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pit bull puppyBryan County, GA – A 2-year-old-girl was killed in her backyard after seven seven dogs, all pit bulls or pit bull mixes, mauled her to death while her grandmother slept inside the house.

According to Bryan County Deputy Sheriff James Beatty, the girl’s grandmother woke up after hearing a commotion outside and discovered the dogs attacking 21-month-old Monica Renee Laminack in the backyard. She, along with other family members, rushed outside to pull the dogs off the girl, but she was already dead.

“When we got here and spoke to EMS, they told us that when they got here, she was already cold. There was nothing they could do,” Beatty said.

Police are not sure why the girl was alone with the dogs or what made them suddenly attack her. Beatty said the girl’s 12-year-old brother may have taken her out to play and forgot she was out there, or she may have gone out through a doggy door.

“Apparently what happened is the child and the dogs were all in the house together and exited the house through the doggie door,” Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith said during a press conference Thursday morning in Pembroke. “The dogs apparently live in the house also … and they all went outside and at some point they started attacking the child, mauled her and drug her all over the yard. They tore her clothes off and scattered her clothes all over a pretty large back yard.”

Smith said the child’s mother, Summer Laminack, 18, grandmother, Michelle McIntyre, great-grandmother, Pat Asher, and two uncles, ages 14 and 12, were at home at the time of the attack.

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“All the dogs had access to the house, nine dogs in all,” Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith said. “She habitually played with dogs, all of them. But they drug her all over the yard. Something turned them on her. We don’t know what.”

All seven dogs involved in killing the girl were put down at the scene by Bryan County Animal Control. There were two other dogs at the scene, a setter and a beagle, that were not put down as they did not participate in the attack. Those two dogs were not pit bulls.

“I’m sure there will some repercussions of that. But I take full responsibility for that myself,” said Smith.

No one has been charged with the girl’s death, but police say they will continue to investigate. Smith said charges of child neglect would be the minimum that could be filed. Smith only saw photographs of the child, but said deputies and emergency personnel who responded to the scene were “very disturbed.”

“They said it was the worst they have seen,” he said. “It was bad — very bad.”

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  • Great, more fire for the ant-pit campaign. WTF is a 2 year doing left unattended in any yard, let alone one with several dogs.

  • newstarshipsmell

    What on earth does this story have to do with ant pits?

    More importantly, ants dig pits? Fuck.

  • newstarshipsmell

    A little angel went to Heaven, and seven demons returned to Hell.

    God moves in mysterious ways.

  • Congratulations on your grammatical prowess.,

  • newstarshipsmell

    It’s all I have, really.

  • They are adorable puppies, but they scare the shit out of me. Poor baby girl 🙁

  • What’s up with the sudden influx of pit bull stories? It seems like every week now we have at least one, if not more stories about them.

  • Sam

    That’s a hell of a lot of dogs to have in one household. Not to mention a household with a little baby in it. Even worse: a household with a little baby where the responsible adult of the house doesn’t know or is even awake to know where said baby is. If this house were to have a name it should be ‘Irresponsible’.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    If you must have multiple pit bulls, then I suggest it be mandatory that each dogs has a 3/4″ T-Bone steak attached to his or her tail. Each dog will be so protectively scared about protecting his or her own ass that a child left alone would be safe.

  • Sam

    Interesting that out of the 9 dogs, only the 7 pits or pit mixes attacked. I don’t want that to sound anti-pit because i’m not anti-blanket-anything really, though i do think the owners in this case are Stupid with a capital S. I just think it’s an interesting viewpoint into the canine psyche.

  • CT

    <3 (edited) — even though you continue to torture me with clowns.

  • Sam

    I think i need to know what kind of dogs the other two are. I can totally imagine them inciting the pitbulls into a frenzy whilst appearing innocent from the sidelines. Especially if they’re fucking poodles or something.

  • lol. I should have added that to the end of the article and watched the hate mail pile up.

  • Jubilex

    Yes how dare you depict Pits as anything other than the saintly angles they are – after all they had one on a TV show – you know the one that airs right next to the other show that has a tiger as a pet and the other one that has the guy living with grizzly bears – animals on TV shows are obviously safe and couldn’t pose a threat unless they are mistreated!

    As the victim was 2 years old this could have obviously happened even if the dogs were Chihuahuas!

  • How the hell can you forget a two year old is outside??

  • Who the hell just forgets a two year old is outside??

  • come_and_see

    I want to see a story of a person being mauled to death by seven Golden Retrievers.

  • Reading about small children has been getting to me a lot lately…more than usual. I’m sorry for the pain that this family must be feeling.

    RIP Princess.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    How very sad. There was a very similar story a couple of days ago that happened in Manchester, where 5 dogs (Bullmastiffs and some staff bull terriers) mauled to death a 14 year old girl that was visiting her friends house. Both are extremely tragic and should really serve as a lesson that you DO NOT keep dangerous dogs in large quantities.

  • No one said anyone did. It was just a theory by police. They also said the kid could have got out on her own.

  • Evan Oswald

    i’d feel sorry for the parents but i have a feeling they allowed their daughter to hang out with a bunch of pit bulls.

  • Cassy_Again

    Even lap dogs in the same pack will unquestioningly turn and attack something a pack mate is attacking. It’s one of the things to watch for if you have even the most gentle of big dogs. If they’re running at the beach or something and one suddenly gets into a squabble, they will all quickly join in and it gets out of control. It’s quite possible the two dogs that did not attack were not a confirmed part of that same pack…my guess would be all of those dogs were family, they were probably breeding them, because I can imagine no other reason aside from being a dog rescue, why anyone would have that many dogs. Or, it could have been something even more simple…the other dogs couldn’t get out in the yard for some reason. Perhaps they didn’t fit through the dog door.

  • personally im sick of folks making excuses for these dogs and their owners..not even one should be left with a child…the dogs are being dogs…these dogs where being pit bulls…theres always the chance for them to attack…and other such breeds..all dogs have the attack potential but these breeds are vicious
    my kid was attacked by 2..she was minding her own my friend told me they were fine with kids after i told her to please put them away

  • LeaveMeBe

    Or perhaps they just didn’t participate in the attack.

  • As long as pit bulls are kept as pets people will keep getting their shit fucked up. It’s usually someone innocent that gets mauled. I’ve read too many of these stories and it’s all like ” They were so gentle. We don’t know what set them off”. They are pit bulls and it doesn’t take much. Sorry owners that’s the way it is.

  • tkaz

    ONE pit is a lot. Heck, one poodle mix is a lot (I have one) but NINE!???
    I spend $30/mo on dog food…how did they afford to feed them all? Ah, they feed the the occasional toddler. 😛

  • LeaveMeBe

    It wasn’t grammatical, it was spelling. Don’t feel special, he does it to all of us.

  • LeaveMeBe

    It was a poodle and a chihuahua. Gangsta.

  • Sam

    Lol – i bet the 12yo is heaving a sigh of relief – he would probably have been next.

  • Buffettgirl

    Those chihuahuas are badass mofos… the poodle was muscle just in case…

  • Buffettgirl

    Hells! The picture is too freaking cute for this story Morbid!

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I’ll bet that none of them were neutered. Damned fucking backyard breeders and animal collectors.

  • Sudonim

    I think this one has less to do with them being pits and more to do with
    the fact a 2 year old was left alone with NINE large sized dogs because
    someone was to tired to be responsible. Nine mini any breed dog could
    rip a small toddler apart never mind larger dogs. EMS said she was already cold when they my bet is they were just rag dolling around fresh meat by
    the time granny even woke up. It takes a while for a body to cool down that much.

  • rpgmomma8404

    and 9 times out of 10 those people are full of shit. Usually the dogs that maul and kill individuals are the ones that are not fixed, not socialized, not being taken care of properly, or there is a pack of dogs. On top of that the child was unsupervised with these dogs. I think the owner of these animals are to blame and the grandmother for not supervising the child like she should have been.

  • Another irresponsible dog owner,another dead child. Maybe back ground checks and mental health evaluations should be intstituted for dog ownership not just guns.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    They’re not just dogs… They’re fucking pit bulls.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Guess the pits decided the kid wasn’t just ‘po, she was Alpo…

  • It is such an obviously shitty idea to leave a two yr old unattended, how do we know the child was even alive when the dogs got her?

  • Sudonim

    Full grown pit should eat about 20lbs of dry food a month..20 x 9..there could be the answer to why they attacked the girl. I know few people who could shoulder a food bill that large even if you were just buying that shitty bulk dog food. I have 3 rabbits, 2 cats, 6 fish and a turtle and I only have to spend about 75/month and that includes litter and hay not just nibblies. I don’t know how I’d feed my kids if I had to blow about 180/month just on pet food alone.

  • I will never trust a pit bull and do not let my son go to a house that has them.

  • SillyCynic

    My dog that I had a while ago was allergic to dog food (fillers). Home made food is freaking expensive when you’re feeding 1 full sized, 85lb, male boxer…oh, and they drool. A LOT when they smell you cookin’ dinner…Ungrateful bastard.

  • velvetjoneslives

    Because Pit owners are often as psycho as their dogs. A pit nearly tore apart a six year old right near where I use to live on Sunday. Four Pits attacked the boy. There were 13 pits in the house, which was a tiny little row house with virtual no lawn. These are high energy dogs, they should not be owned in packs and in tiny dwellings.

  • People shouldn’t be pansies and just say the truth. Pit bulls are mean animals who attack people more than any other breed. I have heard so many horror stories just this year about pits. You should say the truth and admit pits are vicious, blood thirsty animals, moreso than most other dogs.

  • tkaz

    My poodle is scary, he’ll cut a bitch.

  • tkaz

    I hope the down voter read the sarcasm….

  • velvetjoneslives

    My neighbor had a Mastiff, it was a scary dog. At least with Mastiffs you could probably outrun one. They’re kind of big and lumbering. A Pitt-bull can run like a cheetah.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Seriously. Read the stories. Every time a pit bull has attacked someone, it was not neutered.

  • LOTS of details on this story have been released.

  • Because she went outside with the dogs. All of the dogs lived in the house with the family.

  • The mother ran out and grabbed the girl immediately after they heard the dogs attacking her. She said she could tell she was dead. EMS workers said she was tore to shit.

  • Jubilex

    Honestly I think it was revenge for mocking the whole ‘pit bulls were in the little rascals so they are a national treasure’ thing.

  • driven .

    How many stories like this has to be posted before these meely mouth RETARDS wake the ** up.. Its like dawn of the dead mantality– they all repeated the mantra “.. its not the dog it the owner”.. and proceed to bring these hounds from hell into their homes with KIDS no less and then never seems to fail when grandma or the baby becomes cujos chewtoy, they all are ” surprised” .. Any ahole who bring a pitt around a child in a home needs to be hit up with child abuse charges because its just like leaving a loaded shotgun or a wild lion around and trusting it wont go off…

  • tkaz

    Ha! Well look at poor Robert Blake, he was framed, framed I tell you!!!

  • tkaz

    Exactly – the pack mentality is a fact!
    And since I only have one dog….he follows our pack. He really does think he’s human, he even slaps us.

  • driven .

    Pitts are a menace but its somehow “politically incorrect” to state the TRUTH about these demon dogs.. people who take these beasts from hell into their homes gets whats coming to them – I really dont care becausestupidity has consequcnces.. HOWEVER.. when small children who have no say are involved – then its a diff ball game and CPS should step in BEFORE a baby becomes a pitt chew toy

  • Why the hell was she unattended?? I blame the adults, not the dogs!

  • Jim Carrey

    It’s a violent shit breed and they should all be killed. Anyone who owns one has very little left in their soul. It’s a breed for weak, scared people.

  • Jessica Bolanos

    $30 is nothing. I spend that on a weekly basis for two dogs. I can’t imagine feeding nine. Dogs were probably starving.

  • ultracreep

    Well, this “ahole” raised two children in a house with two very loving pit bulls who died of old age having never done anything in the least bit aggressive. One of them was basically the cat’s bitch because he was such a big baby. These animals were socialized, they were trained, neutered, and let know early in the game that they were NOT the alpha dogs of the pack. People who say “the dog just snapped” or “they’ve never done anything like this before” are either looking to absolve themselves of blame for being a shitty pet owner, or obviously don’t know a lot about canine behavior. Any large dog needs appropriate care, exercise, training, and socialization. Sadly, many mouth breathing idiots use the pit bull as a penis extension and not an intelligent, loving, companion animal (which they very much are when raised by people who know what they’re doing.) This breed is not for everyone. I’ll admit that. Sadly, there is no screening test for potential pit bull owners. There really should be, for the benefit of both the breed and the victims of improperly taken care of dogs.

  • tkaz

    Really?? How big are your dogs?? Mine is 40 lbs & I thought he ate a lot, LOL!!

  • Jessica Bolanos

    I’ve read so many of these stories lately that it makes me think twice about my 5 year old APBT but then I look at “Bob” sweet face and I feel better. I am a responsible owner. I don’t chain my dog, I feed him plenty and he is properly trained. I spent thousands at Mans Best Friend. However with any dog you can’t be too careful so in event that he were to snap at one of my kids I will be within arms distance.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Oh come on, you know @DreaminDemon:disqus keeps his eyes and ears peeled for pit bull stories. Occasionally he even does a write-up on non-pit bull dog attacks just to made it look good.

  • Sad, Is it wrong and weird that I automatically think of the Far Side Cartoon with the wiener dogs attached to the mail man when people ask for other instances where other breeds have attacked as a pack? I mean, I know animals will revert to natural tendencies on occasion, but its the first image that pops into my head when people start yelling about how other dogs can attack too. If you want to own a Pit Bull, go for it, I hope you take better care of it than the people who end up on the news, but I refuse to believe that every situation where a dog has attacked is due to neglect. Sometimes dogs are just mean. I’ve met humans with the same issue.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Why have CPS step in? Those small children generally bear the genes of the geniuses that own the pits. Let the pool clean itself, I say.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Fucking pit bulls are even more dangerous – they’ll chomp a chunk outta you and hump the wound in a blood-spattered frenzy of dog hormones.

  • Jessica Bolanos

    it says she woke up to dogs attacking her but that doesn’t tell us how long it was going on. the fact that the child was cold makes me think twice about it. she could have slept through part of that. they had nine dogs they were obviously used to the noise. I have three and learned to slept thru most of it and mine are inside. however dogs can do a huge amount of damage in Milliseconds

  • Eliza Berntsen

    We have some idiots that take their Mastiffs to the park and let them run free all over the place. From what I’ve seen- you would have to be Usain Bolt to outrun one.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Me too. All jokes aside, they probably feel like they just lost eight members of the family, not just one.

  • newstarshipsmell

    We need a government study.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Smith said there were a total of nine dogs in the home, seven of which were pit bulls or a pit bull mix. The other two, a setter and a beagle, Smith said, were not involved in the mauling.

    From Morbid’s update link below.

  • velvetjoneslives

    Really? Maybe my neighbors was an exception. He was really lanky and would sometimes trip over himself while running. Still, the dog weighed close to 150 lbs. I would not have wanted to tussle with it.

  • ultracreep

    Hm, HuffPo says the offending dogs were a mother dog and 6 of her 16 month old offspring. That explains a lot.

  • Buffettgirl

    Our lab/rot mix has his own pillow on the bed and sleeps under the covers with just his big fat head on the pillow and every time he gets in my truck the first place he heads is to the driver’s seat like he’s gonna handle the driving duties… cracks me up everytime!

  • Jessica Bolanos

    I have a APBT (ahh the horror) and a doberman. Between the two of them they a finish a 40lbs bag a week. We live on two acres so they burn it all off quick.

  • Eliza Berntsen
  • tkaz

    Ah. THat explains it..mine is lazy. 🙂

  • All we would really need to see is one video of a pack of pit bulls mauling a baby to death to shut these pit bull dog supporters up…

  • velvetjoneslives

    That’s what my neighbors look like, though he was kind of skinny by comparison. Maybe he was a runt, as big Mastiff can easily be over 200 pounds.

  • Scretch

    i’m sorry but the granny or the parents or whomever was responsible for having 7 pit bulls in a home should face some responsibility in this one. This is beyond being an animal lover. It is just obsessive and crazy!

  • Reiko Kanaki

    You must be a wonder parent if you could take care of two kids and several dogs 24/7.

  • KKef

    I just read elsewhere that one of the dogs was a breeding bitch and the other six were her pups from a litter she had over a year ago. OH MY GAWD. No doubt they were all spayed and neutered right? (Sarcasm) Fuck. I hate this shit.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Oh, ok. Well, either way, they are no joke.

  • newstarshipsmell

    If they made a PSA of that, I’d watch TV again.

  • kimbev69

    Keep the pits how sad that a bunch of adults couldnt watch a 2 yr old but i bet if a puppy went missing they would have noticed

  • I thought in Georgia if you had pits outside they had to be in an enclosed fenced pin? So shouldnt they be charged with more than neglect of a child?

  • Buffettgirl

    Ignorant much? I have never been a weak, scared person that needs to hide behind a dog. 20+ years ago I rescused a pit from abuse, she was pregnant at the time and I kept one of her pups too. They were amazing dogs that never gave me an ounce of worry, never got aggressive with ANYONE and were pretty much lambs temperment-wise until the day they died. I haven’t ever had another one, but that had more to do with the fact that my siblings started having kids around the time both dogs passed and I wanted a dog that had more of a nurturing temperment. To tell me I have very little left in my soul is indecent, especially when it was a RESCUE! It’s absurd, pathetic and mean. I’d be more inclined to say that anyone that can paint such utter ugliness with such a broad brush has less of a soul than I do…

  • driven .

    Well you rolled the dice- not only with your own life but your kids lives.. I find that appalling but at least the kids did not get attacked .. See you are just what I mean about that blind mantra – you will NEVER conceed those beasts are inherantly dangerous – instead you blame the VICTIM calling them a ” shitty pet owner”.. Thats totally bullshit..There are PLENTY of responsible good pet owners who like you rolled the dice and brought the beast in as a puppy – nurtured it loved it BUT you cant change nature and ULTIMATELY the beasts turned on the owner OR a family member. There is a REASON why these crazy ass mutts end up snuffed in pounds.. They are menaces and need to be relegated only as gaurd dogs

  • driven .

    YOu need to put your CHILD first.. How would you feel if sweet faced Bob turned on your kid and you wind up as yet ANOTHER preventable tragedy- Dont roll the dice like that on your kid.. Puts your kids Safety first- Its great to get a dog but since you have a kid why not chose a SAFE breed??

  • driven .

    I dont trust em or the owners stupid enough to have em.. Kudos Lorraine for being a RESPSONSIBLE PARENT.

  • driven .

    background check? the only thing you need to know is that its a fuking PITT BULL.. period.. The only thing irrespsinsible is bringing one of these devil dogs hounds into a house with a kid.. Many respsosible people raised pitts from puppies and STILL the results have been lethal- What ass clown would even consider getting a dog who is KNOWN to turn on its owner and the kids???

  • driven .

    pitt bull= ticking time bomb=retards who make excuses for em

  • driven .

    thats actually bullshit- There have been countless PITT BULL ATTACKS by the “family dog who was NUETERED both male and female.. no need to make excuses – the breed is DANGEROUS – END OF STORY

  • Sorry what I meant was how do we know she wasn’t already hurt due to abuse, neglect or stupidity before the dogs were involved? Also, dog owners- I have a question. We all know our four legged friends will protect us if so inclined, but do you guys think a dog, or dogs, might attack someone/thing their human buddy is beating on? Either pack mentality or mistakenly perceived as a threat?

  • ultracreep

    Self righteous indignation is SO fun! hahaha

  • I wonder if a dirty diaper ever figures into these baby/toddler attacks? Even my Chihuahua would kill for non-canine poop.

  • ultracreep

    Stats please?

  • ultracreep

    You do realize no dog breed is 100 percent “safe.” The only dog I ever had who showed aggression was a labrador retriever.

  • Holy moley, that was a doozy of a story! Someone needs to bring that over here, not only is it vile and disgusting, there are also a lot of holes in the story line to puzzle over.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I can see the setter staying out of it, but not the beagle. My daughter had a beagle and he would have launched himself into the fray trying to protect the girl, most likely. Poor baby girl. I don’t even want to imagine what those last moments of her life were like. 🙁

  • Angelica correa

    THREE adult women, and not one of them was taking care of the baby?? I live in a small apartment with my two small children, and I never leave them out of earshot! As soon as I don’t hear them I immediatley check on them!! These dogs had enough time to drag the poor little baby through the whole yard! The baby must have been screaming for her mommy! And no one heard her?? I hope these women get some time in jail because they are responsable for this little baby’s death! R.I.P little baby girl! =(

  • Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse. i immediately imagined how terrified and loud that poor baby’s screams were. How the fuck did the father not wake up?!?!?! Or the three year old?!?!?

  • Defiantly has nothing to do with the breed lack of child supervision a child having a child my god

  • KKef

    Damn auto correct…definitely, I’m sure you meant to say.

  • KKef

    It’s ANY dog, or animal/creature, that has the ability to kill/maim. People need to get a grip that you don’t leave a mini-person alone with an animal, you don’t leave them un protected. The smart people will realize you don’t invite killers into your home …especially when you are trying to grow a little human.

  • Yes I understand having that many dogs DOGS is ridiculoues truth be told but where was the parent supervision her uncle took her outside and forgot about her grandmas sleep can’t just blame the dogs for this they didn’t ask to be there

  • Sudonim

    Immediately after they noticed..doesn’t mean they woke up right away.

    “They said they arrived back from a
    store shortly after 5 p.m. and indicated they had all went to sleep or
    something, and we got the call at 6:36 p.m.,”

    ^Side note..that should be a huge red flag. Everyone in bed shortly after 5pm? Who does that? 3 full grown ‘adults’ in the house and all of them are so tired after shopping that they need to nap instead of making dinner and caring for the kids like responsible people?

    They mention charging them with child neglect at the minimum, I’m kind of hoping they get more.

  • Another incredibly sad story. It seems to me that every dog owner that has children (that I know) brags about how great their piece of shit dog is with their fucking kids. I hope that they don’t have to experience a tragedy of this scale to get a fucking clue that they should take their dogs out in the back yard and kill them now before their fucking dogs snap and eat their kid.

  • Sudonim

    That’s your prerogative but by blaming only the dogs you give a get out of jail free card to the obvious neglect. I wouldn’t leave my kids alone while I napped with 9 cats or 9 fish or even 9 dust mites. Not even if they played nicely with the mites the last time. Especially not at the age of 2. Even in an animal free home an unattended 2 year old is asking for trouble. At 2 kids are mini Houdini’s and they have this nasty habit of touching everything they shouldn’t the minute you turn your back on them.

  • I’m thinking clueless, retarded, white trash morons is another name or set set of names that apply to these dumb asses. don’t get me wrong i have real sympathy for them having to endure the loss of their toddler but they should have had a little more of a clue that in reality there is no such thing as “controlling” nine fucking dogs all hanging out together running around like a god damn wolf pack in a little ass mobile home with a tiny ass yard all full of dog turds and pabst blue ribbon cans and shit. that kid, bless her soul, was doomed from the get go.

  • they were part bichon frieze, pomeranian and poodle and you are correct they were the main instigators of the fatal attack.

  • nah fuck thaaaaat. it wasn’t a fucking setter or beagle those were disguises. those two dogs are special agents in whatever agency tom cruise works for when he is in the florididian versino of mission impeachable

  • KKef

    Please picture in your mind what a household with a 22 month old baby,12 yr old & 14 yr old Uncles of the baby,18 yr old mom of baby, and a Grandma is like. That’s what we know from the news at this point. I don’t care who you are, that is a helluva big plate to handle. Let’s add the dogs. Two med-small dogs who elected to stay out of the whole attack deal, and one Mom with six 1.5 yr old pups. Those six are teenage dogs. They are not toys. They have to be walked, exercised, trained, socialized with people and animals, given a job, worked with every day, several hours a day, to be content. That is the good stuff people SHOULD do for them if they choose to own a dog. My bet is, the big dogs didn’t have their needs met, and left to their own devices they found something to do and it was horrible. I believe if a person chooses the type of dog that needs that kind of attention, they should make that their priority. You can’t feasibly have a household like this one and provide what is needed for basic care for EVERYONE, as far as I have seen in 50-ish years. Please let me know if this is possible! People need to learn that dogs are not toys or accessories, or friends, or babysitters FFS. They are instinctively survivors and hunters. It takes a lot of dedication to raise and keep an animal healthy and sound. I wish people could get it.

  • KKef

    That’s seemingly a bit extreme. But considering the extreme shit people accept from their damned dogs, I can’t even judge. Thanks 🙂

  • KKef

    My toes are burning already for clicking an up vote. I expect to burn a bit hotter in hell for this!

  • rubyna

    it says a retriever MIX if you look at the dogs face looks much like a pit

  • Twisted1

    When my daughter was two there was no child lock she could not figure out before I did. We put those doorknob things on her door to keep her in her room at night. She opened the door in less then a minuite. Woke up one morning to find her on top of the fridge. This was at 3:30 AM. After that she got locked in our room at night for a while. Scared me to death.

  • The story gets better. Obviously these people rule at life. But I still think that dog does not look like a Golden Retriever, its a mutt for sure, but Golden Retriever that does not make.

  • Amazing how people will go on to defend a dog.

    It just COULDNT be anything but a pit bull mix.

    oiy vey.

    Regardless of breeding, the OWNER is responsible. Period end of story. I don’t give a fuck if it’s a parakeet or a dochshund.

  • Every little dog I ever had to watch at a dog kennel would start fights and the second it got too intense (read one of the bigger dogs would just stand up and start barking) they’d head for the hills (or behind the nearest person) yelping like they’d been mauled…

  • I stated this in our podcast last night, but the family could just be lying in regards to going to the store. They may not have came home from the store and fell asleep, but came home from the store after leaving the kids at home to find Monica had been killed..

  • ultracreep

    Completely agree!

  • newstarshipsmell

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – good call on the pit bull puppy photo, since it turns out six of them were indeed pit bull puppies.

  • ultracreep

    Most people nowadays think everything from a bandog to a basset hound is a pit or a pit mix if it attacks. I think 99 percent of them wouldn’t know an actual pit bull from a shit lined shoe.

  • Athena

    Let me guess… You’re not a big fan of things like research and evidence, are you?

    Pit Bulls have a better temperament than the average dog.

  • this is sad…irresponsible adults..who the hell was watching the kids? grandmas asleep…ya asleep im sure….moms 18? wow…what a mess

  • 9 dogs will act as a pack no matter what breed…this comes down to irresponsible adults plain and simple

  • these people should not own guess unsocialized dogs owned by idiot owners

  • Sudonim

    Not as puppy as one would think. 16 months they are full grown pretty much 😛

  • darsa

    I found the title strange; why mention “while the grandmother slept” if the child’s own MOTHER was home as well?? Interesting that we mention that mommy was home, but not what SHE was doing at the time… Poor baby, never had a chance, sounds like. 🙁

  • Sudonim

    Article posted father down in the comments states all 3 adults (mom, grandma, great-grandma) were all asleep at 5pm after an exhausting shopping trip *rolls eyes*

  • Sudonim

    Good theory! Never even thought of it that way, I was just going to assume that the store must have been the local corner selling what ever drug it is they prefer and they all passed out in one heck of a drug induced stupor.

  • Sudonim

    A year ago this easter I got woken just before 7am by my then 4yr old saying my then 3yr old was in the water. We had just moved in and our backyard sits on the edge of a canal(about 5ft deep) with a nice little dock onto it..sadly there was no back fence when we bought it.

    Apparently they managed to unlock a set (yes 2) doors to the backyard and went out to look for left over easter eggs which turned into playing with a ball that fell into the water. Three year old figured she could get it, took off her pull up and just walked off the dock in nothing but her snow boots and t-shirt. Luckily my neighbor happened to be up and was looking out her window watching them. She said all it took was 5 minutes of them being outside for all this to happen. The 3 year old come up 3 times and then just sank. My neighbor was all ready jumping into the water by the time she went down and didn’t come back up. Thankfully she managed to grab her and rushed her in and put her under the shower to warm her back up.

    I was in such a panic when I woke up, I flew out the back naked still wrapping my housecoat around myself. I didn’t sleep for the first 2 months after that. I’d have a nap in the evening when my hubby was home and spend all night up to make sure they didn’t escape again. I was so sleep deprived I had to have sleeping meds because of the night and day terrors I was getting.

    Needless to say there isn’t an outside door in my house that has less then 3 locks of varying types/heights on them and all our windows have key locks. We don’t have locks to keep burglars out..we have locks to keep the kids in lol

  • Jessica Stewart

    or too busy running in circles, lol

  • newstarshipsmell

    Shush, you.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Poodles are pretty scary, they were bred as hunting dogs and that fancy lad hair
    cut they get evolved from their original hunting shaves to keep certain
    organs/body parts protected and warm.

  • Twisted1

    Wow! I know the sense of fear you felt. It is like PTSD but instead of fear for yourself it’s for your kids. I have often been called over protective because I never want my kids to go thru anything I have. When my kids (yes even the 17 yr old) are out of my sight even to this day I get a feeling of panic until they are home. They have to check in a lot because I always have to know where they are. When the princess was 4 we stayed at my aunts house for a visit. She had a pool and the house had three sets of French doors leading to it. One in the room we were staying in. They had those stupid locks that unlock from the inside when you open the door. So we put furniture in front of it thinking that would be ok. My sneaky little girl got up early in the morning cuz she wanted to see the pool. We had driven all night the night before and were sleeping when she went into the living room and right outside. I do not know why I woke at that moment but I thank god I did. I started yelling her name when I did not see her right away. I woke the whole house as I ran outside yelling the pool. There my little girl was at the end of the deep end wearing her swim suit about to jump in. I stopped her at just the right moment. EVERY door to the pool was blocked after that. It was kinda funny having tons of furniture blocking the pool at my aunts house. My daughter was my risk taker. Poison control and I talked a lot. (FYI those gel plug ins back in ’99 were non toxic.) Lol. Point is no matter how over protective you are some kids are just born risk takers. You can take all the precations in the world and they will find a way. I have many stories of my lil princess doing things that are the cause of every grey hair I have. I thank god I woke up that day and I am sure you thank god the neighbor just happened to be looking out at that moment. We were both lucky that someone was watching over them at that moment. Call it angels or luck but a blessing all the same.

  • G.I.R.L.

    So they meant the girl’s 12 yo uncle, not brother, apparently. Why do many dogs? HeyZeus Crystal.

  • abbys_mom

    I will never understand pit bull defenders. Ever. Fact is, ANY dog will attack. A coworker of mine had a basset hound she’d had for almost 4 years, the same age as her daughter. A gentle, sweet basset hound who this child had grown up with, slept with, and was side by side with almost every day. One day, the dog just read a signal from a child wrong (who knows, the dog wasn’t eating, kid didn’t pull the tail, nothing) and the dog attacked her and ended up causing her to get stiches in her face. Also took part of her ear. But it didn’t MAUL her to death, nor does any little dog have the massive lockdown power equal to that of a pit bull. I don’t blame a pit for biting…again, any dog, even a loved family dog, is capable of it. But my opinion is that a pit should never, ever be around little kids, or be owned by a family with kids, and frankly, I don’t think they should be allowed in any neighborhood populated with people. The only place I can imagine being ok is maybe out in the country, on a farm somewhere. Owning a pit is, to me, like owning a tiger or chimpanzee…it’s a powerful animal, not dangerous so much because of it’s temperment, but rather, because of it’s massive power if it does get overprotective or take a look or movement as a threat.. Flame if you like, my opinion will never change on this subject.

  • Jessica Bolanos

    it says retriever & LAB mix. and it looks nothing like a pit.

  • Tenbux

    Come now, my good man. You’ve heard the phrase “all dogs go to heaven”, right? Well its not true. Only pitbulls go to heaven. Its a special murder heaven with fields of toddlers, amber waves of geriatric pensioners that can’t defend themselves, and grand purple mountains occupied by hobos that live in cardboard boxes. It is Dog Valhalla, and these proud murder machines romp through the land covered in gore and devouring the innocent, never growing tired of the slaughter. There, these dogs will find true happiness for eternity. And THAT is where the police sent these dogs. Just as those dogs expected; Kill the innocent, get a free trip to Pitbull Heaven. And the foolish officers played right into their blood splattered paws.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Those sneaky, evil bastards.

  • driven .

    These fuktards who defend thses lethal hounds from hell and allow these beasts in a home with small children as are every bit as mentally defenctive as these desperate fat chicks who troll prisons and hook up with murderers claims how ” they have been so maligned and misundersttd” and trust em around the kid.. or women who dates pedos and let em around the kid telling themselves that ” ooh he wont do anything .. I trust him”.. never underestimate the sheert stupidity of some people

  • newstarshipsmell


  • “Even if the pit bull category was split three ways, attacks by pit bulls and their closest relatives would still outnumber attacks by any other breed”

    Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada
    September 1982 to January 31, 2012

    We had a pit bull mix who attacked another elderly dog and maimed it. He seemed really friendly but looks can be deceiving. Behind his playful attitude was a killer. This breed may need to be brought to extinction by neutering and spading, it should be a crime to not do so. This may sound harsh but this article was frightening. I mean, why should we be afraid of a God damned dog? Do I need to carry a gun to protect myself when I walk down the street from a dog? A DOG! A blood thirsty evil pit bull at that.

  • rpgmomma8404

    That wouldn’t shut me up because 99.9% of the time. When kids are mauled or killed the owner of the animal is 110% at fault.

  • “Perpetuators of this myth also cannot account for the many instances in which pit bull owners and family members are victimized by their pet dogs. From 2005 to 2012, pit bulls killed 151 Americans, about one citizen every 19 days. Of these deaths, 52% involved a family member and a household pit bull.4 Notably, in the first 8 months of 2011, nearly half of those killed by a pit bull was its owner. One victim was an “avid supporter” of Bad Rap, a recipient of Michael Vick’s dogs.”

  • rpgmomma8404

    No excuse of leaving a two year old unattended.

  • rpgmomma8404

    Yeah, it is possible or the dog will attack the person doing the hitting. I had a rottweiler that was like that. My mom’s ex-boyfriend was punishing my little brother at the time and the dog almost attacked him. My mom caught her before she was able too. I’m sure the opposite could happen too.

  • rpgmomma8404

    I need reliable proof of this…

  • rpgmomma8404

    That shouldn’t be funny but I’m laughing so hard right now.

  • rpgmomma8404

    Yes, I should be nervous because I have a mastiff/pitt mix. Oh god, he might try to kill me with slobbery kisses. Better call animal control.

  • KKef

    Which is exactly why I say you don’t leave a baby unprotected. PERIOD.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    And if it mentally disconnects (snaps), & tears up you, a family member, or a visitor; I guess we can just chalk it up to “thinning the herd.”

  • Abroad

    The one dog bite I had any personal knowledge of growing up was by a beagle. They can get bit short-tempered with age.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I think that’s true of any dog as they age, even the best tempered ones. But we’ll never get a chance to know with her beagle. He had a seizure disorder that he was diagnosed with at 6 months old and passed away just before his 2nd birthday. He was such a sweetie.

  • Wow. Glad she caught the dog that could’ve gone badly. Thanks. I didn’t have dogs; I had A cat and she was a handful lol.

  • ShelbySP

    My beagle is the laziest bitch (literally) in the entire universe. She would not get off her fat ass to save me if I were getting eaten by a pack of dogs, although she’d probably fight them for some leftovers. I love her though <3

  • And if the two year old had been left alone with 7 beagles, she would’ve also been mauled to death and the parents proclaimed “idiots”, right all of you pit bull supporters?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I’m not making excuses, only observations.

  • KKef

    You get down votes for “Hoping” people don’t have to experience these kinds of tragedies. WOW. Everyone has an opinion people, right, or …. not the same as yours, everyone is entitled to speak their mind.

  • Logan Gardner

    Seriously. This is a horrible thing that happened but saying Pit Bulls are demons and belong in hell obviously have never had one. My pit had never attacked anyone in fact he will bow down at your feet and turn over if you even raise your voice. He was dominated by a chiwawa. We had babies around him all the time. Its how you raise them. If you dont teach them early on that they cant be mean they will be demons. Pit bulls arent even the top dog to kill. But the news never says anything about golden retrievers or even poodles killing or attacking anyone. Get your facts straight before you go blaming the breed for a couple of dogs mistake. Hell blame the girls family for not watching her.

  • LeaveMeBe


  • Wolf_of_Mars

    “We had babies around him all the time.”
    Are you brain-damaged? That’s the equivalent of putting an “unloaded” SNS .25 in a toddlers’ hands…

  • Shana de la Gata

    Lol, I’m a vet tech who bears a scar on the front and back of my hand from a Golden Retriever. No dog should ever be left unsupervised around a baby, toddler or child. Dogs are unpredictable, no matter what breed.

  • Sudonim

    Whips and chains if I don’t? :O

  • rpgmomma8404

    Yes, because I’m sure a dog that gets the shit beat out of him by a cat and runs from a five pound Pomeranian is going to eat someone. 😉

  • ultracreep

    I don’t think anyone’s saying the parents weren’t idiots.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Nope! Teenaged pit bulls.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Thanks for the quote because I had to stop reading at “chiwawa.”

  • A-nony-mous

    “Smith said the child’s mother, Summer Laminack, 18, grandmother,
    Michelle McIntyre, great-grandmother, Pat Asher, and two uncles, ages 14
    and 12, were at home at the time of the attack.”

    Sooo…there was two seniors, an adult and two ‘teenagers’ and yet no one heard the attack until it was too late? And more importantly no one was supervising her? Ok, I can understand the grandmother wanting to take a nap, she’s old. But why did that leave the 2 year old unsupervised when there were so many other people in the home who could’ve (and should’ve) been watching her?

    It doesn’t even matter what kind of dogs they were. If they’d had a pool then she probably would’ve drown in that even if the dogs never touched her. Or gotten run over when she got out of the yard somehow. It’s clear that no one cared much about this child and was not supervising her one iota. She would’ve been dead before 5 one way or the other.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    PLEASE don’t suggest that these animals should be sent to the country to live. I live in the country, and only have about 2K rounds of 7.62×39 with which to defend our property… Those fuckers will form large packs when set loose.

  • wastintime

    That’s the fucking truth! I have a lahsa opso mix, sweetest little cuddly bag of fur ever! He follows my fourteen month old everywhere,lays down next to him,beggars for pets and cuddles. But never in a million years would I leave them alone together. My son might fall on him, or the dog might just not be in the mood for his shananagins. You never know, and dogs are just dogs.

  • wastintime

    My son has a little Pomeranian chuaua mix that gets all mouthy with the Doberman next door. As soon as the dob barks back at him, he pisses himself. Silly puff ball, he would barley be an appitizer.

  • Looking at the dynamics of this house I’m surprised if this is the first time a member of that clan has found themselves dead.

    The reckless ignorance (or apathy?) of this clutch of neer-do-wells cannot be overstated.
    A family shouldn’t, in my opinion, be allowed to have nine dogs on residence without having to be granted a shelter or kennel status, complete with safety inspection and other minimum requirements met.

    Double the shame that a two year old, innocent in her family’s idiocy, paid the price here. Especially when there are so many people (a few of whom like to comment here) who could have benefited so much more from a good mauling.

  • disqus_S8zQf5ttfr

    People that should not have pets or kids
    Life sentance at a kennal

  • You’re not big on doing real research, are you Mikky?
    Anything taken from, which you seem to be all aflutter about, is to be taken with a grain of salt.
    Dogsbite is operated by Colleen Lynn, a self proclaimed ‘expert’ on pit bulls. In 2007 Colleen, who has a history of rampant mental illness and a dislike of taking her meds, was attacked by a dog. Ms. Lynn never published the Seattle Animal Control records
    regarding the investigation because the story she is now telling bears
    very little resemblance to what actually happened, and are in total
    conflict with the only other witness involved: the dogwalker.” .
    According to the national canine research council, up to 65% of reported “pit bull” attacks are identification of breeds. (
    There are an average of 30 dog bite related fatalities per year in the U.S. with a population of 308 million people and an estimated canine population of over 78 million.
    Do pit bulls (or dogs misidentified as pit bulls) kill more people than other breeds? Yes. They were bred for strength and tenacity.
    Do they -attack- more people than other breeds? no.
    According to the american temperament test society ( APBTS pass with an average score of over 82%, while the average passing score for all dogs is slightly over 77%.

    Pit bulls kill approximately 20 people per year.
    Approximately 12,000 people are murdered by other people each year.(

    You are 600 times more likely to be killed by another person than by a pit bull.

    According to the National Institutes of Mental Health ( there are approximately 35,000 suicides per year in the U.S.

    You are 1,750 times more likely to be killed by YOURSELF than by a pit bull.

    You, then, are by far the most dangerous creature on the planet, especially to yourself. Perpetuaters of the myth that people should be allowed to roam free and continue being allowed to be themselves should be rounded up, with the rest of the populace who dares to be a homo sapien, and be summarily put down, for the protection of all of us.

  • Family to be interviewed again in fatal dog mauling case
    Monicas pic

  • melb1970

    OMG this is trash at it’s worst.. that story just creeped me out big time!

  • One Dog is a pet. 2 Dogs are pets. 3 Dogs are a pack, and a pack of dogs is very dangerous.

  • Wonder parent or not, if you choose to take on the responsibility of two kids (not sure where TWO kids came from, just replying to what is written) and several dogs you should KNOW it is a 24/7 job. And if you can’t handle it you shouldn’t be doing it. ONE kid is a 24/7 job and if you love your pet, you usually love them as if they are your child, so again, 24/7 job. I guess I thought people were raised to know that if they give themselves a responsibility they have no one else to blame when they fuck it up. SMH

  • Wonder parent or not, if you choose to take on the responsibility of two kids (not sure where TWO kids came from, just replying to what is written) and several dogs you should KNOW it is a 24/7 job. And if you can’t handle it you shouldn’t be doing it. ONE kid is a 24/7 job and if you love your pet, you usually love them as if they are your child, so again, 24/7 job. I guess I thought people were raised to know that if they give themselves a responsibility they have no one else to blame when they fuck it up. SMH

  • Wonder parent or not, if you choose to take on the responsibility of two kids (not sure where TWO kids came from, just replying to what is written) and several dogs you should KNOW it is a 24/7 job. And if you can’t handle it you shouldn’t be doing it. ONE kid is a 24/7 job and if you love your pet, you usually love them as if they are your child, so again, 24/7 job. I guess I thought people were raised to know that if they give themselves a responsibility they have no one else to blame when they fuck it up. SMH

  • Wonder parent or not, if you choose to take on the responsibility of two kids (not sure where TWO kids came from, just replying to what is written) and several dogs you should KNOW it is a 24/7 job. And if you can’t handle it you shouldn’t be doing it. ONE kid is a 24/7 job and if you love your pet, you usually love them as if they are your child, so again, 24/7 job. I guess I thought people were raised to know that if they give themselves a responsibility they have no one else to blame when they f*ck it up. SMH

  • sorry i posted this comment so many times–it refused to show it. i tried refreshing the page and going back to desktop completely and reloading the page and no luck. Then it starts cropping up fucking everywhere.

  • Whatever I hope that you eat shit and die

  • KKef

    That will never happen. But thanks for sharing this special part of you. Peace out my friend 😉

  • KKef

    By the way, you must not understand I was defending you re: the thumbs down. Everyone isn’t out to get everyone, just so ya know 🙂

  • Chuckie Donn

    same old story another reckless dog owner

  • A teen mom near Savannah has been charged in the fatal dog mauling of her toddler daughter after deputies said several adults were in a house sleeping at 6:30 pm the day the attack happened.

    The attack on Monica Renee Laminack, age 21 months, was the worst thing the Bryan County Sheriff said he had seen when it happened on March 27.

    Summer Laminack, age 18, was charged on Tuesday with Cruelty to Children in the Second Degree in the death of Monica, who was killed by several dogs, officials said.

    Laminack has been released on a $5000 bond.

    Further action by the Bryan County Grand Jury is pending, officials said.

  • Jan

    Who the hell as 7 pit bulls, none the less,around small toddler? I guess some guy had to feel macho-macho. I better stop here.