed.