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Laura Lea KolbSANTA FE, TX – Laura Lea Kolb was so angry with her boyfriend after an argument that she killed his 4-year-old daughter, according to Santa Fe police.

Kolb lived at the Santa Fe Courtyard apartments with Kevin Moore and his two young daughters from a previous relationship. After the couple got into an argument at around 3 a.m. Saturday, Moore walked out and talked to a downstairs neighbor to cool off.

Kolb also came out of the apartment but fell down some stairs. When she went back inside, police say the 36-year-old took out her frustration on Moore’s 4-year-old daughter, Taylor.

“She kept hollering ‘Kevin,’” a neighbor said. “Kevin’s like ‘I’ll be up there in a minute, I’ll be up there in a minute.’ And it was like an hour later, all the sirens come up.”

Turns out that when Moore went back in his apartment, he found that Kolb had fatally injured Taylor. He ran outside holding his daughter’s limp body and a neighbor tried to revive her, but it was too late. Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kolb admitted to police that she shoved Taylor to the floor and then threw her on a bed. Laura Lea Kolb has been charged with first degree felony injury to a child and more charges are likely. She is being held on a $250,000 bond.

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  • kimbev69

    first degree murder is what it should be…obviously the poor baby is more than injured..i hate people that think they can put hands on others kids

  • She had to have done more to that poor, innocent child to kill her like that. I get angry at the hubby, but I’d never EVER take it out on the kids.

  • Buffettgirl

    Bitch just secured her special little spot in hell’s inner circle didn’t she? This makes me so sick to my stomach…

  • Evan Oswald

    wonder what this bitch did to kill this girl. snap her neck – hit her in the temple – bodyslammed on her head? I mean, i know it wasn’t that she wasn’t injured being thrown on a bed

  • What a CUNT! I hope they gut her like a fish in prison.

  • She woke the girl up to kill her or was she awake at 3 am? Either way, fucking bitch.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Cowardly bitch couldn’t pick on someone her own size, could she? As the mother of a precious four-year-old, I would love to give her a sulfuric acid facial.

  • Evan Oswald

    or maybe let her spend an evening with a pissed off Elzbieta Plackowska

  • Texas used to have a law — and I can’t imagine them changing it — that said killing anyone 6 or under is a capital crime, eligible for the death penalty. Let’s hope she qualifies.

  • not t0ofly

    This bitch going to find out Texas doesn’t fuck around with the death penalty.

  • G.I.R.L.

    How dare you make me laugh! But, yes, agreed completely.

  • kimbev69

    i certainly hope so she wanted to hurt him bad and took it out on a little four yr old baby that did nothing wrong

  • Athena

    So, I’m just going to throw this out there…

    If the genders were reversed, after 12 comments, there would be *at least* one accusing the mother of knowing her man was an abusive POS, realizing he was a danger to her children and being a slave to the penis.

    Yet, in this thread, blame is placed solely on the attacker. I wonder why that is? Let’s speculate, shall we?

  • Oh I’m sure they will. Fucking pos

  • hookerpie

    I gotta hand it to the dad of this poor innocent little girl. Had that been me, that bitch would have left the apartment in a body bag. Fuck her I hope she gets killed very slowly in prison.

  • Injury to a child? What about murder? I don’t understand.

  • kelly i am with you. what a fucking heinous ass ugly bitch

  • Scretch

    lock this bitch up and throw away the mother fucking key.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Just smoke that crazed bitch.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    To grab a page from your playbook: Maybe he didn’t have an indication that she would hurt anybody, much less a child…

  • KKef

    Wth. So sad.

  • Sara

    There is definitely a double standard at play. Different things are expected of men and women. Mothers, in particular, are held to an unrealistically high standard. So when a mother’s live-in boyfriend harms her child, she’s deemed a horrible mother because she was unable to read his mind and/or see the future. But when a father’s live-in girlfriend harms his child, it’s only the girlfriend’s fault because everyone knows that the father, as a non-clairvoyant, non-telepath, had no way of knowing his girlfriend was capable of this.

    Another reason for the double standard could be that, on some deep level, our society doesn’t believe that women should ever have more than one sexual partner and that a woman who does will doom any children she’s had to an early death. When a woman’s child from a previous relationship is murdered or abused by her new relationship, the woman is often vilified, sometimes more than the actual murderer. By contrast, a man in the same situation is often pitied. The only difference in these two situations is gender. The unspoken message is that a woman should expect that ANY man who is not her child’s biological father will kill her child and therefore, she should either go back to the biological father or just raise her child by herself. But a man in the same situation has every right to try to find a more suitable relationship and expect that woman to be a new mother for his child.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Nah, she only likes stabbing little kids. They would probably giggle over each others’ stories.

  • techsupp0rt

    Perhaps it’s because when couples tend to split, it’s usually the mother that ends up with the kids. People aren’t used to seeing the father ending up with the kids, and perhaps subconsciously expect that he was found to be the better parent out of a shitty parenting deal (obvious speculation is obvious), thereby giving him more of a pass?

  • I was thinking the exact same thing. This bitch needs to get the book, and a few bullets, thrown at her.

  • Because all of us already know, bitches be cray. That’s just a given. We, as men, just have to learn how to pick and choose the least cray of the bunch and hope we can deal with it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t

  • Athena

    Well, yeah. If someone accused him of knowing, that would be a totally reasonable response, given the information we have here. But no one accused him of knowing to begin with. That’s the part I find interesting.

  • Athena

    LOVE this. You should speculate more often around here.

  • I’m gonna throw you all for a loop and blame the children’s maternal mother. How dare she leave her two children with a man and the whole situation is her fault.

  • mimi

    Everyone that actually knew the woman, never thought that should would EVER harm a child. I am in no way defending her at all, she should not go unpunished, but I have been around the woman and I never thought in a million years she could do this to anyone, especially a child. So, he had no reason at all to believe she was capable of doing any such thing.

  • Athena

    Thanks for the info. I will mention, however, that being around a person and dating a person present two very different insights. I knew a couple once that seemed like the most blissful, well adjusted couple. He was handsome and artistic, she was beautiful and successful. They were the kind of couple who made other couples feel bad about themselves, you know?

    After awhile, we began to notice he was receiving a lot of injuries, many in the face and neck, that seemed like the worst string of bad luck. The explanations were creative and involved. They were so thorough and interesting, it was a, “You can’t make this shit up,” kind of thing.

    One day, he came to a dinner party alone and announced that he had filed divorce. The crazy bitch had been beating him all that time. Thank God they didn’t have children. But I realized that day that I’d never know anyone like their significant other knows them.

  • ultracreep

    Um, the man was their father. Are you trying to say that men should never raise their own children? Sometimes when relationships fail men are more financially stable and may be more suitable to be single parents. I don’t think that women automatically must be the custodial parents just because they have vaginas.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Because I didn’t get to read this story until today and say that the sperm donor should be held equally responsible for leaving his child within the sphere of his cuntastick girlfriend.

  • onlyme356

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the father knew she was an abusive person. Typically, women are expected to be nurtures, so when a man acts out, she is blamed for not having protected her children. Also, women tend to have a label that they are crazy, hormonal, emotional etc. So some men might tolerate it or think it’s typical behavior.

  • onlyme356

    Look at that mugshot. Does anyone think that her face looks sad because she killed that four year old little girl? Nope. She’s sad because she is no longer in control of her boyfriend, her life or the outcome of it.

  • driven .

    Because generally the overwhelming stories on here are the bfs being allowed to abuse the womans kid – leaving broken bones , black eyes etc.. and ultimately kill the kid. So common.. Yet I did not read here anything about the kid having sign of abuse before this murder..So who knows if this bitch was a habitual abuse pos or just a bipolar cunt who just snapped

  • JGo555

    How is this bitch not charged with 2nd degree or something worse!?

  • abbys_mom

    I think it really depends on the situation. If I read a story where a child is hurt or killed, and the child has tons of old bruises or healed broken bones, I ALWAYS blame the parent, again man or woman, for allowing it to happen. No one can tell me they didn’t see the bruises or the fear in their child over that period of time, and they are, in my mind, MORE responsible than the killer because they have a special duty to protect their child. But a story like this seems different.

    I disagree with Sara, in that I don’t think it’s a double standard at all to feel differently about this story or one like it where the woman is downstairs and her angry bf kills her child. This story, without more evidence as to old bruises or proof of former abuse of the child, sounds like an argument where the woman went psycho, and may actually have never even said even a bad word to the children previously. We’ve all read stories where a father or mother kills their kids (or bf/gf kills their significant other’s kids) when there has never been any previous abuse, but the relationship is ending and their mental state becomes such that they lose all reason and attack the most helpless, to hurt the person ending the relationship, or causing the hurt (in their mind). The man may have only felt their arguing affected them alone, and that she’d never hurt the kids. I’d feel the same for a woman. Of course, if more comes out that there has been a habit of her hitting or speaking ugly to the kids during these arguments, to hurt the father, then I absolutely DO blame the father for continuing the relationship and for not looking out for the safety of his kid. While most times there are signs that someone isn’t stable and may be unsafe, occasionally, people do lose their shit and go psycho when they’ve shown no previous inclination to do so.

  • It’s a joke, just trying to point to the fact a women is always to blame.

  • Agreed, for sure

  • We should all just start a pen pal group and send her hate mail for murdering kids.

  • “She kept hollering ‘Kevin,’” a neighbor said. “Kevin’s like ‘I’ll be up there in a minute, I’ll be up there in a minute.’ And it was like an hour later, all the sirens come up”, Why did it take an hour for him to get his kid help after being fatally attacked? Seems like an awful long response for such a gut wrenching emergency. As I read this story it sounded almost like they were drunk as hell and debating on calling for help or covering up the crime. Some thing is not adding up, it seems like we aren’t getting the whole story. If I found my kid not responsive it would NOT take me an hour to get her help.

  • Buffettgirl

    I can live with that! 😉

  • Peter Bliss

    Yes, its Capital Murder.

  • Peter Bliss

    I will hellp! This idiot was my neighbor and never thought she could do something like this

  • Aunt Leena

    Exactly Michelle…if something isn’t adding up then obviously the information must be inaccurately conveyed or worded in a way that is misunderstood or misinterpreted . You must not believe everything you hear in the media to be true fact. It did not take the dad an hour to call for help. I am just sick of this whole statement being misinterpreted and it pisses me off every time I see comments over it like the ones you have made. Ever figure out some people aren’t able to communicate something clearly? Could it be that the neighbor happened to take notice when he heard Kolb hollering down to Kevin who was outside when they were arguing and then went about his own business until he took notice of sirens he heard later? Where in any of that did it say Kevin took an hour to call for help after finding his child unresponsive?

    Regarding the other threads on this, I found the gender debate to be quite an interesting and even somewhat intellectual discussion.

    I also found interesting is the tendency of many people looking to blame or bash others besides the person who committed the crime. This is a phenomenon I have not only seen here when this crime is discussed but also in other areas where I have seen it discussed. I’d like to debate as to why many people automatically look to find blame with others rather than the guilty party. Why not Laura Kolb killed Taylor Moore and so Laura Kolb deserves to be tried for Murder in the state of Texas for her crime? God Bless the family and especially the father of this little girl who now has to live the rest of his life missing his daughter.

    Udate for Taylor……Kolb was re indicted in June 2014 and charged with Murder of Taylor Moore. May this be another step closer to justice with the stiffest punishment for the person who committed this unthinkable act of killing a child who loved and trusted her.